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  1. How would you imagine Lumineth terrain? If you were to make a Lumineth board, what would you include on it? Obviously, Hysh is huge and will have lots of different climates and environments and historical trends of architecture, but for your elves, where do they live, what do they live in?
  2. Not sure if this is the right topic area for this, but tomorrow at 3pm UK time (wed 6th Oct) University of Glasgow's Centre for War Studies is hosting our National Museum's curator of European Weapons and Armour for a talk entitled: ‘wele & sufficiently arayed as it apertiens to their degree’: Arms & Armour of Fighting Men at the time of Agincourt You can register to attend by emailing arts-warstudies@glasgow.ac.uk.
  3. I can't imagine a Lumineth release before pretty much every other faction has had some substantial attention. They've left nice spaces for future development - Tyrion, River, Zenith, etc - as you've noted. But I think it *should* be 3 years before Lumineth receive a new wave, given the state of other armies. Even if gw decided to give more based on sales, that sale data and the development saga places those releases at 2-3 years away. It might be of course that there never is a third wave, and the army receives only thay kind of one-off characters that armies kind of get as a tide you by update in both 40k and AoS. It could be therefore a decade, or two editions' worth of other factions, before any kind of real update Anyway, as the third or fourth-most modern range, LRL are in a very nice place, mini-wise. They won't always be as strong, and presumably will drop through the edition(s)'(s) cycle, but that's ok and the way of things too
  4. So with Allegiance rather than allies, can you take models from a non-allied army - like CoS or Sylvaneth or other Order armies for Lumineth?
  5. Having built two Wind-Chargers now (out of 10 I have), I couldn't imagine building 30! 😂 How does your army look? And what is your Helon scheme? It must look beautiful in person
  6. Hi all, newbie, dipping into the LRL and have been reading through the core book and it's depiction of Hysh. Really loving it but I was rather surprised that LRL cannot have allies from an army representing Settler's Gain. Do you think maybe whatever happens with Cities/Dawnbringer Settlements will change that?
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