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AoS models -> Frostgrave


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I just started reading the Frostgrave book and i wondered what could be really good AoS kits to get for this game. I noticed some people here also playing that game so i was hoping to get more info on this. I thought a kit like Grots could work really well for that game and also double for AoS/Warcry as i have multiple weapon options here like bows, a kinds of melee, banner, musician and even nets. Does AoS have any other good kits like this i could consider buying? I figured skeletons could be great for summoning or random dungeon encounters or maybe Necromancers soldiers.

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It really depends what you want, you need a wizard and apprentice. And then it’s up to you how the war and is built. 
really the only thing that I would suggest is trying to stick as close to standard sizes. 
not a hard rule, but too big or small can be a huge effect, but it also ads some fun so it’s a feels it out sorta thing.

so, beastigors and gors for a beastmen could be cool, if you want a beast group that isn’t the gnolls. Just need to work out wizzie and apprentice, and some shields and swords, daggers and such for specific wargear. 
Gitz would be easy, but maybe expencive if you want specific one off minis 

Sylvanath is doable as well, and lots of elf, chaos and undead can fit in with a little work.

it may depend a lot on your access to terrain, on a board with lots of buildings bigger and smaller units have less impact so you can go more wild. Only a terrain board that doesn’t have to much height, your big models will die, you will need to be paranoid of every direction, where a small mini like a goblin will be a terrifying foe. So if you want to go with more interesting group I would make sure you have good variance of terrain, tall and wide. With smaller scatter :) 

Personally I have minis from everything when I play frostgrave, so plenty of Fantasy/Aos minis make it in at times.


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47 minutes ago, xking said:

What's wrong with the models from Frostgrave?

Not much wrong with those but i love GW minis so i want to use those if can. I can also use them for warcry or maybe allies for my AoS armies. Not so much the other way around imho.

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Frostgrave is fantastic. Its fun, loose, and and just plain scratches a certain itch for me. 

This is what I use so far. 

Skeletons -well, skeletons. Specifically the sepulchral guard. 

Armored skeletons - deathrattle warriors. (When/if grave guard or equivalent drop these two will shift places. 

Zombie - zombies... duh. 

Ghoul - crypt ghouls (was going to get the underworlds band but am waiting to see what/if new FEC are.

Bear - I had a hard time finding a good basic bear model that I liked. I settled on a ar-grush model from dgs games until i find a suitable Geedubs bear. 

Boar - bonesplittaz boar

Giant rat - i just use rat swarms from cursed city and give them undead keyword

Ice spider - haven't quite figured this one out yet. 🤔

Snow leopard - i use the kitty from the untamed beasts. Would love some new sabre tusks, Geedubs. hint, hint. 

Wild dog - haven't quite figured this one out yet. 🤔

Wolf - currently use dire wolves and give them undead keyword. Will be getting some Snarlfangs for the future. Fenrisian would work well here too. 

Small Construct - small necron bugs. All the wires cut off and the carapace will be painted with a wood grain look. (In the frostgrave book there's a cool art piece of a wooden construct, think that)

Imp - furries from warcry 

Ice toad - haven't figured this one out yet. 🤔

Wraith - chainrasps 

White gorilla - haven't figured this one out yet. 🤔

Medium construct - mid size necron. 

Minor demon - take ypur pick of many Geedubs options here 

Snow troll - rockgut with a cold scheme

Worm - initially looked into tyranids but couldn't settle on anything. Ended up going with that sylvaneth endless spell. 

Werewolf - Vyrkos bloodborn 

Vampire - FEC archregent

Large construct - larger necron models

Frost giant - almost went with ale guzzler but settled on the fomoroid crusher with a cold scheme. 


Working on expansions pieces as well. Might use skaven as gnolls. 

Definitely open to suggestions. 

I highly Recommend frostgrave to anyone. I play a little different where as im a gm of sorts and a team of players with a shared team of minions, hq, etc. 

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I own a bunch of gitz so i figured i will be playing those. I got some fenrisian wolves i could use and some nighthaunt. I got pink blue and brimstone horrors that i can use for minor demons. Could use dryads as skeltons for the time being i guess. Glad i can field at least some things on that list with my collection. 

