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  1. I posted on the discussion but I feel like I’ve seen the name Celennar before. Do you happen to know if I’m just crazy or was it in one of those books? also with their new name I feel like they are gonna be elven expansionists with a sprinkling of genocide mixed in.
  2. I know this is a bit vague but I remember somewhere there was a mention of Celennar somewhere in a Battletome.
  3. I wonder if they’re gonna continue down this train of inventing new monsters like the mount for the new chaos lord and the Idoneth King’s seahorse with their new mounts. It seems they are trying to lean as far away from horses as they can with the newer Aelfs
  4. Trust me that’s a the better path hahaha.
  5. Made quite a bit of progress on these guys, the contrast paint with a light dry brush really made a good looking effect.
  6. This is the first time I’ve used contrast paint on anything and I feel like I used it the right way but the way it runs on flat surfaces and often leaves difficult to reach areas like the tops of these kurnoths is kind of frustrating as you need to use a light base coat for them. I think it works better than just slapping agax earthshade on them but I’ll relegate this stuff to just another tool I can use to diversify my color range in my Sylvaneth collection. As an aside here are some better pictures of my durthu who has become a point of shame and pride at the same time. Some of the yellow looks good but most of it is just embarrassing. i gotta say that compared to how I painted when I stared this blog I have come a long way and that taking a step back to recollect and fix things like this guy has made it a fun learning experience. I’m really looking forward to getting these treekin stripped and built.
  7. I’m kind of excited to see where they go after the the malign portents arch is over with.
  8. I made a little progress on my tree-revenants and arch revenant. I dry brushed a tan/grey Mix to try and brighten them up. I did a little on the durthu as well. Let me know what you think.
  9. if Tyrion and Malerion both get new factions how many Aelven armies would there be? A dozen including the Cities of Sigmar subfactions?
  10. During the end times he undid the magic vortex that siphoned off most of the power from the winds of magic in a gambit to infuse the winds into himself to become powerful enough to stem the tide of chaos but it backfired on him. He acted as Lileath’s catspaw in the beginning of the end times.
  11. Bretonnia wasn’t very noblebright lol. The disparity between peasants and knights was so greater than in the real feudal system. Apparently Mannfred sold those guys out to Chaos which is weird because they went to the effort to come up with the story. Though to be fair the End Times was a huge chuck of lore to digest in such a short time.
  12. I have a feeling teclis is going to make another vortex of magic to try and mitigate the damage from the necroquake.
  13. That is unfortunate. I’m sure some people wouldn’t be apposed to using them in either of those ways. Which warscroll would be appropriate the greatswords or scythes?
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