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  1. Repost my thoughts form a discord I will also say this, BR Teclis is a perfect example of a why you should read a book yourself before you judge it. People were going on for like a week complaining that The Lumineth and teclis just stumped the forces of death. That is not what happened, they struggled a lot in this book and they barely succeeded. And in the end teclis has some weird curse on him now. What I'm most excited about from the ramifications of BR Teclis, is that we might see the underworld return to how they once were before the coming of nagash. I hope that the underworld deities return. Another thing I will say, Is BR Teclis has further strengthened my belief that the bonereapers are absolutely overpowered. They just counter everything the lumineth throw at them. They are damn near invulnerable, sun-metal weapons did nothing, shining company did nothing, laser beams did nothing, I don't know why the archers even showed up, they were completely meaningless and useless. The only elf unit that had any success was cow elves and that's stretching it in my opinion. Their hammers were useless, only the diamond pics did something and even with their stoneskin they were still getting cut down. I'm reading this like, this is ridiculous, the bonereapers just hard counter everything.
  2. I understand, If people want to make dispossessed that are shady, they can do that.
  3. My khorne deamons are pacifist and like picking daisies and frolicking through all the flowers. They love building hospitals and being nice to all the little children. I agree
  4. Fine, do what you want. I think Dispossessed burning down a settlement over one coin is dumb sh*t. So agree to disagree.
  5. I mean the lumineth were trapped inside slannesh for eons. Who knows if they have some corruption in them or not.
  6. I know the dispossessed have grudges. What I'm saying is they have better ways of resolving a grudge then the drawfs of the old world when it comes to the cities of Sigmar. The dispossessed are far more cosmopolitan, They have lived with the other races for centuries now. Grombrindal even chastises the dispossessed that tried To make an ethno-state In this month's white dwarf. They could just go to a legal body in the city of sigmar to resolve any issues they had with compensation or an offense to their honor. Before trying to burn down a bond settlement of a city.
  7. I know order does not mean nice. when I said dwarfs, I meant dispossessed(sense this argument came out of old world dwarf talk, I am sorry for the confusion) . It is not that someone burned the village down that is the problem, It's why and who burned the village down , the dispossessed live in or build there strongholds around the cities of Sigmar. They almost always have a seat on the grand conclave, as the CoS are meritocracy. They could just say that they were shorted and get compensated.
  8. I actually read the lore and novels of AoS, And it does NOT make sense for dispossessed to just burn down villages when they could just go to any one of the legal bodies in a cities of Sigmar. Not only that, they tend to always have a seat on the grand conclave.
  9. No it's not, AoS Is Mythic fantasy, Epic Fantasy and Heroic fantasy. With a splash of high and low fantasy. Unless you are some chaotic evil dwarf corrupted by the abyss. Nobody is burning down entire villages Because a noble was short one coin on his payment. Marauders raiding a village to steal money, supplies and slaves makes sense. Orderly Dawrfs doing it because of a coin short on payment does not.
  10. I was talking about how grudges were in the old world.
  11. This is Age of Sigmar. Mounted Duardin are cool and no to the ridiculous grudges, burning down villages because they were a coin short on your payment was beyond dumb.
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