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  1. they may have been the generic Killaboss version
  2. only in your Bin guy imagination that for sure
  3. there was those two vulture RE that i was surprise not one of them was on the Mouth of Mork model as a scenic decoration. but those two could belong to a myriad of other armies not just Kruleboyz
  4. i believe they said the Sloggoth has that rule (along with an combat aura buff because of the Drum Grot) i know they said the Sludgeraker has a stronger poison attack and also buff poison of nearby Kruleboyz unit
  5. sure but now your expecting every new wave to get a second release in 18 months time but what happens when you don't get it, that would be a bad one. am i suppose to just just expect Sons to get a second release all of a sudden (TBF its is in the realm of possibility) or that Kruleboyz is going to get one too? sure i understand it not good to release 30 models in one go, but i doubt every release is going to be 30 models strong every time. yeah, i am just saying LRL wasn't the only release that may have been split, they just had the shortest timeframe
  6. not going by their Livestream and their articles, it just that happen to be in one book i would subfaction in games terms are like Ironsunz, Bonegrinz, and other sub alleigiance. Warclanz is a unique in that it gives three different army alleigances that only certain units can be use so it is for design purposes three armies in one book with a soup option Edit: Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz where seperate armies too at one point i still do wish they remain seperate
  7. yeah it set an unfortunate bad precedent that a new release may not be your full release and you now think their could be a "second wave" coming to flesh out your new army. it wasn't just LRL, you could argue that both Slaaneshi and Sisters also got their initial release split in two since they had about 18 months between their two recent release (and then Slaanesh got the twins randomly in BR)
  8. they been marketing them as a new army though just souped up in Warclans just for rule purposes, they do technically have more units then first wave LRL. at least in my mind i don't see them as a subfaction they are clearly meant to be their own thing like the other two armies just unfortunatly they decided to put all three in one book which i always dislike
  9. i mean that the hope and logic we are going on, i keep mentioning that there still an unsolved Kruleboyz Harpoon rumor engine that still floating about
  10. it more like every time they reveal one part of an army they switch back and reveal something new for the other army, since they reveal for Stormcast next week is likely something for Kruleboyz
  11. maybe its just me but the regular stormguards look less heavy then the general dude
  12. their facebook replies where not that consistent on that matter another comment was there could be more stuff soon so keep a look out
  13. i am assuming they are following a pattern of revealing stuff for one army one week and the next week is for the other army (like how they been doing for the majority of the whole SCE/Kruleboyz reveal)
  14. hmm i wonder if next monday is the reveal of the Kruleboyz Calvary
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