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  1. For the STD/Darkoath/Everchosen battletome release, i feel like they would release that when all 6 warcry warband have been release and i think there would only be 4 playable at launch (based on how their release schedule was for shadespire and Nightvault). so it could still be a ways off. admittedly there is a lot of 40k releases on the horizon, Renegade Knights, Apocalpyse game, Primaris tank, AD mech transport, Iron Hand Character, Blackstone fortress, it probably fills up the next 2 month pretty well
  2. any new AoS release (that we don't know about) would probably hinge on if they reveal anything worthwhile or significant at the UK toy expo next week. I not sure how big the event is but I would guess at a minimum they would reveal another Warband for Warcry and another WH: U model tease
  3. just wondering is it a British thing to spell Color as Colour?
  4. ah yeah that pretty strange, maybe the week is left out so they can fill all the retail stores out first before the general public can get access to them. I believe a few places are doing demo of contrast first before the preorder even starts.
  5. if they don't reveal anything more today, it probably is and that the Contrast paints are one of those two-week preorders that GW does sometimes on bigger releases
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/26/coming-soon-paint-revolutionisedgw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/ Contrast is on preorder on June 8th and coming out on the 15th
  7. I used him a few time, even if he not the general, i find him still amazing as a Hero sniping Artillery piece and a good wizard by himself. his moon ability is good and all but it not always necessary to take advantage of during a game. the only thing I felt I miss was the possible D3 CP he can get but since this army has other way to get them it not a big deal.
  8. from my understanding, the salt comes from the fact that because GW ended the Old world, they can't expand the total war game into any of the obscure factions like the Warhammer China or Arabia. Also doesn't help that a lot Oldhammer lore youtuber (people who were invested in the Old lore) don't speak highly of AoS which kind of breed a lot of total war gamer to not like AoS. in fact, I feel like many of them wouldn't have known the term Sigmarine if it wasn't for Archwarhammer videos
  9. However, they did say that it was 9 non-chaos warbands so that would technically exclude Skaven since they are a Chaos army
  10. Well that and there are a lot of YouTuber video out there that summarize basically everything you need to know about WFB lore for people who don’t read.
  11. I have a feeling that whichever death battletome comes out would be the one that gets the model release (unless it happens to a LON rerelease)
  12. Nice Minor thing but you forgot about the Iron Hand Forgefather
  13. The wildest dream would be if every buff that currently Moonclan Grot is specified to be Moonclan or Grot so everything gets a buff in the book except trolls of course, this is probably opening the Floodgates too much
  14. If they drop the grot keyword from some of the buffs and just have moonclan (or the other way around) it would open up a lot more synergy to the army then just buffing up stabbas
  15. probably the Troggboss and regular Dankhold some of the Araknorok variants may too. hopefully, the Gobblapaloza and Loonsmasha/Sporesplatta fanatic goes down too a lot of the battalions could be cheaper too at this point, I think the Bounders price will stay the same
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