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  1. I would like it if they brought treekin back in some way. The whole elven spirits that became one with athel Loren was cool. More like an animating spirit then a physical form like the dryads. They would assemble bodies before a fight from deadwood. I put mine on 40mm bases, should they have bigger bases?
  2. Daemons can be summoned into the game after you have casts a certain number of spells but it’s not necessary
  3. That’s awesome so many kits put into one
  4. Great thing about tzeentch is you can include slaves to darkness units with the mark and still benefit from the allegiance abilities. I would recommend getting a set of pink horrors and two sets of blues and brimstone horrors. I’m glad to see another devotee of the lord of magic !
  5. In a way I view the people who voted as an audience for my blog which helps keep me motivated to keep up with the hobby. Otherwise I would do like I did before and only have a few models from a big range of factions.
  6. I’ve got a force of nighthaunt already from a while ago that I wouldn’t mind getting back to working on. So far I have one of all the units and lady olynder but I would love to do as you say and expand into all the endless spells from shyish from the malign sorcery and what not. Maybe get a few duplicates of some of the sets or some cheap stuff off eBay. I also have an idea to convert a few different guardians of souls that would be fun as well as getting the craven king. the lore I have come up with for my arcanites revolves around them being servants of a gaunt summoner who has a penchant for collecting arcana and tomes from all around the mortal realms and I figured that would be a good tie in to my nighthaunt being guardians of some powerful artifacts or a breached storm vault they are campaigning to capture. I like the idea of a silver tower popping around the realms like the bad moon and the myriad forces of chaos trapped within its labyrinth corridors coming out to seize artifacts of power for their twisted master. I also came up with some lore for a flying island city and even wrote a little fanfic piece you can find in my blog but I haven’t been motivated to expand on it much.
  7. I’m in the same boat with my tzeentch I’ve been leery of getting the lord of change cause of costs and all I really need is one and a set of chaos warriors with some spawn. Idk I feel it’s odd to me to have the centerpiece model before you have the rest of the army. Painting all the different kinds of textures and colors I feel is going to really give me the skills to make the greater daemon the best looking model.
  8. In the old word most of the chaos warriors were based on the Huns and other nomadic asiatic groups so Orientalism isn’t something new to chaos in war hammer.
  9. I feel as though it is going to be Sigvald that came out of slaanesh at the end of broken realms morathi as they did with katakros after the forbidden power book and the battle of lethis. It would be kind of anticlimactic but totally within the realm of possibility.
  10. Just seems like you were taking it really personal and in my experience people get passionate about a unit being broken when they get beaten by it and in a way they could not handle. I’m sure the points for a lot of things are going to get adjusted in the new generals handbook as they always are. Just don’t let it get to you especially if you don’t have to face it in games on a regular basis.
  11. I’m surprised you popped up in this thread complaining about idoneth. Did someone you play against use the leviadon against you?
  12. It looks like a war alter type thing as folks have said already with an obese dude sitting in the middle with two big mutant guys pulling it with a yoke over their shoulders and a driver as well as a figure standing off to the right maybe so advisor like is on the katakros model.
  13. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when my predictions are true
  14. Do flying units block other flying units from moving over them, forcing them to pile in? like say a unit of harpies or enlightened?
  15. I guess the keeper of secrets is gonna pop his head in now
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