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  1. Where did I say that anyone was siding with Nagash? you seem to be confused. All I said was that the some of the Katophranes may have been imprisoned in the Great Oubliette. This is from the end of the campaign. THE GREAT JAILBREAK As battle rages through the Prime Innerlands, Nagash casts ever more enemies into the Great Oubliette. Warlords and warriors alike tumble helplessly down hissing wells of grey sand, before plunging into the deeper darkness below. They stagger to their feet amidst endless stone corridors and whispering walls of shadow. In his arrogance, distracted and set off balance by the sheer amount of foes hurling themselves at him from every side, Nagash has erred. More and more armed warriors mass in the corridors and halls of the oubliette until at last its guardians cannot hold them back. War rages through halls that have known naught but silence for thousands of years. Weapons are unleashed whose power even the arcane wardings of the oubliette cannot withstand. Hundreds of cells are smashed asunder and the souls within released to recorporeate. Occupants trapped since before the Age of Myth emerge, blinking in the light. Ancient magisters and mages, disgraced vampiric aristocrats, snarling greenskin warlords, ice-hearted queens and Sigmar-touched heroes, blind loremasters, duardin kings and arrogant Skaven clan-lords; all of these and countless others burst from captivity and seek to make good their escape. Anarchy reigns as battles are interrupted by the resurrection of beloved heroes, the return of long-lost loved ones and the sudden recorporeation of nemeses long thought slain. Some souls are trammelled once again, of course, but many more escape. So are the ranks of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer hugely reinforced, Sigmar’s lightning spearing down again and again to snatch up heroic women and men loosed from millennia of hardship. So too do many races see the return of heroes enshrined since time immemorial in folklore and legend. None can say what fate the Mortal Realms will face in the dark days to come, and all attempts to unseat Nagash have failed, but at least the forces of Order, Destruction and Chaos alike will face the looming darkness with their greatest heroes restored to them. You were an instrumental part of this great victory, warlord, and you stand taller in that knowledge. Let the shadows gather – you are ready.
  2. What are you talking about? The Great Oubliette is an underworld that contains any being that has every opposed Nagash(according to the campaign). It has nothing to do with Glymmforge or the Thousand Tombs.
  3. Remember the Great Oubliette. https://malignportents.com/campaign-narrative/ Could have had some of the Katophranes imprisoned in there.
  4. The freeguild should have a Greco-Roman theme or flare to them. They should not look like Renaissance Era German soldiers. I mean look at the architecture of the cities of Sigmar, their obviously Greco-Roman themed. The old Empire models are out of place. They should have a new aesthetic, they deserve new models and a revamp.
  5. Despite me being extremely disappointing with the humans, at least the free cities battletome will allow people to play with some of the smaller armies. Thing I'm most excited for in the tome, is the lore. I hope they Deep dive into the nature of these cities in general.
  6. The free cities battletome is not my problem. I just think that normal humans deserved much better. This is age of Sigmar we should have gotten new humans.
  7. I can get over the cities tome. I can't get over the normal humans being just empire models. Normal humans deserved new interesting models, they deserved a revamp.
  8. It's lazy, they could have did normal humans better than that.
  9. Feels kind of lazy, but I guess that's just me.
  10. Well I guess I was wrong about the freeguild aesthetic changing. Cities of order battletome.
  11. That's a problem, But there has to be something. The six smiths are clearly deific, based on what was seen in the Hamilcar novel.
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