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  1. Probably not what you're after but I think the answer can be summed up with... time will tell. I've heard/read a lot of rumours and wishlisting but it could be anything. Including a completely new faction that doesn't focus on Deathrattle at all.
  2. Working on 40 chainrasps. Did 10 last month and aiming for another 10 in August. Tried to sit and do all of them but it was too much so gonna break them up into 10s and then do a character in between. I'll aim to do a Guardian of Souls as well. Put the finishing touches on this chap today - a belated completion from July.
  3. Just thought that can't be right but then checked... you're spot on. Really need to remember that.
  4. Don't think I'll get much more done this month so will put my final wip down. Managed to get 10 chainrasp finished (above) and this far on Reikenor. Decided to change the bases moving forward - just couldn't get happy with the cracked earth. Will have to redo the chainrasp bases at some point.
  5. Yep, ran Reikenor as well to cast it. One thing I noticed, the size of the thing, it dominated the centre of the table and made my opponenet fearful to get close to it. Really helped with board control, which is how I won in the end.
  6. Slotted the Purple Sun into my 1k list over the weekend. It was an absolute blast. Probably did more damage to me than the enemy mind - still won the game though 👍
  7. Gotta agree with this. Shadespire and Nightvault both had comparable logos which didn't feature as playable characters.
  8. A little part of me would die if they did this. I don't think I could face painting another horde of skellies. Saying that, the new contrast would speed things up.
  9. Something like this honestly wouldn't surprise me. The Nighthaunt book, what is it though? About a year old now?
  10. Got bored though so gonna treat myself with this chap before getting back to the rasps👍 By the bye, easy build my butt! There was much profanity and a fair bit of green stuff building this.
  11. An update on my pledge. Just put the finishing touches on these guys. Pretty happy so far. Bases have been hitty missy though. Put pva glue over the paint for the 2nd 5 but I don't like the effect it caused. They'll look alright in a block of 40. Gonna try stormshield instead on a practice base and see what that does.
  12. lare2

    Thoughts on grave guard

    Aye. To be honest, I run the great blades and then only 10 as a deathmarch tax. Skelly saves, I basically see DM as an unrendable save. Most games consist of me saying 'straight to damage.' Dying's what we do best though. If you're not dying playing death, you're playing death wrong!
  13. Naggy is great fun. You'll have a ball mate 👍
  14. lare2

    Thoughts on grave guard

    Just a note on the shields, in Legion of Night you'll have those bad lads on a 3+ save (in your terf) against zero rend. Not too shabby on a 30 strong horde of incredibly stabby skellies.
  15. Reckon you'll be alright on the offensive. Nagash is a beast on the attack and no doubt you'll have FEC supporting. Your puppies should be just for objectives really. You're putting all your eggs into one basket mind - you'll want to get Naggy into combat as he'll be your big hitter but then you run the risk of losing him.
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