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  1. Finally got my custom Endrinmaster in Dirigible Suit painted up. Combined an Endrinmaster with the riggers kit and a few other bits.
  2. Thanks Kramer, I don’t think I’m confident enough to do a good job with with plasticard. Pretty happy with how he looks at the moment.
  3. Update on my Endrinmaster conversion. Only wish I had some propellers to mount on the balloon.
  4. Thanks GDD, the torso is actually the original Endrinmaster body, I've just clipped off where the arms join the hammer. I've also bent his toes down a bit so he's not so flat footed. Sword arm is from Arkanauts kit, so the Aether Cannon I'm going to put in his other hand.
  5. Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit conversion is coming along. Needs more gubbinz on the balloon though.
  6. That's a cool idea. Maybe use the rest of Thundrik's Profiteers as a landing party. I always thought the Ryza ruins would be good for that. They look a bit more dwarfish than the sector mechanicus ones.
  7. Here's how my frigate is based. It no longer stays on the flight stand though. Everything else is on rocks.
  8. I'm just about to order Thundriks lot to give me a spare skywarden. Then I'm going to use the Endrinmaster and one of the Balloon Boys from my unused Start Collecting to custom build my own. Now if only I can figure out a decent way to mount the Ironclad on a flying stand I'll be happy. I don't want to go down the plonking it on top of a ruin route as I always think they look like they are crashing.
  9. Is it just me or is that a smaller cavalry base than usual?
  10. I bought the kit for this reason too. It's a shame to see such an awesome kit not being used. Here's how I saw them:
  11. The constant such for perfect grot skin! Thanks dude. The current recipe is: Black Spray Undercoat > Castellan Green Base > Warboss Green Layer > Moot Green Layer > Athonian Camoshade Shade > Moot Green Highlight
  12. Finally got some decent pics of recently completed Gitz.
  13. Fully into my Gloomspite Gitz army now after picking up Looncurse and repainting and rebasing some stuff from my 8th Edition Goblins. First up is my Araknorak with Flinger - the spider was painted 5 years ago but I hadn't gotten around to finishing the rest of him. I'm pretty pleased with how the new basing turned out. Three of the Troggoths are new, the other three have been stripped and rebased. And finally some Squigs and Grots
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