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  1. Hey Everyone! Recently I put up a tweet detailing out a goal I am setting for myself that is due to begin this autumn. I am a wargamer who tends to never really finish an army as I often make impulse buys to an army I have well past the 2000point mark. Due to this I often tend to have a few units sitting on my shelf that are built and likely primed, but not painted. These have become eyesores as the bleak grey stands out in stark contrast to my painted army as they sit side by side. My goal is to finally break the habit and completed all of these built and unpainted models. View the full article
  2. Hey Everyone! This past weekend I was able to finally dive into my first games of Warcry alongside my good friend Matt. Today I want to talk a bit about how the games went and my overall impressions after a day battling in the shadow of the Varenspire. Overall I can say I quite enjoyed the game as it is quick, simple to pick up, and has good depth in strategy the more games I played. It won’t replace Age of Sigmar as my primary game, but I plan to pack a small force with me in my army bags going forward for pick up games at the many events I attend. Let's dive into the Battles! View the full article
  3. Hey Everyone! As you might be aware the ETC 2019 event kicks off today and runs throughout this coming weekend! I wanted to do a special post today in order to wish the US AoS ETC team the best of luck! May your dice roll well and the all your games turn out great! There is some hard competition out there, but it promises to be exciting to follow through Twitter and Facebook. I had the pleasure of helping the team prepare in a few very small ways and I really enjoyed being able to offer any help I could. Good luck to the US Team as well as everyone else competing for their country this weekend. View the full article
  4. Hey Everyone! Today, as promised, I will be doing a review of the new lore from the recently released Sylvaneth Battletome. If you missed this week's earlier post where I review how the army is on the table be sure to go give it a read. Also, if you are a fan of all things Sylvaneth and cannot get enough of their lore feel free to check out my lengthy lore piece on The Everqueen herself! Now lets branch away from this intro and look into the Sylvaneth Battletome lore. View the full article
  5. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to bring you the first half of my two-part Sylvaneth Battletome Review. In this post, I plan to dive into the army as it plays on the table and my thoughts on what could be some powerful ways to build your Glade. Later this week I will be reviewing the lore in the Sylvaneth Battletome so be sure to check back to get even more Sylvanerth goodness. Now let's take a look at the Sylvaneth Army on the tabletop! View the full article
  6. Yesterday we saw the first bit of information about this year's Armies on Parade that will be hosted across the globe at Warhammer and Games Workshop stores. I always enjoy this event and have managed to do quite well in the past few years I was able to participate. Sadly I missed last years competition, but I am planning on returning this year and have already begun looking at what I might bring and what categories I will be chasing. There are plenty of categories for both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar so there will be plenty of awards to compete for on October 19th. View the full article
  7. Hey Everyone! Over the past few months, I and many others have been hard at work updating the terrain for the Age of Sigmar events for NOVA Open. As most of you know last year I ran the Age of Sigmar GT and Doubles event at NOVA Open and learned quite a bit from running such large events. Having a much better understanding of these events from a T.O. perspective I developed a multiyear plan for the best way to grow the event and make sure everyone has a great time. One of the keys was laying a strong foundation this year so growth can happen much easier in the next few years. The terrain was one fo the parts of this foundation and I look forward to seeing it all come to fruition soon. There have been a lot of great people lending aid and guides to help the event improve in this way. View the full article
  8. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to give you a run-through of the great games I played this past weekend at the Rend 4: Battle Across the Realms 2 event. The tournament was five games over two days of rolling dice. I really enjoyed the event overall and you can check out my earlier post where I review my overall impression of the event. I didn’t end up with a great record over the event, but winning the event wasn’t my goal going in. My goal was to take my Idoneth lead by Keshaani and give my opponents great games and grow my armies narrative. Overall the event was a success as I took home the Narrative award and I cannot wait for the next one! View the full article
  9. Hey Everyone! This past weekend I attended the Rend 4 - Battle across the Realms 2 event in Ohio, USA. This is the third Rend 4 club event I have been lucky enough to attend in the past few years. The events continue to grow and get better each and every time do to the hard work of Neil, Dave, and the rest of their club. Today I wanted to talk a bit about my overall experience from the two-day event while giving my impressions. Be sure to come back Thursday when I will be running through all five of my games and the narratives that played out in each! View the full article
  10. Hey Everyone! Today I have another great product review, this time for the movement trays designed and sold by Mini Mag Tray over in the UK! They reached out to me to check out what they had to offer and I was happy to see why these trays have been appearing all over my Twitter feed lately. It isn't a secret that I am not one who uses movement trays in my games, despite hordes of Witch Aelves, but I have to say these trays really solves all the issues I had with using trays in my games. Check out the full review down below! View the full article
  11. Hey Everyone! In today's post, I want to point you toward an upcoming Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament at the Warhammer Citadel down in Grapevine, TX. I have yet to make a pilgrimage to the new Warhammer Citadel but seeing these events is some great incentive to plane a trip down. Being right next to Dallas, TX it makes for an easy trek down with plenty of time to roll dice as well as opportunity to enjoy one of Texas's biggest cities! There are still tickets available for this Tournament if you have the interest to compete at the U.S. Center for Warhammer, but time is running short so be sure to act soon! View the full article
  12. Hey Eveyrone! Today I wanted to give you another brief update to the ongoing Tale of Four Warlords: Tri-Club Challenge happening between the Steel City Sigmar, Rend 4, and Ligonier Legion clubs. We are well into the third of our fourth month and there has been a large number of painted models coming out of the challenge. The Slaanesh group took the top spot this month and kudos to Mike Ryan for painting the most points in the month The groups are still very motivated so I expect a strong finish going into next month! View the full article
  13. Hey Everyone! Today I am bringing you a review of the products over at Tectonic Craft Studios. Dan over there reached out and asked if I would kindly review some of the great products he makes for all types of Wargamers. I was happy to do so as he is a wonderful human being and he makes quality stuff! I picked out a few items and Dan included a few surprises for me to review for you all. View the full article
  14. Hey Everyone! Today I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy Independence Day and for everyone around the world a Happy Age of Sigmar Anniversary. By the time you are reading this, I will be enjoying some burgers and raising a beer (or two) to my country and for the great game that brings us all together! Be safe and be great everyone! View the full article
  15. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to dive a bit into the lore for another one of my Age of Sigmar armies. I wasn't planning on making any lore for my Idoneth Deepkin, but due to an upcoming event that is encouraging everyone to have a bit of lore it really got my Narrative Juices flowing. Although, I wanted to make something a bit more lighthearted and fun and I think you will soon see that Tidecaster Keshaani is as lighthearted and fun as they come. If you know me then you will likely know that yet again my army leader is based yet again on a Pop Singer. That's right, Kesha comes to The Mortal Realms! Also, be sure to read to the end to see a sneak peek of the Keshaani model I am converting up View the full article
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