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  1. I'm fairly confident in GWs ability to generate at least consistent profits if not further growth (my disclaimer: I hold GW shares). I don't think Brexit is as much of an issue as some might think. The lion's share of GW sales come from UK/US/AUS/NZ/******, none of which will be affected by additional tariffs. There is also a fairly high likelihood of a fall in the value of the pound, possibly even enough to offset the tariffs, even if it isn't that high it will increase revenue from ALL non-UK sales. From a player rather than investor perspective you only have to look at the tournament scene too see how well AoS is doing. In the last year the tournament scene has exploded (here in the UK for definite), it's now almost possible to attend one every weekend (more if you've whipped quantum physics). That to me speaks of a very healthy and growing interest in the hobby.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/
  3. It would. The player who's turn it is has their "end of phase", then the player who's turn it isn't has their "end of phase". According to the community article about ASF/ASL. So Slaanesh would do their locuses and then you'd charge them
  4. He put it back on the table because someone in the chat asked whether they could see it again so he obliged. It was still quite, quite dead
  5. Blood and Glory 2018 was my first ever tournament...and the reason I've been to at least 12 tournaments so far this year with 6 more in the calendar. You better believe I'm coming back for this one!
  6. It's definitely a work in progress. Dreadlord on black dragon has a round base, Sorceress on black dragon does not: same kit
  7. To expand this so it makes sense in the context of the discussion (because honestly I had to read it 3 times before I got the point you were making) The order is for each die: roll the save, failed saves generate damage. Then, after ALL attacks have been made, assign wounds to the unit equal to the damage generated. Warding Lantern happens immediately after the saving roll, so even if you are rolling dice one at a time (there's no need to) it can't heal wounds in the same set because they are still "damage" at that point not "wounds". You can only heal wounds that were allocated to it either earlier in the same phase or in a previous phase. Note that it's ALL attacks, so that includes different weapon profiles
  8. Anything that raises a middle finger to Slaanesh is welcome to me...if that middle finger is large enough to be seen from space so much the better
  9. Of course with all this talk about the diorama nature of Katakros' base we're all making an assumption...but what if he's not a character...what if he's the terrain piece!
  10. No, that's totally not going to snap off in a strong breeze
  11. Definitely a day 1 purchase for me as well, love the new models...except (and I know I'm in a minority here) the Mortarch, I think that's an awful model. I'd have preferred the guy on the left of him to be the center piece, he's great
  12. It might have, but it would also have meant they could shoot me for an extra round so YMMV. It's an artifact I don't often consider as 4+ is fairly hit and miss and if I wasn't taking ragged I'd have taken doppelganger instead for the inevitable slaanesh match up. Good luck with the list, it's great fun and the horrors will hopefully surprise both you and your opponent
  13. @XReN thank you muchly, it was a tough field but very enjoyable event. Spectral Host is good for getting a first turn charge with the GKoTG or for letting the horrors move over the unit of ghouls screening them (or anything else for that matter). Blood feast I never cast because I can't think of a time when I'd ever want to not cast unholy vitality but that's the most likely of the unlikely spells to use so I take it any way. Given how little the GKoTG degrades and his healing + chalice I don't find Monstrous Vigour overly useful for this setup, I tend to take it more often when I've got a zombie dragon in the list. Deranged Transformation would let me move quickly but leave my character support behind so I don't tend to go for that. I wonder whether I should have been more aggressive against the shootcast, if I could cripple them T1 it wouldn't matter if I wasn't capping objectives, they wouldn't be either and then just try to score a late game point...more practice is required!
