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  1. well... today has been a partial success, almost finished Thedra from the Godsworn Hunt, pretty pretty pretty rubbish paint job but it's been a while so just getting some paint down is a win. unfortunately I just managed to knock over an entire pot of Contrast Wyldwood 😬. I'm not sure what's more troubling losing most of that or subsequently having to use half a toilet roll to mop it all up, I mean not really sure which will be the harder to replace at this point...
  2. ****** hell, for the first time ever in the miserable history of my posting on this forum I actually want some officious jobsworth to pipe up with the usual 'ERr PeOPLe YoU KnOw THiS is ThE RUmoUR THreaD' post
  3. Big Soulbound production update with a rough contents guide... sounds like we’re edging closer & closer To at least the PDF, going by WFRP we’ll still have a bit of a wait for physical copies still better than nothing... https://www.cubicle7games.com/aos-soulbound-production-update/
  4. Right, apologies for yesterday’s whiney moment, I have checked myself before I wrecked myself and for the moment, at least, have got myself back on an even keel. Decided to start things off with some long overdue and units, so an Ad Mech Kill Team & the Godsworn Hunt just to, hopefully, get myself into the groove. then if that gets too fiddly I’ve also primed a load of random stuff like sone Azyrite ruins, objective markers, and endless spells for when I need to mix things up and just slap some paint down. LET’S DO THIS!
  5. Well, this is an absolutely fascinating thread of things that could have been...
  6. "aaaand we might just have a surprise for you at the end of tomorrow’s preview show…" I doubt it's this they're referring to but I know they've talked about finding other ways for people to pick up the various special limited edition models from events, store openings and the like, so hoping one tiny tiny microscopically thin silver lining to all this might be that awesome Catachan guard Vasquez-alike being made generally available in some way...
  7. it's been a terrible, terrible failure. start of last week I thought ok I'm in this for the long haul let's try and keep work coming in & out and leave the toy soldiers for later end of last week as I realised I had next to no work coming in anymore I decided to write a list of all the hobby stuff I wanted to do, paint models, write some stories, read all the new RPGs I've amassed recently, and work on my own one. this week I then spent the first half staring at that list, then at the wall, the laptop, the wall, the contents of the fridge, the wall, the laptop, just unable to do anything then on Wednesday I decided to pile up all the boxes of UNBUILT models I've got here, it ended up being about my height, that didn't exactly inspire me or 'spark joy' so I went back to staring at the wall now I've taken time out from staring at the wall to type this I'm going to try and force myself to paint something later, see if I can get something done and dusted over the weekend but if I'm honest I'll probably just go back to staring at the fridge trying to decide if it's too early to start drinking wine
  8. honestly whether it's Tzeentch, Bonereapers or whatever, whenever there's a big hoohah about something being toxic and super overpowered it's nearly always one specific sub-faction, using one specific very maxed out build, played in one very specific way. it's just that people mistake the tiny tiny % of people going all out to win at tournaments as indicative of the wider game and take the very specific armies they play with as representative of a faction as a whole and the only way to play them. which is reductive nonsense. Tzeentch is cool, the models are super fun, bright and crazy and if you're not going all out to just smash your opponents (and it sounds like you're not) and you're not a ****** (and the fact you're aware this could be a problem suggests you're not) then it should be no problem. Build the army you want, mess around with different sub-factions, collect, build, paint and play all the cool units you want and have fun. play the game that way, be a decent person across the table to your opponent and I'm sure you'll be fine. And the thing is you can always power up that army and play the more competitive builds and sub-factions when you want but you just don't have to. For instance I'm building the Ossiarch models I have as the Crematorium faction, obviously power-players would look oddly at me, but come on, Skeletons that are burning on the inside and explode when they die, how ridiculously dumbly cool is that...
  9. the fact that no one has mentioned the Sepulchral Guard yet blows my mind and makes me think you're all noob poseurs who don't actually play the game but just pretend to so you sound cool when hanging around bus stops. Let's see... a 7 model, 7 wound unit with a 6+ save, so will get blown away probably before you get to do anything with it. which is just as well as those 7 models have 5 different, all fairly rubbish, weapon profiles between them. so should you get to use them they'll take up a load of time to almost certainly achieve the square root of ****** all. of course with their pretty useless keywords it's never been really clear what army you're supposed to field them in anyway. the absolute kicker at the end of all this is that they're actually great models, certainly skull & scapulas above any of the other Deathrattle/Skeleton models available and you wouldn't even need to do too tinkering with the war scroll to make them good but as it is I guess they never will be. aos-warscroll-the-sepulchral-guard-en.pdf
  10. this is why the wise man just wakes up, opens his browser first thing every morning and just screams incoherently into it for five to ten minutes, you can retroactively fills in the exact details of that day's outrage after you've had a coffee.
  11. we're already on the backlash to the initial backlash! and on some corners of the internet almost certainly even on the backlash to the backlash to the backlash of this reveal.
  12. if people are really jonesing for their plastic crack then Goblin Gaming will be taking orders until this Friday... good to support these smaller shops anyway...
  13. I'd love to see a much bigger Aelven version of this bad boy, would be fragile as ****** but still it'd make for a great Lumineth terrain piece
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