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  1. Ok, the initial outrage has developed into a sort of... well, melancholy. It’s just really unimpressive. Everything except the animations you could get on YouTube for free, and arguably at a higher quality (ie, the lore show). And the insinuation that there’s no more ebooks is just a massive pain in the backside as well. I do stand by what I said about “what a market share does to a mfer” though. GW are slowly but surely getting too big for their boots. Anyway, back to rumours ig. About the Kruleboyz flyer, are y’all #TeamBatScorpionThing or #TeamGiantFethingEagle as that new leak from 4
  2. WHAT. THE. HELL. This is what an obscene amount of a market share does to a mfer. Hope it bombs.
  3. Mouth of Mork, eh? Hmm, would’ve thought it would’ve been the Foot of Mork or something (cause Grodrakk’s the fist) but that works well too. The new BR story was really good, I loved the way Mork just randomly decided to posses this rando Shroomancer to talk to Gordrakk
  4. Ok so my guess is that WH+ will give access to the animations the twitch channel stuff all the BT/Codex/Supplemental content and maybe some other perk? exclusive looks at upcoming content earlier? For all this, hopefully it’ll be about £5-7 a month. If it’s any more money for any less content, then it’s a bloody scam that I’d advise against buying into.
  5. Welp, with the coming of 3e, it’s probably a good idea to take the initiative and make a new thread for us. So, what’re y’all’s thoughts on how we’ll do in the new edition? Will there be any substantial changes? Heck, we haven’t had a faction focus article yet (even though they provide about as much insight as a toaster) so anything could be on the table.
  6. Well shucks, sucks to see you go man. Best of luck to ya!
  7. DROGUKH ARMY DROGUKH ARMY EEEEEEEEEEEEEE No but in all seriousness, my best guess for this is that maybe there’ll be a varanguard-sequel unit of mini-Kragnos’ that get a buff from being around him or something.
  8. Everyone loves Battleboxes until they come with a hero exclusive to them that isn’t released separately until like, a year later 😩
  9. Ok, I’m sorry for the thread necro but it’s kinda fitting, given that this wishlist has been living rent free in my head for the past few days - be warned, wall of text incoming. Basically, I want an expansion for the non-Soulblight elements of SBGL: Deadwalkers: A generic version of the Gravekeeper from Cursed City. Make them aging Necromancers that split their soul apart to avoid death, becoming half-zombie liches or something. Maybe have a variant mounted on a palanquin on a broken off chunk off earth, carried around by a load of zombie attendants Generic Nightguard. T
  10. Thing is, new sculpts generally mean new rules and in turn new points costs. Surely if it was true there’d be something more... well, noticeable?
  11. That would definitely be nice, but sadly it probably won’t be happening any time soon. Unless GW have been hiding it from us, that is.
  12. The 4chan rumour is most definitely a pile of Squig-droppings, mainly due to the detail (there is no way anyone high enough up to know that much would go on 4chan of all places) and the fact that it claims the Grey Knights will get “all new stuff”, which has been proven wrong by Chapter Approved.
  13. I reckon the most Nurgle will get for a while is a plastic hero (this could be anything from something new to an updated Harbinger of Decay, Epidemius, Festus, etc) and a Pestigor unit, as well as some Endless Spells. But aside from that, they’re practically complete. I could see them being pitted against another army that hasn’t had an update in a while like the BoC or the Nighthaunt. Just throw in a nice plastic hero for both sides and boom, new release done.
  14. Yeah, no clue why they made the big Archaon-esque figure for Destruction a big centaur, but eh, que sera sera. Maybe there’ll be a new faction later on that fits Kragnos’ aesthetic in the same way the OBR became a thing to fit Nagash’s in 2e.
  15. Apparently the Loreseeker is no longer unique! Woooooo!
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