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  1. Try your hand at some of those new fiends of Slannesh. I’m sure you would make them look amazing.
  2. Gorthor21

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    Well the Orc boys set is now sold out online.
  3. Gorthor21

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    @michu I see now thanks. Look cool if that’s what freeguild would look like. That would be awesome if a kit like that came out. An aside what is that female near the back legs of the Varanguard’s steeds back legs?
  4. Gorthor21

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    What heavily armored free guild? The storm casts?
  5. Gorthor21

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    I really hope they don’t discontinue the Greenskins I have always loved them and I am in the process of collecting an army of them. If these sets fall out of production I am going to be left getting overpriced second hand models from eBay. I truly hope it’s just repacking of the sets.
  6. Gorthor21

    Mixed Army Paint Schemes?

    My mixed order army has a whole range of different colors across every units. From hallowed knights to red irondrakes they all work together simply because of the brown bases. Some might think it is all hodgepodge but I feel it works and in the end that’s all tha t matters. Also a use of a lot of neutral Browns blacks and greens could also help unify a plethora of different factions.
  7. Gorthor21


    I really like the yellow robes it works really well with green.
  8. I finished a few units of my nighthaunts the wife got me for Christmas. They were surprisingly easy to paint after the two week affair with the orruk boys. I got some new paints from the crafts store so the base color on the dreadscythes is different from the rest of the army but I am ok with that. I really enjoyed painting the dreadscythes despite my appreciation to to hormagaunt arms they have. When end I had primed the bladeghiests the spray paint had been sitting for too long and oxidized so they got a healthy spray of bumpy paint. My foolishness for not making sure it would be ok. I gave they proper treatment despite this though some of their details got washed out. The wife got me a start collecting box of Sylvaneth and a box of dryads for my birthday which I’m really excited about which puts my order army at the 2000 point mark that completes my goal for it. I’m really excited for the spirit of durthu.
  9. Like others have said your best bet is to at least pick one kind of Greenskin to focus on. Orruks are horde dependent and need war bosses to give them more attacks. Even with a full unit of 40 with two hand weapons you’re looking at over 400 points invested for 3 attacks re rolling 1’s to hit and wound with rend -1 and one attack. I’m not sure about the new night goblins but they used to have similar volume of attacks just without the better stats. At the end of the day either kind of Greenskin should be there to tarpit units while something that can deal more wounds can help them out such as iron jaws, ogors, squigs, or the gargant. I would recommend to either stick with a single allegiance and only ally in things that you feel would help. Expand all of your units for sure and have multiple hammer units to saturate your opponent’s threats. These kinds of generic destruction armies don’t compete well but really neither do order armies or multi aligned chaos armies. Everyone has given you sound advice just don’t give up after losing so much it is a new faction to you and your model selection does put you at a disadvantage against single allegiance armies.
  10. I’m so glad that you are still making such amazing miniatures. You’re always an inspiration
  11. Gorthor21

    A little overdue

    Hello everyone it has been almost 8 months since I have been able to post anything on my hobby blog. In real life my wife has had both a tummy tuck and BBL in one year so as you can imagine the finances have been short in the hobby department. Now that the holidays have come and gone I acquired several units of nighthaunts so I’m looking forward to painting some more ghosts. Over the last two weeks I got motivated to paint some of my Orruks and I ended up finishing my close combat boys. Here are some pictures of them. After the recent release of the Gloomspite grots and the disappearance of several old kits from the destruction range I’m a little leery to think of the future of the common orruk range. The absence of the chariot and goblin units are less bothering than what might be the loss of the boarboys sets that I have yet to get. Only time will tell but it isn’t looking promising. I might have to capitulate and get a truly mixed destruction army, which is fine as the new troggs are awesome looking.
  12. Even back in the days of Fantasy Battles the rules were changed every edition sometimes in small ways and some editions in big ways like from 7th to 8th. Being human with human fallibility I don’t think any edition of Age of Sigmar will be complete and succinct as there will always be people who want different things from the game and thats the great thing about Age of Sigmar in that they are actually listening to what the players have to say and making the changes that we as players want to see. I think that it is good that it will never be a completed system.
  13. Gorthor21

    No Greenskin-Faction Focus...could it means something BIG?

    I don’t understand, they have been mentioned in a lot of background materials ever since the beginning of age of Sigmar. I would actually be sad if they replaced them with ironjaws as they wouldn’t have anything to compare the other orruk factions to make them sounds unique. Hell they have been such a quintessential part of GW IP since the beginning it wouldn’t makeup since for them to discontinue the line like is being suggested here.
  14. Gorthor21

    eBay scavenging

    Here are all my orruks together based and ready for priming
  15. Gorthor21

    Orruk boys standard question

    I can see where they are coming from but it is kind of silly to make as many standards and drummers as possible. I’m just asking as I have recently gotten over 30 orruks off eBay and it came with an icon and banner and it would make sense reading the warscroll that the standard bearer can have either one I just wanted to make sure that the unit would benefit from both rules or just one of them.