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  1. Because you're having 2 different arguments. You may not like that rerolls happen before modifiers but those are the rules. As for why it's important to preserve the core rules in one circumstance but not another it's because one of them explicitly counters the core rules (run and charge) and one of them fits nicely within it, that the crimson murder man can reroll failed hits is entirely within the scope of the core rules. If the warscroll said "can reroll failed hits (apply reroll after modifiers)" then it would, quite rightly, apply in the way you describe and alter the core rules for that unit. But it doesn't say that so really there's no issues. Rerolls before modifiers.
  2. If they are spending time shooting or throwing magic at a 50pt unit they aren't throwing it at something far more valuable, the aetherwings have done their job
  3. No to Realm rules/spells/realmscape features (yes to realm artifacts) No to terrain warscrolls/scenary rules. Why I hear you cry? Because even when they are in use at a tournament 80% of players ignore them or forget them, those that don't are the ones playing an army that benefits massively from them (e.g. Nagash and realm spells). Personally I'm ok with that, there's plenty enough rules to remember that apply to every game without extra bloat that only applies to 1/7 games As for painting my feeling is fully painted for 2 day event, unpainted is fine for 1 dayers as they are an excellent way to get unsure people into that side of things.
  4. Why would anyone drop the Gaunt Summoner? Even without the familiars he is a monster at clearing hordes
  5. The names aren't bold so it's warscroll names not keywords. Meaning they have to be without the ghoul king
  6. You should have already received the email with details to buy a ticket, which has the date on it,
  7. So I'm a little confused by how destiny dice work with rerolls. In the DoT FAQ there's this: Does that mean that if I use a destiny die and then rerolled I still get the value of the destiny die? An example from a game this weekend. I use a 5 from my destiny dice pool to cast a spell on my LoC, making it a success. The nearby Bloodsecrator forces me to reroll successful castings. Do I a) reroll both dice or b) retain the 5 and reroll the other die
  8. You activate the doppelganger cloak at the start of the combat phase. Your hero now cannot be attacked until after they have attacked. If that hero has been locused, therefore fighting at the end of the combat phase then it is unlikely anything will be able to attack it. Doppelganger cloak doesn't change your order of attacks, it just means the hero can't be targeted with attacks till after it has attacked
  9. Maybe finally giving things round bases
  10. That first line fills me with dread
  11. Depends. Horrors are very good at killing low save hordes. Flayers are much more mobile and better at killing elite, high save things and things with minuses to hit. Having fly also synergises with Spectral Horror and Blisterskin is a much better Grand Court than Hollowmourne so having them as battleline helps as well.
  12. You can play around the Slaaneshi locus very easy, get 2 units in combat with them, charge them with the Gristlegore general, don't engage the Keeper, doppelganger cloak, we've got options, all armies have options to deal with Slaanesh, almost no one had a counter to Gristlegore. Always fighting first is not the same as making another unit fight last and not even really in the same league, it's annoying sure but not at all unfair...Slaanesh's summoning is another matter entirely
  13. I think it was the perfect change to something that was totally unfun for your opponent. Most armies simply did not have a counter play to it, the skill of the player becomes irrelevant when there's actually no answer. Though personally I never ran Gristlegore any way, it wasn't fun for my opponent so wasn't fun for me either. Blisterskin is a much better grand court than Gristlegore and gives you so many more movement options which is frankly how you win games.
  14. That is open to debate. The command trait says: The very fact that they include the ABHORRANT GHOUL KING keyword in the description implies to me that it then meets the requirement to cast the endless spells
  15. I'm not sure you quite understand how currency conversions work...the lower the pound goes the MORE money GW make from their overseas customers not less.
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