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  1. Moldek

    Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge

    You’ve put a lot of work in this campaign! I loved the various sights of the harrowmark and this sounds like an exciting development. I like your work on the « battleplan pack » to encourage people to create a narrative around their battles.
  2. Moldek

    Nurgle Army Painting Diary

    What a lovely army! Do you use an airbrush at some points in your process?
  3. To anyone interested, I did flesh out our forces a bit today. I picked up the cheap knight incantor from the Starting AoS magazine, and for the nighthaunt I managed to find a secondhand lord executionner (the one from the soul storm box) still on sprue for only 5€ ! Now we have one hero each and that should help us try out the full rules. Plus the myrmourn banshees might get to use their dispell power
  4. Moldek

    Painting for skirmish

    You make some very good points @JPjr, I need to remember that I still have a dozen of those guys to paint. I may go back and add some decorative elements later when they’re done. Actually I was thinking of painting some black and white squares (the english word eludes me) or such that could give them a nice oldhammer vibe, but I’ll keep that for when they’re tabletop ready I’m not really sold on the blue glow, I want to stay with a more low-fantasy vibe. But I’m thinking of painting the handle brown to break up that bare metal. I have my other two sequitors primed and ready for painting. I think this thread is naturally gonna turn into my painting log 😅
  5. Moldek

    Painting for skirmish

    So I ended up painting the shoulders. I think it looks decent, it does balance the mini a bit more. What are your thoughts? Should I add some scribbles to the left shoulder like on the parchment? Or maybe a symbol if you have any ideas!
  6. Moldek

    Painting for skirmish

    @Tzaangor Management thanks for taking the time to comment! I agree that the shoulders need something but I’m kind of reluctant to paint them cream , I’m afraid of losing the threatening look of bare metal, and it might be weird to have them the same color as the cloth and parchment. Maybe if I leave the trim metal and just paint the main plate? I see what you mean on the fingers, I didn’t want to paint them metal to keep them distinct from the weapon but maybe I should 🤔 I have to think a bit about it, I may keep it like that for now as in person it still looks decent. One thing I’ll definitely do is pick up a lighter metallic to highlight the face and make it stand out more
  7. Hey @Greyshadow thanks for the feedback. I think you’re right, as of right now skirmish is designed as a stepping stone to grow an army. I don’t think I want to get to a full 2000 pts force but I could see myself going to 500-700 points where the mechanics start to really kick in. I’m really interested in the various fanmade extensions and will probably try some of them out once I know the rules well enough... and will probably try the campaign stuff in next week’s white dwarf too! We may even try a couple other rulesets like frostgrave which seem like fun too
  8. Moldek

    Painting for skirmish

    Those are good suggestions @Aegisgrimm , but I don’t think I want to go that way. My natural tendency leans closer to rust caked, dust covered, filthy models, so doing (kind of) clean robes and such is already an effort 😅 Plus I find that excessive use of glow can be really nice but is a bit too world-of-warcrafty for my tastes. But mostly I don’t think I could pull it off... btw I’m pretty sure I saw your stormcast somewhere and I think they look dope. Crisp painting, and the bare heads makes them more into heroes instead of statues... So I went and paintedsome details a bright shade of turquoise, with some pretty crisp highlights, then tried to tone them down by using a wash over them. Obviously this went terribly (especially on the pauldron)... so next time I’ll do a proper glaze or just use better colors from the start! I still think the overall hue is good and ties the color scheme together, what’s your opinion people?
  9. Moldek

    The start of a new undead army

    Loving your progress! Great crisp painting. As long as the bases and paint schemes match I love seeing old models mixed in with new, although given your recent acquisitions it looks like it’ll be a while before you get new ones
  10. @JPjr thanks for the detailed feedback! It does seem that nighthaunt are not a great fit for small skirmishes. We’re still learning the rules so that will have to do for now. We’ll probably play a few games using the full core rules, playing as units rather than single models. I definitely am looking at the Underworlds warbands, maybe a chainrasp box and beyond that I have a lot of old empire figures so I might expand my SCE into devoted of sigmar. First we have to get all this painted though
  11. It’s true that being able to go through walls can kind of break the whole cave thing... Thinking about it, most caves are not actually sitting on a 2D plane: tunnels are going up and down and twisting in various way. So going through a cave wall there would be a risk of the ghost not finding it’s way out or simply coming out in the wrong place. I like the idea of tying the difficulty to the length travelled so how about using the mechanics you describe (roll 2D6, must be over the distance travelled), instead of taking a mortal wound the model is removed until the next movement phase where he is placed on a random tile / board edge? Could lead to some fun situations, ghosts still have a big advantage since they can take shortcuts, and even when they get lost they could potentially find themselves in a good position. I don’t know if the 2d6 test is too easy or hard, it could also be « roll 1d6 for each full 3 inch section you go through, on a 1 you get lost » or something of that nature...
  12. This looks great! I have just started playing with the storm strike boxset and this seems like a perfect way to play when we grow our forces a little bit. I particularly like the secret objective aspect of the battleplan, and it can be easily expanded by adding even more objectives
  13. @AlphaKennyThing haha reading the warscroll I can see that happening... even just playing with the starter box models it’s easy to tell that the game is designed for at least 4-5 units each side. It seems kind of tricky to use the same rules in skirmish games, that’s my main worry. I think we’ll start playing as-is then adapt the rules as we go. Might make it target one model only or make the range something like 4 inches 🤔
  14. Moldek

    Kronos' Monstrous Chaos Log

    Well I just spent all of my likes! Awesome project man, and the paintjobs are perfect too. This army looks straight out of the old realms of chaos books you should make a terrain piece to take your painted pictures on, I’m sure it would look great!
  15. That’s a great idea @Captain Marius ! Plus given they are both in the base game it’s very justifiable to buy it, so we get to play that too...