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  1. lare2

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Played my first Nighthaunt list on Saturday against the shiny new Stormcast. Got absolutely smashed but loved it. I really had no clue what does what but gonna enjoy the learning curve!
  2. lare2

    Where do I start?

    Hi, welcome to undead side of things! I'm more of a skelly kind of player so couldn't really offer you any sound advice for Nighthaunt. What I can say is that Coven Throne's a bit out of place. The keywords won't tally with the rest of your force. You could still run it as an ally (if the points allow it?). For specific advice on building a decent force, have you tried out the Lets Chat Nighthaunt section? Just reading through peoples' thoughts should give you a great idea of how the army works and what path you'd like to take. That's the important thing to remember: you should always want the army you want. If you like how it looks and how it plays, go for it! Good luck!
  3. It's a great box and is a fantastic place to start, whatever legion you're after. The only real issue for LoB off the top of my head is there are no vamps in it. LoB buffs vamps, be they Lords or Blood Knights.
  4. lare2

    Blackout 2018 - Rune's Summary

    Loved reading this - thanks for making the effort! Sounds like you had a great time. I use one fluorescent dice to represent my Triumph (if I have it!) and keep it close to my gaming dice. That way it never leaves my sight and constantly reminds me that I have it up my sleeve. Seems to work a treat. I know what you mean though - people are always weirdly shocked that I actually use my Triumph.
  5. lare2

    Mortis Engine

    lulz. Your skeleton/ghost section looks awesome mate. You've just made up my mind - if I ever get it again, I'll make the effort!
  6. lare2

    Mortis Engine

    Glad it worked out for you mate. Sounds like you've come up with a pretty good solution. The paint job I do remember - I'd bought it pretty soon after getting back into the hobby about 3-4 years ago so it wasn't the best painted. Used a bog standard method. White undercoat, biel-tan wash, then highlighted white. Didn't bother distinguishing the skeletons and just had their weapons, armour, etc., as ghosts. It was alright. If I did it now I'd probably opt for one of the new swanky Nighthaunt paints... would probably make the effort with the skeletons as well (although the effort would make me cry a little) The cage and that I did as metal. Saw one online though painted boney and thought it looked awesome. Have a quick Google as there's some awesome examples out there. Loved the model and liked how it played in 1st. When it's bomb goes off it can really go off! This is making me want to buy it again...
  7. lare2

    Mortis Engine

    Been a while since I built one (long since sold as well). If I remember correctly though, it should really just slide into place. Put a bit of glue on either side and bob's your uncle. Apologies if this isn't helpful but I don't really remember having any concerns with this bit. Painting and storing the thing however...
  8. lare2

    How to expand on Soul Wars?

    Just picked up 4 more reaper's off ebay for a tenner. Much happier having 2 spare than 2 short.
  9. lare2

    How to expand on Soul Wars?

    Great advice above. I'm in a similar boat. I've 2 sets of soul wars and will focus on getting them up and running before deciding how to proceed. There's only one thing I'm certain off - the army I build will be focused around the Craven King. The overriding reason for progressing down this route is that he looks immense.
  10. lare2

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Just had my lunch and was thinking exactly the same thing. Think I'll spend the afternoon pretending to work but dwelling on this...
  11. lare2

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Reflecting on the above, the biggest issue I had with keeping Nagash going was heavy rend. Only lost him to HoD but in another he took a pounding to some pretty neat artillery. With this in mind, I might try out the following: Nagash (vile transference, soul pike, amaranthine orb) Neferata (soul harvest) Necromancer (grave-sand, overwhelming dread) Morghast Archai Skelly 3x10 Portals First Cohort Comes in at 1990. The pros: Nagash is a permanent 3+, rerolling 1s on his save (thanks to Nef's spell) and even when you roll the 2s (I hate 2s) or fail a MW save, you still have the bodyguard to absorb as well as healing spells. Plonk him in the center of the board, pack him full of damage dealing spells and unleash merry hell. With 3 drops you're likely to go first and having a spare CP for Nef's ability will help her out if she gets cornered. The cons: If Nef falls you're in trouble. Board control is minimum and this could easily work against you with missions such as Jumping Around Orb Hooha. Think this last one is the biggest pitfall. The way I see it, have Nagash and the morghast doing whatever you want. Then have Nef, the skellies and the necro focusing on the mission.
  12. lare2

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    At a tournament today. Played the exact list I posted above. Won 2 out of 3. Absolutely smashed it and only got beat in the first game by... A First Cohort army! His Nagash took out mine with HoD - ha ha! I'm now 3 wins and 1 loss in the new edition and I've gotta say, we are definitely in a good position at the minute. Super pumped for the future.
  13. He is too much for a 1k game but it depends what your son's after. If he just wants an awesome model with great rules to mess about with, playing against friends/family, then I'd say go for it. If he wants to be competitive then I'd probably echo what PFI says above. The start collecting sets are an awesome place to start and offer some juicy centerpiece models.
  14. lare2

    The Nagash Thread

    Speaking from xp, KO can easily 1 turn Nagash. Although I hear tell their clown car's had a nerf...
  15. lare2

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    It is a bit dominant. Can't speak for Tzeentch but I was expecting Nagash to go back to his original 900pts.