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  1. Depends what you're using them for, some lists they're only there to fill the battleline requirement. Most of mine sit at the back of the table stopping deepstrikes and holding backfield objectives. The fact that they die when sneezed at doesn't make much difference if they never get into combat. If you want them to push forward and kill things then 10 is definitely too few but for most other uses 10 is just fine.
  2. It's the perfect time for Nurgle jokes. It's gallows humour and helps people deal with stressful situations
  3. They obviously thought I was the most likely person in the room to give them a glorious death, for many of them that was true. There were 5 fyreslayers players there and I played 3 of them, I only missed the other 2 as they were hanging around tables 1-10 all weekend. I might try putting in a big unit of gluttons or maybe a max size unit of gnoblars but the big monsters are why I play the faction so won't drop them completely. An alternative I could try is 4 x 4 mournfang just to get more bodies and more dice rolling. Negatives to hit or wound are quite debilitating when only rolling a few dice I've found.
  4. Like @Walrustaco I was also at EGGS this weekend with a Stonehorn list (played on the table next to him game 4). I managed to go 3-2 My list was: Game 1 - Shifting Objectives vs Fyreslayers; 50 hearthguard with 2 allied gunhaulers. Very little to say about this one, the slaughter master tanked the canons from the gunhaulers for 2 turns then proceed to kill himself trying to heal and use his pot. Hearthguard do so much damage and don't die on a battleplan where they can just camp in the middle is brutal. Major Loss Game 2 - Total Commitment vs Seraphon featuring Gotrek. Spent the game running away from Gotrek or feeding him mournfang whilst debuffing him with Greasy Deluge. The rest of the army was no match for a pair of charging Frost Lords and I managed to dislodge him from one of his objectives fairly early. Major Win Game 3 - Starstrike vs Fyreslayers; 60 hearthguard. This was just a more painful version of game 1, of course most of the stars landed in the middle section of the table and I was just ground down by half naked dwarves that refused to die. Major Loss Game 4 - Places of Arcane Power vs Fyreslayers...again. 30 Hearthguard Berzerkers and some Auric Hearthguard. A bloody game with 1300 kill points a side but never particularly close. I camped all 3 objectives from turn 1 and didn't give them up till turn 4. It took the HGB too long to kill the ethereal stonehorn and the mournfang managed to sneak round the back and take out most of his characters. This was the first time in the weekend that metalcruncher went off when a 1 wound remaining Grimwrath Berzerker charged the 1 wound remaining etheral stonehorn. The Grimwrath died then killed the stonehorn funny but too late to change the outcome. Major Win Game 5 - Better Part of Valour vs Stormcast; Ballistas and Dracoline. His shooting was good and the Dracolines managed to kill the etheral stonehorn but I'd got too much on his side of the table in his flanks at that point. Huskard was the MVP this game, not only securing my opponents bottom objective but killing 39 allied pheonix guard, the general on dracoline, ballista and ordinator and half a unit of judicators. Major Win A fun weekend all told, my opponents were all nice people. Though I was sick of the sight of half naked, mowhawked dwarves at the end of it. The army felt lacking in some way though, like I didn't have enough tactical choices. It can't zone out board space well with so few models, I can't be in enough places at once and my only battleplan seems to be "run across the table and smack things in the face". Which is a great plan until you smack into a unit that just doesn't die.
  5. If you make the Courtier the general then the Attendants at Court battalion doesn't work any more, it requires a AAR or AGK as the general. @KibaWildFang I'm with SevenXes to an extent. The GKoZD is a buff piece, the GKoTG is a suicide bomb. I prefer the TG and people fear it so pile onto it, which is its intended purpose in that list. You could run the GKoZD to buff one of the units of Horrors, but then your whole tactic for the battle has to change. Hollowmourne is just...bad in all ways, there's nothing in it that is worth losing 10 free feeding frenzies for. There's definitely scope for a unit of 9 horrors. That's probably the change I would make to my own list after the points changes.
  6. Feeding Frenzy is as many times a turn as you like and can afford to pay the CP for it, with a limit of once per unit. If you're running the Feast Day delusion one of those Feeding Frenzies per turn is free.
