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  1. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to take you along for my journey back into Warhammer Underworlds. I originally played back when the Shadespire box was released, but it didn't get much traction in my local area for one reason or another and it eventually fell by the wayside for me. That has all changed recently and I am happy to be moving among hexes once more and I cannot wait to share my journey back into the game over the next few months! View the full article
  2. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share my experience playing with my recently finished Idoenth Deepkin which I have named “The Roseblade Enclave” after my old High Elf Army. After building the army I decided to have it commissioned painted by BrushForHire as I knew his style would create the army I envisioned in my head. While Sean was able to have the army ready to go for Adepticon 2019 I did not manage to get any pickup games with it as I had hoped. Thankfully my good friend and Co-To for NOVA Open, Matt, was up for a game with his recently finished Stormcast Eternals force. The battle was set and we got to task. View the full article
  3. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to talk a bit about some of the lessons and tips I learned while helping at this year's Adepticon 2019 Age of Sigmar events. Having run events in my local area and running my first major event at NOVA Open last year I have a good grasp on what running an event takes, but those of you who know me are aware that I am rarely satisfied and am always looking to improve myself and this includes the events I run. Last year Alex put out the call for help and I was eager to sign up as I get to help a good friend as well as learn from his experience in running the biggest Age of Sigmar Event in the U.S.. View the full article
  4. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to catch you up on some of my recent hobby before diving back into some Adepticon coverage later this week. After coming home from Adepticon, and avoiding the dreaded con-crud I found my urge to paint the highest it has been all year. It is a typical feeling as most of you are aware to be excited to hobby after a big event and I aimed to take the bull by the horns! View the full article
  5. Hey Everyone! This past weekend saw Adepticon 2019 come and go in a blur of fun, friends, and Warhammer. Today I wanted to talk a bit about my overall experience at the event and all the fun I got up to, some of the swag I got, and plenty of pictures full of friends, Warhammer, and miniatures. View the full article
  6. Hey Everyone! As I am settling back in after a fun-filled time at Adepticon 2019 I thought it would be a fun exercise to find out why we attend such large Warhammer events. Today I plan to dive into why I always try to attend events like Adepticon, NOVA Open, and hopefully one day Las Vegas Open. I am very curious to know your reasoning for attending as well. What common reasons do we all share and what differences are there that drives each an everyone one of us to make these great trips a staple of our Hobby lives. View the full article
  7. Hey Everyone! In today’s Community All-Gates I wanted to point your attention towards a Twitter List created by Dan from AoS Shorts (Found after the break). He created the list not long ago by reaching out to see who, on Twitter, would be attending Adepticon 2019 to help those unable to attend keep up with all the fun. The list has grown and with Adepticon currently happening as we speak it would be a good list to follow! Don't forget you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the Adepticon Fun and Coverage as well! View the full article
  8. Hey Everyone! Adepticon 2019 finally kicks off tomorrow and if you are like me the excitement level cannot get much higher. Trying to sleep tonight before an early wake-up tomorrow to will be difficult, but thankfully I will have some time to nap in the car during the 9-hour drive. With everything ready to go I wanted to take today to show off the completed items I did in order to prepare for the event. The coming week promises to be full of friends, Warhammer, and fun and I cannot wait to see you all there! View the full article
  9. Hey Everyone! As the next Warhammer event draws ever closer I wanted to share my method of preparing for a major event in order to have less stress at the table and be able to focus on having a great time with my opponent. The method I have worked up is very much inspired by The Workbook created by The Honest Wargamer that you should really check out. While reading and working through the book it dawned on me that I meal prep, lay out clothing, etc… in order to prepare for the day(s) ahead in order to be less stressed and enjoy my day without worry. I never really did this in my Warhammer Hobby other than a few “practice games” and reading my Battletome a few weeks before an event. That has all changed and today I hope to show you how I prepare for one-day and two-day Warhammer Events so my stress is minimal and my fun is maximized for both me and my opponent. View the full article
  10. Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year when we all frantically paint the latest additions to our armies, and sometimes entire armies, in preparation for Adepticon over in Chicago, IL.. This year is no exception and I have been seeing plenty of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the days move ever onward. While I am not playing in any events this year I do have quite a bit going on and have been busy preparing myself and my Daughters of Khaine for the fun ahead. Today I want to talk about my preparation and my general plans for the event. View the full article
  11. Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to look at how we all collect armies in our Warhammer Hobby. Some players tend to jump from between many armies based on preference, event, or competitive reasons. Others, like myself, tend to primarily play one army and dabble into other armies for fun projects, curiosity, or for allies to use with my main army. Neither option is better than the other and both have pros and cons I hope to explore a bit today. View the full article
  12. Hey everyone! Today I wanted to catch you up on all the hobby I have been tackling recently. A lot of it has been in preparation for Adepticon and some of the pickup games I have planned during the festivities. Most of it, as you could guess, revolves around painting Witch Aelves. It may come as a shock, but I am still enjoying painting these models and I am still considering taking the total number from 180 to 200 after these last thirty are completed. View the full article
  13. Hey Everyone! A few weeks back I attended one of the event days for one of my local clubs, Steel City Sigmar. It was a one-day team event where everyone was paired up randomly in order to help everyone meet new players. I got to play a bit with some units and rules I typically don't use which always makes for a fun day tactically and I ended up having a great partner to really make the day fantastic. The event itself was a great bit of fun as everyone duked it out over three games and today I want to share my games and overall experience with you in today’s post. View the full article
  14. Hey everyone! In today's Community All-Gates I want to bring your attention to the recent news regarding this year's Realms at War. As usual, the RAW NEO's are planning to pull out all the stops! I had a blast last year having over to Cambridge for this event and while I am not 100% sure if I'll make it this year I do plan to use what the RAW NEO's create as a way to push the narrative of The Tayrathian Cult even farther! Be sure to file their Twitter and search for #RAW19 to see everyone as they begin to prepare in the coming year. View the full article
  15. Hey Everyone! It feels like forever since I last posted a Hobby Table and that is mostly due to a lack of any substantial hobby on my part. After Waaaghpaca I manage dot catch a nasty bug that laid me up for a few weeks to the point where I didn't have the energy to do much of anything. Finally, after two weeks, I am back to proper health and have begun to get some hobby moving along as Adepticon begins to loom on the horizon. On top of finally building and painting models, I have a few other irons in the fire as far as the hobby and the community are concerned. The one I can speak about is an upcoming Stormcast Strong Fitness Challenge that myself and two other great community members who you know as Hayden and Les will be running in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more information soon. View the full article
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