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  1. I'd consider Nighthaunt an all new army too. It is basically the same new to old ratio as OBR.
  2. My theory on the Zenith angel elves is that they're gonna look a lot like Eltharion, but the model design is such a complicated feat of engineering that they'll be one of the later temples that comes out as model design and fabrication continues to improve and it takes time to pull off such complicated models.
  3. Very nice! I knew it was a +1 to cast and dispel but missed the extra spell! I like that one.
  4. Do the units all know 2 spells from the lore or is that a Zaitrec trait? I missed that.
  5. Is there much value in the stonemage without any stoneguard?
  6. I think the box not selling out quite as quick is probably due to some smart design choices to limit people from buying more than 1. In addition to some actual restrictions on buying more than 1, GW did 2 things to dissuade people from getting more than 1: 1. Hero in the box is a named hero. 2. Included the limited edition battletome. These things combined with the higher price limit the value in getting multiples for the sole purpose of stacking up the units to buy an army "cheap." They want you to have to go buy all those more expensive single unit boxes to fill out your army.
  7. Idk about straight from GW but I was just talking with an ebay vendor that says they're allowed to post them at midnight tonight local time.
  8. This seems like a pretty tough statement to back up with any real facts. The biggest similarity I can see is that they are both have limited mobility when in defensive posture (Wardens in shining company), but they're going to be fielded in significantly different units sizes, the Wardens with their sunmetal weapons can deal out significantly more damage and have some unique anti charge abilities, and of course their highly noteworthy 3 inch reach. I think the word you're actually looking for is complimentary. What you see as similarity is actually thematic army cohesion. Both units can play off each other well to supplement each other's battlefield roles (for example by screening the wardens with the Stoneguard).
  9. I missed it did he post Eltharion's scroll so we can see spell, command ability, and shooting attack?
  10. As cool as I think this army is, and as nicely as it covers all the basics, the list of warscrolls is pathetically short and having only 1 set of allies adds insult to injury. Definitely in need of wave 2.0 and/or Malerion's elves.
  11. He said it reads that for each unit of archers or horesmen you want to take as battleline, it requires a unit of Wardens.
  12. It's not letting me put the link but it is "Age Of Sigmar: Lumineth Realm-Lords" run by Cinderfall Gaming.
  13. FYI in the facebook group someone just posted a pic of himself bringing the box home from his local store and the mods gave him permission to post pics of the rules/points. Pictures incoming in the next hour or two.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a really cool rule. A great nod to classic rank and file. It is also interesting that the archers are gonna benefit from the rule too (makes the least thematic sense of all the Vanari but I guess they are claiming this is due to some blinding light instead of a shield wall effect). They might be the real winners here since they're the least likely to need to run or charge.
  15. Agreed it is a little ambiguous, but it seems like RAW you cannot reform the shining company which honestly makes no sense logically.
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