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  1. Ah, so if every battletome is terrible, then none are terrible.
  2. Bad for stormcast, since they are losing what made them unique, their immortality(mostly it seems), undermining the very concept of Stormcast Eternals. But for the setting overall, things seem to be getting a little more positive, Sigmar has declared the Dawnbringer crusade and Alarielle is bringing about the rise of life in the mortal realms.
  3. Why?, that slaanesh battletome it not that good.
  4. I hope whoever did the soulblight and slaanesh battletomes, did not do the new stormcast battletome.
  5. All stormcast armor is was made and designed by Grungni, no mater what it looks like. It's all sigmerite.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Imagine going through all the effort of creating new campaign books, just to make a justification to erase and replace an entire relatively new army. Instead of supporting all of the other factions that barely get anything. What a f*ckton of bullsh*t!
  7. Exactly, I always complained about the warrior chamber, extremis chamber, Vanguard chamber and the sacrosanct chamber unit not fitting the lore and they need it to be better. I did not ask for skinny man primaris stormcast. And to see GW erase the army that I love both in models and the lore is disgusting. I was with stormcast in the very beginning! Models, campaign books. I even bought several novels that were all about stormcast! If it comes out that GW is really going to erase the warrior chamber aesthetic and replace it with the Vindictor aesthetic. Then I'm done with the
  8. If that is true, then GW really are s*** I am all about Warrior Chamber, and To See gw erase my Army out of the story is garbage!
  9. The more I look at Vindictors, the more I don't like them. The skin tight armor does not appeal to me. And somehow they look more plane then liberators. They also don't look at as intimidating, they look like they would lose in a melee fight against blood Warriors or blight kings. They remind me of a light armor Skirmish unit. As for the annihilator, something about it makes it look less maneuverable and flexible then any other Paladin equivalent.
  10. Not for me, and if this does mean they are getting rid of all of OR not supporting the older units. I will quit this game. I got into age of Sigmar because of first edition stormcast eternals, the warrior chamber and the extremist chamber are the stuff I like the most. To change stormcast in order to appease people who hate them. Is not a positive to me. All I will say is I like the angel, but that is about it.
  11. I prefer the buff stormcast look, rather then skinny look.
  12. I don't think so. I believe GW is not going to put new statue in front of their building. And we just had gardus/new Lord-Celestant model come out. Think of like this, The new units have new/different names and look unique and distinct. Also old stormcast models still sell a lot, looking at stormcast socal media groups. And when GW made new space marines, they did not remove the old space marines.
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