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  1. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/04/07/the-rumour-engine-april-7th-2020/
  2. Does the size of the crest matter that much if you have super strength.
  3. Why do you say that? Order is not good or evil. Now there are good and evil factions in the Grand Alliance of order. But that's the point, it's a Grand "Alliance", order is vastly outnumbered by chaos. Then you have Nagash trying to literally eradicate all life, and he has access to the vast host of the Dead. The reason of the Age of Chaos was so bad, genocide on a cosmic scale, the complete annihilation of entire civilizations, and entire species wiped out. Was because there was no Unity, all the other gods went off and did their own thing. Sigmar was trying to fight by himself on all fronts, a lesson should have been learned, only through Unity and cooperation can any lasting Victory be had.
  4. All of the destruction factions are not gorkamorka worshippers, the bad moon is an entity unto itself, the spider God is an entity unto itself. The grand alliances are not going away, they are part of age of Sigmar's identity. They are integrated into both a setting and the game system. I don't see it changing. There is also the giant god Bermhat who is believed to be part of Destruction.
  5. Chaos is not narrowly defined, it's Chaos as it has always been. Destruction is not narrowly defined, it's rampaging destroyers who like to fight, eat and kill stuff, they are more like natural disasters. Only Death is narrowly defined, "Nagash is all and all are one in Nagash". Malerion is Order because he is orderly, he is a builder of civilization and he is a part of Sigmar's pantheon. Grand Alliances are not going anywhere, they are ingrained into Age of Sigmar as a game system and as a setting.
  6. Come on, laughing is good for your health.
  7. To show that warhammer has always had silly or goofy things in it. I think people are blowing this up, Just play the units you like or cut the horns off.
  8. Yeah, but the hammer elves have the strength of the mountain spirits. The giant candles still look goofy to me.
  9. Hasn't warhammer always kind of been goofy? dwarf miners had giant candles on their heads. I think people need to stop calling something "hideous" just because they don't like it.
  10. Hopefully we can get some more 'Soul Wars' wrath of the everchosen style books. Get more plot progression and rules.
  11. Make the Army you want to play, kitbash some dispossessed with some Savage orc bits. I'm personally not a fan of anything other than minor conversions, but I would like to see what you could make.
  12. They don't need to be Fyreslayers, just have some regular Dwarfs that went Savage. Also I don't ever think it will be a official thing, maybe some interesting conversions.
  13. But Fyerslayers are nothing like destruction, they are far to orderly.
  14. 90% of the time you say anything it's negative, what are we supposed to think. It's an observation, not an attack on you.
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