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  1. I was really planning on buying the starter set ( that terrain 😍), and could already feel the buyer’s remorse from spending that amount, considering I have a lot of grey minis and don’t get to play often... Then I realized I already have stormcast and nighthaunt warbands; I can just get the book and cards and play them, using count as if needed. I’ll probably do that and get the starter set when I have more money and time 😀
  2. Personally I think this one is my favorite. I love this grimdark stuff! Overall I’d say the game aesthetics seem to veer slightly towards dark fantasy and conan-type sword and sorcery, which is fine by me...
  3. Personnally as a life long fan of realms of chaos and mordheim, I’m really glad they went for a specific setting as a starting point. I think it’ll really help create a narrative between players, which is a lot harder to do with a bunch of random armies. And I hope they add campaign setting as they expand the game. You won’t just be playing such and such chaos army, you’ll be playing gortuk the bloody’s warband, who has a grudge against Valksss the snake priest and a bad limp... I hope!
  4. Great points @JPjr . I’ve only played a couple of games of AoS skirmish but it felt pretty dull to me. I’m hoping they have spectacular actions, stuff like push back, diving charge etc. I want to decapitate an ennemy then have my guy pushed off a ledge by some low level warrior with a lucky streak, stuff like that instead of I roll 4+, then I roll 4+, then you roll 4+...
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I thinl it’ll only be these 2 warbands, they have suitably opposite themes. I’m dying to know more about the game already, this drip feeding is driving me nuts... I’m hoping for simple rules, a solid campaign system and a nice amount of terrain.
  6. Cool cool! Have you played any games using these cards?
  7. Woh I’m loving the dark AoS campaign system on the last link! So much flavor!
  8. I recently played a first game with my girlfriend too and I’d recommend playing objectives - we went with just kill the other army and it din’t feel as fun. As others have said I’d leave out allegiance abilities and the like to focus on the basics. Also be sure to really know the rules well, I’m not very experienced so it was hard to keep the flow of the game going while making sure I didn’t forget anything and looking up the unit stats etc.
  9. Love the scenery and the fluff! Is the tower scratch built?
  10. At some point I’d like to do 4 small warbands (underworlds sized) for each of the chaos gods, but played againt type ; -Khorne would be some aristocratic duellists with rapiers or daggers. They could be based on eldar harlequins for instance -Nurgle would be some plague doctors type figures, very clean and uncorrupted. Maybe syringes and potions to represent them inoculating their victims with various plagues -Tzeentch would be fat, stupid warriors with heavy hammers and the like. Muted grey tones, maybe bird heads in naturalistic colors. Rusted pieces of armor, dented weapons. -Slaanesh would be muscular mutants, gone completely mad from excess, with spikes driven through their flesh, eyes gouged, howling mouths and the like, hardcore mutilations and crude tattoos Typing this out I realize I still have to perfect the concepts, I’m very open to suggestions
  11. My dream / next army project would be a Grand Alliance Chaos army that’s built as a mirror of free peoples. Basically a medieval dark fantasy army with demigryph knights, spearmen, various mutants. Not over the top slaves to darkness but people who worship chaos as a traditional pantheon, have castles, towns etc.
  12. @Dr Ben those are some great ideas! Looking at mental disorders could be a very useful source of information, I’ll be sure to dig around. I agree that the ability to have your own small setting separate from the main plot is one of the great things about AoS. If you want to check out the thread I started on the narrative forum, I wrote a short story exploring the ideas discussed here. TL;DR is that some of the stormcast are starting to see the humanity loss from reforging as a blessing instead of a curse. The idea that they would report their delusional version of what is going on to azyr is really good, I think I’ll include it in the plot.
  13. Yeah I wouldn’t expect anything like a corrupt stormcast faction, but maybe something akin to the legion of the damned in 40k - a rogue stormhost that pops out of nowhere and kills everyone in pursuit of a supreme goal. Maybe just some optional rules, maybe a special unit... I don’t know what would happen to stormcast who actually reject Sigmar since he’s the one reforging them and they’re actually imbued with his very essence. But it could be interesting to see how fallen stormcast embody Sigmar’s darker side. Not the heavenly king that builds cities and protects free people, but the eternal being who sees the lives of mortals as a small cost in his war against the dark gods.
  14. @Gaz Taylor thank you. They definitely have been hinting at the potential downfall of stormcasts for a while. I’d expect it to affect the various stormhosts differently, unless they end up doing some kind of primaris-style reboot, with new re-reforged stormcast better protected againt degenerescence. I’ve started a thread on the narrative forum about my stormhost, with a short story that touches on this reforging problem, if you’re interested in checking it out!
  15. Hey everyone! I’m starting this thread to share the small narrative campaign I’m working on, mostly based on the Storm Strike boxset. I’ll post more about the setting and the models later but let me start by introducing my warband’s leader, Knight Incantor Carron, from the Order of the Crimson Sky : I have written a (very) short story to present him, here it is if anyone wants to read it. If you have any criticism on the writing or content please let me know, I need feedback and english isn't my native language Thank you for reading.
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