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  1. Here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/downloads/?orderby=post_created&order=desc&lang=en#warhammer-underworlds
  2. It's a bit rare that Mannok is a Breaka-Boss and not a Santcha-Boss. Even his crew has a paymaster and an ability to take slaves...
  3. Are we sure about that? From my perspective, AoS had always both designs: The more grounded and Fantasy-style and the over-the-top Cosmic/mystic level design. Yes, we had KO that were a bit "advanced", but we had some stories/books about random dudes or just Ironjawz that were just Big'Uns with more Waaagh Mojo. The first big campaign was about SCE and some allies taking down some chaos-forts, flying around the battlefield and all that "magic" stuff, but the second one was about some Cities/bands/ vampirates(?)/... trading and fighting over some territoris to sack them or build a settlement, something that could have been done in Fantasy too. Stormvaults could pass as "Old-One Tombs under some random LustrianTemple that only the first generation Slaans remember". Btw, Warhammer Quest: StormVaults anyone??? I want to sack that vaults with my band of outcasts!). What I'm trying to say is that appart from Sigmar smashing a mega-giant with Mjolnir Ghaz Mharal or Nagash building an army of Bone-Golems, we always had that rat-catcher or mercenary walking around doing exactly the same thing as before. Of course it was never developed at the same level and precision of Fantasy, but it was still there.
  4. Yes, I suppose. It Tzeent'chaon can use Destiny Dice because he has the keywords to do use them, I suppose that Mirebrute and Sloggoth can get the super-regeneration too.
  5. That's how old 40k worked and Horus Heresy still works!! It has some problems but a lot of good things!! No need to do the same as Warhammer Fantasy! I just said Challenge as a mechanic to kill that 5-wounds force-multiplyer Hero that has 30 Zombies/ Skavens/ Dwarfs/ etc... around him, and you need to kill ASAP no matter what. Instead of going full pew-pew-pew or magic, just throw an assassin/big dude/whatever to challenge him/her. If not accepted, that Hero can't use their abilities or issue commands or whatever (for a turn), but if he/she accept, LET'S BRAWL!!! Win/win!!! The perfect blockbuster experience!!!
  6. I think that 3.0 has a santandard of: Champions: +1atk Banners: +1 Bravery Musicians: +1 charge I know that some units have an special ability (Ex.: Vanquishers), but that's just for some special cases.
  7. That means that armies that don't have magic will not have Mortal Wounds, and armies that can abuse magic will have a high number of mortal wounds. Imho, I think that Mortal Wounds should be delivered by unique and special conditions/ weapons as unmodified 6 to wound rolls. Something that it's nice to have but not mandatory to play. Ex.: venom/magic weapons/spectral claws, etc... Everything else can just be tweaked to high rend attacks or Auto-hit or/and Auto-wound attacks (even magic).
  8. They already did that: In other words, if I don't have Disengage, I can't shoot or charge. And if the engaged enemy unit has fly, I can't even shoot with Disengage. That means that my balloon-dudes can't shoot or charge after they use Hitchers when they are engaged, no matter what... Notes: And that's without couting that some tournaments only allow to disembarc in the end of the Movement Phase, that means that my Ship can't move for a turn if I want to disembarc. And all my garrisoned units doesn't count for objectives. Btw, I'm not mad about that, I think it's healthy for the game.
  9. Not-sure-if-it's-an Unpopular Opinion but: Look Out Sir should be a 2+ bodyguard instead of a -1 to be hit. Challenge should return to engage (and kill) that pesky characters that stays in the middle of a unit (with Look Out Sir). I know that there are a lot of buffers in the game that must be killed ASAP for gameplay reasons, but it's boring to kill them with magic/pew-pew-pew. We see the villains engage with the heroes in a one-on-one fights in movies. Sometimes using swords, sometimes just with bare fists. But always with pure epicness!!! And Age of Sigmar should try to emulate that! Heroes on foot should fight other Heroes on foot, in a ferocious battle!!
  10. I completely understand your point. But try to understand mine: An Alpha Beast Pack is a battalion that need two skyvessels (Frigatte and Ironclad), only one of this skyvessels can teleport with High Fly and they can only transport "Marine" keywords (Riggers can't use Hitchers in the Hero Phase anymore), it's once per game and only in the first turn. Translocate is a prayer that can target any SCE, on a 3+ roll. If Translocate used 1CP and could only target units with Mounts (?), it would be understandable. If it was a combo of a Mount Trait and Artefact, it would be understandable. If it was an interaction of a Stormkeeps abilities with an Ability from Evocats warscroll, it would be understandable. If it was an exlusive stormhost ability "once-per-game", in the first turn, it would be understandable. But just a 3+ prayer? That was a bit strange But I thought that the movement from Lumineth Fox was a mistake, so... Btw, Celestial Menagerie nerf is so random that I can't understand the logic behind.
