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  1. Ocean Man, take me by the hand, take me to the land, that you understand So the next Underworlds season is gonna be set in Ulgu! Interesting. Ik we only just got 3e but this basically confirms in my mind that 4e will deal with Slaanesh breaking free. I’m really curious how they’re gonna handle the nautical setting, too. Deepkin expansion? Yes? No? Maybe?
  2. So, upon seeing some leaks from the new Orruks tome, I can only say this; the Sloggoths are fething terrifying. I never would’ve expected the derpy sloth troll to be some nightmarish creature that limps along the wetlands, slowly but unwaveringly tracking its prey down and grabbing it when it thinks it’s safe, but dang. It is.
  3. Sad, but definitely saw it coming. At least they KINDA showed us the warscrolls for the new units in the previously posted WarCom articles, so hopefully they’ll do that for the future releases as well. Sigh. Oh well. Was never much for actually playing games anyway, so I’ll just stick with the models and lore.
  4. And thus, the entire community breathed a steady sigh of relief. Ahhhh.
  5. I had a pretty long response to this typed out, but going back and forth over what’s dismissive or disrespectful isn’t really productive, so I’ll just say this: WH+ as a concept is very much a disconcerting one as putting a lot of previously free stuff behind a paywall always is, as it leads people to (quite understandably) believe that other free stuff will come under it at a later point. We don’t know for sure, like you said, but it is likely. But whatever. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on whether it’s good or gonna work well, but I’m definitely in the no camp. Not because I want GW to fail, mind you, but because I just don’t think paywalls like that are a good idea.
  6. It hasn’t been officially said, but given that they seem to be putting the vast majority of other previously free things behind the WH+ paywall, it’s reasonable to assume that they’re gonna do the same for the free warscrolls. Plus there were no Warscrolls for any of the new units on Dominion or the other starter sets, which is indicative in my mind. That sounded very dismissive on your part, Sarouan. I try to be respectful and receptive to other people’s thoughts on this topic and it’d be nice for the sentiment to be reciprocated. As I said above, whilst there’s no official announcement (it’d be PR suicide to actively go “hey, we’re getting rid of this free content we’ve provided for the entire games lifespan”), it does look likely.
  7. This was clearly a big investment for em. If it sunk or flopped it’d be disastrous, so ofc they’re gonna shill it and all it’s bells and whistles as hard as they can
  8. Yeah what angers me is the axing of any and all pdfs and free warscrolls. It’s just unnecessary. Wax poetic all you like about how “oh they’re a company and their goal is to make money”, it’s still a stupid and frustrating thing for them to do.
  9. >barges into room >rewrites history >"soon™" >refuses to elaborate >leaves for another week
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/22/sunday-preview-warhammer-launches-alongside-gladiatorial-gameplay-and-fantastic-fiction/ Ok so here’s the actual article. This time they directly mentioned “greenskin goodness” so it looks like we’ll be seeing Warclans terrain and endless spells. Then, it’s a definitely gonna be a pre order for next week, and not a moment too soon. Sometimes you really gotta wonder whatever they were thinking in leaving a literal 3 month gap.
  11. I think GW are vastly overestimating how much people are interested in Warhammer+ tbh
  12. I do wonder who types up the little “what could this possibly be? find out soon” blurb at the bottom of every rumour engine. Do they just have a list of pre-written ones that an intern has to add to the bottom, or does someone think of a new one every week?
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/16/new-black-templars-codex-cover-art-will-get-you-in-the-mood-to-crusade/ Good news everyone! The 40k article for today seems to be for the… codex… cover. Jeez, they’re really just throwing anything out and making an article for it, aren’t they? But either way, it means that the new model for today is probably gonna be AoS! Hype!
  14. If the “new model reveals” is just more Black Templars stuff, then I am going to throw myself into the Shyish Nadir. No offence to BT fans btw, it’s just reeeeeeeeeally frustrating to see a release I was once excited for yet again getting dragged out for what seems like aeons.
  15. Maybe the red subfaction would have the theoretical cavalry unit as Battleline Look, until it’s confirmed that it’s not happening I have hope
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