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  1. Is it just me or is that a smaller cavalry base than usual?
  2. I bought the kit for this reason too. It's a shame to see such an awesome kit not being used. Here's how I saw them:
  3. The constant such for perfect grot skin! Thanks dude. The current recipe is: Black Spray Undercoat > Castellan Green Base > Warboss Green Layer > Moot Green Layer > Athonian Camoshade Shade > Moot Green Highlight
  4. Finally got some decent pics of recently completed Gitz.
  5. Fully into my Gloomspite Gitz army now after picking up Looncurse and repainting and rebasing some stuff from my 8th Edition Goblins. First up is my Araknorak with Flinger - the spider was painted 5 years ago but I hadn't gotten around to finishing the rest of him. I'm pretty pleased with how the new basing turned out. Three of the Troggoths are new, the other three have been stripped and rebased. And finally some Squigs and Grots
  6. Lord Panther

    Sylvaneth dryads

    Amazing colours. Beautifully done.
  7. I was moaning about the mushroom-toe connection earlier but I think I got something working that I like. Still needs a little tidying up on the end of the mushroom. Should probably just be grateful I got a copy.
  8. I just got a message from the courier saying my copy will be delivered today! Only problem being I'm not going to be at home until sunday night and I specified a monday delivery with signature required. Hopefully they don't just dump it in the carport.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in on this. Both characters look amazing. THIS^^
  10. Nice writeup. I recently made some of my own cards but used the text from the app as the official cards are completely out of date. Also, if you have a look at ProPainted's website they have tokens for all the kinds of abilities you might need to remember. https://www.propaintedstudios.co.uk/collections/dwarf-pirates/products/dwarven-pirates-allegiance-token-sets
  11. I'd wait for a 360 view. It might look a fair bit better when you can see more than the odd angle from that picture. It's not looking great.. From todays community article.
  12. I really don't like how it looks like the squigs foot is being impaled on a mushroom. Will have to fix that somehow.
  13. I second Pro-Painted. As most of my time is spent painting this suits me well. I used to listen to Garagehammer a lot but they haven't been covering any topics I'm keen on recently. Facehammer I find too competitive for my taste but it is good quality.
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