Edit: also got some Troggoths. Dont know how many little spiders i have left as decoration, could maybe build a swarm out of those.

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Gitz definitely offer a wide range of options. 

Squigs as ice toads

Dank as a frost giant


Hope you enjoy it. 

What are you using for your wizards and hired guns? Any of the warcry/Underworlds kits offer great options as well as the cursed city box. Im excited for dawnbringers for this very reason. 

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On 1/27/2023 at 6:39 PM, Vasshpit said:

What are you using for your wizards and hired guns? Any of the warcry/Underworlds kits offer great options as well as the cursed city box. Im excited for dawnbringers for this very reason. 

Thinking about using the 2 models from the Gobbapalooza as the wizards (boggleye and brewgit). Thinking about using the old grots as soldiers as i own a few different ones like spears, bows, boss with sword, banner and musician and nasty skulkers. Not really sure about this yet but its an option.

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Want to ress this thread for a bit. I am looking for a human warband and thinking about using these as the base. Dont know what GW models i could possibly add and also what i could use as a the wizard + apprentice. Maybe add steelhelms and look for the wizards elsewhere? 


Does anyone know what kind of weapons the steelhelms got on the sprue?

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I was looking into this as well. Use these guys as your basic and the steelhelms as their upgrade. Would need to do some kitbashing fo sho. 

There's two great "wizardy" types in the cursed city heros if you've got those. 

Damn, haven't played frostgrave in awhile. Need to though. 

This will show options 


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  • GW- ray dranfield Zombie Wolf Conversion

Wild Dogs

  • GW Squigs


  • Reaper Lions

Giant Rats

  • GW- Cursed City Rat Swarms


FW Plague Toad


  • GW- Old WH grot Spiders




  • Mierce Miniatures Giant Sharkman

Construct Sm

Construct M

Construct Lg

  • GW- Whatever the big three legged guys are

Demon Sm

  • GW- Brimstone Horrors

Demon M

  • GW- Old Tzeentch Horrors[?]

Demon Lg

  • GW- Ogroid w/ doom Baron Head


  • Reaper Giant Worm


  • GW- Zombies


  • GW- Skeletons

Skeletons W/ Bow

Armored Skeletons

  • GW- Grave Guard


  • GW ghoul


  • GW- Bladegheist Revenants


  • On foot armored vampire: you have options


  • Vyrkos Bloodborn idea


I'd made a chart for this in a doc to help me organize my own quest for miniatures! Some I'd owned, some I purchased, but this is what I nailed down for NPCs!


For warbands, a friend of mine has built his Skaven band out of a box of Plague Monks and the Underworlds plague monk kit: gave him quite a few options for robed ratmen

My other friend is using the frostgrave wizard kit along with Perry Miniatures knights/men at arms

My wife is using Sylvaneth; revenants for "heavily armored" stuff, Dryads for "lightly armored" and I built her some little sprite swarms for the "no armor" guys

For myself, I'm using some Chaos Duardin for my wizard and knight, some Horns of Hashut for lightly armored stuff, and some Hobgrots for my thief and treasure hunter (I've got some metals and plastics so I'm using one of each to differentiate em)

Really like how open Frostgrave is! Once you've got the core bestiary down (if you want to do it all) the first few expansions don't really add that many new NPCs, it isn't really until you start getting into the gnoll and barbarian stuff, or the wilderness one 

For the Gnolls, since they have every unit profile I'm planning on representing them as a spectrum of Goblins -> Kruleboyz -> Ardboyz

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@Pizzaprez That's  great list. and your warband ideas are awesome as well. 

I use the fomoroid crusher for a frost giant, the warcry lion from an early warband, boarboy boars, but overall very similar. I even use necrons too. 

I want to pick up those ghoul-rillas from the FEC warband for gorillas. 

I'm also trying to find a way to tweak the rules and play as a dm of sorts with more monsters and have players on a same team. 

Such a fun game. 

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