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  1. I think a converted gorebeast (from the slaves to darkness chariot) could also look awesome as a Beasts of Nurgle. I think i will try this by myself.
  2. I take the FW Plague Toads as an alternative.
  3. Homer72

    Nurgle help

    Unfortunatley your list is not legal, because Festus and Feculya can only be taken as allies in TH list. They are named charactaers and therefore can't geht the TH keyword. For Tamurkhan, i will prox him with a putrid blightking on a magmadroth from the fyreslayers. I think this will be a great model a good substitute. Btw i think the models of TH are great. I am very glad for everyone who thinks linke me. Praise Papa Nurgle.
  4. This is so great and this is the way of tzeentch.
  5. You might be right and i am not the great expert but this was my experience this far and in the battles i used them , they worked very well. But i also agree with the marauders in 40 x blocks with Blades of putrefactions. But nevermind we all praise Papa Nurgle
  6. Hello, for Hammer units i take always a GUO, 1-2 Demon Princes and Maggotlord of your choice. I will now also try a Soulgrinder and for Alliies always the Jabberslythe. This Monsters wil give you the needed punch. I think you can't have enough Monsters. With them i won most games against Seraphon, Khorne and SCE. Try this vor that but first of all have fun with Nurgle.
  7. If you understand my english, i would say: pas des problemes. But this was just a joke. My French is by far much more worse than my english.
  8. One Question, are you from Germany? Your Name sounds quite german. If you are, then our communications will become more simple for me. Greetings from Germany;)
  9. Hello, you could take the Feculent Gnawmal, this will Speed up your troops. First of all you should get the Battletome Maggitkin of Nurgle, there you can See what you can make with your Nurgle stuft. If you wan't Speed you can also take Knights and chariots from the slaves to darkness vor take the fly guys like drones and/or pusgoyle blightlords. A Nurgle army gives you plenty ways to go.
  10. Great, greater, Gargant!!!! So cooool.
  11. Homer72

    New Army Nurgle

    You may also buy an other SC Box Maggotkin, then you will habe 1 k Points. You can stay wit the second Lord of Blights or you can built/prox him as a Lord of Plagues. You may also built a Lord of Afflictions from the 2nd Pusgoyle Blightlord Set and convert the other one to a Harbinger of Decay. Depends on your skills and where do you want to go.
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