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  1. I was moaning about the mushroom-toe connection earlier but I think I got something working that I like. Still needs a little tidying up on the end of the mushroom. Should probably just be grateful I got a copy.
  2. I just got a message from the courier saying my copy will be delivered today! Only problem being I'm not going to be at home until sunday night and I specified a monday delivery with signature required. Hopefully they don't just dump it in the carport.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in on this. Both characters look amazing. THIS^^
  4. Nice writeup. I recently made some of my own cards but used the text from the app as the official cards are completely out of date. Also, if you have a look at ProPainted's website they have tokens for all the kinds of abilities you might need to remember. https://www.propaintedstudios.co.uk/collections/dwarf-pirates/products/dwarven-pirates-allegiance-token-sets
  5. I'd wait for a 360 view. It might look a fair bit better when you can see more than the odd angle from that picture. It's not looking great.. From todays community article.
  6. I really don't like how it looks like the squigs foot is being impaled on a mushroom. Will have to fix that somehow.
  7. I second Pro-Painted. As most of my time is spent painting this suits me well. I used to listen to Garagehammer a lot but they haven't been covering any topics I'm keen on recently. Facehammer I find too competitive for my taste but it is good quality.
  8. Totally agree. Also considering building my last 3 balloon boys as Skywardens so I can get that guy on the table. They do look cool.
  9. This thread should be renamed to "News & Rumours". It would more accurately reflect the content and reality of the "New GW".
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