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  1. Even if there’s gonna be no Adepticon this year, GW’s gonna do SOMETHING. What that something’ll be and whether it’s a big preview (the dream) or several little ones (the nightmare) is yet to be seen.
  2. -A wave two for the Idoneth - yes, I’m well aware that some of us are sick of Aelves, but there’s so much awesome unused design space for the Deepkin. Some specific things I’d like to see are: a big Kraken behemoth, some Namarti riding giant crustaceans, an assassin unit that uses special Jellyfish toxins, maybe some more named characters? Oh and on foot Akhelian infantry. -Necron style reboot for either the Skaven or Seraphon (preferably both). It goes without saying that the poor rats and scales have been left in dire straits for far too long and they really deserve some TLC. -Revamps for the Spiderfang. The Arachnarok can stay cause it’s an iconic model that aged really well, but some new Spider Riders and Scuttleboss would never go amiss. Plus maybe the Scuttlings from Silver Tower? They seemed like they were gonna be a thing -New Duardin faction! It’s probably been said and will be said again a million times ad nauseam but a Lumineth-style revamp for the old dwarf range with that AoS flavour in it would be lit. We’re talking Gholems, big war machines and - possible hot take incoming - mole cavalry. -General expansion for some of the smaller factions, honestly. Throw the Fyreslayers and the Sylvaneth and the FEC a bone (literally for the latter) and give them some variations on the same old units. -Please don’t obliterate me for this, but River temple and the other mentioned Vanari units (them chariots and scouts) for the Lumineth. But this is like, after every other faction has had their stuff, so 2-3 years. -And last but not least, Beasts of Chaos? Pretty please GW? But a crumb of new, even somewhat competitive content or even acknowledgement in the lore? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  3. Uhtralle is the new Ymetrica character they showed off at the preview, and the other one is presumably some Ossiarch character that’ll have its own boxset without actually having rules, like Van Brecht or Drusa Kraeth for BR Morathi.
  4. The haunting music could maybe link to this rumour engine of a boney instrument thing
  5. Honestly this gives me so many ideas for potential terrain pieces. Sentient gardens? Houses? It’s all canon now!
  6. I’d really like to see an expansion of the Firebellies into a full-blown subfaction for the Mawtribes to round them out and provide a nice contrast to the Beastclaws (Ah yes, the three elements - Ice, Fire, and M e a t). Maybe a big centrepiece of a priest riding a massive lava turtle or something.
  7. Y’know what the Lumineth are doing in Settler’s Gain kinda reminds me of how the Tau treat their vassal races in 40k. Definitely nice to see that they’re showing the Loomie’s darker side.
  8. We get a preview for the next warband once a month, and since we’re due to see the Ossiarch warband later on this week it’s likely we’ll see them around this time next month
  9. Nice! I’m really hyped for the Wind Temple stuff and the Loreseeker, so those are gonna be insta-buys. When do we reckon they’ll be pre-ordering?
  10. Screaming for Malerion? No offence but where? I haven’t seen anyone actively begging for Malerion Aelves. Sure, they’d be cool and all, but as an “Aelf-head” (brought some deepkin and plan in getting some new Lumineth stuff when it drops) I’m fully aware that ranges like the Seraphon, Skaven, etc need some attention first
  11. I could see this being either a vampire or some kinda chaos sorcerer given the sword design
  12. Well dang, BR: Be'lakor was not expected. Guess Alarielle's gonna be the fourth in the series, if at all. Although I am quite happy about this cause it means that anyone could get a BR book. BR: Grungni or BR: Gordrakk anyone?
  13. Alright, we got about 20 minutes til we see whether we’re actually getting any new stuff for pre-order next week or whether they’re keeping the bi-weekly schedule. Which one do yall reckon it’ll be?
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