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Another month another interview. This time we have another long-term user, @Chikout!

1 - Where are you from?

I'm from Scotland but I've lived in Japan for about 20 years. 

2 - When did you start to have contact with the hobby?

My brother used to get White Dwarf back in the 80s and had a small Dwarf army. I got a second  hand box of space marine, the first version of epic and for several years that was all I played. I got into Fantasy with the first Wood Elf army book back in 4th edition. 

3 - What kind of hobbyist are you?

These days I'm a  bad colour blind painter first, a lore fan second and a gamer third.

4 - Which GW games have you played/ collected?

Space marine, titan legions, epic, battle fleet gothic, Necromunda, Inquisitior, various versions of Warhammer quest, Mordheim, Warhammer fantasy 4th-7th edition, warmaster, Dreadfleet, AoS, Underworlds and Warcry which is probably my favourite GW game. I've never played 40k.

5 - Which GW games do you play/ collect actually?

These days I play a lot of Warcry, a bit of AoS and a bit of Underworlds.

6 - How many armies do you have? (Include points count if you know it!)

I have about 3000 points of Stormcast, 2000 of Nighthaunt, 1000 of Kruleboyz, 1000 points of Slaves to Darkness and a bunch of random stuff that I just bought to paint.

Back in the UK I have maybe 20,000 points of various fantasy armies and all sorts of stuff from smaller games. 


7 - Which one is your favourite army?

8 - What is your favourite character?

9 - What is your favourite miniature?

(7, 8 and 9): My biggest problem is that I'm a total hobby butterfly. I find it really hard to stick to one faction or even one game system. My favourite thing is always the next one which right now would be Cities of Sigmar.

10 - What is your favourite AoS narrative?

I love the connected corner of the realms that Nick Horth carved out with his Callis and Toll stories. I'm really glad they've become a bigger part of the setting.

11 - Can you show us the miniature that you are more proud of?

This is another one that changes by the day but I'm really happy with how my Stone Mage turned out.


12 - How did you find out about TGA?

I honestly can't remember. It was probably on twitter.

13 - What is your favourite TGA thread?

The rumour thread of course. I actually really like that it's kind of become the catch all thread about everything AoS. 

Is there anything else you want to add?

I'm just happy to be part of an internet community that's managed to stay so welcoming and positive for so long. There's not many places on the internet like that these days. 

Thanks for the interview! That's a pretty awesome Stone Mage, and I am glad that your favourite army right now is Cities of Sigmar. I hope it lasts for long time ;)

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