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State of the Revoluthing-Army



I think it's a good Idea to have an inventory and a plan for my Skaven in 2024.  

# Inventory

## Leaders

  • 1 Archwarlock (painted)
  • 1 Warlock Bombardier (painted)
  • 2 Warlock Enginseers (1 painted, 1 unpainted)
  • 4 Deathrunners (unpainted)
  • 1 Clawlord (maybe even a second Clawlord somewhere???)
  • 2 Deathmaster, old (unbuilt and unpainted)
  • 1 Deathmaster, new (unbuilt and unpainted)
  • 1 Mastermoulder (unbuilt and unpainted)

## Units

  • 40 Clanrats (20 unbuilt)
  • 30 Stormvermin (10 unbuilt)
  • 4 Packmasters (unpainted)
  • 4 Rat Ogors (2 unpainted)
  • 25 Giant Rats (unpainted)
  • 1 Warpfirethrower Team (painted)
  • 3 Poisoned Wind Mortar Teams (unpainted)
  • 10 Wolf Rats (unbuilt and unpainted)
  • 9 Jezzails (all unpainted, 5 unbuilt)
  • 3 Skritchs Spiteclaws (2 x unbuilt and unpainted)
  • 1 Skittershanks Clawpack (unbuilt and unpainted)
  • 5 Rust-Stalkers (the plan was to kitbash them into Skryre Acolytes)

## Terrain

  • Warcry Starter Set Terrain (painted)
  • Warcry Souldrain Forrest Terrain (2 Sets, 6 Trees total)
  • Realmgate (unpainted)
  • Realmscape Expansion Set (unbuilt and unpainted)
  • Megadroth Remains (unbuilt and unpainted)

# Plan for 2024

## Prioritized goals for this year

  1. Finish my half-finished 20 Clanrats
  2. Finish my half-finished 20 Stormvermin  
  3. Build 12 (or just 6) objective markers   
  4. Paint my gnawholes
  5. Paint the Clawlord  
  6. Paint 3 Packmasters
  7. Paint the 27 Giant Rats (or at least some of them)
  8. Paint 4 Rat Ogors
  9. Paint the Mastermoulder  
  10. Finish 3 Warplock Jezzails  
  11. Building and paint my Skaven-themed Realmgate  
  12. Build and paint all 10 Wolfrats  
  13. Build and paint a Mastermoulder on a Wolfrat (as an Anvil of Apotheosis-Project, using Goblin-Wolf Riders)  
  14. Build and paint an Eshin Warband for Mortheim (and as an addition to the army)

## Further Projects   

After that I still have several, yet unordered options  

  • 20 more Clanrats  
  • 6 more Warplock Jezzails  
  • Dragon Banner Terrain  
  • Wyldwoods  
  • Megadroth Terrain  
  • Skittershanks Clawpack  
  • Spiteclaws Swarm as Gutterrunners   
  • Skryer Acolytes (from Rust-Stalkers)

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Typos, Corrected Numbers and Names

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Recommended Comments

Firstly I love the project. Secondarily because I made a similar conversion before (using blood bowl skaven with Skitari bits) I have a mostly unused sprue of skitarri ruststalkers (I used the rat bodies and heads so it's missing some weapons and little tech bits) as well as plenty of IoB clan rats and id love to sell them to someone with a plan for them. If you're interested PM me. And I look forward to seeing what you do with all this!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, and the kind offer. But I guess, I have more than enough lying on my pile of opportunitiy. I just bought the skaven-half of the "Echos of Doom" from a fellow player. I already did some minis, but couldn't find time to make a good photograph of them. Maybe next weekend. :D

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Hey. Idependently of sharing it here, as it is always nice, I think you could find handy a site like Pile of Potential. I think it is a nice way to track down what you have and its progress.

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Oh! I never heard of Pile of Potential before … brilliant … thanks for pointing towards it!

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