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  1. Where does it say that? It certainly says it about the "Favour of the Ruinous Powers" but it doesn't say anything of the sort about "Protection of the Dark Gods"
  2. Because everyone forgets that Gristlegore isn't broken any more and fails to realise that outside of that stupid command trait FEC have always been a nicely balanced army.
  3. @Charleston what's the extra command point for? That's very similar to the list I won a 1 dayer with (drop the command point take a unit of cats). Mount trait wise I gave the frostlord Black Clatterhorn, the HoSH Metalcruncher and the HoTT Alvagr Ancient. I've since changed by mind on artefact and the FLoSH now gets Thermal Rider Cloak, 19" move and fly on a Stonehorn is truly terrifying and nothing gets to attack him as it's already dead.
  4. I'm not sure "strong ranged attack" belongs in the same sentence as "ironblasters". BCR already have plenty of mobility and you don't need utility if everything is dead. The Thundertusk is weird, I brought him because before the book you never left home without a Huskard on Thundertusk but I'm not sure he's really got a role in the new book. His D3 heal is helpful but 4+ isn't reliable enough to count on it. The new Thundertusk shooting attack is underwhelming against anything that isn't 20+ models, which isn't all that common. Sure the fight last mount trait is cool but it's not like he can capitalise on it with such lacklustre attack profiles. Generally I've been sitting him behind the lines, putting the mawpot as far forwards as I can and using him to activate it turn 2 before moving further forward to get in range to shoot things. I could do much the same thing for cheaper with a hunter. Or swap him and the cats out for another FLoSH and have the huskard hang back to pop the cauldron. I'll probably run him a bit longer just to see if I can find a purpose for him that can't be done by anyone else.
  5. In most cases +1 dmg hasn't been necessary, the stonehorn's horns are already 4dmg each on the charge. I played against Khorne on Tuesday night and in 4 rounds of combat with 3 stonehorns I think I only got as far as the hooves twice without everything already being dead. Also he's slow, needs to stay near the cauldron for the +1 cast so he's probably going to be out of range and ultimately he's only a 1 cast wizard, most armies will either shut him down fairly easily or at least have a fair chance of stopping his cast. It's a good fun list, you get lots of practice apologising to your opponents for ending the game on turn 2...😅 from what everyone was saying before it game out I was expecting a middle of the pack army that I could play in friendly games but it's a lot stronger than people give it credit for
  6. I posted the list a couple of pages back when I reported winning a 1 day tournament with it but you can find it before for your convinience: I've switched between the ethereal amulet and thermalrider cloak on the frostlord a couple of time, ethereal rarely helps as few things get chance to attack him. Did admittedly help against shootcast but I find moving 19" and flying to be far more terrifying As to what I've fought: Slyvaneth, Shootcast, Ironjawz, Fyreslayers, LoN, Khorne Could any of my opponents have won? Certainly, double turn for BCR is ridiculously strong though, 3 of those games ended top of turn 2, two of them top of turn 3. So far shootcast is the only army I haven't tabled and they ended turn 5 with 2 liberators left (to my 1 frostlord + 1 mournfang).
  7. I can't help but feel that I got a different Mawtribes book to every one else...the BCR are frankly amazing. All they needed to make them competitive was the might makes right rule, everything else is just bonus, and boy is it a lot of bonus. I've played 6 games with pure BCR and 1 combined with gutbusters...and that's the last time the gutbusters will ever grace my table, they just don't compare in away way to the BCR stuff which over 6 games is so far undefeated.
  8. So I played in a one day tournament on Saturday, 18 players, which I won. Whilst not the most competitive bunch of players and with no overly gamey lists (no Slaanesh), my maw tribes were pretty dominant. The list was: I played against Anvils Stormcast, pig heavy Ironjawz and magma-pipe Fyreslayers. The only 2 models I didn't manage to kill was a pair of liberators in game 1, both other games I tabled my opponents. No one managed to kill the Frost Lord. Now, none of that is to say that the BCR were overpowered, none of my opponents felt that they couldn't win. Game 3 against the Fyreslayers for instance would have gone very differently without a double turn, but they are, appropriately, a snowball army, once they start to get the upper hand it's hard to push them back. They're also loads of fun.
  9. I'm just repeating what was said, pretty much verbatim.
  10. However it was confirmed at the reveal that "The chaos lord solves one rumour engine, sorry seraphon players"
  11. I ran it last night almost exactly as you just described, whilst the FLoSH wasn't quite as tanky as I expected he did survive and between him and the huskard basically tabled a Slyvaneth army on their own. The command ability to read off the top row of the damage table is very nice.
  12. For "mount traits" in CoS read "Drakeblood Curse"
  13. Yeah, having checked. SCE, and FEC do not have the restriction (don't have Fyreslayers to check but I don't remember seeing it), Orruks, Cities, Ogors do.
  14. Ok. That's new... No other army as that restriction. He can however take as many mount traits as he has heroes because he's running Boulderhead
  15. Just a couple of things from the reveal seminar. The chaos cat giraffe is on a 90mm base Everything in the new SC STD is push fit with a variety of heads STD is still god mark-able Slayer of kings is rend -2 The cheer for the STD video was very loud
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