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  1. Press X to doubt go back to complaining about GW's Sh1tty practices why don't you
  2. I mean I though both where just people joking rather then anything serious
  3. I thought it was hippos for the river temple for some reason
  4. I mean are there really any implication that any of these three would happen either way? Souping BoC into S2D or putting Chaos dwarf into S2D seems to just communal wishlisting/theorycrafting then real guesswork of what GW would do. Chaos dwarf may eventually happen but it would seem to be a bit ways off from happening.
  5. But don’t worry the 40K stuff are going to be release right on time
  6. Big things lead to bigger roads of disappointment though honestly at minimum it probably Warcry red harvest full reveal and the next battletome (the delayed Chaos one)
  7. I guess if you save the extra rider bits from 2 Sludgeraker kit you can try to convert them into the WHU warband and just find 3 Grot size infantry, if you don’t want to buy Harrowdeep
  8. Unfortunately, It probably be a year or two before it happen (most likely after season 6 is completed and Season 7 starts)
  9. You can’t really assume anything until the battletome train actually starts running and obligatory hero models are likely anyway
  10. They are probably be in the Bonesplitterz category of neglect TBH
  11. That episode of Peter Parker getting 2 extra hands was one of my favorite of the 90s animated series
  12. She the same price as Kritza and Annika so I believe $35 is correct
  13. Here are the rumored prices boltboyz I believe are the same price as the SCE chariot (45USD) and Hobgrots are the same as Gutrippaz (50USD)
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