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  1. I was talking about +170p Mawcrusha (that @Nezzhil corrected to be +70).
  2. Hey @Dogmantra, don't get me wrong. I wasn't talking just about your points nor what's a competitive game (meaning of it). I was just pointing out how other games/ e-games/ board games deal with the competitiveness side of the game to make my point a bit clear.
  3. KOs need some terrain pieces. Where are our Zonbeks, GW???
  4. Unpopular Opinion: AoS is not a competitive game. It has everything to NOT be competitive. Let's be honest here, a game that's 1vs1 is not enough to be competitive nowadays. It needs a LOT more than what AoS have: No bans, no league/ divisions (or matchmaking), no company or federation behind the game (that is not the selling company), no regulation past 2 FAQs a year even if there are broken things since first day, or just a regulation to stop using broken things until they are fixe'd... I mean, AoS can be competitive if we ignore what a competitive game should look like.
  5. I think exactly the same. Kharadrons were OP in 2 edition, until you played Barak-Zon without WLV and an Ironclad full of pew-pew-dudes. Yeah, same army, but far away from being "OP". Note: Same for all other factions* *Gargants not included
  6. Are they that diferent from when the tome was released? I mean, yes, points can change in the first FAQ (that happens a lot), and some mechanics are explained a bit better (Ex.: Translocate). But I don't know if SCE has any "Grundstock Thunderes syndrome" (that means, changing a loadout and invalidating 25% of your troops choice).
  7. Yes, you are right. But I wasn't talking what they are doing "now". I was talking about how they live, how they interact with other societies, what they think... this kind of stuff. Just an small glimp of their society. I'm still reading the battletome, but some pics show a lot of columns and some structures that belong to Slaanesh, maybe that's part of their Empire (if any)? Are they always on the road like Cult of Speed Orks? They come from all realms, societies and even tribes, but what happens when a rich noble wants to pursue some dark desires? He/she just follows a Sybarite Carnival... and then the warband give him/her a bow and some silk robes? Who carries the Fane to the battle? Or maybe all warbands have a bunch of expert builders just for that? What happens if they take a city? Can they maintain it? Don't get me wrong, even if I want to know the world building around slaanesh, I love the narrative too (appart from BR story... it started really good with the prophecy), and I hope to see all of this reflected in the rules. I want the whole pack! I need to read the Battletome because I'm pretty sure that I will discover a lot of awesome things. This kind of stuff is what motivates me to do a warband or a full collection (or neither).
  8. That's a good point. I don't collect Slaanesh but I really want to!! They are one of the most exotic armies in the game, stunning miniatures and their Lore seems really vast to explore. I expected to see some "secret cults" looking for the most bizarre experiences in an already bizarre setting. Gluttos tasting everything? You got me. Sigvald being Sigvald? I'm in!! So let's go a bit deeper and see why I didn't start collecting Slaanesh: Looking at this forum and how this army is played, I find myself in a corner were I need to collect Daemonettes and chariots, my least liked sculpts. So, to understand what happens here, before I buy anything, I know that my least favorite sculpts are the main units. Not a good start. My next point is Allegiance Abilities, that's the "core" of the army and the first read to know how they play: Depravity Points and that's it. An army of exotic artefacts, secrets that nobody knows, interactions like KOS Dark Temptations, the feeling of playing a mysterious persian/arabian/wannabe Xerxes Empire... is build around DPs and maybe a delivery system (better charge or Lurid Haze's ambush). I mean, Fyreslayers have runes, Lumineth have Aetherquarz, Cities have retinue and a bunch of things,... (/facepalm). Rules can change, but the lore remains. Maybe there is a lot more going on with Slaanesh subfactions (their "civilizations"): Invaders: Warband with more than one general. Pretenders: One leader that is more pretty (?). Godseekers: They march on chariots better than others. Wow, I need to compare them to other battletomes. Let me read the fancy text on Kharadrons Skyports: Barak-Mhornar: The shadow-city. This skyport disappeared from the map, nobody knows were they are now, and still have a sit in the Geldraad (Kharadron Parliament). They feel more about pirates than classic Kharadrons, more about smugglers than traders. Bad news, Slaaneshi warbands are booooooooring. Why a High Tempter and his/her Blissabrb Archers wants to follow your general? If it's all about pretty leaders, why they don't have a retinue? Where are the blade-sects in the rules and how many are there? Slaangors in a Sybarite-army, maybe as pets...? I want to know how their society/empire works, their diferences, why people follow their pretty leaders and what they expect from them. There is a lot of focus on their leaders, but what they want to achieve? Maybe Daemonhood? Just be rich and sexy? Wannabe Frank Cotton from Hellraiser? Just reading their descriptions, they feel like slaaneshii-marked Warriors of Chaos with fancy sculpts (Lore-wise). Conclusion: Slaanesh sculpts are awesome, but they feel the same as Warriors of Chaos with Mark of Slaanesh.-
  9. New rumors (4chan): OBR End of January (Mortech Archers, Liege on a Monster). IDK vs Fyreslayers Battlebox. Early April(crabs?) Ogors Summer. Nighthaunts October GSG vs S2D Christmas Battlebox: S2D with BoC (new kits!) Malerion Q1 2023 -------------------- First 2023 Battlebox: Skavens vs Serpahons. Not classic Battlebox, they come with some new kits (?) Battletome Priority: Khorne, Lumineth, Sylvaneth and CoS Something for Silent People (?) ---------------------- Sentiend Roach Swarms (this week)?
