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  1. i remember that the Shadowstalkers from Catecombs where said to have made a pact with Shadow daemons in order to gain their powers. maybe Belekors is related to or is the progenitor of these daemons and they follow him directly. maybe these are the same beings that rescue Von Brecht. of course if it is Be'lakor that is pulling the strings and decided to free a stormcast eternals, he is definitely doing something very well though out 5d chess plan.
  2. its also interesting to note that Belakor is also playable in 40k, so i wonder if he has multiple part base with a CSM on it or GW just going to shrug that a there a dead Chaos warrior in the 41st millennium my wild tinfoil hat theory for Belekor is that he comes out with Undivided Ruinstorm daemons for AoS, just because i like the look of Ruinstorm daemons from HH.
  3. apparently Bel'kor's release is related to the third BR book:
  4. that not really a spoiler since that same story was told in great detail in the Sons of Behemat battletome, basically Skragrott used Megagargants to help him in that battle, but they didn't manage to get the artifact in the end
  5. Actually the Gardus novel, was him journeying into Shyish and him encountering Mannfired. he ends up reclaiming a city now called Gravewild. most like he a Black library special character release, but his recently lore does have some correlation with Vampires and maybe where the current narrative is going to.
  6. torn by who the shadow figure is but this made me think Soulblight in the end
  7. i think it easy to explain why SCE are the most own army here, both being a starter set army and market to the beginner crowd. they are just probably not someone favorite army, people probably branch off SCE once they made a 2000 point army to another army they personally like more. a lot of people probably have SCE but it maybe their secondary or tertiary army they play as oppose to their main.
  8. i feel like KO don't need to be merge with other Duradin in one battletome. i don't think 2 different separate Dwarf faction is such a bother considering that there are 4 and maybe 5 in the future different Aelf faction that don't look like they are going to be merge together either. the best world would just keep the current two dwarf tomes seperate as is and just make an Ynnari rule set in CoS for the big united Duradin army.
  9. maybe a solution would just give foot heroes better protection against shooting (extreme case would be to make them un-targetable when in look out sir range or maybe something similar to the necromancer where they pass on attack to nearby units) but buff up melee assassin foot heroes like the deathmaster or Tenebral Shard to have strong abilities to jump past screens into these heroes (Flying charge, better Deepstriking abilities, ect) maybe still a bit NPE but feels a bit fairer then being dumpster at long range. i guess you can have certain sniper heroes that ignores LOS like 40k Vindicare assassin do
  10. to be fair we are talking about AoS 3.0, just using the 40k edition as a comparison.
  11. i think one of the reason they choice Necron is that they have always been known as an easy to paint army (spray leadbealcher and put a coat of nuln oil on them and you are all set). so it a good beginner army for newer customers. this could also be a factor of what armies get chosen in the end, we are all kind of assuming Stormcast is going to be front and center of the new edition just because of how they are both posterboy faction and have always been design to be newbie friendly.
  12. if it is destruction, most people are leaning towards updating and giving more Models to Ironjawz, since they are suppose to be the posterboy of destruction and a lot of people have been waiting for models for them since they been release 5 years ago. new armies for Destruction have been theorize to be either Sky Grots or the Silent people two popular theories. Skaven is probably the other big contender only because their range is half anchient and they could use a Necron refresh but the BR narrative doesn;t seem to be going there
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