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  1. Warhammer Underworlds FaQs are up before the release! EDIT: Underworld Warscroll are up too!
  2. The App rewrote the rule. I'm expecting a new update of the PDF including the new text soon.
  3. My wallet is crying and screaming like a mandrake since yesterday.
  4. I assume that the rumours that say "zero new models for Gloomspite Gitz" are true... I'm very sad right now...
  5. Harrowdeep needs one warband from each Grand Allegiance so... clear as a day...
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/07/discover-warhammer-the-old-worlds-ultimate-getaway-for-exiled-lords-and-rotten-princes/ Border Princes
  7. I think it is an Ogor. A new Maneater or something like that.
  8. Kreek ‘The Verminator’ Rustgouger A new Blood Bowl Star Player
  9. Blood Bowl prices up a few €. If you play LotR or Necromunda, take a look if the prices went up too.
  10. If you assume that all the wounds must be allocated before removing models, then you can't remove any model if the wounds are more than the unit wound total, because the rest of the wounds are negated only when the unit is destroyed and a unit is destroyed when the last model is removed from the game. For example: If a unit of 10 Clanrats suffers 11 wounds, the last wound can't be allocated and the Allocating Wounds sequence can't be finished. When the rule is talking about all the wounds is talking about all possible wounds that can be assigned to slain all the models of the unit as maximum, but the rest of the wounds are not tracked in that sequence and they can be negated or be assigned in a new Allocating Wounds sequence.
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