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  1. It is also a prudent business move to limit which Gargants can ally into which grand alliance to try to create more reasons for someone to buy more than 1 box (i.e. darnit I can't ally the same Gargant into both the Lumineth and S2D armies I own).
  2. Now that we've seen the full DoK warband, this rumour engine seems more interesting since it is unlikely to be DoK, which was originally one of the leading guesses.
  3. I'm not sure this is accurate. It isn't always +2 after. It depends if the cast was successful. If you draw upon the Twinstones on every cast, the 1st cast will be at +1, and every cast after that would be +2 if the prior cast was successful, or +1 if the prior cast was unsuccessful.* *Unless the consensus is that the value doesn't reset on a failed cast, which is an interpretation I can see the textual merit to, but seems unlikely that it was intended that way. It is sad that GW still allows rules confusion even after an errata. How hard would it be to respond to questions more frequently (similar to how DnD does)?
  4. I don't see that the same. GW can literally sell the same new model to a dozen different Space Marine players. I don't see how the Stormcast chambers are shaping up in a way where they'd get that multiplication effect for a Stormcast model.
  5. lol nicely done. Definitely a good option that I totally forgot about, but it certainly has its limits still with 1 per phase.
  6. Stormcast lack the key structural element that Space Marines have which limit GW's incentive to push them as heavily. Stormcast is one army. Space Marines, because of chapters, is many different armies. When GW creates a new Space Marine unit, they can sell it to people who play Ultramines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, etc., so there is a multiplication effect that isn't mirrored in Stormcast. I'm not necessarily willing to say this means we stand any chance of having a starter set without Stormcast, but it does seem to limit Stormcast releases mid-edition which gives space for a lot of other armies.
  7. What are peoples' thoughts on casting spells with Vanari units that aren't Power of Hysh? Initially I was really stoked at the flexibility of having so many spell choices built into the army but as I continue to think about it I find myself asking questions like "wait a second when would I ever want to cast a spell with my Sentinels that isn't Power of Hysh?" Or "do I really want to have my Dawnriders cast Speed of Hysh if they're gonna be running into a fight without their sunmetal lances powered up?"
  8. I'd consider Nighthaunt an all new army too. It is basically the same new to old ratio as OBR.
  9. My theory on the Zenith angel elves is that they're gonna look a lot like Eltharion, but the model design is such a complicated feat of engineering that they'll be one of the later temples that comes out as model design and fabrication continues to improve and it takes time to pull off such complicated models.
  10. Very nice! I knew it was a +1 to cast and dispel but missed the extra spell! I like that one.
  11. Do the units all know 2 spells from the lore or is that a Zaitrec trait? I missed that.
  12. Is there much value in the stonemage without any stoneguard?
  13. I think the box not selling out quite as quick is probably due to some smart design choices to limit people from buying more than 1. In addition to some actual restrictions on buying more than 1, GW did 2 things to dissuade people from getting more than 1: 1. Hero in the box is a named hero. 2. Included the limited edition battletome. These things combined with the higher price limit the value in getting multiples for the sole purpose of stacking up the units to buy an army "cheap." They want you to have to go buy all those more expensive single unit boxes to fill out your army.
  14. Idk about straight from GW but I was just talking with an ebay vendor that says they're allowed to post them at midnight tonight local time.
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