  11. Yeah, completely agree. Age of Darkness has a lot of problems that I would not like to deal with in TOW.
  12. A few notes: You can't move after Fly High (nor disembark). Only one subfaction (Zilfin) has a once-per-game (you know, like your Holy Orders). And let's be honest, KOs is a faction without a lot of basic mechanics or tech-tools (no wizards, priests and monsters, etc...). Not sure if that counts too.
  13. 100% this. I tried to explain that some days ago but I couldn't explain myself. If Translocate needed a CP or It was a Holy Order and only could target Thunderstrike units, I think people would not find anything wrong. A 2+/3+ prayer was a bit rare. And I'm not talking about power-level or how good Translocate was for some tournament lists.
  14. Is this legal? And I'm not talking about the game!!
  15. No worries! It's just a meme, healthy rivalry and all of this unless you play a Dwarf faction.
  16. I really love the feel of the Gitsnatchaz tribe theme. All units can "take" (remove) a model with their nets and Snatcha-stikks! I just hope to see this littles themes expanded a bit more...
  17. I think that @Neil Arthur Hotep and @EMMachine already explained everything about TOW. I just want to add how Warhammer 30k or Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness works. ------------------------------------hereIgo---------------------------------------- The game is based on 7th edition of Warhammer 40k, without following the main rules of Warhammer 40k (9th edition at this moment). The main rules are tweaked so it's not just a 1:1. You can find all basic rules in the main Rulebook: The main game is about Space Marines vs Space Marines (Legions). So, everybody is in the same ground (appart from some special guest, as Talons of the Emperor, Solar Auxilia or Mechanicum). That measn that there are 18 Space Marines Factions, and all of them can be played as Traitors and/or Loyalist. That works really well because the balance is on the special rules for each legion/weapons or Rites of War, and not on units strength (that's not 100% true but you get the point). To pack all the rules, Horus Heresy has 2 books dedicated to Space Marines rules, one with all the special rules for each Legion (there are a few missing btw...) and the units that are shared by all the legions (that's 90% of them). Those books are the "Red Books", in other words, rules to play. There are a few more Red Books with rules for other non-Space Marines armies too but that's another story. Note: there are a lof of units with rules but not models. To follow the main (and ongoing) story, the game has Black Books. They are a bit diferent fro the Red Books. They have a lot of Lore and sometimes updated profiles/Legion Rules or even new Rites of War (imagine if rules for subfactions and warscroll battalions had a baby). The last one released was called Crusade, and it is the IX of this collection that talks about some wars between Night Lords and Dark Angels (with their rules, units, etc...). That's how the game works, but not how the game deals with miniatures. You can buy a lot of them from their Forgeworld webside (btw, some of them disappear for a few months or even a years to reappear later, magic!!), and they are really expensive: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-AT/The-Horus-Heresy But from time to time, GW release a Box based on the Horus Heresy timeline with cheap basic armies of infantry/walkers/whatever. We had two before and it seems that it will be another one at the end of the year: Both boxes pack two little armies that can be expanded in to any Space Marines Legion, giving you a good backbone for your army (burning of Prospero has two named characters, but whatever...). The other "special" units, as I said before, are expensive and most of the time, people just convert other units with some decorations and special weapons. Take in mind that the last rules even encourage people to convert their units, some of them don't even have miniatures! We can see some covnerted ones in the last free oficial rules/minicampaign: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/04/launch-a-daring-strike-into-the-heart-of-ultramar-with-the-night-lords/ Btw, every few weeks (or months?), Forgeworld releases new/old units. The last one being the Sons of Horus Praetor (yep, a generic leader for the Big Man Legion!): Not sure if it will help, but I'm a big fan of the Horus Heresy! If TOW can take the best parts of the Age of Darkness, I think we will have a really good game!
  18. They are updated on the Community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/#warhammer-age-of-sigmar Everything was expected.
  19. Dobbie has gained Kruleboyz keyword and the Kunnin'Crew is in the App:
  20. Anything for Kruleboyz? Dobbie gained the Kruleboyz keyword! Hurra! Underworlds Warband seems fine. The leader has some dirty shenanigans (5+ means another dirty trick, 2-5 bodyguard with 6 ward, Venom on 5+) and his band can remove a champion or even a Anihilator and our first Hobgrot with Venoms!
  21. That's my interpretation too. Btw, as a Horus Heresy fun, I prefer that AoS doesn't follow the same pattern.
  22. I think that's a chaos powerclaw with a flammer.
  23. Yeah, I already said that I completely understand that and we played like this before the first 3.0 FAQs. But as I already said before, we have a FAQ now: To people that don't know about KOs, Fly High is a teleport ability with the same description of Waypipes: "Instead of making a retreat...". Disengage is an ability that let you shoot after a Reatreat Move. If I don't make a Retreat Move with Fly High, why I'm Disengaging/Retreating? What's the logic behind that FAQ? And the answer is clear, units with Disengage are the only ones that can shoot. Maybe. But that's what happens when GW write a rule that points out in one direction and a new FAQ says otherwise... Btw, play as you like, nobody should say otherwise. I'm just trying to say that maybe we are playing it wrong.
  24. Spiderman Doppelganger, is that you?? Btw, is he part of a new chaos warband?
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