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  1. I think that the problems with China are affecting the releases of news...
  2. Balewind Vortex was changed to "Out of Stock" on the US webstore a few weeks or months ago. So, yes, it is removed actually.
  3. The fangs are Orruk/Ogor emblems, they aren't Destruction emblems. The grots have a better craftsmanship.
  4. New rumour image, and It seems the Evil Sun to me.
  5. The biggest problem with Azyr is the poor info about the equipment you can select for your units. You need to write a lot of notes, and this inconvent with a not free App is awful.
  6. Am I the only one that think the result of the campaign was a clearly Katakros victory? - Bonefortress and the conquer of near territory. - The only one good general is Archaon in the Chaos forces. And because of that he is trapped in Eighpoints . - The destruction of the duardin Forge. - Slaneesh going to be hidden again.
  7. "Their armour is bedecked with sun and moon icons, symbolising the twin gods of Hysh, for their warriors are neither Tyrionic nor Teclian exclusively."
  8. Do you have the final standings of the tournament? Thanks!
  9. Two weeks for Seraphon? I don't know... It's my first time been a seer. 🤣
  10. I want a new Ogor Hunter because the mes Beastgrave Ogor is a 40mm model, and the base is a pain to modify.... 😭😭😭
  11. Borth are clear for me. You modify the roll changing the result. And this result could be modified if it's a BS/Save. Count as is not the same as it is slain.
  12. Or some of the generic spells are going to "rotate" in the next General Handbook.
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