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  1. Short answer: no You can give the same spell to different units to have redundancy in case some die for example, but you can only attempt to cast the same spell once per your hero phase. Even if it doesn’t go off or get’s unbound you can’t attempt to cast it a second time. The only exception in the Lumineth spell list is Power of Hysh. All your Vanari Wizards can attempt to cast this spell in the same hero phase. There are a few other spells like that in other armies, but these are very rare.
  2. If you put your Warden in Shining formation, the Stonegard isn't slower on average, because you can run them. You can't be flat footed in Shining with them, like it can happen with the Warden. Warden don't negate rend 1/2 either, so you do not need a Battalion for the Stonegard to make them more resilient. They are from the start. You can increase it with the Battalion though. Warden aren't as sturdy as a fully buffed Stonegard, but don't need as much effort to keep everything together, and have more flexibility because they are a spell caster. Probably there isn't as much space for them in a non-Ymetrica mixed army, in case you don't build your Alarith combo. But a lot of armies rely on buffing one unit through the roof for one of two decisive battles. You can do that with the Stonegard, you can't do that with the Warden in the same way. The Alarith combo also gives you one free CP every round after the first one to use it the signature ability for "free". You don't have that with the Warden either. ________ @Thiagoma Stonegard also do hit quite hard when fully buffed: 3 attacks with -2 rend and chance of 2 damage or MW on a 6. And they wound on a 3, not 4 as the Warden. And you likely have a Spirit of the Mountain/Avalenor nearby with the possibility of double activation when you play Alarith ... .
  3. I also like them both. I love that the Lumineth look like proper regiments, where everyone is aiming in synchrony. If you look at their background lore - these are meant to be stoic, reflective, reactive aelves. There are a lot of smaller differences on the Lumineth models: Symbols, faces, small pose differences. They have pretty amazing details on them. Actual bow strings for example. I think it's unfair to say they a throwback to the mid 90s. Put them next to some high elf archers from that period and you'll clearly see the difference. The Idoneth are meant to be an aggressive, active force of nature that crushes down on you like a big wave. The dynamic poses fit very well with that concept. They are both well done and fit well with their lore. I think the rest is just personal preference, but there isn't a qualitative difference. ____ And because that came up now twice, I also wonder if their kit is really that limited in comparison to other AoS kits. The army box, besides the shields, has extra heads (with helm and without helm), swords (drawn and sheeted from the Wardens, drawn from the Danwriders), spears (Warden and Dawnrider), scenery bits (stones and wheat), and wand(s). And that's just what I can remember right now. I made my small Mistveaver/Cathallar conversion exclusively using some of theses extra bits from the army box set.
  4. @ThalmorRepresentative I'm kind of relieved that 20 Dawnriders sound too much, that means I don't have to paint 20 of them. My trial list only has 5, might be too low, but with Teclis in the list you can't get in everything you want. I plan to paint another 5 though. I loved my Dragon Princes in the HE, and the Dawnriders sound like a similar experience when you can send them into the right units. I can totally image that you want another mage in there, so many good spell options. Crippling Vertigo or the Stonemage's Gravity spell might also have been helpful. But you can't cast them all. With the Twinstones, at least you can also almost "guarantee" to get important spells off even without Teclis. Looking forward to the next report.
  5. Oh, that sounded like an exiting game.! Always great if the outcome hinges on a few roles (I almost groaned about the 1 point Mangler just reading it : ) ). Thanks for the write up! All in all, did everything work how you imagined, or were there some surprises? That Assault of Stone must have felt awesome : ) I Love the "Aetherquartz" object markers. Your white also seems to work out well!
  6. @Lowki Awesome, I really love the blue, and your Hexwraith. Such a nice model. There are still a few days left "cough". I'm still really motivated and have kept working on my Lumineth basically every day. Wardens are 100% finished (shields attached, bases done). Danwriders 99% finished (missing the base on one of them), and I've assembled I think 14 or so Sentinels and the Cathallar (which I almost totally messed up), and started painting the a Sentinels. It is getting a bit difficult to keep up the pace, because at the start I really felt that I also make good progress with painting as such (no wonder, because I hadn't done it for years ...), but I have mostly plateaued in that respect. Seems like all the low hanging fruits are gone : ). It's still a lot of fun though. I'll post a picture of my army in two days. The pictures really helpful to feel the progress of the project.
