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  1. We probably see a BR Teclis site for like 2 weeks, or they don't bother at all and just jump right to BR Belakor : ). It's pretty similar to the Hedonites situation where they showed them, and then went into promoting Cursed City and the Lumineth until the preview week for some reason. Looks like Broken Realms will experience the same kind of joy ride the 40k community had with their campaign last year - with a new book every months once they start trying to catch up.
  2. @Tiberius501 I can only echo Wylie, I think they'll look striking on the battlefield. I really like how the gold looks once you have them in units. And can't go wrong with blue and white. That might only be due to (the one and only) small mistake on your iPad artistry, but maybe also paint the scale mail on the shield in silver?
  3. Let's see, with all the new heroes, and one being specifically for cavalry, the Dawnriders might become a bit more overall useful. I just started building my second 5 (after being scarred of them for 6 months 😅). I also think are one of the most beautiful models in the range. @NemesisScar Welcome to TGA : )
  4. About the Windchargers, I guess it’s very likely that they are meant to function as a fast castle, taking them plus the Wind Mage plus the Spirit forward together, and they’ll all buff each other. So they’ll be a bit more robust on any object they sit on, but still quite low number, and a lot of points tied up. But likely being able to harass the opponent from there, and not just fold up against 5 Khinerai. Alone, they might not be more than a situational alternative for the Dawnriders. I really hope they get the Bladelords right. It’s probably a unit I’ll try to make work no matter what the rules are, but it would be nice if they were actually useful.
  5. I hope they bring out army boxes again, it looked like most of them were popular, and you could easily see them doing the same thing for the factions in BR Teclis too. If they don’t I think many people wouldn't be happy about that. That named OBR hero from the Hammerhal Herald also hints a similar treatment (if that’s what it is in fact). I don’t see an equivalent to the Shadow and Pain box, simply because we haven’t seen even a hint of a new OBR hero model, and at least the box should be out by now then. If they’d follow the same pattern that box would lead into BR Teclis story-wise. But then, I also thought we have a good chance to see a Lumineth announcement this week : ).
  6. There is a chance we see a BR Teclis announcement together with some or all of the LRL today. The LRL were definitely planned to be released in March (and before that in February): a tie-in novel, a tie-in WD, the short story, the BR Teclis Warcry special, the model/medal. I originally thought they’d release Cursed City before LRL, but I think that’s they one which has been delayed. The latest Deadwalker article didn’t sound like they are going to announce them this Sunday. But their release schedule is so messed up, and that cryptic message about further delaying something that was planned to drop at some point to some other point could mean anything, so who knows? I’m sure we at least see BR Teclis being announced this month, not a 3 months plus delay like last time. With already the next one being shown they have to get BR Teclis out.
  7. I think such things are always worth to try out and see how they work for you. Probably something surprising for your opponent. And it’s if it works out it has this nice “love it when a plan comes together” feeling to it : )
  8. Theoretically that should work, I don’t think there is any rule that prevents these two Endless Spells from stacking. It’s still a big set-up, and might not work out (I had Zaitrec, Teclis and the Twinstones in my game yesterday and still managed to throw the occasional double 1, or 1,2). If you pull it of, it should be a big bubble, but it might feel a bit janky for some people. If your opponents don’t mind, it looks like something fun to try. But might not be worth all the effort on the end. 😅 I might have misunderstood you, but just in case: Zaitrec (besides the other buffs) only lets you know an additional spell, not cast one. With the Balewind though, you could still pull it all off in one phase.
  9. I had a friendly match against a Tempest Eye list. My opponent was so nice to ask for Teclis, so I could bring him on the table. Almost half of my army was shot off the table in R1 & R2, but Teclis had a really great round of Searing White Light, plus Living Fissure, where I could take a bit of revenge. Was great fun.
  10. The snake bodies are really well done! 🐍👍🐍
  11. As far as I understand it from the context of the short story and what’s written about it in Soulbound, it’s a city founded by sigmarite humans that’s slowly been taken over by Lumineth. It originally wasn’t built by Lumineth, they came in afterwards, but have been re-arranging everything according to their standards, and it now resembles more of a Lumineth city. I think it’ll be one of the Cities of Sigmar in BR Teclis. Now, if you still can call it a CoS is a bit dubious, in the same way calling Har Kuron a CoS. Xintil, the continent where it’s located as a whole is something like you mention - a place where Lumineth “graciously allow others to settle for their benefit”. It seems, as they have become more in control of Hysh again that at least some of the Lumineth think that they have to take a more active role in making sure humans aren’t falling to Chaos and receive a “proper education” : ).
  12. Base spray depends on your colour scheme. In the Battletome GW is using Wraithbone for their Ymetrica scheme. For Iliatha and Zaitrec it’s Corax White.
  13. Good point, I meant at the start of Age of Sigmar, when Stormcast first appeared and tried to assist in fighting Chaos to reclaim Hysh from Chaos.
  14. Lumineth seem to play a similar role to Stormcast in Settler's Gain. Could be that Settler's Gain is a new type of City of Sigmar, without a Stormkeep. Probably because it's save enough now to make such settlements in some regions. It looks very much like the Lumineth are the rulers of the city, not a city council assisted by Stormcast as in the cities we have seen so far. The writer doesn't mention anything about appealing to Stormcast for example in the text, and there is a little bit more information on Settler's Gain in the Soulbound RPG which also doesn't mention anything about Stormcast. Lumineth didn't ask for Stormcast help during the Age of Chaos (and prevented them to do things in some cases), so it might be that in some of the realms, especially with new cities, the Stormcast just don't play that much of a role. It's likely, it'll be clarified once BR Teclis is out. Settler's Gain has been mentioned several times now, so it likely plays a role there.
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