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  1. If I recall correctly it was just the Silent king teaser that had a date on it ( like the 23 of May) and then that was the day they reveal the new edition and new cinematic trailer
  2. My skepticism on that post is that it goes to far in the future road mapping that most armies will get Second waves as well not really brining in any new rumors that we haven't heard about before
  3. Prediction: End up not being a Idoneath deepkin God unit and everyone gets Salty
  4. Saturaday going to be Dawn of War 4: Road to More Disappointment
  5. I believe the bottom card is one of the Kurnothi using the Upgrade card, they have done that a few times already Edit: didn't see the edit
  6. They did seriously had a lot to reveal (on the Second day)
  7. it gonna get sold out no questions about that
  8. I always like the Necrophages from Endless legends, kind of hope Silent people are similar to them
  9. i think they wanted to diversify Destruction so it isn't always heavily greenskin/ Gorkamorka related, that why Kragnos is something totally different for the GA
  10. who know maybe Bravery and Battleshock are going to be retuned in the next edition and that =1 bravery may actually be useful. GW keep adding this rule to many other units lately as well. i know it one of the biggest thing people want to see change is the battleshock phase of the game
  11. well tomorrow is Orks then the two remaining banner would be the Warhammer community icon, and the Stormcast icon, but then again the Black Library day had its own icon that totally new. i didn't know if the Necromunda one was used yet but it was on today article with the Delaques (the book cover as well)
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