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  1. Probably the king of the Dreadwood Glade.
  2. xking

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    As for the "Call of Archaon" ending. I think it shows the wasteful nature of Chaos. It's a meat grinder.
  3. xking

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I noticed while reading this thread that there are some people that think AoS Khorne worshippers are just Mindless monsters. I want to tell you that this is not the case, and if you read novels like "Call of Archaon" or "Eight Lamentations Spear of Shadows". There are Khorne characters that very much do think and have personality.
  4. I don't think Era draconis means much, I think is the equivalent of "only the faithful" for that Extremis chamber. Maybe it's just story.
  5. Where in the battletome?
  6. xking

    The Rumour Thread

    Did GW build an entirely new Factory from the ground up? Or did they buy an older building and convert that into a factory? Also how far along is it?
  7. xking

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I know what a stormkeep is, I was not talking about what the stormcast scenery piece would be.
  8. Blurry image. But I can see the red robes of the Celestant-Prime. I've seen him painted in that scheme before.
  9. I agree, I think it is the Celestant-Prime.
  10. xking

    The Rumour Thread

    Bro, what are you talkin about? I think you are missing the point of my comment.
  11. xking

    The Rumour Thread

    This is like telling somebody who plays High Elves to play Dark Eldar. They got pointy ears. "Go play a different faction in a different game"
  12. xking

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

  13. xking

    The Rumour Thread

    Runes are a form magic.
  14. xking

    The Rumour Thread

    Is does, It's a Gryph Hound statue in that style.