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  1. Agreed they are one of the bigger exceptions. They have so many actually it almost begs the question why so many other armies don't get similar treatment. Nighthaunt as well is a newer army that came with a healthy number of normal sized heroes. I first got into the hobby around 15 years ago with LoTR so that is probably the root of my preferences. I loved the gameplay of that format as well.
  2. It seems as miniature designs have improved, its enabled GW to make centerpiece models less, well, "miniature". Am I the only one that misses the days when many of your greatest heroes would be slogging it on foot with your infantry, or at least riding on a normal sized horse? Thinking of, for example, the amazing picture of Archaon below, I find it disappointing that there will likely never be a model that renders him in all his glory fighting on foot. Battles just don't feel quite as gritty to me when you've got your leader on some massive beast instead of in the thick of battle. What does the community think of this trend, and do you think we'll ever see the pendulum swing back?
  3. How does the champion's extra attack work with the flail?
  4. Are they cheap as a start collecting? No. Are they cheap compared to what a box of 10 warriors, a box of 5 mounted models, and a unique hero box would cost? Absolutely. Probably somewhere between a 35 to 50% discount on what 3 boxes like that would cost separately, and other start collectings can't boast brand new, fantastic sculpts.
  5. Any source or basis for that "understanding"?
  6. I think people could be reading a bit too much into the wording. Is a multi-part kit coming out next month? Almost certainly not. However, I don't think this language is meant to be interpreted that one isn't coming out at all next year. If there truly aren't any more new kits coming out for the next few years, that would certainly be disappointing, but at the same time there are so many things that could still use new models, I'd prefer if they did 3 new kits for 10 armies instead of 10 new kits for 3 armies and slowly improve the quality of each army range.
  7. While it is extremely unlikely your buddy has any legit info, I'll bite. What are these supposed "big models" coming out?
  8. Having a problem with overly tailored/marketed models is one thing, but suggesting that the hobby in general should continue to be haven for men and doesn't need more diversity is ridiculous.
  9. Am I the only one that looks at these and thinks, damn this army would be so much cooler if they didn't wear armor? The guys manning the catapult also inspire this thought in me.
  10. I saw this picture on facebook which include the Mortisian Boneshaper. Does anyone know when we got a glimpse of this model? It is barely visible in the image.
  11. I doubt it. There were other ogres in the reveal video that looked like the right amount of models for 1 half of a dual box.
  12. Anyone else think that the hooded infantry with some sort of pole weapons that appeared in the teaser art still have associated models to be shown off?
  13. Idk, considering the most recent new models (not counting single heroes and terrain/endless spells) before this were for Slannesh, and we've got Warcry going on now, plus 40k got a bunch of Chaos and Chaos Knights, I think getting StD next would be a little bit overkill and demoralize non-Chaos fans of the game. It is better to mix stuff in-between IMO.
  14. Because it is someone that Nagash just broke out of a stormvault so it wouldn't be someone that was already being fielded in armies.
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