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  1. I would really hate if they made the once good, then evil, then good again then mystical character a Chaos god. malekith is Order (at least in some weird way). If he was a Chaos god is power would be so much beyond Nagash.
  2. To me the new rumour Engine looks like a Kraken „playing“ with a hoard of treasure (monster summoning for IDK as a endless spell) @froo do you have a Link to the Sister of Slaughter Card?
  3. This is the first time someone made sense concerning GW‘s sudden change in release politics.
  4. Don‘t get me wrong, those models are great and would have been amazing for the old world orcs n Goblins but I don‘t get the AoS feel from them since they‘re just a „remake“ of the old wolfriders which is unusual and this could be a „first“ for AoS (just adding a freshly for AoS remade unit which was exactly the same back in 8th).
  5. It might. Though I am pretty sure raven guard wasn‘t Known for having the best psychers in the game while mostly ignoring Vanguard and stealthy unit’s rules-wise.
  6. Stop right there. I guess you are a relatively new player? Because what you are describing is called the „GW power spiral“. GW has been doing this for decades, either to increase sales or due to sloppiness. @michu Raven Guard would get a 5 in any essay because it failed to grasp the topic.
  7. You interpret too much I to this. there is no gitmob. There might be a gitmob yet in the lore, but an Underworlds Warband does not guarantee at all that a faction will be released (they‘ve „just“ been removed). And quite honestly it is getting kind of annoying that people interpret every glimpse of whatever as a returning faction. though I have to apologize to be overly critical, the latest SM releases and the weird stretched-out & announces-and-releases of GW followed up by costly but subpar releases (that lacked quality and quality-work) have left me sore.ä and really annoyed, so far that I‘ve stopped buying their products.
  8. Wow...Goblin Wolf Riders with the exact same style as the old ones *Yawn*. GW‘s new release politic appears to be „and here more MEH for you“ 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Every Warband is entirely different than any other (except they‘re from the same race), so there‘s no surprise that this one will be as well.
  10. @Panzer that is entirely wrong, read my posts from above again I edited it. also you are not taking into account the scale and the stilisation of the Miniatures, which I do since it is my job. (Look at Halberds and their size across the entire GW range). This is too much Dunning-Krueger for one day, think what you will. I don‘t care, you won‘t change the facts though. @Sleboda the issue is that people who don‘t know what a halberd is learn that a halberd is an axe (children, people who aren‘t in touch with history etc).
  11. So a circle is a triangle. Who needs descriptivism 🤷🏼‍♂️, Moons are planets and two-Blades straight swords are Sabres. A bow is a crossbow, a short bow is a longbow. a recurve bow is a ballista, a sickle is a scythe, or a kopesh (all three have curved blades, right?) and a dwarf is an elf, a spear is a staff. This is not about historical accuracy, this is about using the wrong description for an object. @XReN every axe has a pole too, it‘s still no polearm. Having a pole does not make a weapon a polearm - it‘s about reach/range and length.polearms are meant to increase your ACTIVE RANGE, that axe-thing with Spikes does not. (The Morghast Polearm can be classified as a halberd) this is a spiked axe. you, Sir, would argue it is a Halberd, because GW called it that. 🤷🏼‍♂️ A halberd for the bone dudes would need to be as tall as they are. That‘s an axe - though GW wishes it would be a halberd because a halberd would not look as silly as that warped axe.
  12. Sorry if this sounds mean and offensive though it is not supposed to sound that way: Your defense was the standard fan defense. This means you know it‘s no halberd but you try to argument it to be one - you try to make a circle a triangle since you defend a wrong classification by GW due to being a fan (they‘re not god, they make mistakes and all they care about is your money). a helbards is a long POLEARM, this is ofc dependent on the size of the wiedler. Compared to the reaper size this is no polearm. Also a halberd is a combination of axe and spear with a hook (~ 1.8m in height which is about as tall as the wieder) This is an axe (or beard axe) by definition. Also just one definition that anyone can find:
  13. These are axes, not halberds, no matter what GW calls them (the handle is too short to even classify them as polearms).
  14. It‘s the worst and raises the question what that second arm is good for at all.
  15. Actually the walking chair looks very static and boring. Apart from that: still not sold on the four arm guys. =}
  16. New mounted hero (3 bone Tail rumor engine), one-headed four Arm guys with Samurai helmets, shields and axes. another cool mage floating atop a giant skull Some kind of Ratogre-Kroxigor bone construct called a G*_Something Harvester which wields a copesh A terrain piece called tithe vortex a glimpse at a Warscroll that seems to be Arkhan
  17. Let‘s just hope he is not that mounted model since that would be a wasted opportunity for a new generic hero (we really don‘t need Arkhan x2) A Disciple of Arkhan would be cool though!
  18. Same here! there‘s also a rumor that the Raven Guard and Iron Hands Codicies and Upgrade Sprues are NOT coming next Week since there‘s an AoS Release.
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