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  1. 1. GHB or on the online Warscroll builder 2. They don’t have a battletome or any allegiance abilities yet so they are not as comparable to the armies that do. Fun army to play and paint but not really competitive. May change if they get a book soon
  2. I understand if the Untamed beast are a bit plain but Iron golems seems to be a lot people’s favorite just because of having a Ogor and dwarf as member
  3. I would think if Akelian guard made it in stuff like Boarboyz or hexwraith would have been ok. which makes me doubt the list a bit
  4. Wouldn't that like require them to expand and make hero and elite choices for each chaos warbands though, unless stuff like the Ogre Breacher are actual Hero choices in the game already. Granted GW will still probably Milk and dime the consumer base like they did with Killteam with expansion. stuff like spell casters or more neutral monsters seem quite possible in the future.
  5. I mean it could just be that if you had to choice three factions in destruction to be use for Warcry and you couldn't use Beastclaw raiders, GW probably had to choice Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz and Gitz because of limited choices. I don't expect an Ironjawz tome since they updated them heavily in the last GHB. Bonesplitterz maybe since they didn't get anything in GHB along with Gutbuster.
  6. they could just release more warband card pack, I think that the intent on how they get other faction into games later on.
  7. oh GW actually pulled another Orktober and releasing Warcry on August 3rd. giving the size this release and how they did the samething for Apoc, not really surprising it a two week preorder
  8. not sure though, they used the old battletome artwork for them
  9. they said something about ability cards though
  10. it could be the shadowspear price of $175USD I hope it not too much card base game play.
  11. They said that every Grand alliance would get at at least one battletome from Warhammer fest till the end of the year which mean there should be one for death in the woodwork. What it going to be is anyone’s guess
  12. Curiously they did say these are the First six warbands for warcry on the article which implies their are more coming in the future, whether it be related to the eight faction symbol they revealed earlier or just more flavor of chaos (like the missing one from Ashy and then mono god warbands) is up to speculation
  13. before Christmas when they clean up the store for holiday online purchases
  14. DC comic reference Their helmet like Dr fate’s helmet in the comics
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