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  1. Even back in the days of Fantasy Battles the rules were changed every edition sometimes in small ways and some editions in big ways like from 7th to 8th. Being human with human fallibility I don’t think any edition of Age of Sigmar will be complete and succinct as there will always be people who want different things from the game and thats the great thing about Age of Sigmar in that they are actually listening to what the players have to say and making the changes that we as players want to see. I think that it is good that it will never be a completed system.
  2. Gorthor21

    No Greenskin-Faction Focus...could it means something BIG?

    I don’t understand, they have been mentioned in a lot of background materials ever since the beginning of age of Sigmar. I would actually be sad if they replaced them with ironjaws as they wouldn’t have anything to compare the other orruk factions to make them sounds unique. Hell they have been such a quintessential part of GW IP since the beginning it wouldn’t makeup since for them to discontinue the line like is being suggested here.
  3. Gorthor21

    eBay scavenging

    Here are all my orruks together based and ready for priming
  4. Gorthor21

    Orruk boys standard question

    I can see where they are coming from but it is kind of silly to make as many standards and drummers as possible. I’m just asking as I have recently gotten over 30 orruks off eBay and it came with an icon and banner and it would make sense reading the warscroll that the standard bearer can have either one I just wanted to make sure that the unit would benefit from both rules or just one of them.
  5. Gorthor21

    Orruk boys standard question

    Ok thank you for the answer @kenshin620
  6. Gorthor21

    Orruk boys standard question

    I’m not sure if it’s a silly question or not but can a unit of Orruks with two standards one a banner and one a skull icon benefit from the different rules or do I have to choose which one?
  7. Gorthor21

    eBay scavenging

    I recently ordered a bunch or Orruk boys to add numbers my destruction army which has turned into a Greenskinz force though I’m thinking of adding in some gutbusters leadblechers and an ironblaster. They are from the 6th edition starter set from way back when I started the hobby. The nostalgia is real today!
  8. Gorthor21

    So how will Nighthaunts play?

    Perhaps they will have a few generic command abilities in the battletome like they previewed would be in the new edition available to every faction
  9. Gorthor21

    Glaivewraith Stalkers concept

    That is terrifying! I’m glad to know that GW is reaching out for more varied materials than they did before than say with Vampire Counts for their background. These wraiths are slowly growing on me little by little like Stormcast did when they first came out. What @Spears said about the blind wraiths and the bell guy makes a lot of sense too and wouldn’t surprise me if that explains the bell altogether. It really does this forum credit that I could post a topic like this and folks actually come together to discuss the models and what they mean instead of just how they feel about them like on other forum and social media.
  10. Gorthor21

    Glaivewraith Stalkers concept

    They definitely won’t see their way into my collection unless I get the starter as they are just too strange looking to be as appealing as say the Knight of Shrouds style wraiths. On the topic of strangeness why does one of the wraiths from the starter set have a bell on the end of his haft?
  11. Gorthor21

    Glaivewraith Stalkers concept

    When I first saw these models I was at a total loss as to why they had horse skulls for heads and pole arms. I know a lot of folks thought they were skaven souls but a quick google search of both a horse skull and a rat skull quickly dispelled that for me. Rat skulls have more sloped mandables as well as forward facing orbits whereas horses look exactly like the heads in the models. Plus he fangs are all wrong. As an American this made no sense to me so I googled hooded horse skull and this popped up: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mari_Lwyd After reading the article the glaivewraith stalkers began to make more sense. Apparently this is an old Christmas season tradition similar to carollers where they would dress in costumes and go door to door singing songs asking to be let in and the people would have to try and turn them away and if they failed they would have to let the guys in and feed them and give them booze. Though this seems to be a light-hearted tradition I can see how the image of a man holding a decorated horse skull on a stick under a burlap sack could be scary to children and could inspire the image we see in the glaivewraiths. If there are any English or Welsh folks on here who could offer a better understanding of this tradition or why GW chose this imagery perhaps we could understand them better. Sorry for a long winded explanation but I have just been overthinking these models today lol.
  12. Gorthor21

    The Rumour Thread

    The horse skull and spear fit with relentless pursuit that is described on the Warhammer Community page. The hunched forms carry over into all the Nighthaunt models bar banshees. Like has been said it is highly doubtful that Nagash would end up with skaven souls as they belong to the great horned rat from birth much like how chaos worshipers belong to their respective gods.
  13. Gorthor21

    Bonus to charge roll in ORDER?

    Destruction is the only grand alliance with allegiance abilities that affect charging or movement. Order is about affecting battleshock phase. Perhaps the generic allegiance ablilities will change in the new edition but that remains to be seen. I hope that they have something to help with movement as mixed Order is one of my primary armies.
  14. Gorthor21

    Greenskinz and Necromancer

    Here are representatives of each of the grand alliances on Arranoc
  15. Gorthor21

    Greenskinz and Necromancer

    I managed to finish all the odds and ins details on the first 8 orrruks that I managed to salvage from my Bitz. One even has googles from a deff kopta pilot. I also decided that the necromancer Arborius will be a deathlord much like the woman from Lord of the Undead novel. He being tasked with the spread of blood cults for the Legion of Blood on Arranoc. Secreted onto the island through the years from various realms Arborious has gathered vampire husks and hide them all around Arranoc. New death cults arise everyday as the influence of Shyish has taken its toll on this Season of Renewal. Plagued of the walking dead spread quickly through cramped cities only to to swiftly put to the sword by thr various militant factions. As a deathlord he would still be represented by a normal necromancer but I am going to theme the army to be around him and his Legion of Blood allies. The dead do not stay long on Arranoc so legions of skeletons would have been reused by the ravenous Life Magic that permeates the island always sprouting new growth, hence zombies and the recently dead or spirits of the damned as well as either soulblight or ghouls to fill some of the roles the army is lacking like a hammer unit and more expendable troops like zombies that can tie units in place for a turn or two.