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  1. Just noticed this thread. Think I'll get involved next month 👍 Got excited by contrast and decided to finally get my Nighthaunt up and running. Aiming to do 1k first along the lines of the following tester model.
  2. Not rules related but... free food (if you can afford it) always goes down well.
  3. I'm actually miffed necros went up. They are not that special and it caught me unawares. The change means that instead of running a necro and a mounted vamp. lord as my miscl. heroes, I'm now planning on running two necros. Despite this, my list hasn't really changed (except my 5 GG have went to 10) but I've lost my extra CP for being 1950 (now 2k) and I'll never get triumph. Considering dropping my VLZD to free up points and running a mortarch instead... they're so frail though! Got a tourney soon so intend to give it a run out and see how it does.
  4. The buff to GG has actually nerfed my main list. Combined with the necro rise I now need to find 80 points. Hey ho, onwards and upwards!
  5. Thanks! They'd actually make pretty handy objective markers.
  6. Finally picked up some of the warscrolls on Ebay and was wondering what these symbols mean? The written ones are self-explanatory but can't figure the symbols. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. That's the beautiful thing about being Death. I throw units into combat knowing full well they'll die. As long as my heroes are alright I know that dead unit will be back. It's amazing how many people still generally ignore my heroes and get excited when they finally manage to kill 40 skellies. Awesome work. Glad you had a good day. Onwards and upwards now!
  8. Always find the choice on the necro to be pretty irrelevant really as he's probably always casting DM. If Naggy's there though, generally something like Fading Vigour.
  9. Would skellies not be -2? -1 for LoG trait and another for their banner?
  10. Can do but not till tomorrow. Sorry dude. Hopefully someone can help you out beforehand.
  11. To give an example. Boat man complete sans base...
  12. Funny thing, the instructions don't tell you what bases to use. I just had to guess... guessed right but was a pain.
  13. Got the book. Everything was already known about LoG. Zero surprises there. Yet to finish the story though so might be some there.
  14. For defensive, Nurgle? Disgustingly Resilient is... disgusting. As a 40k player as well he could also use them there.
  15. Without question 👍 Stormcast are pretty awesome mind so he really can't go wrong.
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