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  1. I'm in zero rush to get these. There was no way I could be chewed to fight the crowd.
  2. The general consensus on release appears to be soon... or later. Nothing for the summer. Suppose that's when people are predicting AoS 3.0. If 3.0 does come this year, I really hope Soulblight are released later in the year. LoN battletome came just before 2.0 and we definitely felt the creep over the edition.
  3. See the world went mental for Cursed City. The FOMO in this hobby is nuts.
  4. I reckon skellies and zombies will basically be the same as what you see in LoN. They'll change when SBG battletombe comes out.
  5. lare2

    Northern Invasion 2021


    My mate Chris Carroll just sent money for 4 of us. Looking forward to it!
  6. I must admit, although I own a considerable number of NH models, I really hope that they differentiate between the two. I would like to see all NH units pulled out of Soulblight and for the army to develop along its own path, incorporating new ideas like those seen in WHQ.
  7. They are in 10s in Cursed City... if that means anything. I've been kinda thinking along the same lines as well. Zombies as battleline and skeletons as something else... perhaps more elite battleline or perhaps elite. Starved for further info. Hoping the warscroll cards for Cursed City will give us a bigger clue as to how SBG will look. EDIT: image added.
  8. Nothing's been confirmed regarding release date or abilities... I reckon a good bet would be alongside a Broken Realms book.
  9. I'd love to buy Cursed City but no way I can justify the costs right now as it's inevitably gonna be £100+. Also, I'm never gonna play the game as my gaming time's limited (when there's no lurgy kicking about) and I like to focus on AoS and 40k. I doubt the models will be worth it in AoS, judging by comparable UW and Warcry rules. I do really like the models though so will probably aim to see if they come up on ebay or something.
  10. Well, here's hoping Black Knight models aren't changing... just ordered 10 through Mortal Realms 👍
  11. Be cool if they had a rule similar to Aetherwings. They're awesome at causing merry hell with the opponents charge phase.
  12. Ditto. The rules could be utter dross and I'm still going all in. Currently trying to flog all my worldly possessions to afford it all.
  13. There's a short story in the new White Dwarf focusing on Van Brecht's escape from Anvilgard, following BR: Morathi. It's still not explicitly stated that vamps helped him escape but I think it's heavily implied. What is cool though is how they're depicted: never seen, always in the shadows, toying, and, very awesomely, absolutely savage when it comes to a fight. I mean, just one shreds apart a group of aelves. Hopefully they're as brutal on the table. Got me thinking though, I'm aware that Van Brecht has vamp connections but they seemed pretty intent on helping him get to safety so that he could tell the SCE of Morathi's betrayal. Whatever the SBG are, they seem pretty anti-aelf in the narrative so far.
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