  10. A 6th edition Tournament was played. It was a 1500p tournament, and I jsut asked why 1500 and not 2000 points, and it was completely made on purpose: 2000 points gave you options to take another Rare Unit and a Commander. And both options are already 500 points. That means that at 1500 points, it's a bit hard to have Big Boss characters and the strength is focused on troops: 3 troops for 1500 or 2000. I know it's Fantasy, but the basic structure of the game can turn a 4 Bloodthirtser list to something more close to Khorne Army (whatever that means), and use troops to do the work instead of "throw archaon there and kill stuff" (as 70% of AoS armies do). Not sure how this could be translated to AoS, but it could be a good step in (imho) right direction.
  11. And even that, for just 110p, they are really, really good. Look at my poor Guttrippaz, 180p for a bit more dmg they lose 3/4 of Plaguebearers abilities.
  12. Seems fine but I suppose that Plaguebearers are going to lose some abilities. 6+ save with a ward5+, 2 wounds, -1 to be hit, a bit of mortal wounds, Locus and they can be summoned, for just 110 points seems to be a bit too much.
  13. Maybe that should belong to the Unpopular Opinion threat, but here I go: Warhammer is just a product to sell (and make some profit for the company) and to have FUN. They designed the setting to be over the top, really hard to be believable and a bit stupid sometimes. Some people will say that there are a lot of satirical points in the construction of the setting, and they are probably right. That's done on purpose by GW, as they pointed out on Warhammer Community yesterday. The adventures, books, comics, campaigns, RP-books or any sideproduct based on that setting are not there to point out how bad, ironic, satiric or whatever is that setting, they are made as a products to earn money becasue they are/should be FUN for the consumers (us!). Some of them are going to have some value added like positive messaje for the readers or players, others will have awesome world building or a new perspective for the story that we didn't know about, but that's another point. Imo, if people can't separate fictional worlds based on satirical settings from real stuff, that's people fault. Note: As a fan of Slashers/Monster Movies/ Horror movies, I don't need anyone, not even the director, to remind me that the movie is fiction, that there aren't people dying in my screen and I will continue cheer for the monster every time it kills some random dude/girl. Btw, I reject any act of violence and I'm not crazy appart from buying lots of plastic that i will never paint.
  14. Yep, it is. I want to add some points here: It is completely legal to wear this kind of stuff in spain (I know, it sucks...). The TOs (btw, 700 player's tournament) tried to convince him to change cloths because some players didn't want to play with him (people asked for an expel). The "boy" politely declined the offer and argumented that if the org expeled him, he would call the police (discrimination or expeling for beliefs is discriminatory, so it could cause a lot of trouble and probably win the case if it ended up in the court). One of the Tournament Rules was used to end the trouble: if any player don't play their game, the opponent win 20-0. Sadly, that was the only thing that the TO could legally do (and let's be honest, they didn't want to deal with this stuff...). So, many players ignored and just "refused" to play with him. In the end, it was hard for the organizers, the community and for the hobby. I recently edited some Tournament rules, polishing some points and giving more power to the Org to stop or reject that type of people. I completely understand why GW posted out this kind of stuff and I'm really grateful for that. Kudos!!!