  7. Unfortunately you can't buy a 2nd command point, limit is one since GHB 2019. Being below 2000 gives you a chance of a triumph if you have less points than your opponent. Yes, a unit of ghouls to baby sit the AAR, especially if it's on an objective. You can also use them to deny space for the Stormcast player to drop in so he can't get anywhere near the AAR for a charge. It's hard to know how you'll fair against Stormcast without knowing their list, if it's a full shootcast list you're probably dead, with any FEC list frankly, we're very susceptible to shooting. If it's a melee list, provided you dictate the combat's you should be able to win, kill his evocators before they get a chance to attack anything important. GKoTG scream attack will work fairly well on them as well as their bravery isn't the best. DoK is a tough match up, their units are notoriously durable and can put out huge amounts of damage to boot, you have to pick off their characters first which is really tough for us. Witch Brew is the single most overpowered ability in the game (imo). Try taking out the units furthest from the general first, they are normally the ones with the fewest buffs (the blood shield buff thing has a fairly short range). Try and overwhelm the units with multiple units going into them, if you can tag them at both ends to stop them piling in even better. With the exception of Morathi (avoid her) they are generally quite slow. Run away and force the death star to chase you so they aren't defending their objectives.
  8. That's exactly the summoning I usually do with it. Flayers come on at the opponents table edge, usually to grab an objective or tie up an undefended war machine, don't expect much killing from 3 of them though. General tips for that list then: Keep the courtier with one unit of horror and summon the Varghulf in to support the other so they get death saves, can feeding frenzy etc. The AAR is the key to the army, his buff spell is a massive range (24") but more importantly as long as he's alive the Horrors are rerolling hits anywhere on the board. Keep him safe! Even if that means holding him at the back of the table out of range. The Terrorghiest will die. This is an inescapable fact of life. Everyone will target it with whatever they can to kill it as quickly as possible. That's fine, it's there to distract people anyway. Charge it, kill something. Pop dopelganger when they counter charge. It's done it's job at that point and can freely die (though with it's spell on it is fairly tanky 4+/5++/6++) Ghouls make a good screen. They can also sit at the back holding an objective for the whole game without moving. Unless you're heavily buffing them don't expect them to do much damage. That being said, with +3 attacks and a Abhorant nearby the big unit is quite capable of taking down even heavily armoured targets. If you're buffing them though it probably means the rest of your army is dead! Chalice is good for supporting the GKoTG, the quantity of models he's likely to kill means plenty of chances for him to heal. It's barely useful for the horrors. Ghouls will appreciate it but again if you're buffing them things have probably gone wrong. As it isn't predatory and has a long cast range it can be fairly effective as an obstacle, especially if it's base to base with the GKoTG and can stop units piling in better to him. Stampede is a gimmick. Sometimes it will do loads of work, sometimes it will fail...and occasionally will come back and bite you on the backside. Large base does make it quite space controlling though. Horrors work best against lightly armoured targets/hordes but with +3 attacks each weight of dice can even bring down heavily armoured targets, they're unlikely to kill something like Nagash though, best throw your GKoTG at him. Throne can be helpful but starting with 2CP and getting a free feeding frenzy each turn, if you're controlling whats in combat well you'll probably finish the game with excess CPs. People will under estimate the Horrors, use that to your advantage. Your army is pretty fragile. Don't over commit to combat, the less attacks your opponent will get to make against you the better.
  9. Your general fights at the start of the combat phase, twice if you feeding frenzy. Then you go to normal picking order and pick another GKoTG and fight twice with it with feeding frenzy. Essentially 4 activations on your turn before your opponent gets to pick, if they've got anything left in combat at that point
  10. Oh I don't mean FEC in general. I was running FEC to tournaments almost all of last year and both I and a majority of my opponents had a good time, Feast Day + Horrors is loads of fun or Blisterskin + Flayers. It's just Gristlegore that's problematic. It's the same problem as Slaanesh. Here let me attack you with 1600 (2 GKoTG fighting twice) points of my army before you get to do anything.
  11. Gristlegore never lost it, they're just monumentally boring for your opponent to play against. The FAQ nerf put them in a pretty good place power wise, strong but not overbearing, they're just soooo booooring.
  12. And just to put the nail in the coffin, from the core rules FAQ:
  13. Because otherwise there is no way to determine if they count as unmodified or not because you can't reroll or modify them, so the existing way or working out if the dice roll is unmodified doesn't apply. Battleshock DD can be modified so we can reliably determine if they are unmodified or not, which they are, because it is the value before those modifiers are applied.
  14. But there's already a rule that qualifies what unmodified is. "Unmodified dice roll are referring to the result after any re-rerolls but before any modifiers are applied"
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