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We keep going with the interviews. This time we have the answers of @Sception

1 - Where are you from?
Here and there in the united states.  Currently located outside of Baltimore, MD.

2 - When did you start to have contact with the hobby
My first introduction to the hobby was encountering the 5th edition Warhammer fantasy starter set, with the brettonians and lizardmen, at a local hobby store.  I was a bit of an artsy kid, and a fan of fantasy books, and it seemed like a nice blend of my interests.

3 - What kind of hobbyist are you?
The kind who gets big ideas and buys too much stuff, but never quite gets around to finishing anything, leaving me with massive grey plastic shame piles peppered with small handfulls of partially painted models and one or two stand out gems & test models that I spent way too much time on.  I have a bad habit of going for overly involved color schemes despite being a slow painter, only to change my mind two years later after having finished somewhere between a single unit and 1000 points to start over from scratch.  I'm trying to fix that, but I've been trying to fix that for three decades now, so... *shrug*

4 - Which GW games have you played/ collected?
Oh, the usual stuff.  Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Mordheim, Bloodbowl, Age of Sigmar.  That on top of non-gw stuff like Hordes, Warmachine, D&D, & so on.

5 - Which GW games do you play/ collect actually?
Currently AoS is my main game, though I am re-starting 40k from scratch with Combat Patrol Necrons, and I'm super eager for the the start of The Old World.  In all honesty though, while I did somehow manage to get a couple fully painted armies together back in the day for Warhammer Fantasy (first old Undead, later wood elves, neither still with me still sadly), going back to a game that requires tons of models for big rank & file regiments isn't exactly playing to my strengths as a hobbyist, so I'm also hoping to get some folks at the local store to start up a War Cry campaign this year.

6 - How many armies do you have? (Include points count if you know it!)  
Currently?  Fully Painted?  Very little sadly, about 1500 points of Soulblight Gravelords. though I did recently sell off about 10k worth of Black Legion chaos marines, about 2k of which was painted.  Unpainted - or started but never finished?  Like 5k points each of Soulblight, OBR, and Tomb Kings, 2k each of Nighthaunt and FEC, miscelaneous stuff for other games, and a necron Combat Patrol.

7 - Which one is your favourite army?
Ossiarch Bonereapers, no question.  They're a tough, tanky army, which makes them relatively forgiving for bone headed players like myself, while still letting you role play as a smart tactical player with all their unique command abilities.  Conceptually, I love the idea of them as this grinding, apocalyptic force of undead that are fully intelligent, yet lacking any connection to their prior mortality.  They're effectively an entire civilization of undead who were never truely alive at all.  At the same time, they're still dragged down by the failings of hubris and vanity, flaws they've inherited not from their mortal lives but rather from Nagash himself, who isn't capable of recognizing these flaws in himself and thus couldn't prevent himself from passing them on to his creations.
Model-wise, while I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, I personally love their goofy toyetic '80s cartoon' aesthetic, like something out of Masters of the Universe, the sort of shows I grew up on as a kid.  Whether it's the Soulmason with his walking chair or the mortek crewman in the hamster wheel winching the crawler's arm back, or the guy who has to spend his immortal existance in the harvesters crotch, picking up bits and pieces of the enemies it smashes to pass them back up to the basket on its back, there's just so much goofy personality to the entire line.  Yet, as much as I love them, and have had several thousand points of them assembled since they released four years ago, it's only late last year that I finally settled on a color scheme, and I've only got all of 11 models painted.  The eternal struggle.

8 - What is your favourite character?
Arkhan the Black.  Whether in Oldhammer or Age of sigmar, he's the one undead character with a lick of common sense and self restraint, surrounded by a circus of ego tripping megalomaniacs from his all powerful boss to the ever-vain Neferata to Warhammer's resident Starscream, Mannfred.  Arkhan's always stuck in the middle, herding the rest like so many cats, forever on his last, immortal nerve as the unliving receptical for all of Nagash's self awareness and impulse control.  It's hardly a surprise that Nagash's fall in Broken Realms came approximately 30 seconds after Arkhan was out of the picture.  He'll have quite a job for himself picking up the pieces and putting Grand Alliance: Death back together, and I look forward to following his efforts to that effect once he inevitably returns.

9 - What is your favourite miniature?
That GW makes?  Probably the soon to release Ushoran, Mortarch of Delusion.  He's like something straight out of a Fromsoft game, in all the best ways.

10 - What is your favourite AoS narrative?
In terms of a single coherent story, probably the novel Undying King by Joshua Reynolds.  It's set at the very end of the Age of Chaos, just before Sigmar would unleash his stormcast, and it's a fantastic depiction of Nagash, his mortarchs, and his mortal worshippers.  The antagonists are a compelling contrast between a pragmatic daemonic Herald of Nurgle and more devout mortal knights for whom practicality comes second to their own sense of almost brettonian chivalry.  The book's protagonist is a compelling mortal necromancer trying to thread a narrow path to safety for her people between the oncoming chaos hordes and the grim attentions of her god and his chosen lords of death, whose favor can prove just as deadly as their wrath.  It's an especially strong showing for Arkhan, presenting him as at once completely loyal and dedicated to Nagash, but also able and willing to manipulate anyone, even Nagash himself, in furtherance of his master's goals.

11 - Can you show us the miniature that you are more proud of?
It's a squad rather than an individual model, but my Black Legion Chaos Chosen, the only chaos marines I held onto after the recent purge:
I spent a year converting those guys from the old Dark Vengeance models, long before there was a multipart chosen kit, and another year painting them.  The best unit I ever did, or ever will do.  That picture doesn't quite do them justice - I've never been terribly good at model photography, but I'm still super proud of them.  Sadly, they're also what eventually caused me to get rid of the rest of my chaos marines.  The thought of painting 10,000 points of models to something even vaguely approximating that standard was absolute murder to my hobby motivation for years.  I've been much more productive in the few months since I finally gave up that particular ghost.

12 - How did you find out about TGA?
I came up in the Internet 1.0 days and have always preferred the old forum structure to more recent stuff like reddit or discord for discussing hobby stuff.  But most of those old Warhammer Fantasy forums have naturally gotten a bit sleepy over time, though I hope some of them see renewed activity with the Old World's release.  I found TGA just looking for an AOS forum with a bit more activity.

13 - What is your favourite TGA thread?
The AOS rumor thread, probably.  You never know what you'll get from that one, whether its speculation, wish listing, actual news & leaks, etc.

Is there anything else do you want to add?
Not really.  If you happen to see me around on the forums feel free to say high, but also take anything I say about competitive aspects of the game with a heaping spoonful of salt.  I talk a good game, and used to play a ton way back when, but I hardly have time to get games in these days, so if anyone's ever arguing with me, they're probably the ones to listen to.

Thanks as always. Those Chaos Chosen look really nice!

I have interviews scheduled for the whole year, but if any of you want to participate feel free to send me a private message. The more the merrier!

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