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  1. I hope you are right with the long-term gamers, but as long as we have no real data it's really hard to tell how much impact these different factors have. They might lose this 10-year-DoK-only-player if they won't provide new models, but they wouldn't have gotten me returning as long-term High Elf player after years of hiatus, who basically quit because of End Times/AoS without finally releasing the Lumineth. So, what's better for them? Attracting new players, or keeping players which are only focusing on one, two armies (I actually likely will fall in this category, and might become disgruntled over time if there is no new stuff for the Lumineth). And that guy with the one DoK army wouldn't have been a marketing tool for me at all, because they don't appeal to me as an army to collect (I like their lore, but would never get them myself). The "Point Aelves" vid on the other hand was a great marketing tool for me : ). We don't really know - How much they rely on sales of new armies for their total profit - How many people actually just stick to one, two armies - How much of a force multiplier long term players with one, two armies are for them - How much an average new player is "worth" against an average long-term player - Might it just be enough to keep this one-army player engaged by throwing them a bone here and there (Warcry band, hero model) and keeping it open that there MIGH BE MORE just around the corner, while actually focusing on new armies and so on. This old one-army player being really important for the long term health of their business model sounds great, and I hope it's true, but actually we do not know that. With many of the newer releases you can also see that they are clearly not only trying to get back old Fantasy players like myself, but also people who weren't attracted to the "same" faction before. If they'd only try to get old High Elf players with the Lumineth, you wouldn't see hammers and bovines as the central theme. Same is true for the OBR and KO (of course also has to do with trademark issues). So for me it looks like they at least for now are still thinking that mainly expanding their player base. Of course at some point it won't be possible to only churn out new factions, but I really wonder if we see so many updates for old ones, which we all kind of hope for. It also might be it get's a bit more hybrid-like over time. If they'd add a Tyrion faction to the Lumineth, it could be pretty blurry if that is expanding the "old" range, or a new faction depending on the design and width of the range. Same could be true for a Malerion army for example.
  2. Really nice work! Also your Tyrionic and Teclian mix just like the army. Great you are continuing with this.
  3. It’s great, isn’t it? If that doesn’t get you pumped for playing Lumineth, I don’t know what will. Stoneguard looks really awesome in this one. Can’t wait until I have that picture in real before me. And yes, it is, found it on a YouTube vid. As far as I understand it, there were many aelves in Ghyran and Alarielle was their goddess too, but during the Age of Chaos they had to flee to Azyr or would have been wiped out. Alarielle took this retreat as abandoning her and the Sylvaneth. She also basically died at that time, and the reincarnated Alarielle focuses on the Sylvaneth, but still remembers the old Wood Elves and the Ghyran Aelves, hence she made the Revenants in their imagine. It also looks like the Wanderers and Alarielle are getting a bit closer again. But maybe someone more knowledgeable of the Sylvaneth than me can explain it better. As for the gods, they are not really their species, they often just take the form of humans, dwarfs, elves etc. And seem more connected to one species. But many have believers of more than one species.
  4. And now it's official: WE MADE IT!! MOST POPULAR AELF FACTION ON THE BOARD* (views and posts)👍🎊🎉🥂🍰 *Sylvaneth are not an aelf faction (except in case I need them to be to prove another point I want to make) * it doesn't matter that half the post are about how awful the horned helmets are, those are clearly also expressions of affection To properly celebrate this mountainous momentous event let us feast our eyes on a nice art piece!
  5. Very nice Acid! If you don't like the Hysh sign, the Teclamentari would also be very fitting for a Teclis temple I think. Edit: For the floor symbol I meant. But, for some reason, it didn't show me a lot of the pictures afterwards with all the progress.. So forget about this. Your's looks really nice! : )
  6. Here's the problem, my attitude to adding new armies vs. expanding on current ones. Before the Lumineth are out: "GW has to add new armies. Many people are looking for something like the new High Elves, and Idenoth are just not doing it for many of us." After the Lumineth are out: "Enough is enough, we have so many small armies now, it's time to flash them out, my Lumineth only have X valid warscrolls, hardly enough for a good army! And so much interesting things to still add there! Tyrion! New elemental factions! Phoenixes!" So, I don't think they'll stop adding new armies. Especially because with this setting they could come up with some really fantastic, out of the box stuff. But I guess, the speed will go down, and more expansions of old armies are coming. But they also can do that via other means like Warcry etc. Will be interesting to see. It's always difficult because we don't know how much they make with new armies vs old ones, how many people regularly change to another shiny new army when in comparison to shiny new models for an existing army.
  7. I on purpose didn't write anything for the last few days to avoid being too negative. But it is really strange, even considering the virus situation. I also followed the release of the Soulbound RPG, and it was just so different. The editor always kept fans up to date, very often personally. Explained delays (also caused by Covid 19) etc. We have a clear release plan there for the rest of the year. And even though there is no mystery there (will my product launch next week??), people still buy the stuff, and are still hyped about it. I understand it's a different situation, scale and market, but I doubt that it's impossible for GW to make their release schedule public for more than a week in advance, for the period until everything people have been waiting for a long time now is out. But of course I don't know, maybe their sales rely to such an extend on impulse purchases that they can't do that. If they are all in on 40k right now, fine, but why not let us know when it's supposed to happen for us. Next week? In two weeks? Or in August after they are done with all the 40k stuff? And why not write an article or two per week to keep fans of the Lumineth (and also Sons of Behemat) engaged? It's not really great from a company if if they make it that obvious that they feel they can just turn us off and on on-demand, which likely is true (100% in my case 😓), but nevertheless. Let's hope it's our turn soon, and they still have some nice promotion material for us.
  8. You could add a "Devoted of Sigmar" faction if that is not enough for you. There was one rumour engine which had the picture of a staff with a slightly differently styled comet symbol than your normal Stormcast. But as others said above absolutely nothing is confirmed yet about any of those.
  9. I don’t know, sorry. They haven’t finished negotiations yet as far as I know. And the first thing will be WFRP. But Soulbound seems to be really popular I’m sure we’ll see something from the fan side at least.
  10. Emmet mentioned that C7 is negotiating with Roll20 for official support, first for WFRP though. I don’t think there would be a problem though if someone made a file, there are different versions for both C7’s TOR and WFRP.
  11. Oops I had spelling mistake there, I wanted to write it “didn’t sound like”. I agree, if they would be nothing but Spocks it wouldn’t be much fun. I don’t think that’s what it will look like, maybe only for some of them. I’m also really interested on how the aetherquartz effect is depicted and how the bonding with the elemental spirits works, and the whole Teclian culture. If the novel is very different, there will also be an RPG book which focuses on them in Q3 which should flesh things out.
  12. Probably next week will also be mainly about 40K, but I do hope we get some focus on the Lumineth - and it’s finally their week in the first place ... . Don’t be sad if there is nothing else, both the WD article and one of the writers on Soulbound basically said that’s all we’ll get now in terms of units. Luckily when they had they talked about the Lumineth in the preview it did it sound like they were totally on the Vulkan trip. They’ll likely have that a bit, or a bit of a Buddhist influence, but it looks like they are still struggling with that. Will be interesting to see the details about that.
  13. Hopefully we get a some good coverage during the preorder announcement week. But whatever they do it’ll feel a bit anti-climatic if there isn’t anything new which is likely. They only thing left could be terrain. But, if they’d still have a cool video or something that’d be great.
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