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  1. A lot of models of LoNG were removed from the store and Be'lakor was removed from the store too
  2. My theory is that all these Rumour Engines are bits of a new Orruk Chariot.
  3. The first is a very Destruction army. It could be the weapon of an Ogor or a new type of Orruk. The second rumour engine is the classic weapon of the orc boar chariot. The hand nailed to wood, I think it pertains to the yoke of a chariot.
  4. Troggbosses are worse than ever. The random damage is a pain and they are only fine if your intention is to play Megamob sub alliance. 😢
  5. Kroak is Out of Stock Online in the Aussie Store too. 😬
  6. Well, In my opinion Gordrakk is a big problem for the evolution of the Grand Alliance Destruction. My hope is that Kragnos becomes the rival of the Big Waaagh and we can see lads worshiping Kragnos over Gorkamorka.
  7. Destruction is not only fight, the big monsters or the elemental incarnates are affiliated to Destruction too. Destruction is the wild hunting, the law of the strongest and surveillance over the civilization. Ogors rule big cities where they eat and they have big parties. Gloomspite have big underworld empires and both factions are good crafters. I think Destruction don't understand Order, but they are not stupid savages most of the time. Druids and shamanic humans could be a Destruction faction too.
  8. My problem with the Lore of the BoC is that almost all their motivations resembles a Destruction faction to me. 🤔
  9. The lads are ready!!! HERE WE GO!!!
  10. 10th April - ad mech codex + Blood Bowl Spike + Blood Bowl Death Zone. 17th April - broken realms Belakor + Kroak + Gardus + Nighthaunt Hero 24th April - underworld vamps + Soulblight Gravelords 1st May - Sister of Battle
  11. The new range related to BR Kragnos could be the next faction that appears in AoS 3.0. Slaanesh was released after BR Morathi and Gravelords is gonna be released after BR Teclis.
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