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  1. I don't think so because Sigvald's swords has a serpent tail coiled around the hilt, this one is more thorn-like
  2. in an ideal world yes, but how GW balance process goes that not usually the case like if they all of a sudden nerf Petrefix elite for OBR, they usually not at the same time lowering the cost of some of their units to compensate for the nerf. though with Skaven maybe they have adjusted all the problem units at the correct cost already and may start helping overcosted units but I don't know. they are probably a good amount of units that are still undercosted in the roster
  3. for Skaven Point reduction, Warhammer Weekly sum it quite well on GW's balance, that they are hesitant to give out Point deductions on armies that are overpowered (or in Skaven case some units being grossly under costed at launch) until they have increase the points enough on the egregious units that they feel the armies is in an okay places.
  4. hmm, If they are going with the demon and angel aspect with the new High and Dark Aelves in AoS, I did felt like they where going with a Dante's divine comedy approach with Ulgu and Hysh. the way they made Hysh with the ten paradise had some parallel with Dante's Paradiso with nine sphere of heaven and a central hub in the middle and if I recall some info on Ulgu they had like 13 ring like region similar to how the circles of hell work in Inferno
  5. aren't Idoneath Deepkin sort of like Vampire but instead of blood sucking kind they syphon souls off their victims
  6. there a reveal on the 23rd but probably all for 40K and Necrons
  7. not sure promoting the much maligned Endtimes would be the right way to do so I think they just selling what ever stuff they can during this global downturn
  8. yeah they have to put the army name and new warscroll in the box when the book is release
  9. well at least that answer the question of if that was a yet to be revealed unit behind Eltherion Nope it was just a rock
  10. could be, people think it was the new edition for 40k with a new starter set between Necrons and Space Marine
  11. looks like the big thing after Realmlords and Gargants is going to be whatever this new Necron release is going to be announce in late May
  12. for news and for me shilling out for fake internet points on emotes, Total War announced a new DLC
  13. I would entertain the idea of a new Warhammer quest coming out (since Blackstone is more or less finish now) and that all these one off rumor engines are the heroes and villain of the game.
  14. I think it more of they write those ahead of time months in advance and thought that Reamlord would have been release by now if not for the delay
  15. Yeah I know, the reason I mention it was because Frontier Development who got the AoS license, also made that game
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