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  1. Yeah, I'm a Teclis fan, but it's sad to see that (almost) all of our competitive lists have to include him. I personally prefer playing without god level characters like Teclis. Hopefully people will find successful lists without him. It's just really hard to come close to the kind of toolbox and reliability he brings. I love the new spell lore, but because we don't have 2 cast Wizards besides the Twins, it's hard to emulate what Teclis can do. You can hardly build lists with 2 Stonemages, 3 Windmages and 3 Scinari. And even if you could, you still wouldn't have the protection against MW and s
  2. There hasn’t been a single larger tournament won by anyone playing Ymetrica as far as I know. Not even top 3 afaik. The last time I saw numbers, Ymetrica was the worst of our factions (Iliatha didn’t have enough players to have meaningful results). Here is an example of what I mean https://aoslistbot.herokuapp.com/faction_page/Lumineth Realmlords You can bring almost any army to a tournament under the conditions you write above (be better than many of your opponents) and win games. Probably you can bring a Ymetrica army to larger tournaments and score a lot of wins - statistically that h
  3. That’s what makes me angry/disappointed about most of the NPE talk - much of it is by people who never even played against Lumineth, much less the second wave models. A lot is just envy/gate keeping and sadly from time to time it works. It’s one reason why I’m mostly not here anymore. So much negativity and people just trying to make other people feel bad about what they play (not only LRL). The painting section is great though! Not saying there can’t be any genuine NPE experience with the LRL, but a lot is just mean spirited in my view. I hope you find your army though, but it sounds a
  4. I think something like the Crusade system is going to happen yeah, they mentioned a new narrative system, and it looks like a lot of 40K elements will make it into AoS. So it’d make sense, seems to be popular.
  5. And a few photos with the shrine in (in)action
  6. If you don’t play to win in larger tournaments - it isn’t that bad. The Aalrith aren’t bad as such, and with the Hurakan you can also combine them now with faster units. Just Ymetrica won’t contribute besides the rend and Battleline (if the rumors are true). But this change will also hit many other strong current armies. If you really want to use Alarith, you can build lists around them which are ok. Especially if you don’t have armies like Seraphon or Tzeentch in your local meta. Or you can try to play Alarith with Teclis. Won’t work against certain armies either, but should be sti
  7. Strictly speaking, if you mean competitively, Ymetrica hasn’t been viable even with the battalion. Losing the battalion won’t help. But AOS3, if the rumors are correct, will bring so many changes, hard to say how it looks like afterwards. Doesn’t look great for LRL though, as we do not have many re-rolls, pluses to attacks and similar things which seem to be untouched, but rely on debuffs which will be limited to +/- 1 largely. Ymetrica is bad. Only provides buffs to Alarith, one to an ability which doesn’t work, bad command trait, and meh artifact. If the meta changes see show to melee
  8. Thank you, right, you’ll still have to look at aelves for a while : ). I haven’t even finished all the old models. I’ll going to paint most of the new heroes and Bladelords first. Those are the ones I want to use the most.
  9. I might have bought a thing or two, yes 😅
  10. They are probably what you'd expect them to be in the LRL novel. There are 2 and half Slaanesh "main" antagonists in the book, and they have different characters and approaches, so there is a bit of variety there. The one featured the most is your typical megalomaniac nutjob with BIG PLANS but limited capabilities. If found him fun and quite interesting - but probably for a Slaanesh fan he's rather trite.
  11. In BR Teclis we heard Tyrion was heading towards the Pit of Catharthia - which leads to Ulgu. But then we heard before that Tyrion can't exist in Ulgu, so there might be something else involving the Pit. It's after all a very bad place for Lumineth. As the Newborns are in Ulgu (at least as far as we know right now) - That would be my obvious guess too. This is the number one threat for aelves, and would fit the "greater than Nagash" part. On the other hand - "greater than Nagash" was just what Teclis said at that time - it could be he was just trying to play mind games with Nagash.
  12. Celennar was still a moon at that time : ). There is a BR short story where an Idoneth kills a Bladelord - but before he does they talk a bit about how they fought together against Chaos in the past. Alliances of necessity, basically. You could also imagine several other reasons why they might work together - Idoneth want to prove themselves, Lumineth want to “help” them etc.
  13. Yeah it’s overdue, so we don’t know when it’ll come. @Mesi very interesting thank you!
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