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  1. I’m glad that this community came out in droves to over you advice and support and is something special about this forum.
  2. Do you have any intention of adding duardin? They are a big part of the established AoS lore for Ironweld
  3. I really hope the expand the grand alliance allegiance abilities to be more in-depth like some of the single faction Battletomes to make it more appealing to use them. Given the lengths they went to incorporate the dispossessed and aelves into the free cities lore I would be surprised if they were separated like has been suggested here.
  4. Gorthor21

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    Say that to dwarven thunder. I never saw elves retaking all those cities the dwarves tore down.
  5. Gorthor21

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    We all know how the war of vengeance went despite what a foul Elgin will say about having to fight a civil war.
  6. Gorthor21

    New age of Sigmar campaign

    It’ll be interesting to see what they do next that’s for sure.
  7. Like @Kramerand @chord said the game isn’t exactly fair and suffers from the rolling power creep that is just as much a part of GW as plastic and pewter(at least used to be). The only advice I can give as a player who has only won two games over the past 15 years is to enjoy the games you do get to play and that life allows you to play. Just like anything else you have to roll with the punches and try your best to get the most out of it. I used to get into screaming matches with my best friend over how unfair it was that his great axe dwarves slaughtered my clan rats every time and near refused to play some times. The same could be said from back in 3rd or 4th ed 40k when Bloodletters had power weapons and ten of them swept through half his space wolf army. In the end it’s really just about how you can find enjoyment out of the situation and if it means rooting for your enemy as he wipes out your entire army without loosing a single warrior then that’s fine too. Nowadays I just find small pleasures in painting and collecting neither of which I am very good at but it is something I make my own.
  8. Gorthor21

    New age of Sigmar campaign

    I did a little digging and found it, called Forbidden Power. The tag line at the end makes me think it might just be an early conception of this board game but perhaps they are just both tied in together. Fingers crossed for crazy lightning ghiests like has been speculated for so long. Edit: sorry for the double post just took a break from painting hallowed knights and figured I would look. The mods can delete this post as I’m sure it’s been well documented already
  9. I’m not sure if I remember this right but I vaguely remember one of the previews in th warhammer community page showing a follow up campaign to Soul Wars. I was just wondering if anyone could let me know what it was called so I wouldn’t have dredge through the rumors thread to find it.
  10. Gorthor21

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    I can’t wait to see the light aelves. I rally hope the get a complete rework like the deepkin and not just a few kits like the daughters of Khaine.
  11. Gorthor21

    Your favorite unit model kit

    I’m probably going to get some flak for this but I love Liberators. They truly embody what I love about the stormcast and every time I look at mine I remember how well they do in games and how brutal stormcasts are in the stories. At first I wasn’t sure about them when they came out but after painting an army of stormcasts before the first generals handbook came out I fell in love with the whole range. It’s so strange as they arn’t as dynamic as say the bladeghiests or unique as the fangmora riders but I really just feel the embody the whole over the top high fantasy feel of AoS and the fact that they are einherjar just makes them that much cooler. Sigmar=Odin/Thor/Zeus hahahah
  12. Gorthor21


    I made good progress this week and finished the few remaining models. All that is left are the banshees and that won’t take long. I’m thinking of getting more as well as the mortarch and craven king to finish the army. Once the army. Is at the 2000 mark I want to try a game with them and see what that looks like.
  13. Gorthor21

    Mixed Elf/Dwarf GA Order Viability

    A way to think of it is as a few modules that function independently with small buffs like the cog Smith with the cannon or the high warden with the spearmen. You have a solid choice of units to use as with that dispossessed collection you have a fully fledged army. The only thing you have that affects general order stuff is the archmage’s spell that gives a 6+ save to stuff nearby. Orders allegiance ability makes it easier to run larger units from different factions with fewer losses from battleshock. Get the stuff assembled and try a few different combinations to see what play style you like. Just remember that even though some factions have strong rules from having allegiance abilities that doesn’t mean you can’t win without them yourself. You have a lot of middle units there and I would start with a gun line based around the near 40 spireguard you have with the thunderers cannon and iron drakes. Use the reavers and whatever fast Sylvaneth units you might have as skirmishers to tie units in place while the smaller units of dwarves and elves can be used to hold the faster elements of the enemy army off of you gunline. With the advent of command points it’s not really necessary to worry about what general you use as you can use the right ability at the right time such as the warden king or high warden to support where it is needed. I would suggest getting the endless spells to give you more variety to use those archmages to full affect.
  14. Gorthor21

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    You’ve really been going inon the undead horses lately.
  15. Gorthor21

    Brayherd Enter the Frey

    These look ducking awesome. They fit really well with the scheme of the dragon ogres and I really like the variation in skin tone on the ungors.