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  1. Yeah I agree that a 10 or 6mm epic battle game could be awesome; but I’d be really surprised if they did that. for one, the old warhammer fans would go ballistic about having no way to re-use their old armies secondly, I don’t think they’ll go back to making very small infantry, as a huge part of GW’s appeal is the beautiful sculpts. Way harder sell on very small models, and there’s a lot of competition already existing, pretty cheap, at that scale you don’t see that much difference. I’d be willing to bet it’s going to be the same scale as aos, which also allows them to recoup their losses if the game fails, by integrating at least part of the models into aos.
  2. I completely agree with you. Even in the old world I’ve never been really invested in specific character’s stories, or the nuances of politics. It’s always been the background illustrations, the far off regions, the text snippets about a moment in the life of some unknown captain... To me the universe is a backdrop. Sure it has to make some kind of sense, and have compelling settings and peoples, but I’ll always make up my own corner anyways. I’m not too interested in the books, they always felt sub-par compared to a lot of « regular » novels.
  3. I don’t know why they announced it like that, but maybe they want to gauge the community’s reaction before deciding their guidelines from the game. Let’s be honest, there’ll always be some crazy speculations. I find it interesting to hear everyone’s expectations and fears.
  4. Well @Rodiger I think you’re doing the right thing. To me the hobby is becoming much more affordable now that I only buy stuff I intend to paint & play with immediately. I’m not buying anything for a discount, a bundle or because it’s new and shiny. I’m not filling my closet with nebulous future armies that will never see the light of day. Sure I’d probably buy more if it was more affordable, but passed that first impulse of « I want it », I’ve never looked back weeks later and thought « if only I’d bought that battlebox! ». I don’t think what GW is doing is really out of the norm. I don’t think it’s particularly good either! This kind of releases prey on FOMO and « whales » ready to buy anything as soon as it’s released, be it from a scalper. I’m not a big fan of such consumerism; what i value in the hobby is creativity, DIY, friendship and community. I just don’t want to waste too much energy in all this; I have no way to influence GW other than how I spend my money. So I don’t spend it when the price is too high, and I know that my happiness will never be really impacted because I couldn’t afford some toy soldiers. I do hope they keep releasing some affordable stuff though. But to me the prices are a blessing in disguise, as they forced me to ask myself what I value in the hobby. (that’s the end of my TED talk, thank you for coming)
  5. To be honest I’m not sure I share your confidence! It is entirely possible that they haven’t even decided what type of base they’ll be using. To me the « square » stuff could just be a cheeky call out to the Warhammer of old; not necessarily an annoucement of future designs. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! (Or continue writing walls of texts of baseless speculations) 😅
  6. I think GW has intentionally created a setting which is more mythic, with a huge scale, so that it’s always possible for almost anything to take place in it. No more « there couldn’t be lizardmen in sylvania in 2257 », no more « dwarfs didn’t have cannons during this battle »... They designed this universe as a backdrop for people to write their own stories in. I think that’s the smart play, even though it will understanbly frustrate lore enthusiasts and people who want their settings to make complete sense. If you look at irl mythologies, a lot of things don’t make sense. After Icarus, why didn’t this awesome flight technology spread everywhere for instance? I’m curious to see what the AoS rpg will bring, but I’m betting that there will never be a complete objective knowledge of how everything works in the mortal realms. They’re a sandbox for people to write their own stories in, unlike a litterary universe conceived by a single author.
  7. While I agree that it would be a huge mistake to tease about square bases and end up with round ones (if only because they’ve become symbolic of the opposition between fantasy and aos), marketing teams in all kinds of companies have been known to play fast and loose with this kind of teasers. If I remember correctly the video said something like « everything comes around, even squares ». So it might be a way of saying that the setting associated with square bases is coming « around » and being converted to round ones. using square bases in my opinion would be bad because it would hinder cross compatibility between the 2 ranges. I’d much rather they’d put the Old World minis on smaller round bases and have square movement trays. Especially given how insanely expensive GW sells their bases. I can’t believe I wrote 3 paragraphs about bases but here we are lol.
  8. Can we please not get into a fantasy vs aos match, especially based on the idea that one is good and the other bad? Especially while getting upset at the completely imaginary harm that one would do to the other?
  9. @Dead Scribe I think it’s true that not everyone wants to paint a bunch of troops. That said AoS armies are still quite a lot of work, and I doubt that’s the main factor here. Visually AoS draws more from modern high fantasy aesthetics such as Mtg, DnD etc and that plus the simple core rules has played a big part. But I think your gaming group should hold their horses; we have no indication that the rules of Warhammer Old World will be similar to Fantasy... The savvy thing to do would probably be to build an army around demons, skaven, empire or some other faction that could easily work in the two settings; that way even if half your friends switch systems you still might get some games in Edit : (not directed at anyone specific) I think people should also remind themselves that there’s no 2 sides called « AoS fans » and « WFB fans ». I’m pretty confident that the intersection of those groups is the majority of the players.
  10. The story so far: In the beginning Warhammer was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
  11. Honestly I don’t get how people react so negatively to this news. How is more options so bad? Why worry so much about people ditching AoS in at least 3 years? That’s 3 years of games you could be having, that’s enough for anyone to build and play an army and have fun with your friends. It’s crazy to me how much complaining about the past (Fantasy sucked, GW let it sink), the present (AoS sucked, is pay to win, is unbalanced) and the future (Fantasy will suck, AoS will be destroyed, we can’t do anything while we don’t know how it will be) goes on at the same time. Where are the people who are just having fun with it? I understand everyone’s venting, and to be clear that’s also what I’m doing 😅 But yeah, it baffles me how such a vague and (to me) pretty positive announcement turns into doomsaying so quickly...
  12. @Cèsar de Quart ugh don’t get me started on the translations 🙄 I swear they randomly choose what to translate or not. And I have read sentences in white dwarfs and rulebooks that are clearly word for word translations of the english sentence, they make no sense.
  13. Totally agree; I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve read people lamenting the lack of communication from GW, or the sudden new releases that triggered fear of missing out, or the lack of visibility in their release schedule, or that they don’t listen to the community... Announcing this early allows them to gauge reactions, anticipate pitfalls, see what people want / fear... they’re listening to us. I also don’t believe it’s a cynical cash grab. Sure they have determined it should be financially viable before deciding to invest millions into it; but I have zero doubt that it will be a labor of love for the designers, writers and artists involved. They are as nerdy as we are Finally I agree that a « historical » approach focusing on different periods of warhammer history would be the most interesting and easy to add to.
  14. What I’m really hoping for is that they build up to a huge campaign in AoS while the old world release is approaching. In the end, Sigmar himself takes down Archaon and rips out his heart. This sacrifice gives him the power to accomplish what has been his plan all along ; the 9 realms turn into a maelstrom of magic energy, then collapse into a single planet. Years pass as the various gods wake up and their people develop their civilizations. Then they reveal that all support for AoS is dropped: there’s a new edition, warhammer Old World. With that classic rank and file, square bases vibe that everyone loves, and no more new factions... let’s do it. Let’s go full circle. 😂
  15. @Shankelton you make some good points. The different bases is really something that has the potential to cause trouble, they better cover all their... hmmm... bases. I don’t know what the rules and models will look like, but one thing is sure: there will be salt. So much salt...
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