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  1. Idk, considering the most recent new models (not counting single heroes and terrain/endless spells) before this were for Slannesh, and we've got Warcry going on now, plus 40k got a bunch of Chaos and Chaos Knights, I think getting StD next would be a little bit overkill and demoralize non-Chaos fans of the game. It is better to mix stuff in-between IMO.
  2. Because it is someone that Nagash just broke out of a stormvault so it wouldn't be someone that was already being fielded in armies.
  3. Is Legions of Nagash the missing 9th non-Chaos faction from before? That seems...odd that they didn't include it with the others initially. I wonder if it was a timing of release issue.
  4. No one is making any assumptions. GW has explicitly told us that the models in Looncurse will be made available individually. I can't recall but they probably said the same about Carrion Empire as well.
  5. Gloomspite Gitz and Sylvaneth at 2 and 3. I know there is a recency bias in play here but no wonder Looncurse was such a success.
  6. Agreed I haven't finished assembling Looncurse yet cuz I'm waffling on spite vs tree revenants.
  7. You're right but there are still some assumptions in play here like which unit will be targeted more.
  8. There was a rumor engine recently that could conceivably be seraphon wasn't there?
  9. Then if you're planning on splitting work out something fair. No reason you have to split right down the middle.
  10. Very cool, although I am surprised the pose isn't very dynamic based on the art reveal yesterday. I think I might have to try to pick this guy up despite not collecting Sylvaneth. Any guesses what the giant skull is?
  11. My guess is it is related to the artifacts we're going to see with Forbidden Power.
  12. I didn't come to the game until AOS so seeing those sepulchral stalkers for the first time I must admit they are very cool. Some of their masks plus their hunched posture reminds me of the design themes of bladegheist revenants.
  13. It would be cool if Forbidden Power included a release similar to the harbingers of Malign Portents so that we'd have an individual model to imagine a full army coming down the road off of.
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