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  1. Truth is probably the lack of hype or marketing focus for this seraphon release in general. like the release is just side release to the bigger stuff coming out after this one
  2. but then stuff like Wraith of Everchosen, PA4, and even Son of Behemat have gotten through
  3. Welp the star didn't align and the prophecy was false RIP Lizardmen Astrology, better luck next week
  4. if you want to do squig you definitely want to have the Loonboss on Mangler squig, having another ten bounders is probably a good choice to put into them into the battalion but since that 480 total you be 10 pt over so you need to adjust your list a little bit
  5. you probably need another squad of shootas/stabbas to fill out your three battleline requirement 3 more rockgut to bring the squad up to six is another thing you can do you want a few fungloids sine they are pretty solid in any army list
  6. Hmm the next up has to be the DoK warband and this guy doesn’t look like these Ironjawz brutes. is there another batch of warbands we are not aware of? it can’t be a mistake since this guy was shown of a few time in the card art
  7. Squig are good if you want better area coverage, min size Shootas at 120 are also ok
  8. At least with beast of chaos there a good chance of getting the other god specific Gor units since those are also tied to their respective God tome release and their 40k chaos marine equivalent. it their vanilla stuff that has a big question mark
  9. I think 24 is solid if you put the sneaky snuffler buff on them with the reroll one CA, though I think most people use squigs as min size cheap battleline to fit bigger stuff on their list. I think their weak saves and leadership makes them a bit harder to use against other newer armies
  10. Hmm the tongue sticking out and the goofy face makes me lean towards destruction a bit more then chaos
  11. the reveal is usually quite small so don't except anything big or part of the main line, last year it was Dreadfane, Stormvault, Combat arena, and the Funko Pop toys https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/15/15th-feb-new-models-games-and-funko-pop-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-3/
  12. I recall the warscroll cards where spotted in the shipping logs but not the battletome
  13. i guess they want some flexibility in their release schedule so that why they never give out hard dates and only say what month or season it is release. Though sisters of battle where suppose to be release last year but it got push into this year and now be finishing in March.
  14. It on the web store page description for that white dwarf issue
  15. @Lanoss not much only what was shown on the webpage damn it GW don't kill off Grotkicker, I liked playing as him back in AoS 1.0 with the Ironsunz battalion
  16. So apparently the Fyreslayers Warcry cards are in this months White Dwarf
  17. For those who are interested, the next white dwarf has rules and battalions for Ironjawz specifically for Da Ironsunz
  18. I wonder if there going to be a Gargant wizards or is it going to be one of those non-magical army
  19. I still think it’s going to a May release but excited that it is happening soon
  20. does that me it coming really soon? like GW been really tight lip about Sons of Behemat (outside of the Zoat trailer tease), if it was coming before Lumineath, you think that they would have shown them off at LVO. or they are releasing them concurrently with light aelves with a battlebox and they are just making them a surprise release.
  21. Would they really tease another tree rumor engine again for the same army again and make it that obvious? that probably where my skepticism lies
  22. Yeah but normally it quite a time period between the engine and release. the headdress was more of the exception since it was promoting LVO
  23. It could be Lumineath but since the release is coming soon I feel like the Rumor engine window would tease something further out in the future
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