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  1. Not sure that's entirely fair with a situation like this where it's a 3rd party site that have jumped the gun, or something's gone wrong or not been corrected in the metadata. I've certainly worked on enough albums over the years where things have gone up on iTunes, Spotify etc but at a time or in a territory when it shouldn't have (or equally as annoying, not gone up) or it's just been leaked and gone up on a torrent site or similar to know that these things can and do happen, and when they do it's generally fun for no one involved.
  2. You’ve really got to feel for them. Bad enough when some crappy pic of a model gets leaked, inevitably on a weekend, and the poor sods handling the social media/public facing side of the company need to leap into action but a whole battletome. I mean not like this release hasn’t already suffered enough birthing issues but having all their carefully marketing plans, reveals, new rules & lore teases inevitably end up on some barely literate Warhammer news sites first, totally ruining your weekend for a start, must be a right kick in the nethers. I can’t imagine they’ll punt the digital/physical versions out right away but, depending if the books/models are available, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a load of articles this week and pre-order to follow. General’s Handbook looks scheduled for a June 15 release so that gives them a slot on the 8th. Not that I’d have thought they would have wanted them that close together. All depends on where the product is I guess.
  3. the upcoming GHB is going to have rules for an Ogor mercenary band.
  4. yeah, it's a personal choice but I'd physically mark it. just in terms of ultra-clarity, as it stands you're saying this blue or red area is your territory which you can set up in. oh but you have to then deploy 9" away from enemy territory. so people have to remember that, measure it etc etc. now obviously that isn't exactly hard to understand, but as the territory then plays no further part in the game for determining points or anything like that, just reducing each army's respective territory means you don't have to insert the 2nd clause, people just set up within their territory, job done. I realise that I've just written several sentences to justify removing about 5 words so 🤷‍♂️ but just me thinking with my editor/copy-writing head on.
  5. one suggestion, just for clarity would it not be better to create a 9" (or indeed 18") no man's land strip between the armies?
  6. @sandlemad yeah I think you’re basically correct there. If I recall correctly Dreadfane, Stormvault & Combat Arena were all announced/shown off at a more general toys & games trade fair rather than any kind of specific fantasy, war games or actual Warhammer event, so yeah the intended audience would have been other major retailers rather than us oiks, hence the much longer lead time. interesting then to try and guess how much of a lead time we’re talking. I mean It could even be for an autumn release to get them in the shops for Christmas, I’d guess it will be earlier but you never know.
  7. Wysiwyg - actually sounds like a lesser known chaos god, of pedantry perhaps, that GW tried to introduce around 3rd edition but never really took off, is now of dubious canonicity and just used by Josh Reynolds as an Easter egg for old fans in his stories.
  8. I didn’t expect scales, or indeed a tail, on the new IdK Endless Spell but I trust the designers to do us right.
  9. Few posts I've seen with people asking when x or y is arriving and just for my own wallet's benefit I wanted to figure it out too, no rumours just 100% confirmed to exist stuff here... (and yes before anyone starts hyperventilating and getting upset that I've included non AoS stuff let me say get over it chief, knowing what else is coming gives some insight into what production/schedule/retail space they have for our beloved game)... Anyway missing anything? Lots of 40k stuff announced but not scheduled yet, not so much AoS as it stands. MAY AoS (& related) Forbidden Power (25.5.19) Stormvault Scenery (25.5.19) --------------------------------------------------- JUNE AoS (& related) General's Handbook 2019 (15.6.19) General GW Contrast Paints Blood Bowl Halfling Team (1.6.19) 40K (& Related) Necromunda - Kal Jericho & Scabs models (1.6.19) FW White Scars Praetor & Dreadnought (1.6.19) --------------------------------------------------- JULY AoS (& related) Warcry starter box --------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCED BUT (I THINK) NO DATE YET AoS (& related) New store models - Leena Stormsire & Berek the Idomitable (might be available now) Sylvaneth Battletome, Scenery & Endless Spells 4 realm specific Warcry Warbands Stormvault (boardgame) Underworlds Dreadvane (basic, striped back version of Underworlds) Underworlds Season 3 Boxed Set (September, presumably followed by 6 more warbands through the rest of 2019/early 2020) Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team Treeman star player 40K (& Related) 40K Apocalypse Adeptus Titanicus - New scenery & upgrade packs Aeronautica Imperialis Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Command expansion Blackstone Fortress: Combat arena models expansion (if separate from CA) Combat Arena (boardgame) Chaos Knights Codex & Models Horus Heresy Book 9 FW Horus Heresy - Dark Angels FW Horus Heresy - Ruinstorm deamons FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Chapter Master Raldoron FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Dreadnought FW Horus Heresy - White Scars vehicles FW Horus Heresy - Dark Mechanicum Armigers FW Horus Heresy - Custodes Gunship Iron Hands - Iron Father, named character Primaris Repulser Executioner Tank Adeptus Mechanicus Transport/Tank Sisters of Battle - new army Space Marine Heroes - Season 3 - Death Guard Necromunda models - Enforcers, Dome runner, Ammojack, Headsman Middle Earth stuff Scouring of the Shire expansion Hobbit Holes scenery Hobbit Heroes & Ruffians models Déorwine, Chief of the King’s Knights model
  10. not sure how old the models are but it could be a hangover from Fantasy where they might have had different min unit sizes.
