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Final scheme



Almost a full year since I've posted - oops! I got the army to a playable standard and then got sidetracked by other projects. Finally got round to pushing on to how I originally envisioned my SCE would finish. 

There isn't really much more to them than what I've described in other posts. First and foremost, the whole model was gloss varnished. This was then followed by a dark brown enamel wash. Areas that I didn't want glossy were then brush varnished with an ultra matt varnish. Gems were then based in leadbelcher and then highlighted with aluminium from vallejo. Blood angels red contrast was then applied before a layer of 'ard coat.

Burnt umber pigment was then liberally spread on the base and worked up the legs. Foliage was then randomly placed across the base before a nice black rim finished them off. I'm now officially calling this scheme done. 



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