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  1. That makes sense, especially since early Shadowstalker previews said they served both shadow gods. I bet when Tyrion comes into the picture, the Lumineth end up getting structured the same way.
  2. The recent leaks suggest that factions are getting a lot of new units with the new GA books. So the GW comments about bringing warcry in line with AOS make a lot of sense. They're also expanding the abilities section for every warband pretty massively, going from 6 abilities each to 10-11. Half the abilities will always tie to leaders, which I think is sweet because the leader is a tax for most warbands in the game right now. Giving them better abilities will make them feel like actual leaders, and also give the warband a vastly different feel based on which leader you take. Opening up multiple playstyles to one warband is really nice. Hopefully the Chaos book contains some sort of buff for the original Warcry-only warbands, so that they can keep up. Having access to 4 fewer abilities than everyone else might make it tough to play catch up in power level.
  3. Having multiple Khorgis is pretty sweet. Plus there's a really good chance they're adding Skullcrushers into the game with the new GA books, which might fix this warband's slowness problem.
  4. Yeah ToC 19 was sweet. I'm just not convinced the quality of last year's release means much for this year. Wotc does this all the time for Magic, where they release a product with excellent value, only to bring it back the next year with less effort trying to coast on reputation (challenger decks is a recent example). Hopefully we learn more about them tomorrow to clear the air on what exactly they'll bring to the table.
  5. Sad but reasonable. If the new books have a ton of new content, then maybe this is a good thing, but otherwise I can't see how doing it this way makes the game better. I imagine you won't need the ToC since the info will be chopped up into the relevant GA books, but it's still heartbreaking for anyone who got into Warcry to have something thats simpler than AOS. Would also be absolutely gutting if 4 months down the road they just release another Tome of Champions (like they said they would last year) that just has all the GA stuff in it.
  6. Hi, Looks like we don't have a thread specifically for Khorne mortals. I've found them to be powerful, but they can get outmaneuvered by certain warbands. Here's my quick impressions on the units: Bloodreaver - Great core unit that does a bit of everything pretty well. Khorgorath - One of the better melee bruisers in the game. Compares very favorably with the IG Breacher or the Mawtribes Irongut, for example. Blood Warriors - Fine, but sortof unremarkable compared to other units in the 110-120 range. Skullreapers - Running one is great because of the ability. They're pretty durable for their cost too. Not sure I would run two. Wrathmongers - The base one is disappointing, but the champ, the Wrathmaster, is great. Having access to the juggernaut riders would help this warband out a ton, but even as is they're pretty solid. I put the rest of my thoughts in a video if anyone wants to take a look.
  7. It seems like Warcry is doing really well, but there's only so many times they can release new warbands and ask players to play with those instead of the ones they already know and love. I would bet we see an expansion for the most popular 2 or 3 warbands from the original six, but not any time in 2021. I like the spellcaster or additional "hero" model idea that some people have raised. Every AOS port into warcry has multiple options at the leader position, which sometimes really changes how your warband plays. Releasing a few alternate leaders with hero rules in AOS would add a ton of replayability for the Warcry factions with access to them, without needing to be a big release.
  8. I like the juggernauts as a defensive piece, but yes the flesh hounds are a teensy bit better. The gorehound is one of the best leaders in the game.
  9. With the new starter set on the way eventually, I thought I'd put all my IG thoughts into a video. I think they're a sweet warband, even if they are a lil slow. I also get into some allies you can use to boost their mobility.
  10. GW's next initiative for sure. For me I'm looking forward to finding out what the dungeon rules are. Would be cool if it makes units function differently/ gives new uses to some units that weren't as good in open field games.
  11. Just as the old starter set was getting hard to find, we've got a new boxed set! I'm firmly on the hype train. Love the new Shadowstalkers.
  12. I love this setup. 1 elite unit in every deployment zone, with as much chaff as you can fit otherwise. If you wanted to push the competitive limits you could cut the non-leader bullgor (the Hammer deployment group isn't on the board t1 alone in any missions, so doesn't always need an elite) for more chaff. 11 models in a warband is pretty strong, but I think 3 elites is more fun than 2 elites.
  13. I think Knight's Excelsior would work great, since their brand of heartless zealotry fits an inquisition type of mindset. I've been playing with Sacrosanct lately and settled on this list for 1v1 Evocator Prime (Sword & Staff) 2x Sequitor w Greatmace 2x Castigator Hoping to run another list in multiplayer once quarantine ends Sequitor Prime w Redemption Cache Sequitor Greatmace Evocator Sword & Staff 2x Castigator I made a video where I talk about the faction and why I came to the lists, in case anyone's got fifteen minutes to kill while thinking about Warcry.
  14. Thanks! Yeah it seems like everyone who plays Warcry has a good time, but there's not a huge community around it yet. Hopefully GW adds some more features in the next year so the game can keep on keepin' on. Those BB Saurus Guard conversions look great. Especially love the one that's running forward on one foot. I found the Guard leader to be pretty good on the table too. I feel like the hobby opportunities are something that hasn't been talked about as much with Warcry - the smaller model count means people can try artistic concepts that would be too much work for a whole army, or too expensive, or maybe too weird.
  15. I made a rundown video for these guys. Clouds of blowpipe skinks of course the most powerful thing you can do with Warcry Seraphon, but there's a lot of play to the Guards, Knights, and Flyers. Poor Saurus warriors would be a perfectly serviceable unit if skinks weren't just better. The club+shield skinks are a better Saurus Warrior, and they aren't even the best skink! Hopefully one day we'll get kroxigors.
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