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  1. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    isn't December usually sparse when it comes to new releases? I feel like if Angron did come this year it would be in mid- late November though I am surprise that GW hasn't release another Loyalist Primarch yet before another chaos one
  2. novakai

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So the maximum amount of dice for weirdfist that you can use is 6 right? (5 unit + the Weirdnob), so on turn one i can average +18 range with another 6 on balewind and have about 42 inch cast range. also if Foot of Gork is successfully cast does the extra mortal wound only apply on the first instance of the foot's damage or does the extra damage stays every time you successfully recast it on a 4+?
  3. novakai

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I don't think they are going to merge the range since GW has been a bit adamant about keeping their army ranges separate as of late and I think Spiderfang have potential to be their own army distinct from Moonclan. the rumor mongering seems to strongly hint at a Moonclan release and not a General Grot release since the fungoid shaman is specifically Moonclan. What could happen though is that the Moonclan BT may have mixed army battalion like Braggoth's Beasthammer for BCR where you can field spiders and other grot units and have synergy with them. On another note on the Warhammer Weekly episode I did like the idea of a Troggoth infested with Maggots and being constantly earen and regenerating kind of cool if not a bit morbid.
  4. novakai

    Grot Scuttlings

    looking at their current warscroll, I would say a unit of 20 would be pointed about the same or slightly higher then the grot infantry since their stats are comparable to them. the only difference is that Scuttlers have dual weapon options (2 attacks) instead of a shield options and moves one inch more then grot infantry.
  5. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    I want to say two Giant centipedes but there no tiny legs in the picture. my other guess would be Tyranids
  6. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    out of topic but I feel like 40k is due for a loyalist Primarch soon (Leman Russ) before another chaos one ( Fulgrim or Angron)
  7. novakai

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Well no more 64 damage grot to be expected but I do like the new Warboss's CA ability to give them a MW on a 6 in addition to normal damage
  8. novakai

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Yeah his list was 20 point, so once he realize his list was illegal, he disqualify himself out of the tournament, apologize to the TO and ship his trophy back
  9. novakai

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I actually like the lore bit where Archeon tries to burn their nest but their where too many of them and they burrow away and escape from him. I kind of reminds me of how cool giant spiders where in Tolkien's Silmarillion
  10. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    My guess is that is a new endless spell
  11. novakai

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    So they are becoming more like spiders, due to radioactive magic, eh? it like they are becoming Spider-Man or something. Rampant speculation: I hope these Spider Grot can wall crawl, web sling, and have Spidey Grot senses that gives them -2 to hit while flinging sarcastic remarks at your enemies.
  12. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    I think TK where a fan favorite but not an army many people wanted buy and play in (especially since I always heard Ushabti where terrible despite being amazing models), neglect by GW didn't really help either I remember I saw a list of Most played armies in WHF where I think Chaos, High Elves and surprisingly O&G where at the top and TK where at the bottom just on top of chaos dwarfs and Bretonnia.
  13. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    I think at best Gencon is going have a tease of new releases but GW is going to save the actual reveal what it is at Warhammer fest Europe which happen a few week later.
  14. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    Well Fabius Bile isn't part of the EC legion anymore since he left it to do his own stuff, I think narratively speaking he going to be use by GW to Make Primaris Chaos Space marine for Abaddon and the Black legion to get them on scale with their counterparts
  15. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    My two guess would be a new Dark Eldar Archon or something related with the Tenebrael Shard from silver tower