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  1. depends though, since they have change the keywords of Underworld warbands when tomes of that said faction have been releases. they do this so it doesn't give away their plans of the future but allows them to be playable on the TT without problems example would be that they added the Gloomspite keyword for Zarbag when the tome was releases
  2. agree, I think Kurnothi is going to be a new army in the near future also there where a lot rumor engine pics that look very wood elves not that long ago with the fur cloak and glade shield optimistically they may be the AoS Christmas release for this year once GW finish up their current slate of battletome that haven't been release yet.
  3. probably but I feel like the release is not as big as other tome release have been. especially if their is no endless spell or new faction terrain coming with the release.
  4. well more Aelves in the future. that pretty exciting since I didn't think the remaining Wood Aelves would be forever stuck in the CoS Soup tome without becoming their own thing in the future.
  5. I not saying they would drop any stuff but these are like just LoN tomes where they combine stuff for now, but then release a new tome down the line like Nighthaunt or what they do with Space marine specific chapters codexes. like CoS is just souping the current old models but something like Wanderers would just branch out into it own army (Kurnothi) in the future and own allegiance and rules instead of playing by specific city rules. and Ironjawz probably get their range expanded in the future maybe in AoS 3.0 since it probably going (of in fairness should be) to be Stormcast versus a Destruction faction
  6. TBH I don't think CoS and Orruk Clan are considered complete full releases by GW (compared to Ossiach) given that they are coming without endless spells or terrain. these are probably placeholder tomes until they decided to release more stand alone armies like Kurnothi, Devoted of Sigmar, or a big Ironjawz release when AoS 3.0 comes out.
  7. Wanderers could still have their own book in the future related with whatever the Kurnothi guy coming for Beastgrave, these two soup BT coming out I feel are just stopgate battletomes for future release especially if they don't come out with Endless spells and terrain
  8. it depend on what the mixed allegiance ability is, I have a feeling it going to have a limitation of You must have Gordrak in the army for that allegiance to work type deal.
  9. Well Gloomspite only one allegiance was really well though out, the other three weren't really optimize with the keyword bingo
  10. I heard that they may be based on Firestorm allegiances, so it would implied that each one would have stormcast in them if they are at all similar to the original allegiances
  11. but then they could have just merge Fyreslayers and KO together or even wanderers and Sylvaneath together, my problem is that GW don't really have standard of what get merge and what does not.
  12. yeah I feel a bit disappointed too, I not saying it lazy but I feel like they didn't have to soup them together just to get to their tome goals faster
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