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  1. I'd love some zombies again but I can't face painting another horde! Slowly working on the 30 grimghast to finish off that list... might(!) be ready by the time lockdown eases up!
  2. Before lockdown my standard army ran 2 blobs of 40 skellies. The movement and the rolling of an ungodly amount of dice for attacking made it very painful on my back 😄 I'm working towards 4 mass blobs now (2x40 skellies, 40 rasps, 30 grimghast)... needless to say I've bought movement trays. I'm dreading the pain in my back. Think I'll rarely run this in casual games mind as it can't be fun for the opponent to watch me roll when it comes to the attack phase.
  3. I've been thinking the same recently. For competitive play I'll ordinarily turn to my VLZD but recently I've been thinking to spam and then just go for small heroes. Be really interesting to hear how you get on with the next tourney.
  4. Yep. The Q&A clarifies it's the lot. Looks like NH are back on the menu boys!
  5. You reckon the means we can also run Dolorous Guard, etc., as they're a requirement?
  6. Soooo, we can now legally run Emerald Host.
  7. Not too sure on GW production but virus rules are pretty limiting still (e.g. I'm still working from home 3 days of the week) and there's been a fresh wave of restrictions... with a full lockdown being threatened if things don't get better. Better get your Agrax Earthshade in.
  8. Love minuses to hit combos. When it was still viable in the way back when I used to run Nef, Naggy, a Wight with a -1 to hit relic (can't remember what it was), and a Mourngul. Naggy would use Nef's spell and the lot would run forward as a blob with -3 to hit. Good times.
  9. It should be amongst Nighthaunt nowadays as can work well with their builds which target bravery... plus it looks Nighthaunty Everytime I've considered getting one again it's been for Legion of Grief and, again, in lists which target bravery. I've not had one now though since AoS1 so probably not the best placed to comment.
  10. Aye, it's good to see some GHoN discussion again. Shame where I live's just been put on lockdown again - won't be gaming anymore anytime soon... again. This year's just been a right off for gaming. Man, I miss tournies.
  11. Yep, that's the chap. Got to see him play once as well at a tourney I was at. I haven't been able to successfully run Deathmarch for a while now. Takes someone with more finesse than me to see it work.
  12. I just plonked mine on a Black Knight base. Never had any issues and he's been to many tournies, including Grand Tournies at Warhammer World.
  13. 12"... 6"... neither matters as I rarely roll a 6 for it.
  14. Definitely 6" for LoN... they might be confusing themselves with NH Deathless Spirits.
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