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  1. ...I don't see why not! Off the top of my head, I don't know of any faq saying otherwise.
  2. With the impending change to relics I've been reassessing LoN's. Anyone have any xp with the Black Gem? Seems hit or miss but if I'm reading it right, it can instantly kill anything from a Dryad to Archaon?
  3. Go to his profile. You can find it under blogs 👍
  4. If the minimum size becomes the standard in 40k and if it's successful then I've little doubt AoS will follow suit.
  5. I get that 40k is gonna steal the limelight for a while and as an avid 40k player I'm happy for it... but... I'm not half hankering for some AoS news.
  6. lare2

    Nighthaunt 1k lockdown army

    Cheers dude. I'd had it mind for the past year but life kept getting in the way.
  7. *twiddles thumbs in Death Guard*
  8. Start with Naggy, umbral spell portal, a necromancer, and 30 grimghast. That'll set you back 1.5k. Sprinkle in 3 min battleline of your choice but I'd recommend rasps or dogs. Top up as you see fit. Take atherquartz on a secure hero. Should be alright.
  9. If for nothing else, the book is a really enjoyable read. If you like learning about the background of your army of choice then I would highly recommend it. I got the book randomly in a deal. Never had any inclination to start SCE but then I read it and was instantly hooked.
  10. lare2


  11. I always forget about this guide, rediscover it and am again blown away by it. Outstanding work 👍
  12. Quick question: if I include a Guardian of Souls, does he know an extra spell from the Lores of the Death? If so, is it from Deathmages or Vampires? Cheers in advance. EDIT: just checked commentary and it's a no. That sucks.
  13. Yep, subscriber in the UK here and got mine today. Was very surprised.
  14. Your work is amazing. Think the one on the right as it matches more... just my humble opinion though.
  15. Agreed. Just focusing on getting my NH up and running. No matter what the future holds for NH, their models will at least be safe for the foreseeable... I don't feel like I could comfortably say the same thing for LoN.
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