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  1. Just the same as before." Big Waaagh!" can get them because they are Orruks, and Greenskins are Gloomspite allies.
  2. The points return for pitched battle but none can ally with them.
  3. yeah!... but... none of the Destruction armies can ally with them.
  4. Gitmob returns in the GHB20
  5. GITMOB returns to the GHB2020!!! 100% confirmed!
  6. It's impossible, and the thing that makes me very angry is they didn't change any points for the FW units buuuut... all the FW greater demons get changes. Why the difference of treatment with the 40k-AoS armies and the others? Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch or Slaanesh (with the point increase) are more active than Gloosmpite or other lesser armies... The problem that I have it is not that our army has worse Faction rules, the problem is the treatment with other armies that have one thing in common, they're 40k compatible... Why bonegrinder, hag, colossal or gobba are fine, and the 3 exalted, the verminlord and the khorne characters needs a point reduction?.
  7. Dankhold Trogboss 250 -20 Dankhold Troggoth 190 -10 Gobbapalooza 180 -20 Trogg Battalion 170 -10 Rogue Idol (allied) 420 +20 (bye bye)
  8. Cities of Sigmar was updated too... so, Orruk Warclans, be prepared... 😆
  9. Only 100 points, and it's the only Khorne unit with point reduction.
  10. Vorgaroth receive a point reduction... A Forgeworld miniature receive a point reduction... Pray for the Legion of Azrogh and the Gloomspite miniatures...
  11. We don't know the complete list. Only Skragrott, Dankhold Trogboss and Webspinner on Arachnarok are very expensive heroes, the others are fine. Our real problem are the battalions, Gobbapalooza, fanatics, spider riders, troggoths, Hoppers and dankhold. I'm disappointed that Skragrott don't go down to 200 points...
  12. 0-3 Endless spells in tournaments. Thank god! EDIT: Image removed, sorry guys... you must trust me.
  13. CoS and all the armies that were released after won't receive any point update in the booklet. If you see any poinst changes of Bonereapers or Orruks, for example, they are fake.
  14. Squigs are a very weak glass cannon, that have a lot of problems versus armies more powerful or capable to stop them. Although, if you do anything you want, you can win weak armies with squigs or annihilate him in a few turns... In competitive, the Moonclan can do a 3-2 or 2-3 very easy, but the Squigs only can win other armies that are "for fun" too or if you are playing versus a newcomer player.
  15. No. Read the text above the box. The artifact that you could pick is the artifact from the Realm. The other rules are only for the realm where you are playing.
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