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  1. I am surprise it didn't get rerelease when CoS came like with the Doomseeker when Fyreslayer where release. then again a lot of the unique stuff from Silver tower are currently missing like the two Aelves, the Warpriest, Skaven deathrunner, and the Grot scuttlings
  2. I think what they are going to do is give them Gitmob keyword so they can ally into Gloomspite. as for individual models, for Nightvault they release them when they release the last two warbands (Thundrik and Ylthari) of the season
  3. Honestly IDK I am just a speculator and a normal person minimum release for KO is probably new tome, terrain, and Endless something (and even that they didn't give them to Warclans, COS, and spells to Ogors) but going by what GW did with the last 2 codexes (Orks and GSC) in 8th and what they stated with KO in the past, it possible they tend to give new stuff to the book they release last. My big prediction (based on my bias and hope) is that they are going to release Sky Grot sometime next year and they are going have VS box with KO (like Feast in of Bones) and KO may get a new Hero or something. then their battletome comes out by then and hopefully their rules are good but not Slaaneshi-broken good. any new KO models I hope but I keep my expectations low on that front.
  4. yeah probably Battletome supplements for certain armies similar to the Space marine ones, Stormcast probably set stuff next year. Seraphon are probably get a big release (similar to S2D) since their battletome has been push back the longest. probably two big army releases (Kurnothi and a new Destruction army) it quite possible that biggest highlight for next year is 40K 9th edition though, but I think GW will still release a lot battletome next year because it Profitable
  5. the thing is that we don't know how much a model needs to be sold to be saved and Forgeworld don't actively tell their client that their bortique models are not meant to last on the store like the GW plastic models (kind of like how Kingdom death does their models), it could just be that a model sell great but the mold broke and then it done-zo. beside if they actually put them on last chance to buy, their would be less lamenting and more acceptance of the matter.
  6. that seem kind of disingenuous though that the customer are the problem when FW never takes any of their criticsms or feedback to heart, like if FW fall is 100% their fault and not the customers that don't want to buy their stuff
  7. I don't know though, GW hasn't really used Last Chance to buy tab that often anymore, majority of discontinued stuff lately seem to just disappear from the webstore without warning. simply put, I think they don't want to bother selling the remaining inventory and rather just get rid of it all in one go.
  8. i can stomach some prices now but some of the new boxes like Blood of The Phoenix and the Necromunda box is getting quit agricious and concerning for me when it comes to the future. it has pretty much means order online and pay no shipping cost to get it at a discount. I wish to support my LSG and maybe I will do it through Magic the Gathering but not through GW products.
  9. I think there going to be a new sabretooth and hunter coming out for Beastgrave but its probably sometime next year. I know most people just use the Fenrisan wolfs as a proxy for frost sabres
  10. not sure if it a cause for concern but Fimir warrior are "no longer available" on the Forgeworld US webstore the Noble is still in stock and they are still available on the other region webstore browser however, so not sure.
  11. hey guys, been taking a break from the hobby with life stuff. came back and finish up my Gobbapalooza still a big fan of the Gitz though as I played a few game at felt frustration at the rules at times (especially playing against Slaanesh couple of times)
  12. man it would have been perfect if the fanatics where squig herds instead, still pretty cool box though
  13. if I am reading the Maw Krusha Rules correctly, you gain a wounds and attack for every model you slain at the end of the Combat phase, does that mean if you wipe out like 20 something unit you gain 20 wounds and attack?
  14. it probably be like 40K supplement codex where they go and release a new tome specifically for Ironjawz if they made more models for them. Orruk Warclan (don't really like the Tome name either) probably be a soup tome that incorporate more different Orruks groups (like returning Greenskins)
  15. really disappointed though that their is no terrain or endless spells considering that usually the minimum requirement for most full releases. I was never a fan of them merging and I do hope a separate battletomes come out for Ironjawz at least (hopefully they give destruction their turn in during AoS 3.0) GW could do well if they added more Orruk models in the game since squatting the regular Greenskins.
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