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  1. Can we confirm the IDK vs Fireslayers battlebox? Please
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/11/28/battleforces-march-forth-in-this-weeks-sunday-preview/ Battleforce!
  3. Yep, that makes sense to me. I'm expecting a NH vs LRL Battlebox or something like that or a Sylvaneth wave 2. Two leaks that comes from the same source of the Red Harvest content a few days before the box was revealed. We have seen the Evil Whitefang tonight. 🤣
  4. Yeah, but the others are... a bit crazy to me.
  5. WAT! I expected that rumours are all fake. lol
  6. The complete message was before the changes of the Translocation and menagerie... so I think it is true.
  7. Is the IDK vs Fyreslayers Battlebox rumour alive again?
  8. I think it is Eldar (Witchblade or something like that)
  9. I'm expecting a big increase in points for the whole army.
  10. The army lose the run&charge ability of the trees. The rumours said that the army is slower than before.
  11. I don't know if it is true #MaggotkinRumours
  12. All I want to know is if the Gloomspite new book is gonna be released after or before March 1, but the number of rumours and leaks is almost zero nowdays.
  13. IDK will come with other Battletome because the IDK vs X Battlebox is "almost" confirmed
  14. My dream is that Whitefang sends me a private message on my birthday saying: "Gloomspite Gitz are arriving soon"... But... A man can dream 🤣
  15. Gitz became useless because they broke the Stabbas/Shootas with the FaQs and the buff stack from CA in the combat phase.
  16. I revised the /tg rumours (NHvsLumineth, Sylvaneth and Warcry 2.0) and they were posted one day before the first Darkoath was shown so I believe him.
  17. Update of the rumours list: - Nighthaunt not very soon with Lumineth - IDK vs battlebox (We don't know the other faction) - Eshin soon - Chaos Dwarfs incoming - Warcry 2.0 soon - Sylvaneth update without Kurnothi Can you help me? 😅
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