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  1. I’ve gotten all the looncurse models assembled and I now a sizable Gloomspite Gitz army to paint up. I’m waiting to get a red ink wash before I finish them so we will see how long that takes. I was doing a little thinking and I’m thinking of having these guys come as a newly arrived faction to Arranoc that came while the isle shifted into the realm of life near the time the bad moon was near the area and after the moon left the squig herd found its way to one of the outer druid-kingdoms and have since been rampaging their way through towns and farmlands. Being beaten back a few times they have begun to spawn more and more squigs in proportion to the grots. These grots rely very heavily on their squigs for everything from transportation to food and pride themselves on their ability to “break” their mounts which would account for the higher number of bounderz in the army. I feel like I need to come up with a definitive timeline and mechanism for how the island continent moves from realm to realm . It would be a fun thought experiment any way to be sure. If anyone has any suggestions on my lore choices for any of my factions I would love to hear them.
  2. When I saw this picture leaked somewhere I was prepared lol.
  3. I finally got my looncurse box today. I’m pretty excited to get back on to working on Sylvaneth though I have started painting some of my Squigs. Well anyway I took some pictures for anyone who wants to see.
  4. I am finally getting around to posting some progress in here. It took me over a month to do it but I got through the slug of painting a bunch of starter set stormcasts which though was fun replication my original method for hallowed knights on so many at once made even the smaller steps take hours. The majority of them look really good for my standard of painting but that graph-charger looks hideous. Once I get around to painting what’s left the second stromstrike box my wife got me out of the blue I will go and fix him up. With the nighthaunts from the second stromstrike and lady Olynder I have finally completed one of my projects by getting an army up to 2000 points. They were done in a similar fashion to the other nighthaunts I already have though I may have rushed through the purples to get them done. This was a really easy and enjoyable army to paint and I am glad to see it through. With the redaction of the Orruks from the online store I decided to go a different route with the destruction army when my wife surprised me yet again with a set of squig hoppers, a set of boingrot boulders and a squig herd a few weeks ago and some how I ended up with a goobapalooza and some vulkite berserkers as well. I decided to go with the squigalanche and bought a few more things this past week which brought me up to quite a backlog of things to paint. I think for this time around I am going to go down to the GW and buy a few new washes to make painting so man Squigs easier. With this Looncurse box on the horizon I think I will have 3 completed armies by the end of the autumn which will put me in a good place to finish the Tzeentch army that set all this madness off in the first place. Let’s hope I don’t get distracted from my course with some new shiny hahaha.
  5. It’s on the Warhammer community page. It’s not a sword but rather the spear at a different angle that makes it seem smaller at a glance
  6. I believe it’s some kind of avatar of kurnous hence the wild rider head
  7. The rules will still be valid you just won’t be able to use them in tournament standard matches play events. If those models mean a lot to you don’t get rid of them just because the game doesn’t support them in very specific situations
  8. Even Phil Kelly said on stormcast that there would be a gradual replacing of older miniatures to make room for newer ones as there is only a limited space available and some of the newer ranges are huge. Not a few moments later he said they don’t want to phase out armies and they would be supported with Warhammer Legends. Of course they don’t name names but I believe it will be whatever given the greenskinz and gitmob treatment. To me there is no real reason to guess which ones will be phased out, just get whatever you want and use it in its AoS2 context if you feel that AoS3 is coming so soon(which makes no sense to me). If you’re afraid your army is going to be discontinued the look at some of the newer ones and start a new collection. Sell off old ones or put them in display or whatever makes you happy.
  9. Would it have looked wierd as the banner in unit of stabbas?
  10. I wouldn’t go so far as to rolfstomp her because she’s knew. I know for a fact once she understands how to play she’d be having the upper hand, nefarious woman that she is hahahaha
  11. Is that the standard from the forgeworld command set?
  12. The left one is a cawdor ganger and left is an empire wizard head
  13. I’m almost contemplating asking my wife to play with me. I don’t get much time off work and we spend most of the time I do with each other so I want to see if she would like to learn. We played Risk a few years ago and she stomped us all. her ultra competitive attitude could really create a monster lol. Skirmish seems like a good idea if you want to teach the core mechanics to someone who has never played a table top game like Warhammer before. Perhaps moving the second game up into a few units and an objective based battle plan would be the best second step. I think it really just comes down to their willingness to learn the game as much as spending the time together. What a story it would be for someone’s wife who was getting tired of all the spending and long hours of painting and playing away from home To finally understand the hobby. You could brag that Warhammer saved your marriage hahahah.
  14. I think a combination of both the space wolf shields would look awesome. Would go really well with the fine crafted hammers they wield.
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