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  1. @bottle no worries, I'm glad you liked my drawings Thanks for pointing me towards these other projects. I am working hard on my art skills these days and I'd love to get my hobby dose by drawing warriors instead of kitbashing them. Whenever you get to a point where you need some illustrations there's a good chance I'll still be interested
  2. Moldek

    You just gotta love Skirmish

    I live there !
  3. @Double Misfire very very nice! You can feel the tide of death sweeping over its enemies to stay in the oldhammer vibe, here are a few illustrations from the original realm of chaos:
  4. Moldek

    Future of Skirmish

    I'm hoping for a game akin to shadow war armaggedon for 40k, that expands on the base skirmish rules with a more fleshed out campaign system and an evocative setting. I'm dreaming of a new mordheim, with a dark, Blanchian setting and the limitless possibilities of the aos world. But i'd settle for regularly updated tables, the odd light campaign supplement and some people to play hinterlands with
  5. Moldek

    You just gotta love Skirmish

    @Chris Tomlin I'd love to come but I'm a bit far away in Paris I hope I'll see a report on there!
  6. @Josh that might come in handy when I actually start playing @Redking I think I'm gonna try the tile floor thing, if I find a way to cut them that's quick and efficient, cheers!
  7. Moldek

    You just gotta love Skirmish

    I've not played anything since i got back into the hobby but as my fondest memories are from mordheim and (old) path to glory campaigns I have my eye firmly set on skirmish. I found a good FLGS and am planning to get my first game in next month. If I make some like minded friends my ultimate goal would be a big campaign, possibly trying hinterlands.
  8. Just curious if anyone has done something interesting with their square bases. I like the look of the round ones better now that there's no ranks, and would stupidly feel a bit off using square bases. But I'm inheriting a hit ton of WFB figures from my brother's old armies, and I'm left with at least a hundred of them. Has anyone found a good use for these? Maybe as some kind of big stone slabs on terrain?
  9. Moldek

    Xlanax_lot - Clanrats

    that's not what I'd typically associate with skaven, but I think it works very well! quality paintjob too!
  10. @Double Misfire thanks for the kemmler, always picks me right up here's what a google image search for dark fantasy brought up (barring ****** naked anime girls of course) :
  11. Found an old magazine with some great medieval art, dark and fantastic :
  12. Yeah the world is basically infinite, you definitely can make up your fluff without too much constraint. IMO it's ok to use unconverted models (John Blanche did make concept art for kharadron minis!) but it may be harder to get that darker / stranger vibe. But if you're creative with the paintjob and basing I think you can still get some of that aesthetic
  13. No miniatures to show right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on some dark aos stuff! I'm trying to get better at drawing some "realistic" and evocative fantasy stuff, as the artwork is one of the first things that drew me in when I discovered GW. These are not perfect but I want to build up to some very heavy stuff as I get better. Hope you guys like it, and I'm open to cricism if you have any
  14. Moldek

    The Death Watch- Brother Radek

    Nice fluff! Mongol inspired I suppose?
  15. Moldek

    Fully painted!

    Even before the Realmgate collapsed, there was an air of defeat, an atmosphere of fear to this region. The bloody wars of yore left the valleys filled with bones and broken metal, blood washed away by the rains. Gigantic skeletons slowly turn to stone while moss and shrubs cover the ruins. Not many newcomers venture on the old road, and the sparse hamlets are half empty. There are tales of old magic of course, and creatures grim and faceless that dwell in dark places. Who knows what corrupted warlock, what ancient daemon crawled amidst cadavers after the slaughter, half mad with fright and hatred, and slithered into some cavern to bid his time? Who knows what might still be waiting, slowly spreading its malevolent will, proding for weak minds and lost souls? Anselme Gartilius, A scribe's voyage into the lost Baronies *** Well, I guess the warband is done! There are a lot of things that I'd want to do differently but given my current skill level, I feel I'd better get a few more projects under my belt rather than dragging this one out. I still have to paint the bases and I'll leave this sorry bunch be. I have a lot of ideas for this setting. The next step : I am going to get my hands on my brother's old (circa 2004) chaos warrior army, and bring it to aos. So my future includes a lot of rebasing, stripping and airbrushing. The idea is to paint all these OOP warriors as very rusty lost souls, survivors of ancient wars left wandering in this desolate mountainous region. More on that later, for the moment I'll leave you with some pictures. I tried to make some clean light box photos but I still need to progress on that front . As usual all comments are welcome!