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  1. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Oh yeah, to be very clear, my playing had a massive impact on how badly I did. Looked great on the table though.
  2. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Here's my list from the tournament. It was 1250pts with the matched play restrictions for 1000pts. Spoiler alert - I lost every game. Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsMortal Realm: ChamonSkyport: Barak-Mhornar- Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some PeopleAetheric Navigator- General- Trait: Opportunistic Privateers - Artefact: Aethersight Loupe Aether-Khemist Knight-Venator - Allies10 x Arkanaut Company- 1x Skypikes- 2x Light Skyhooks10 x Arkanaut Company- 1x Skypikes- 2x Aethermatic Volley Guns6 x Endrinriggers - 1x Drill Cannons- 1x Grapnel LaunchersArkanaut Frigate - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon- Great Endrinworks: The Last WordGrundstok Gunhauler - Main Gun: Sky CannonTotal: 1240 / 1250Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 120 / 200Wounds: 71 Game 1: Knife to the Heart vs Skaven It was my first ever tournament and only second ever game so I was pretty hopeless. The first guy I played ended up winning the whole tournament and I didn't really know what I was doing so I'm sure it wasn't too fun for him. He was nice though and kept apologising for destroying me. He had some Storm Fiends, piles of Plague Monks, Warp Lightning Cannon and wizard and an engineer. I kinda pushed forward and sent my Gunhauler up the flank, who managed to kill one Stormfiend before getting smashed by monks (I forgot about the frag charges). I screwed up all my ranges for everything so didn't get many shots off. Everything else kinda milled around the middle of the table except for one company who were hanging at the back by the objective. The weren't far enough back though as he managed to sneak in some gutter runners behind me. Everything died. I managed to kill one unit of monks with the Riggers. To be honest, I was more upset that my flight stand on the frigate broke as I was putting it down in deployment. Had to just use the base for the rest of the day. Games 2: Battle for the Pass vs Legion of Nagash This game I actually felt a lot more in control. I managed to push up one flank with the boats first turn, dump all the riggers out and shoot the Black Coach of the table, also capturing the objective. Unfortunately I didn't manage to kill his black knights and they wiped out my Riggers. I ran my Frigate away before he got smashed and eventually got him around the back to seize the rear objective. Meanwhile in the middle of the board one company held off a big unit of wolves for quite a while. Until they too died. My khemist ended up surrounded by a million zombies at the end of the game. Gunhauler died to a bunch of grave guard. The frigate got chased everywhere by the Black Knights who eventually prevailed. Meanwhile the Knight Venator sat on a hill shooting all his characters, killed his necromancer but failed to dent the Vampire. Then everything that was left died. Game 3: Starstrike vs Nighthaunt Another great opponent who was using Nighthaunt for the first time that day. Great game that I felt I did everything right in, unfortunately I couldn't roll a hit to save myself. Cannons never hit despite chucking khemist buff and the re-rolling ones. Companies both got wiped out by Chainrasps (sooo many attacks). Riggers had a great outing, smashing a giant hoard of chainrasps then a guardian of souls using Who Strikes First, Strikes Hardest. Despite then having my frigate, gunhauler and Venator surrounding Lady Olynder and shooting her with impunity, they did no damage. Then everything died. (that's my frigate doing a wheelie as it wouldn't stay on the stand but I felt stink not having it on the table). Game 4: Kill Everthing vs Stormcast - Sacrosanct Custom scenario, get as many kill points as possible. I had no hope in this one. Tried to make it at least entertaining for my opponent but I never stood a chance. Managed to avoid a complete whitewash by destroying a unit of prosecutors with one of my company. Everything else died. The thing I struggled with most all day was actually hurting stuff. The range on the guns all put you in threat range of everything and having to roll 4s and 4s you don't have much chance of killing whatever you need to before they are all over you. Rolling tons of dice each shooting phase for no effect is pretty disheartening. What are options for plus ones to hit? I might try out a unit of Thunders all with rifles just to get a bit better consistency. The other thing was terrible armour saves. What kind of dwarves have bad armour, can't shoot and terrible bravery? Weird. Ships died way too easily. And everything is bad in a fight, except Riggers but I need to take them up to 9. The day was fun, if a lot more mentally draining than I expected. I love the army but it was pretty hilarious how bad they were (and how bad I was). I know I forgot a bunch of stuff. It being the first time I played someone I didn't know was interesting, though it also being the first game of Warhammer I played without a drink in my hand was not something I'm sure I'm keen on. Very different from playing at a mates place.
  3. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Just played a 4 Game - 14 person tournament today of 1250pts with my Overlords. Had a great time but ended up walking away with the wooden spoon. Will give more of a write-up tomorrow but for now I'll say, these guys are terrible at everything haha
  4. Lord Panther

    Printable uptodate warscrolls?

