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  1. --nighthaunt battletome is already outdated and bad. -- fyreslayers should have gotten a second wave model release by now, but haven't. -- sylvaneth should have gotten a second wave model release, but haven't and their most recent battletome made them worse. ----------------------------------stormcast battletome is pure garbage with warscrolls that should have been updated but weren't.
  2. I expect you to be new knightly orders released if we ever get a freeguild army beliefs. They can actually do some interesting things.
  3. What? are you here just to complain? It's a city in the middle of a marsh, with a realmgate at the center of it and a fortified highway leading out other parts of the realm of life. It obviously has ways of getting food.
  4. "Dark harvest" showed that the city of graywater has many farming settlements. They drain the swamps to make farmland, just so you know former swamps and marshlands make great farmlands due to the high quality and fertile soil. This combined with them being in the realm of life means they can grow a significant portion of their own food. This is not including other food and they can get from trade through their grand highway and their realmgate. (I believe you can also make fisheries in a swamp land) If you don't read novels and short stories or books at all, you can't really appreciate the setting and you won't have as deep of an understanding of things. Even reading the soulbound RPG book would help, lots of stuff in there.
  5. Probably should complain to the rules designers on Twitter. I am becoming increasingly upset with the current situation. Our battletome was completely lazy, we are stuck with edition zero warscolls. That were thrown into the book with no thought whatsoever. I remember when paladins were a force on the battlefield, but the game moved on and the warscolls did not.
  6. You know sometimes I forget how long it's been since the sacrosanct release.
  7. All right, thought something interesting was going to happen.
  8. He's more like a herald of sigmar, Lord commanders are supposed to be more independent I believe.
  9. The chapter Master equivalence are Lord-celestants, Lord-arcanums and Lord-Aquilor. Lord-commanders would be the equivalent of primarchs. And we know nothing about them.
  10. I noticed that the new generals handbook has greenskins listed as allies for one of the armies. Did you guys think this means anything?
  11. Because men are generally far more attracted to it, just like far more women are attracted to joining knitting groups. Men tend to enjoy competitive hobbies more. I watch a lot of competitive video game tournaments. Fighting games, first person shooters, etc. it's mostly dudes. There are always exceptions however. Even in the most egalitarian societies, men join the military and the police force in far far greater numbers. Males and females are just attracted to different things when it comes to jobs and hobbies.
  12. You wouldn't believe the people I've encountered who hate on Age of sigmar and talk about how great fantasy was all the time. But they don't know anything about fantasy or did not even play it.
  13. It is lackluster compared to the books from last year. 40K is at the front currently.
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