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  1. https://www.cubicle7games.com/age-of-sigmar-soulbound-starter-set-update/
  2. You guys remember the dread solstice campaign? Is GW ever going to follow up on that? Are we ever going to learn what the collegiate arcane and the sacrosanct chambers learned from the ghost Moon lunaghast? I mean we voted to learn as many arcane secrets as possible, you think this would be a bigger thing among the magical factions in lore. Then there was the events that happened in the realm of fire, we built a giant time cannon and shot it at a planet, reversing time on that planet and reviving a Star Lord and causing time-storms across the great parch. So what happened with the giant time cannon? What happened with the slann starlord? And what happened with the time-storms? And then there was the last thing that happened, the attack on nagashizzar that resulted in the attacking armies being dumped into the 'great oubliette' by nagash. But then we voted for those armies to fight their way out. In doing so the great jailbreak occurred, freeing countless heroes from ancient times and from even before the mortal realms existed and maybe even the underworld deities, Sigmar then started raining down lightning bolts to take up those heroes. I remember the 'season of war' campaign, it didn't take GW long to follow up on the ramifications of that campaign's ending.
  3. Its not hate, I just think the aesthetic is fine as it is. Maybe they will make one of those special release a female vanguard hunter. If not, you could always make a conversion with one of the female libs. But I think this has gone on long enough.
  4. It is what it is, this is the aesthetic of the army. Both male chest plate and female chest plate. if you don't like it, then pick a different army or get the green stuff out.
  5. No, it is emphasizing both the male and female form at peak physical prowess. The female stormcast armor also has abs with sculpted muscles.
  6. what is this "sexualizing" ? Do you look at the male stormcast armor with the big buff chest and abs with sculpted muscles and call that sexualizing? No, stormcast are greco-roman themed, their armor is an idolization of the human form(both male and female). Not everyone looks at breast as sexual.
  7. No thanks, I don't want to change the aesthetic the army. So you pick a different army.
  8. Over 1 million views and not too many dislikes. Good to see it wasn't disliked into oblivion. https://youtu.be/wbEDT7agKaI
  9. Lumineth will obviously get an expansion, the other twin and the other temples. The problem in my opinion is that GW have not given many other factions a sacrosanct level second release who should have gotten a sacrosanct level second release by now. From fyreslayers and sylvaneth, to Idoneth and kharadron etc.
  10. https://www.blacklibrary.com/prod-home/new/ties-of-blood-eshort-2020.html
  11. https://www.cubicle7games.com/age-of-sigmar-soulbound-champions-of-order-cover-reveal/
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