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  1. I’d love a second wave of Soulblight 🥲 how likely is that @Whitefang I need to see my foot heroes restored to their former glory (I can’t find the original names. It’s basically power tiers back from 6th edition): Vampire Noble, Vampire Lord, Vampire Count
  2. Since I do not like the Model of the Lord Celestant at all (way too static). I guess I'll use as Lord Celestant ^^ (or simply as somethng else, don't know yet)
  3. At least my Choas Lors massacres other heroes and units on a regular basis (he has the potential to do damage). Chaos warriors (and Knights1)... well, they're wet-noodle tanks, sadly. Vamp Lords are mobile +1 Attack carriers and that's it.
  4. Unpopular opinion: Foot Vampires need a re-vamp (hehehe). Meaning: simply give them Radukar the Wolf‘s profile and Mortal wounds output and they‘re fine. (Yet keep the 3+ save). All other vampires need „the hunger“ added
  5. *with Vampires being weak pushovers with no personality whatsoever. Srsly, I get what you mean, yet Vampire counts had a theme and a focus. The current SBGL suggests that vampires are basically bravery 10 Freeguild Generals with even weaker attacks 🥲 Vampires used to be scary, now they‘re only good if they ride a dragon.
  6. Just because an ability exists and hasn't been thoroughly tested doesn't mean it needs to be nerfed. If your army consists of 9 modesl you are entitled to be hard to kill, otherwise a few bad luck rolls will cost you the game. Especially in an army in which getting an aftersave is rather rare or unreliable to get. Seems to me like an overreaction and an unwarrented one at that. Imagine SCE were Orruks, boy, the forums would be aflame with all the NPE and nonsensical powerboost rules those warclans have. My point is: Thsi feels a lot like it was nerfed due to whiners, condemning abilities that weren't even tested just because they also happen to hate SCE.
  7. Hold your horses. Though monster units - correct. And how many of those do we have on the table? 6-9? That's a bit few for objective grabbing if you ask me. Our units usually die to Mortal Wounds and less so to ordinary attacks, that's why the -1 is not that much of a deal. Other hammer units simply have a slightly harder time against our super elite units, which would be fine. May I also remind you that SBGL can buy a 80pts model that has a 12" -1 to wound aura? XD All in all I don't think your argument is valid at all. Edit: @Beliman The issue with KO is: They don't need a teleport and move and/or charge. All they need is a free teleport out of combat and back into weapon range. If GW now reworded fly high in a way that would prevent you from shooting after using it -oh boy- you would understand the outrage most here appear to have.
  8. I don't mind putting them into my Celestial Vindicators force. Let's be honest here: Our subfactions are loughable. You basically gain no real bonus to speak of. So you can do it the Soulblight way and just run other subfactions in your favourite one ^^ -> Btw this is what worries me. The latest books do a poor job of making an army feel like it is supposed to feel. It's blant (to me at least)
  9. I don't know what you mean, those 220+ points Paladins always got to their target, in every game... *irony*
  10. Stormcast win by brute force as it seems. There isn’t much finesse sadly (all the cool abilities were deleted from warscrolls and the Magic is mostly damage or minor buffs, nothing interesting imo). well at least we‘ve got the explosion on death rule
  11. The translocation nerf is just bad. Maybe they should "FAQ" all of the command abilities and some warscrolls first before removing the few tools (apart from Dragons) the army has.
  12. Hobby as stress relief. Once you start putting pressure on yourself to get better you insert stress again
  13. I used to be on the side of "nah double turns are fine!" However since AoS 3 I am pretty sick of them. They've destroyed so many games that would have been fun using the normal turn-order. DTs usually act as a situation-multiplier: It's not going well for you? How about your opponent going twice in a row? Oh you are utterly destroying your opponent? How about you get to go again? I've played ~20-23 games so far and the double turn ruined 15 of them. It saved 4 of them and the rest went in normal turn order.
  14. Unpopular opinion: Slaves to Darkness should have access to ALL mortal chaos followers and maybe one greater Demon as coalition ally or simply 1 in 4 daemons (general‘s keyword).
  15. Only one of the mentioned armies is an issue :D. I also did not say that you should refuse to play against an army but a list. I don’t see an issue If you want to help her prep for a Tournament. You could get rid of the Prophets in several ways (ofc dependent on deployment and all that): 1. Vyrkos -Use Magic: Soulwind, Arcane bolt, Vile Transference etc. 2. Use Nagash, he will one-shot them with the spellportal 3. A combination of Dire Wolves (2 units) and the Terrorgheist scream and Soulwind 5. Put pressure on his units surrounding the Prophet to bait her into spellcasting instead. 6. Zombie Dragon with the amulet of Destiny to tank the damage 7. Block Line of Sight with Ghost Mist (the spell everyone can choose)
  16. @Gery81 don’t Play with her. The Prophet is such a bad game design (for some reason GW loves to give such unfun nonsense to Orks) and she‘s abusing it by fielding 2. Simply tell her that the Prophet is unfun to such a degree that you won’t play against a list with 2. Orks Are Good enough without The nuclear prophet. (The designer of This Warscroll should be punished by 105 hits with a pool noodle - this model would be fine if it had no ward save) This game is supposed to be fun to both of you. Don’t let the abuse of abviously botched rules ruin it. You could also just play Nagash, ally in a Mortek Crawler and nuke her Prophets - such fun! 🙄
  17. Same! Another one from me: Creating one-use artefacts that can fail on a 1 should be punishable with 30 hits from a pool-noodle. And Another: Battletomes are becoming more and more bland with less fun abilities that make the faction's playstyle sterile and unthematic (Soulblight, Stormcast) And Another: Creating a Rule that needs no roll to add +1 to damage should be punishable by 36 hits with a pool noodle.
  18. Unpopular opinion: Lumineth Realmlords are an overtooled abomination; consisting of 50% great and 50% terrible models. *throws wood into the fire* and the game would be better off without another constellation of 50% of their army. Another unpopular opinion: Malerion is the rightful ruler and god of all aelf-kind change my mind!
  19. Is he really called Uther? Because hectares looks like Uther of Warcraft
  20. Vampire Knight heads or (if those fit) Stormcast heads/ Warriors of chaos heads
  21. I really love the new Vampire Lord. We rarely see fit / sporty women in games and I really like her slender, noble shape with the overdone, eccentric armour. The head is something one has to get used to (easily switched), yet the overall composition and paintjob is great. (The conor looks Sandy around the stomach?) I wished we had Vampire infantry 🩸🥲 some more images:
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