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  1. I like the battle plan where control of certain objectives gives you control of the spell, I think it's a purple sun in the published version. But you could do a mega version of that with 4 or 5 objectives arranged in a pentagram on the table and control of each gives you control of a specific endless spell. Good way to get the bigger more crazy ones on the board as anything to get more of these models on the table is a win.
  2. JPjr

    The Rumour Thread

    I think when they do do a Ynnari codex and new models it will be a pretty big deal and essentially could represent a complete refresh for the Eldar line. So what with the pretty chunky Black Legion release at the moment and the increasingly closer and closer looking Sisters of Battle one, I'd imagine they'd leave a fair bit of breathing space to let wallets refresh before they drop that. So I reckon for AoS... Bigger Warcry reveal, maybe even a glimpse of something from the first war bands to be released post-starter set. Proper Forbidden Powers reveal. Kharadron Underworlds warband. Hint of next Carrion Empire style box set, late April release that will similarly come with 2 new BTs and a couple of models, would not be surprised if its something like KO vs Iron Jawz or Sylvaneth vs Tzeentch. Storm Vault board game info. Something teasing an entirely new thing or reimagining of an old thing (ogors etc) (yay for vagueness). That would be a lot to digest. - I, personally, think Darkoath/StD will be autumn once Warcry is out and maybe an extra war band or two. With Slaanesh as a big release next year alongside some kind of Aelf business. Anyway looking forward to being proved hilariously wrong on all counts.
  3. JPjr

    The Rumour Thread

    Well that answers one of the rumour engines. Lovely models too, they're killing it with these Black Legion lads, the 2 adjuncts would work nicely in AoS with not much effort. Actually just realised it answers 2 of them as they showed the lectern on the back of the other bloke as well.
  4. JPjr

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    how about an endless spell covered in gold coins?
  5. JPjr

    The Rumour Thread

    No one's denying that in a mode-up fantasy world you can paint your models turquoise with red spots if you want but when GW design the models they clearly make design choices and in the overwhelming majority of cases they have chosen to design things like hair, facial shapes etc based on Caucasian archetypes and this is further backed up by most of the artwork. My point is that we, and Games Workshop, exist in the real world where these things are real issues. In the grand scheme of social justice and the long moral arc of the universe the lack of explicitly coded racial diversity amongst toy soldiers is obviously not the most pressing issue, yet it doesn't mean it's not something that GW should try to be better at. This hobby and the wider world of fantasy/rpgs is, thankfully, changing and becoming more open to all and GW should not just reflect that but I believe as the market leader set the standard. They have pointedly made an effort to include more gender diversity in both their artwork and to a lesser, though still welcome, degree amongst some of the ranges. This is great, to be encouraged and has clearly made the game feel a little bit more welcoming for a lot of girls and women that might be interested in the hobby. There might be a whole panoply of inhabitants in the mortal realms but humans, or very human looking creatures, still take centre stage in most stories in both AoS/40k. We're not stuck with a setting based on renaissance Europe any more let's embrace that in both the artwork and in the models, it won't hurt you or me and might make more people, who to date might have felt excluded in some way, feel that this could be a hobby for them too.
  6. JPjr

    The Rumour Thread

    yeah have to echo, slight shame about the face, but as people are saying could just be the paint job as the rest of the model is fairly cool and some of the faces on recent female sculpts like Sevarina Raine and the Genestealer Magos have been just *chef's kiss*. I know (you could try and argue) there hasn't been as many options with the recent releases but they've still got a long way to go getting more female models out there, of all species/races so I suppose at least it's something. I was mildly surprised and annoyed that out of the 12 individual models they've revealed for the Warcry starter set it looks like they only managed 1 that wasn't male, I felt that was pretty poor all things considered. Still I guess that's still better than their frankly woeful levels of racial diversity. EDIT: Also as a minor sword nerd the way she's holding that weapon kind of looks weird, god knows what they're teaching in the Gladiatorum these days...
  7. JPjr

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    Actually for an endless spell / terrain piece etc definitely something that takes that kind of idea and then weirds it up even more is on the lines of what I'd like to see.
  8. JPjr

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    yeah echoing @FlatTooth here, I would love GW to go in hard on a proper weird scary fae army, something really wild, but I definitely see expanding Sylvaneth or Wanderers as the more obvious options for that. I'd love a big horned god style Kurnoth model and more weird spites in various shapes. Likewise I've always assumed a new 'Light Aelf' Hysh based army would lean into a mix of crystalline, geometric shapes and angelic beings. With some standard angelic forms but then really digging into the truly, deeply, frankly weird as ****** world of angelology, many winged burning Seraphim, Dominions, Thrones (not sure Anyone's ready for massive burning wheels within wheels covered in hundreds of eyes, but hey why not!) and Powers.
  9. JPjr

    Red Elephant in the room

    Talking of FW models, one thing I do find a little odd about a lot of their 'rules' is not that they're are so broken and powerful that they're must buy models, but that they could probably shift a load more if they were a bit more canny about the allegiance keywords they give a lot of them.
  10. JPjr

    The Rumour Thread

    https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/WH-Underworlds-Godsworn-Hunt-ENG-2019 come out over a month ago
  11. JPjr

    Red Elephant in the room

    I don’t think the gloomspite BT includes the relevant FW warscrolls (Collosal Squig & Troggoth Hag) or points. I need to double check but remember being mildly surprised they didn’t.
  12. JPjr

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    yeah I was slightly surprised they didn't go the whole hog with alternating movement turns in Kill Team. I think I'd probably like to see it in AoS but then I can imagine (a) there'd be a lot of kickback from people that have always played it how it is and that style is just so historically embedded & (b) maybe it gets a lot more confusing when you're dealing with 2000+ pts games, trying to keep track of who has moved etc (though that's a fairly weak argument, I'm happy to concede).
  13. if you can afford the models and the in game points it's hard to see too many disadvantages. certainly in my experience with Death & units like skeletons it's hard to say no to a large mob that's not only cheaper, bone for bone, but gets shitloads more attacks, can take a beating without being wiped out and so then be replenished and can dominate objectives. sure you can lose some flexibility but I think with big and not hugely mobile, relatively cheap, horde units that's what they're there for.
  14. I feel like such a dork just playing this game for fun now. my bad.
  15. JPjr

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    That would be quite some marketing campaign from GW. Introducing the new compact, super racist Light Aelves! For when your hobby isn't quite white enough!