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  1. This is a really good idea. Start with 3 or 4 gargants and work your way into 2000 when the new army comes out. I’m tempted to do this myself.
  2. There are a few armies that allow an elite unit to become battle line if you meet certain conditions such as Tzeentch with screamers under a certain some subfaction or with a specific general
  3. This was very well done I enjoyed the twists throughout.
  4. That only looks like two of the islands that make up the second ring of Atlantis, I.e. Hysh /Nuulthuan. On most of the pictures they show us it says there are 10 of these continents. And that is what they are. Like 10 Europes spread in a concentric circle around the new island of the dead they got going on there.
  5. There are a lot of factions that fit those guidelines but Stormcasts really tic all the boxes. their shooting is really Strong with with judicators and the ballista but the melee output of nearly all their units is as good or better than most other armies. Plus one of thier battle traits is an inbuilt deep strike that functions better than either beasts or nighthaunts.
  6. In all honesty you wouldn’t need to put a saddle or reins on the boar. Many equine traditions didn’t use leads or stirrups to guide the horse but rather trained them to respond to pressure from the riders’ legs or certain verbal commands. Savage Boar riders were designed with this in mind and the same could certainly be said of humans doing the same thing.
  7. I enjoyed reading this it was pretty creative
  8. That sounds like a good starting off point. I’m gonna brainstorm some ideas and write something. Hopefully we can motivate others to join in.
  9. That sounds good to me. 1000 isn’t hard to get especially when you lay on the world building. Look at A song of ice and fire, most of those books are him laying the scene for a little bit of action. I thought it was kind of humorous how much dialogue he put into the books but the show tried filling as much action as possible into the story. I say we set atleast a basic prompt like essays like it should be a conversational piece about fluffing out what we already have with more concrete details or an action piece that introduces the audience to the main cast of races/characters that are important for people to get a real feel for Calderos.
  10. Has anyone written up anything? I have been on a painting streak so I haven’t had time to devote to writing. I really hope this thread isn’t 💀.
  11. Made some progress on my Ynnari army, I’m having fun doing something other than sigmar for once. Hope you don’t mind the 40k!
  12. @Baron Klatz I completely agree. Reading the newer stories is cool especially when it opens up new perspectives like the court of the blind king. I know a lot of people want to say they are like space marines but they deal with more metaphysical topics like life and death and the nature of dreams and memories from a mystic outlook. Like 2+tough said it’s really all about the nature of self and the primary motif of identity that really makes stormcasts something else entirely. I think they did a good job with it as an aside from the perspective of mortal beings but in all honesty it feels like they are still trying to cling onto what little humanity they have left like some space marines but in a far more relatable. Also they get major points for being einherjar from Norse mythology with Sigmar being Odin. Really that and the way they described them fighting was really cool all working in cohesion.
  13. Just a light laugh from something I was reading that made me chuckle.
  14. From what I understand warrior chambers tend get their name from their lord-celestant’s war name which is a title all stormcast get after they prove themselves to Sigmar or whoever judges that. It’s like an epitaph like being ‘the great’ or whatever. Tridentcrest would need to be referring to some story about a thing the lord-celesta the did.
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