  14. So this weekend I played at EGGS (Element Games Grand Slam). I finished 9th with 3 wins, 2 losses and 8 out of the 10 hidden agendas. The list I ran was: Game 1 Focal Points vs Skaven (Skryre) This was brutalisation of the highest order, my opponent badly misdeployed, probably not understanding how Feeding Frenzy works, T1 the GKoTG chewed through 30 clan rats and a Verminlord Warpseer and then proceeded to work it's way down his line. Warplightning vortex is a pain in the backside, especially when they get a double turn but it never managed to finish off a horror unit and the Haunter got them back to full strength. T3 his 9 Stormfiends managed to popup and delete a unit of 6 horrors (his only unit kill of the game) before being double teamed by a buffed up Varghulf and the GKoTG to kill the whole unit in a single round. Result: Major Win and opponent tabled T3. Game 2 Knife to the Heart vs Skaven (Pestilence) Arguably the closest match of the weekend and one that has given me a new found love of Mystical terrain. Turn 1 his screaming bell rolls a 12 and up comes a free Vermin lord. Said Vermin lord runs down the long edge of the table and charges into a unit of ghouls screening a unit of horrors. He goes elsewhere with his first attack in the round and the horrors pile in and kill the Vermin lord without any difficulty at all, much to my opponents surprise. Elsewhere 30 plague monks with a plague furnace(?) charge into the GKoTG who was stood on mystical terrain, with Unholy Vitality on himself (4+/5+/6+/6+) and managed a grand total of 3 wounds. The GKoTG promptly ate them all. A Vermin lord Corruptor and Thanquol advanced down the table edge to towards my objective, I had 6 horrors blocking their way but forgot to summon a Varghulf to give them character support. The Vermin lord Corruptor (with Ghyrstrike) minces them. My opponent gets the double T2 into T3 and looks to secure the win. AAR, 20 ghouls and the GKoTG are in range of my objective. He charges the VLC and Thanquol into the 20 ghouls and AAR, here I think he made his mistake, he sent the VLC into the ghouls and Thanquol into the AAR. The VLC kills 18 of the ghouls and after a quick measure we discover that the GKoTG won't be in range to IP the ghouls. If he kills the AAR he's won. Thanquol whiffs, hard. He puts a single wound onto the AAR. I roll well for the chalice and most (all?) of the ghouls come back. My turn. GKoTG comes backwards, eats Thanquol and then the VLC, VLC is ofc Death Frenzied and so kills the GKoTG but it doesn't matter. 3 summoned Flayers with Varghulf support kill 30 clan rats, 4 vs screaming bell around the objective, it's mine. Result: Major Win and 1400 kill points Game 3 Places of Arcane Power vs Stormcast Eternals (Shootcast 7th place finish) This game effectively ended T2 and after that it was just me trying to score a few kill points. Even with the ragged cloak being double turned by 12 Vanguard Raptors and 3 ballistas is just insane. GKoTG, Haunter, Varghulf all died T1-2, along with 6 horrors, leaving me only the AAR who could score. It was short, it was brutal and I'm still not sure what to do about it on this mission, having to expose my characters to all that shooting, which can sit well out of my threat range is pretty brutal. Opponent was a total gent though so was fun even while getting brutalised. Result: Major Loss Game 4 Scorched Earth vs Slaanesh (6th place finish) I'd been hoping to avoid this match up, both the army and the player. I know him, I've played him before at tournaments/friendlies and I've never beaten him. Scorched Earth does give me by best shot though, the back objectives are only 9" from the short edge of the table, I can summon onto them. I'd played him the Friday night in a friendly, so we knew each other's lists and tactics. He out drops me so it's going to be his choice. I'm pretty sure he's going to make me take the first turn. I deploy aggressively in 2 lines but misdeploy my general. At some point in the deployment he surprising both me and himself, changes his strategy and decides to take the first turn. T1 he alpha's across the table, both Keepers, 5 hellstriders and a unit of 10 seekers. He fails one of his loci (so it does occasionally happen) so decides to kill my AAR first with a keeper. Which lets the horrors on the other side of the table have a shot at his 10 seekers, unfortunately my general is dead so I don't get the reroll hits any more but they still kill 7 of them (2 more go to battleshock). His second keeper kills some ghouls and about half the horror on that side of the table. My turn, the GKoTG screams off the rest of the hellstriders and between the ghouls and the horrors manage to take down one of his keepers, horrors on the other side finish off the seekers. I get the double. Here