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  1. Or perhaps the specialist stuff has all been sitting in warehouses ready to go because 40k and AOS gets priority for schedule, and these things have been kicked back to keep the big systems on track as much as possible. Warcry, for example, went almost a full year without any releases, so I wouldn't be surprised if the initial plan was to release Red Harvest much sooner.
  2. Especially because Underworlds is listed as part of the reveal and the next release on their roadmap is said pirate warband.
  3. What does her price convert to in freedom dollars? $35?
  4. Didn't see this posted here yet. Looks like a promising update.
  5. In recent history GW has not revealed more than 1 Underworlds warband at at time. I'd temper expectations a bit.
  6. Makes sense they're pretty consistent to try to time with when people start thinking about holiday shopping.
  7. If this is true I might just have to buy every warband this year...good thing I play Underworlds too! Also a Frankenstein-esque zombie would make perfect sense as the nature of underworlds warbands is that there always needs to be a "bruiser" in more of a "horde" warband.
  8. Just the opposite. They do want to sell their own product. What they don't want is for 3rd party retailers to sell much of it because GW makes more money if you buy direct from GW.
  9. Sprues and Brews has a Dominion unboxing up as well as all the warscroll cards. https://spruesandbrews.com/2021/06/14/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-dominion-review-and-unboxing-aos-3rd-edition-launch-box-and-core-book/?fbclid=IwAR3sdgbyzf43wFxUDzqarLl8s4rmmJrHIiNVfCd6M3-NFuWp7d1GShKlUEc
  10. If that was the barometer they could have stopped with the launch box. Light of Eltharion is their best model and it isn't even close. It is sorta sad that he doesn't fit that well with any of the other 2 dozen units.
  11. Interestingly it didn't look like any of the models have sculpted bases so we probably won't be seeing Underworlds repackaging for any of the models like we did with Dreadfane and the new Underworlds Starter set.
  12. 2+ save. I wonder with some of the limitations to modifiers in this edition (rumored) if we'll being seeing more 2+s (Kragnos too).
  13. Must have scrapped follow on Cursed City novels lol
  14. Expecting such miniscule levels of error is not common practice in polling. Since we're talking about polling for hobby preferences all the more so :). Even general election polls in the USA tend to be ~500-1000 respondents.
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