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Riders of Kurnoth




Dark Riders of KurnotH

Those in the darkling covens who spent their lives enthralled to powerful sorceresses were thrust into a whole new paradigm when their petty kingdoms were broken by the assault of the vengeful Duardin and slaughtered upen the treacherous altars of Khainite cults.  A great number of wounded or lost thralls gathered together in one of the largest chambers they could defend.  Soon their numbers swelled into the thousands and Khainite shadowstalkers found them.  

A number of them banded together and started an ordered flight from the ruined isle’s, all responding to their instinctual discipline instilled in them by their previous masters.  As they fled into the forests the thralls preserved relentlessly for days until the majority could go no longer.  As they gathered to account their supplies and survivors,  they were approached by a Branchwych.  She promised the aelves succor but it would come with a price.  

As they deliberated it became clear that a unanimous decision was made.  Their spokeswoman gave the darklings’ counteroffer that they would be slaves for no one ever again but they would be willing to support the Sylvaneth in any way they would need.  A symbiotic relationship that the darklings knew the Sylvaneth would approve of.  Despite their efforts though the Branchwych countered with a single stipulation that they must devote themselves to Allarielle utterly or they would be eradicated there on that spot.  She went on to explain that all of the Everqueen’ s children are wary of the words of Aelves as they are all duplicitous.  With no other option the darklings conceded and were given succor in the tundra of the Glades of Midsummer.  Within its massive stretches of blooming tundra life,  massive herds of Swifthoof horses flourished under the Darklings’ protection.  They soon mastered equine warfare becoming daring combatants who can single handedly take out packs of Great Fangs or Yhetees who like to prey on the Swifthooves.  

In the years since the fall of Aranoc and their near destruction at the hands of their enemies, the darklings were reborn under the Sylvaneth’s tutelage becoming devoted to Allarielle and adopting the veneration of Kurnoth in their role as the force that maintains the balance of nature either the Glades of Midsummer.  As they move with the swiftness of the hawk the Riders have adopted the Raptor as their totem, likening themselves to the swift strikes the birds favor in the harsh tundra where energy must be conserved.  As a force of many thousands the nomadic Riders camp close to the wild herds but never close enough to disturb their neighbors.  With alert watches at all times of day the Rider tribes have now found a purer purpose devoted to the realm of Ghyran and the Everqueen.  

With a fanatic’s devotion they have pledged themselves to the Crusade of Arranoc in its mission to follow the Oaken King. 




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