I realise I've made a positioning mistake, the Haunter isn't quite in range to res the horrors on the other side of the table. Never mind. GKoTG moves over and does terrible things to a Contorted Epitome, letting me burn one of his objectives. Horrors on the bottom charge a Exalted Chariot, I have to pull them outside the 12" bubble of the Haunter but that's fine because they manage to tag another of his objectives and burn it. They don't do much to the Chariot and it kills a couple in retaliation. His T2 his remaining keeper moves up towards my GKoTG, summons another Keeper and 3 fiends (Slaanesh summon is broken folks). Keeper number 2 and the fiends fail their charges but Keeper number one goes in and predictably kills the GKoTG (just). Exalted Chariot finishes off the horrors. If I win the priority he's going to be seriously on the back foot as I pull ahead on points but ofc, he gets the double. It's basically a mopping up exercise then, fiends kill ghouls, keeper kills horrors, keeper kills haunter. I've got 10 ghouls left and he's got 3 of my points. I shake his hand. We discussed the game afterwards. He made a big mistake T1 and I punished him hard for it but Slaanesh is such a forgiving army, all it takes is a 2+ to get you back in the game. This current list doesn't really have an answer to the keepers. I'm thinking Doppelganger Cloak instead of Ragged Cloak for this type of match up but I don't know. Horrors did most of the lifting this game even without the battalion. Result: Major Loss Game 5 Duality of Death vs Fyreslayers In an odd twist of fate my final opponent was one of my club mates and my regular opponent. He took the first turn and castled up on one objective, his magmadroth holding it backed up by 15 Hearthguard Berserkers, 10 + 5 Auric Hearthguard and a bunch of characters. On the other side he magma tunnels up a hero and 5 Aurics to grab the point on his next turn and dissuade me from it. My T1 GKoTG goes and takes a bite out of the Magmadroth but doesn't kill it, lava blood does a fair number of wounds back so it's all pretty even over there. On the other side I run up the 20 ghouls to tag the objective and keep the score level, I summon a Varghulf to support them and 3 Flayers behind the Aurics who predictably fail the charge, no loss there. I get the double, we both know where this is going. GKoTG finishes off the Magmadroth but doesn't take the point. Doesn't matter though, I've got him off it. I clear up 5 of the Aurics with horrors and the flayers make the charge into the Aurics on the other side and kill them. Don't kill the character but he's stuck where he is. Horrors go into the Hearthguard, this goes about as well as expected. I kill 5 and then he wipes the horrors out. His T2 the Hearthguard mince both the Haunter and the GkoTG but he has to, intentionally, sacrifice 4 of them to coherency rules to do it. They also don't kill the GKoTG in a single activation so he eats one nearby hero and wounds another enough that his death will finish the job. Game is basically over at this point. With his subby little dwarf legs he'll never make it to my objective and I'm a point ahead. I proceed to run a unit of 10 ghouls in a circle around a rock to keep them away from the Hearthguard for my hidden agenda but that's about it. This was the only game where the ragged cloak made much of a difference. I know what Auric Hearthguard shooting can do to a monster, it isn't pretty so keeping the terrorghiest alive one extra turn was nice even if ultimately it made little difference. Result: Major Win Overall thoughts I really like the Attendant at Court battalion. Strangely in all the practise games I played it was the horrors that did all the heavy lifting, the GKoTG was there to be killed, as long as people are killing that they aren't killing the horrors but At EGGS itself in most of my wins it was the GKoTG who did the lifting. Horrors are good though, especially with the reroll and people will massively underestimate them, they killed a Vermin lord, a Keeper and scores of clanrats all without too much difficulty. Stick D3 extra attacks on them and they go from nasty to plain evil. Even heavy armour won't save a target from weight of dice. The +2 to cast/unbind on the AAR was amazing, he'll cast his spells 90% of the time and has a decent shot at unbinding most things. I do have this crazy idea of giving him the Sword of Judgement though, for added hilarity making him a Gristlegore general... The ghouls surprised me, I don't expect much from them and they never helped me in the games I won, but they did do a lot of damage in the games I lost, especially with D3 extra attacks, get them up to 5 or 6 attacks each and weight of dice starts to make an impact.
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