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  1. On one hand I think more new army is a good thing and essential since AoS is still a new and needs to develop more unique looking army to settle ifself into it own IP, since universally I heard that crazy stuff like Kharadron, IDK, DOK, Gloomspite, and Nighthaunt really push people into playing AoS. on the other hand bloat can be a big problem since updating and expanding ranges for so many army can be a big problem in the future, especially since AoS has almost or has surpass 40k in terms of amounts of Army. one of the solutions is to update army through digital subscription means so the process is faster and timelier but it unknown if GW feel if that model is profitable or if the fanbase would actually adapt into such a model.
  2. you try playing a game blindfold and see how that goes for ya also finecast existing is so egregious to this day yeah I am also on the fence of the longevity of Cities given that in the miniature industry old products being retire and squat for inventory purposes is always going to happen even for a company like GW. it just how business are run. if Pointy Aelves don't incorporate any of the remaining high elf units outside of allies or Kurnothi with wanderers their lifespan of those particular models are called into question. like IDK could have easily been Scourge privateers or use their unit but that was not the path they chose
  3. "looks at current Butcher and Maneater model" Don't get too cocky, Kid, ya still pretty out of date
  4. I would say no one deserve second class rules but because of inconsistent balancing by GW, it kind of happens to unfortunate player bases (Grey knights) they are also purposely making mini marines underperform to incise Primaris marine in everyone's army.
  5. I am not sure if it better rules but that balancing rules is a tough job and GW is not consistent on the power curbs of every army. I don't think it has anything to do with age of product, Stormcast, Nighthaunt, IDK are army that just got power creep on by newer release just like Maggotkin, BoC, and to a degree DoK and Gloomspite. those army probably need a new update more then anything else. KO I think was just a very tough army to balance without expanding their range a bit (that and GW finally gave Jervis Johnson an editor that finally reeled him even if it was a bit much on some rule restriction). they had to be really careful with them or they will ended up being errata strength also vary to like Sylvaneath, BoC and Gloomspite seem a bit weaker and some are fairly balance like Khorne, Ironjawz, Mawtribes, Fyreslayers, S2D, and some they totally ****** the pooch like FEC, Skaven, Slaanesh, and maybe the new Tzeentch and OBR. Don't get me wrong, I dealt with a lot of toxic WHF players IRL and seen it Total War community and their youtubers and they are never going to play AoS even if you gave them stronger rules. but any leftover WHF army can become an AoS army if they decided to update any of the old range into newer stuff what they did with Sylvaneath and Gloomspite.
  6. so basically that same unseen force that people speculate the Tyranids are scared of and running away from in 40K?
  7. probably units of 5, they are kind of used to fill out your battleline requirement, IMO since they sort of pale in comparison to Bounders both offensively and defensively, they sort of better at being a mobile expendable units that harass your opponents forces and being annoying roadblocks between them and your better attacking units
  8. they come in square bases since the pictured isn't updated and the product description say comes with 24 20mm square bases so you have to buy the 25mm round bases yourself
  9. well I think February it going to be filled with the Warcry content (monsters, Spire Tyrant, New Army Cards) and the Wraith of the Everchosen Book along with all the unreleased 40k content. Seraphon may honestly be after Pointy Aelves during the summer period Edit: Also I don't expect another AoS Boxset coming out so soon in the next few months since Aether wars just cam out and GW tends to space them out I bit across systems
  10. it probably going to be a Teclis model as the big centerpiece judging by how they done Sylvaneath and Daughters of Khaine with their gods if they get two big models in the release like Idoneath did (which was the only time they ever did it)my guess would be a giant Skycutter ship since GW like Cavalry lords there could be a Vorturnos /Akelian King Kit riding a small dragon-like creature.
  11. words on the street is that Seraphon is slated for a Summer release
  12. I am not sure if GW is going through the different combinations between the grand alliances first but the two remaining would be Chaos vs Destruction and Order vs Death (unless you count the soul wars starter set) My guess would be Bonesplitterz vs BoC and Seraphon vs something death or chaos AoS 3.0 starter set hopefully would be Ironjawz vs Stormcast
  13. Kind of a lack of information right now about the book but I am very interested in Wraith of the Everchosen for lore reason probably have to wait for the "Why you should buy it" article from the community first to see what really up with the book
  14. i don't feel like GW is in any urgency or prioritizing to replace all the resin models (metal maybe), it going to happen eventually but in a larger time frame. in 40k it definitely going to take awhile with how slowly they start replacing their character models and Eldar units.
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