  15. I saw a Rotigus belly-mouth and another one that don't have anything in it.
  16. So, after looking again the whole trailer, the demons are using their AoS/40k designs instead of the old ones (appart from N'krai): GUO has a "generic head" and the one with the long tongue. it seems that he can carry the Big Sword from the new kit too Keeper of Secrets has the same design of AoS/40k too. In the trailer, she/he is using the rodela (shinning aegis) and the sword: Nurgle Beasts seems to mix various options from the kit (one eye head without the hole in it's body): The Fiends are exactly the same:
  17. Yes. They said that they are not going to touch AoS or End Times. This argument is a bit missleading because GUO and Bloothirsters are using the new designs instead of the old dog-face demon or the green potato. And I'm pretty sure there are a lot more (ex: Arkhan). I assume that CA just pointed out that they are not going to follow AoS or End Times narrative and that's why they use some "updated" designs instead that the Fantasy ones.
  18. Kugath with his palanquin is perfect, just exactly what I was expecting. But N'kari design reminds me about Buu with horns from Dragon Ball. I prefer AoS's KoS design, it fit better with the Fantasy settings than the old Aenarion vs N'kari sketch. I'm really tempted to buy Slaanesh battlebox. I still think that they need a unit of Blissbarb Lancers, but love their design even if I don't like how they play. Maybe in the next edition...
  19. I'm not a RP-dude, but I collect Soulbound just for the Lore. Soulbound books are more focused on the background. Like an history book. A bit of introduction, what happened in that cities/empires, people living there and their relationship with their neighbours... that kind of stuff. These things make me want to know more about the world and it feels more believable, at least for me. Baatar seems to be a City of Not-Sigmar. I'm pretty sure that behind their esoteric markets, shaddy smugglers and strange (and forbidden) artefacts, there are a lot of Slaanesh Cultists in Baatar. Sadly, Soulbound does not delve deep enough.
  20. Soulbound has more lore behind the civilizations of the Great Patch. From the Floating City in Baatar to Lumnos. There are some hints about the background on the fall of the Agloraxian Empire, and the mage-wars between Baatar, Aspiria and Vitrolia (this explains why Baatar is now floating and why there is a perma-burning forest). Steel Spike, for example, is a Massive Fortress full of defensive enchantments made during the Aspira's conflicts. After Chaos ravaged the Great Patch, many refugees moved to Steel Spike and the city become a massive City-Fortress with a lot of manpower and resources. That's why it didn't fall to Chaos. Presumably with a lot of humans using some kind of magic weapons (and a lot of gunpowders):
  21. This two points have the same feeling of old "thematic/alternative" lists for Warhammer Fantasy: A restricted lists with "maybe" some bonus. It could work something akin the Rivals format from Warhammer Underworlds. The ultimate competitive format: 1 premade list vs 1 premade list. Only dice and skills are going to carry the game. Remove list-building or armies with low/high number of warscrolls. Not sure if something like that could exist, but it could solve A LOT of problems
  22. Maybe I'm wrong but a lot if not all new wargames/skirmish games are using free digital files or something similar: Malifaux: Malifaux Resources (all "warscrolls") and a 100% free App with everything in it (army builder included). Fans can buy their own LoreBooks or campaign Books for their own faction, but that's all. Asoiaf: All FAQs, rules and Books (even old editions) are free and updated regularly in CMON webpage. When you buy a box, it comes with the warscrolls from that edition or the rulebook if it's battlebox. Btw, Asoiaf Builder has all cards from the current edition too. Conquest: All FAQs and rules are free for their wargame and the skimish version. Only LoreBooks are 100% behind a paywall. Elder Scrolls VI. Skyrim, the Adventure Game: Rules are completely free. WarmaHordes: Their rules are free too, since (I think) 2019. Infinity: Their side has a Download Resources with all their rules, faqs and even campaigns. (btw, I don't play this game, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). KOW: Their Core Rules can be bought online in their oficial store for 0 €, with basic rules and Dwarfs+Orcs. Note: Their 3d edition book is behind a paywall.
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