  7. Thank you. : ) . If you are a bit careful with the head angle, I think there is no sub-assembly needed. Its’s the right arm, face and the bits behind the quiver if you don’t leave that one off, which are a bit difficult to reach. But I don’t sub assembly much (only shields for both Warden and Dawnrider), so it might be different for you. I haven’t done Teclis yet, but otherwise, after you have finished the Dawnriders - the worst is over. : ) . They were the most difficult by far for me, both assembly and painting. The Sentinels are pretty straight forward. I’m leaving Teclis for last. Still trying to improve my painting skills before I tackle him : )
  8. Depends on what you want to do. Play locally with friends? More competitive? I think more Sentinels would be good whatever you want to go with afterwards. At least 20 or 30 are probably good in almost any list. Then depends a bit what list you are looking into. Maybe after a few games you know better what you are personally missing. Could be Dawnriders, or Stoneguard etc.
  9. Island of Blood models are really nice yeah. It’s a bit sad that we don’t know more about Zaitrec, but on the plus side, much room to explore for us. Celennar’s Gift could be any of those, yeah. It’s funny that the Zaitreci call one of their mystic safeguard runes Tyrion’s Flaw. The bases look good for your purpose too, I think. Looking forward to see more of Haven Guard.
  10. @Aloth_Corfiser Awesome! High Five to another Tor Xillioni! Really nice concept, the connection of moon and seafaring. 👏 I went at a totally different direction (albeit also with a Guard) and will write more about them once I have my 1,000 points painted. I was thinking about changing my scheme so many times, especially when I see all those nice blue night/moon related pictures here. But I’m too far in, and Retributor Gold is a really nice colour. I can imagine you are now happy with yours, kind of Lothern Sea Guard with some Zaitreci magic. : )
  11. First Sentinel mostly done, in the end it took me a bit longer than I thought to adapt my colour scheme. 9 more and Eltharion to go, and I finally have my 1,000 points finished (including 10 extra Wardens on the way to 2,000). I hope that the any new temples or the Tyrionic factions have the decency to put broader trims on their clothing. Edit: damn those photos, great to see all the mistakes ... 😅
  12. @Enoby In respect of power level, it’s the opposite - and on purpose. The designers compare beginning level heroes to the Avengers. And usually every rule interpretation is made so that the heroes feel more powerful. A few weeks ago they put out an article under the topic - Demonslayers, not Ratcatchers. It feels more like you are the protagonist in one the BL novels where you wade through waves of enemies. All the Fantasy things like fumbling, miscasts, big injuries etc., don’t exist or are toned down a lot. That said, when you meet strong enemies, things can go south fast as stratigo mentioned. Strong enemies can kill you, and also can’t be taken out that easily. There are also optional rules which can make the setting more deadly, and if you have played The One Ring, they have a similar mechanism which increases the threat level of the whole setting over time (people won’t cooperate anymore, enemies get stronger etc.). You can make it grittier if you want, but it’s meant to give you the feeling of being superhero instead of the Fantasy setting which is often the opposite. I’ve played Fantasy before Soulbound, and I love them both. Right now, I find Soulbound even better. I think the rules really fit well with the setting, and its easy to get into, but you it can also be quite a strategic game. Fights feel very cinematic. If you like AoS, I’d recommend buying the core book. It’s worth it alone for the art and lore, even if you don’t play the RPG. There are also already sessions on Twitch and YT, so you could have a look how this works and if I t looks appealing to you.
  13. Yes, they look awesome as a rank & file with many troops. Who knows - maybe over time, you can add some (if not the next attractive project is on the way 😅) 100% agree. I didn’t really mind, because I’ve been waiting for this army since 5 years, won’t invest in many (if any) other army, and also haven’t seen prices going up for the last 5 or 10 years. It’s probably also relative where you live, how the price feels in relativity to other things and so on. To me it looked slightly more expensive than expected, but still right for what I get.
  14. I agree. And in terms of Lumineth, we actually don't know if they are selling poorly. Even if the box didn't sell as much as GW hoped, they might still have sold more than other similar AoS boxes. And people are still buying these, I guess after seeing the price of the range it got a bit more interesting for some people. If you look at Instagram for example, there are around 3,050 hits under the luminethrealmlords hashtag. That's already roughly half of OBR (6,200, which came out ca. 10 months earlier), as wells as of DoK (7,100), a forth of Fyreslayers (11,400) & Idoneth (13,600), the later 3 which seem to be less popular armies, but have all been released much earlier. If you look here at the forum, Facebook pages and so on., the Lumineth parts and posts are pretty popular too. But that all also doesn't have to say anything either of course. As long as only have our own experiences and weak data it's all hard to say. For everyone who didn't invest in the Lumineth because of the price tag, there might be a crazy person like me who bought 3 army boxes and ton of other stuff (I haven't counted, but I'm sure I'm around 4,000 points altogether).
  15. Great, and good luck : ). Jaws of Mork seem to be quite good and fun, so hopefully this will be an interesting match for you.
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