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  1. Idk. We already knew there was going to be preorder next time with Drukhari. "Normal service" could mean a lot of things and doesn't tell us if they'll be going weekly, bi-weekly, or something else going forward.
  2. Why would Drukhari need their own week? Aren't they getting like 1 model?
  3. A pushfit box of 10 zombies with only 5 repeat sculpts at Lumineth pricing would be criminal. If GW does stick with the gravestones on top of all of them, I hope they at least make a multi-part kit to add some more variety.
  4. I'm of a similar opinion as many of you. I actually really like the Cursed City zombies, but I also hope that any kit for the Soulblight Gravelords is different from these push fit ones. I expect these Cursed City zombies will be the same warscroll regardless. They won't be "elite" zombies.
  5. As much as I don't want to wait another month, I wish we at least knew a Cursed City date with certainty!
  6. They appear to have taken it down We might be getting bumped so they can keep Broken Realms on track for 3rd edition.
  7. It is a little concerning. It could just be that whether it is March or April is up in the air so they don't want to pin it down yet. I can't see it being pushed all the way to May. We saw the image in the style above for Cursed City that originally showed March 2021.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that the Cursed City paint jobs (including the Vampire previewed today), seem to be a step above what we usually see for the studio models? The edge highlighting isn't as cartoonish and there are some really impressive blends.
  9. Interesting model. Another unclear article. Surely this model will be part of a Cursed City expansion given the lore but odd that they didn't come right out and say that. Could he be the 9th playable hero? I had my doubts it would be a new model, but seems like he has a bone to pick with Radukar.
  10. The other (worse) possibility is that nothing is going on preorder the 13th and the 20th is going to be the next time we have something up. I suspect we'll hear more later this week.
  11. They said the novel comes with a card, for the 9th hero, not the model. Most people are assuming that means it is for an existing model.
  12. I dont think that's accurate. Both had models teased in the New Year trailer. Both had silhouettes and a couple models shown 2 reveal shows ago, and both had their full release revealed in the last preview show. Additionally, there was a picture leaked the other day for the Cursed City Black Library book that shows that at one point it was intended for a March release.
  13. I hope they release Cursed City first. It can be played solo so it would make more sense to prioritize.
  14. I really don't get it. The Global COVID situation has been drastically improving over the last 2 months and somehow GW's supply chain issues seem to be getting even worse than they were before.
  15. Vampires seems like a decent guess since their thing so far with the new models has been "silly hair" and this silhouette delivers more of that.
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