    Yeah, not sure how legal it is but I screenshotted all the warscrolls in the app, rearranged in photoshop so they were legible then printed on card. I play KO so needed updated ones.
  5. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    This looks really good, I'd leave him as is. For the fancy armour, do your purple, bone for the gloves, straps and pouches. Use your boot colour for the undersuit on the heavily armoured dudes as it isn't very prominent. I had Rhinox Hide for my arkanauts boots and used that for the undersuits on all the others, keeping the bone for 'feature'leather. @Barkanaut thanks dude. The bases are bark, slate, sand and then a bunch of lichen and tufts. Most of it from a Hobby Railway shop.
  6. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Cheers @stato That was the idea. Also, the more important you are the bigger the rock you get to stand on. I've been painting up my SCE from Soul wars up as Tempest Lords as it is essentially the same scheme, thinking that eventually I'll have a Tempest Eye army that all my order can fall under. At the moment I'm just allying in characters. Venator for mage hunting or Incantor to actually cast spells, though my duardin nature tends to frown on that.
  7. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Here's a few pics from my Mhornar army. I went with blue overalls and plain metal armour for the Arkanauts. The more elite (characters, thunderers, bubbles) get the fancy blue armour. The arkanaut scheme is basically the studio Barak Nar one but substituting navy blue for the purple. Recipe was Kantor Blue, Nuln Oil, Thunderhawk Blue highlight. Moustaches are gold.
  8. Lord Panther

    The Rumour Thread

    I always thought it looked like a trolls armpit.
  9. I reckon go weirder. The Age of Hobby guys are heading in the right direction. Strange constructs, fantastical landscapes. Push the boat out. For myself, I just won a FAT mat in a twitter comp (broken coast) and since it is all sandy and stuff I'm gonna combine the Azyrite Ruins, Gloomtide Shipwreck and The Hobbit Goblin Town, mix it with some aquarium plants and sandy rock spires for a piratey, tropical mayan coast type thing.
  10. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Thanks Watcher, the idea of a full on, all ships list is why I started with KO I'm guessing there will be a lot of Stormcast, a lot of Nighthaunt and heaps of spells. I'm thinking either of these would be good. Masterwrought Armour: Re-roll save rolls of 1 (Aqshy) Ignax’s Scales: 4+ ignore mortal wounds
  11. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Loving the tourney breakdowns. Lot's of good insights. I'm planning on heading to one in a couple of months so am trying to get things painted up. Here's a list I was thinking of taking: Skyport: Barak-Mhornar- Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some PeopleArkanaut Admiral - General- Trait: Opportunistic Privateers Aetheric NavigatorAether-Khemist Knight-Incantor - Spell: Chain Lightning- Allies10 x Arkanaut Company - 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns10 x Arkanaut Company- 3x Light Skyhooks10 x Arkanaut Company- 3x Skypikes6 x Endrinriggers- 1x Drill Cannons- 1x Grapnel LaunchersArkanaut Frigate - Main Gun: Heavy Sky CannonGrundstok Gunhauler- Main Gun: Sky CannonArkanaut Ironclad - Main Gun: Great Sky Cannon- Great Endrinworks: The Last WordGyrocopters - Gun: Steam Gun- AlliesTotal: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 220 / 400Wounds: 109 I spend most of my time painting rather than playing so I'm not very up to speed. Are there any particular gems in the new Realm Artifacts for KO? Not sure if the Knight Incantor is a good idea but I'm worried about getting smashed by magic (I did have a Knight Venator in there instead as I had made an all flying army). As far as what I can get done in time, I've only got the Ironclad and a unit of Arkanauts to get built and painted. I do have a mixed unit of Thunderers painted and a another 5 still on sprues. I've also got a unit of Skywardens/Endrinriggers still on sprues.
  12. Lord Panther

    Winter Progress

    It's the middle of winter down here so it's been hard to find time to get some good images but here is some of my progress. I've finished up a Navigator to help get rid of all those pesky new spells and a Knight Venator to ally in. I'm also pretty close to finishing a Gunhauler. I want to attend a tourney in October with my Kharadron so I'm gonna try get them up to 2k. That will probably mean getting my Ironclad done and another unit of Arkanauts to get my third battleline (the biggest disappoint for me in GH18 was that they didn't make another unit conditional battleline, purely from a collection point of view, having to run three identical units is lame). There has also been the little matter of Soul Wars so I have started painting up a ghost army as well. It's fun painting something a completely different style. EDIT: Better photos
  13. Lord Panther

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I was thinking a reverse Zenital might work. Base white then black on the top areas.
  14. Lord Panther

    Living up to the blogs name

    So I got a bit distracted by Malign Portents muster and managed to paint and collect a small Ironjawz army. Now that distraction is out of the way it's back to the Overlords. Here's what's on my desk at the moment.
  15. Lord Panther

    Bone Banga