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Another month another user. This one has a green face. I hope you like the responses and minis from the awesome @Gitzdee!

1 – Where are you from?

The Netherlands

2 – When did you start to have contact with the hobby?

I think my first contact was when i was 10 years old. I had a classmate who collected 40k. After that i completely forgot about it for almost 15 years until a friend had a roommate who bought the battle for skull pass whfb 7th edition starter set with some Goblins vs Dwarves and was looking for someone to play the Goblins. Thats where it all started.

3 – What kind of hobbyist are you?

I try to enjoy all aspects of the hobby. But if i have to pick one it would be to collect/ build/ paint minis. I would love to play more games but i just dont have the time at the moment.

4 – Which GW games have you played/ collected?

Whfb, 40k, AoS, Warcry, Underworlds. Havent tried playing Underworlds yet, but i own a few warbands. Might still play it some day.

5 – Which GW games do you play/ collect actually?

For now my focus lies with Warcry and 750/1000 point AoS games. Mainly because i like the minis the most and i get to actually play these smaller games from time to time.

6 – How many armies do you have? (Include points count if you know it!)

These are points guesstimates for my 7 armies..

Gloomspite Gitz 3000

Orruk Warclans 2000

Sylvaneth 2000

Nighthaunt 1800

Aeldari 2500-3000

Orks 1000

Space Wolves 1000

And around 1000 points of squatted O&G models who maybe get to see the tabletop again with ToW some day.

I own more minis but not enough to be called an army.





7 – Which one is your favourite army?

Im a Greenskinz colletor most of all. Spiderfang/ Bonesplitterz will always have a special place as those are the first minis i collected



8 – What is your favourite character?

Azhag the Slaughterer. I just love the idea of a possesed “smart” wizard orruk on a Wyvern. Maybe with ToW returning i get the chance to collect this mini. I really hope the concept gets AoSified some day.

9 – What is your favourite miniature?

I think my favourite mini is Ghazghkull. He just oozes character and i love how i painted this one.


10 – What is your favourite AoS narrative?

I am not a reader but i like to at least read up on some lore bits including Destruction factions. I liked the Excelsis battle and the Gnarlwood Warcry stuff. I really hope Gordrakk will get some more time to shine.

11 – Can you show us the miniature that you are more proud of?

I love all my minis, its hard to pick one. I am proud of how i painted Skragrott. I think he showcases how i have grown as a painter over the years.



12 – How did you find out about TGA?


13 – What is your favourite TGA thread?

The Painting contract thread. It keeps me motivated and i like to see what other members are painting and the projects they are working on.

Is there anything else do you want to add?

I love this community because of the respect people have for each other and the passion for the hobby. Its not always that easy to find.


Let's end with some extra pics from his awesome collection:







Thanks Gitzdee. I hope you get a deserved Green Skins new release soon!

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