  11. entitled nerds always gonna be entitled nerds unfortunately. let's just offer up a prayer to the gods that GW launched Age of Sigmar in the blessed days before the world's worst people discovered that with just a couple of clicks they could create online petitions to register their outrage that whatever corner of popular culture they believe they own doesn't 100% conform to their basic, lifted from TV tropes, or whatever, views.
  12. Yeah personally I'd be fairly surprised if Tyrion or Teclis got models*, I've no doubt the design team could do something spectacular but I feel like they're edging away from those god-tier characters and with good reason, awesome as they are it does raise lots of problems fluff wise. Nagash was from the End Times wasn't he so it's only really Alarielle that has been released in AoS times right? Oh, maybe Archaon too, oh damn, I've forgot Morathi, ok so... this argument is falling to pieces but definitely feels like now the game is more established they don't need new factions to feature their big dogs/gods, or whatever, too. Personally I'd be very down for them subtly changing Nagash's warscroll to something like 'Avatar of the Undying King', otherwise as others have pointed out he really should be able to just one shot at least 90% of an entire army and then Night King the deceased to finish off those left. BUT!.. Even if models do get produced for them I certainly can't see them splitting the twins into separate factions either. Just how many Aelf armies do you want? I mean whilst probably unlikely I wouldn't even be that surprised is DoK got subsumed into a bigger Dark Aelf faction when that's eventually launched, with DoK being a sub-faction of it or at least incorporated somehow. At a push perhaps to go with the narrative leaning campaign they're about to run I could see them releasing some rules for something like a 'Teclis' Illuminated of Hysh' army in the GHB, kind of like the 'Legion of Grief' gets a couple of pages and rules in the Forbidden Power book. Or of course the alternative if a little bit more involved something like the Tome Celestial feature or Index Astartes features in White Dwarf, just some new rules and abilities that groups together a selection of extant models. The Ynnari one in the new issue does a pretty solid job, with a similar amalgamating disparate existing factions under one banner scenario, so something like that could work well. That could maybe just about tide people over until they've got this year's big Battletome push done, launched Warcry and they're ready to do a proper big release next year peut-etre (narratively tied to Slaanesh's release I assume). But who know, I'm probably very wrong about all of this. * Chances of GW announcing new Teclis & Tyrion models this very afternoon are probably astronomically high now if anyone does fancy a flutter.
  13. Regarding Bretonnia, can I check something... was the last time they were updated and had a new army book really 2004. I mean, not to diminish the pain and suffering that these people are obviously struggling to cope with but come on, take a hint guys. Maybe throw your energy into something more constructive and healthy... It makes the, what... 8 year Tomb King vigil seem positively sensible.
  14. Talking of the fine work of Mr @JReynolds, I just started reading Shadespire yesterday and I’d like to put my thanks on record for him making it canon that Stormcast all have ****** stupid names and that the ordinary people of the mortal realms know this.
  15. I think this... Answers this... I'd suggest you start by playing graciously & letting her steamroll you a few times... Maybe after a few savage beatings throw in some sad but not petulant comments along the lines of "Well done... again! If only I had a Chaos Lord on a Manticore and load of Chaos Warriors rather than this collection of bottle caps and pieces of lint that I'm using as proxies, I'd have more of a chance. Ah well thanks for the game mum, anything I can do around the house to help at the moment?"
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