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  1. You can't select the tribe so: - The artifact restrictions are not applied. - You can't select the Breaker tribe skills...
  2. I disagree. Almost all the players don't like the "kick objectives rule" in my local meta are players that only play killer armies and they only want to destroy you in two rounds. SoB is a fragile army, with very low input damage that only could win if you play objectives, objectives and objectives. I don't think that Skaven, STD, GSG or armies like that will have so many problems to avoid being crushed by a kicked objective. I play GSG, Ogors and Orruk, each army has bad matchups, if the killer armies with very few models have a bad matchup versus SoB I will very happy.
  3. The conditions to kick any objective that it isn't in your deployment zone are very hard. You need to be very close to the objective, and if you covered all the objective it is very hard, or impossible, to kick it. The problem is, as the opponent of a SoB, he won't care about objectives and you only think to maintain distance and kill my Gargants. In that case, you are gonna lose in a lot of games in a few rounds. I think it is fine if as a player, I try to win the game capturing the objectives, in consequence, my opponent must lose if he only wants to kill things.
  4. It could be that the second Broken Realms book is the Be'lakor book centred in Chaos armies
  5. Ok!, the bars seem bones to me... or Am I becoming crazy?
  6. Why will you add a second Warstomper? Only the general have access to the tribe traits. I think it's better if you go full Mancrushers or you add other different to improve your deficiencies versus elite units.
  7. Charging is not always the answer. If I charged the Mortek Guard in the first turn is very possible I don't have enough bodies after three turns of combat and I would lose the game. Charge is powerful but only versus the enemies you are going to win something if you charge. Behemat was cunning, he wasn't an orruk, makes your father's memory proud.
  8. Avoid close combat, I tried to fight in small areas with my two Mega-Gargants at the same time. Ossiarch is a very resilient army to try to win in close combat, but he have a lot of problems to put 30 or 40 bodies in an objective.
  9. No, it happened when I played versus Tzeentch so before this game I changed the skill to hit heroes and wizards. This is my forth game, and the first I felt how this army must play. The army have potential, it isn't broken but with the correct battleplan you could win and be very competitive. I'm very happy now.
  10. I won my first game versus Ossiarch. I changed my mind, if you play trying to score and avoid been damage you are goning to win. The battleplan was Focal Points, a battleplane very favourable to us. I played Breaker Tribe with the +1 to hit Hero and Wizard. Idiots with flags is a trap, your opponent is going to remove the commands first so your skill is useless. It is better to chunk small heroes.
  11. Gatebreaker was very easy to assemble, but Kraken-Eater was a pain designed by Slaanesh. By Gorkamorka, I had a few moments when I only want to cry.
  12. He has the Dankhold skill, and this skill is awesome. He can slain most of the mages of the game with a 4-5+, most of the cavalry with a 3-4+. He does a job that the others are awful. I think he is a bit overcosted, as all the Mega-Gargants, but he has the skills that any other gargants don't have.
  13. I think he is a very good addition in a Taker list, when you are holding objectives and you are not very offensive. Besides that he is very good killing small heroes and crushing monsters, two things that the others Big lads are awful.
  14. My only compliment with the Bonegrinder is that he is awesome versus small heroes and monsters.
  15. No, the Stomper rules are only for Mancrushers and the Braker are only for Mancrushers and Gatebreakers.
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