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  1. its 210 USD, 237 is the set with the novel included. it sucks that it both more expensive and some what less content then the previous starter set, it also not helping that the new warband boxes are $10 more then the previous ones
  2. Not sure if it was design with this intent but mega Gargant kit has its basic body rig all on one spures I can see GW using that rig in the future for other mega size Gargants like what they did with the Bigger knights ( Dominus class). Their maybe chaos Gargants in the future too since they had a brief lore bit about them working with chaos Duardin.
  3. Probably both, must be all that social distancing messing with your guys mind
  4. i guess if you want some hope, they did tease Barak Vyxa and Chaos Duardin again in the Behemat tome. maybe these minor lore teases will lead to something eventually.
  5. i think there going to be at least one more this year to replace the big Blood and Glory preview the last one was a replacement for Spiel show
  6. i wouldn't really care about the competitive scene at the moment given the world state right now and the fact that only small tournaments are being held right now. barely any worthwhile tournaments are happening in the US and i don't expect much with COVID is just coming back. yes Gloomspite is not a strong army but complain about it constantly damper your enjoyment of playing games. just enjoy what you got and not care about what others have. often times the strongest army are often times GW forgeting how to balancing stuff and not really metric of player skill or anything one can do without bent out rules.
  7. What a minute how do they give point to Warcry warbands again?, the new ones don’t have them on their store warscroll. I knew the previous ones where in the slaves to darkness tome. i though it be similar to how they do underworld warbands?
  8. Impress of what I can do in one day got it all assembled and did some basic skin tone on this mad lad
  9. I believe yes, 1 naturally per turn, 1 from the artifact, and one for being in the moon
  10. Finally got my pre order, better late then never lol I hope to at least finish one of Megas by the end of the week
  11. Maybe the reason Morathi creation doesn’t have a -Neth because she not a true god yet like the other 4 gods are
  12. There is also Kurnothi, guess it could be Aelves related to Kurnoth
  13. I am of the opinion that the design plan was for each aelves gods to get there own army since each got a portion of souls from Slaanesh. Tyrion has his side of Pointy aelves yet unseen Teclis has Deepkin but stuff happens and he had to use some of Tyrions to make his side of Pointy aelves Morathi has daughter of Khaine Malarion has Umbraneth spiky goth punk Aelves Allarielle didn’t get any souls but has Sylvaneath and maybe Kurnothi in the future
  14. they are 25 mm technically you could proxy the smaller Corvus cabal (10 of them) or Unmade (8 of them) models as marauder. people don't do it though because is easier to buy the one Marauders box then spend 2 box of more expensive Warcry boxes. plus i think people really distain the fact that marauder spams happens to be one of the strongest part of S2D over classic Chaos warriors and knights
  15. I think in the end they are design for Warcry in mind and not suppose to be compellingly units in AoS and I think they do that purposely
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