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  1. The LGS that i'll hopefully be ordering from did mention that they had been allocated some more boxes that are set to deliver in 4 months. Based on this it does seem like there's at least one more run of the box planned.
  2. Yeah pretty sure they said almost the exact same thing about Indomitus and look how fast that disappeared.
  3. I really do like the look of these new guys and the new stormcast, imma get this box.
  4. Oh boy here I go spending again, the backlog grows eternally.
  5. Well damn I might actually like these guys, so far they seem to be a bit more than slightly bigger grots like I was initially worried about. Though I'm not looking forward to the stress of trying to get the launch box, can't say I'm a big fan of the current method of starting off with limited boxes.
  6. I'm definitely in the camp of hoping it's not just another faction of greenskins or goblins, as much as I do love the Gloomspite and Ironjawz. Though I'll admit it does all seem to be pointing to another greenskin army, I just hope at least that the rumours/leaks are severely underselling them and that there is a bit more to them than just being slightly larger goblins riding wolves with a Mongolian aesthetic. Also sounds like a weird match up going against the new Stormcast. I'm not going to completely write them off until see them though, knowing my luck I'll probably end up loving them
  7. Considering Sylvaneth were some of my first AOS models and have always been one of my favourite armies I would be pretty damn happy if they got a second wave, i doubt it but the bit from BR Teclis about Life having a resurgence does give me a faint hope that there will be something on the way for them. Although I'll also be pretty happy if the Kurnothi become a full on faction/army since they're fairly Sylvaneth adjacent in a way and I do like the look of the Beastgrave warband.
  8. I think I'm somewhat still firmly in the camp of Kragnos being connected to the Kurnothi, the red hair, fancy emerald/jade looking earrings. That and the bear-like face does give me a forest/hunt vibe. I do also like the theory that he's the offspring of Alarielle and Kurnoth, either way, hopefully we get some answers sometime soon.
  9. Well damn, looks like Gravelords are the 3rd AOS army I want to get into this year and with possible Kurnothi in the future there might be a fourth. Combine that with the two 40K armies I’m slowly working through and to make matters worse I have a horrible feeling I’m going to like the new 40K or stuff. Welp I’m screwed.
  10. Huh doesn't look like there's going to be a New Model Monday this week, i suspect the preview on the weekend might be the reason why. Unless they're just not showing the silhouette this time.
  11. Well that's my first Lumineth model finished, unfortunately had to scrap my original idea for a colour scheme but fairly happy with how this one turned out.
  12. Oh no, I've done a decent job of keeping my expectations for the preview in check but this might change things. Damnit GW i was doing so well!
  13. Definitely reckon it's either some sort of bestial powerful vampire lord or Be'lakor. Personally the bit about 'oversized fangs' does make me lean towards vampire. Then again it does reference shadows and darkness a lot which does seem to be Be'lakors thing.
  14. Ah damn was hoping we would get at least a tiny tease for the Gravelords, seems like anything Soulblight related is just going to be Cursed City stuff. That's what i get for getting my hopes up i suppose 😅.
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