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  1. JPjr

    The AoS RPG

    fair enough, horses for courses I guess!
  2. Not sure which magazine or site I could possibly pitch it too but I've always really wanted to write (or honestly just read) a longform article on the process of getting a model on to the table. Take however long it takes to follow the entire process from brief to concept to design to manufacture to fluff to mechanics to table. I think it'd be a great story and really help people understand how it happens (and how long it takes) but also why certain things we all assume would be easy for GW to do, don't happen.
  3. JPjr

    The AoS RPG

    are... are there roleplaying gamers who object to role playing? what on earth do they get out of it then? I can, just about, understand wargamers who have zero interest in that aspect of the game and just want to lose themselves in lists, maths and smashing things in their plastic faces but I genuinely can't imagine what you'd get out of a roleplaying game if all you want to do is reduce everything down to stats and dice rolling. but hey that's just me I guess, another thing to add to the big pile marked things I don't get.
  4. do you know if this is still available to check out anywhere? YT perhaps, would love to listen to that.
  5. hey it's all good, I think it's fascinating and the kind of subject that's well worth thinking about, and quite impressed with the effort people, and you especially of course, are putting in to decoding how points can/should be allocated. I just saw that entry in the 3rd edition rulebook and it made me laugh, a good reminder that after more than 3 decades... “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Balance is such a tricky thing, personally I'm on the side of it's always going to be imperfect, with the occasional very odd decision, and there's no way to really compare like-for-like across wildly different armies with myriad different abilities so we shouldn't get too hung up on it BUT by the same token we need something, and improving that something doesn't hurt. After all even the fluffiest narrative game where you're purposely setting up an unbalanced scenario requires a quick way of knowing, even roughly, how powerful models are so you can make it unbalanced in a fun and interesting way.
  6. JPjr

    The AoS RPG

    Most the reviews I've read for the new Cubicle 7 edition seem pretty positive, I reckon I'll pick up a copy as soon as I get the chance. Odd that there wasn't anything on WHC about it when it was finally available, I know it's a 3rd party project but they've run stories on other out-sourced games. Anyway I'm fascinated to see if they make the AoS RPG more 'epic' to fit the new setting or keep some of the low fantasy stylings. Personally I'd much prefer it for the characters to be more down to earth, to give you a more 'street level' view of the mortal realms but my head says you're more likely to be roleplaying the likes of Stormcast characters than humble Rat Catchers. Sadly I think we might have to wait some time to find out though, I cant see them releasing it till late 2019 at the very earliest.
  7. I was reminded of this from 1988 on the difficulty of assigning PVs across a range of wildly different models. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, as they say in Bretonnia.
  8. ha, yeah though in my case it's an over inquisitive cat. She's well into leaping up on the table and wrecking everything and anything that's on it. I've tried to discourage her but she's having none of it, so I'm thinking of just going with the flow, creating a Godbeast warscroll & special rules for her and resigning myself to it.
  9. hey it all counts as far as I'm concerned. Just interested in what's out there, what was fun to play, what might be worth reviving etc? definitely feels like GW are more open to these again so we'll see, even if with things like Speed Freaks they seem to be more a way to introduce new expensive/big models for the main games with a simple game tacked on to provide a vague excuse for people, say non Orc players, to buy. you could easily imagine them bringing out a game representing chaos charioteers or something like that to go with any Dark Oath / Slave to Darkness push.
  10. Aha.. I knew it would be up on Realm of Chaos somewhere. Here we go... http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/2014/11/chivalry.html
  11. pretty sure that was called Chivalry. If, and it's a big if, I remember correctly wasn't it presented as an extra thing for Bretonian Knights, a kind of extra thematic way for them to fight. I remember it from the issue of WD that came out so my memory's, understandably, a bit fuzzy but I'm sure I saw something about it a while ago on a website.
  12. JPjr

    Azyrite Townscape

    I think in the grand scheme of what kids get up to, trying to score a free tyranid piece by piece in this way is at least quite original, but the kicker is coming up with the scam and then all giving almost identical addresses. It’s the classic kid’s mix of ingenuity and stupidity that I appreciate.
  13. Couple of Sonos speakers couple of turntables Well stocked beer/wine fridge 8ft x 6ft high table with an obscene amount of scenery to choose from couple of big sofas around a large lower table Painting/modelling workspace for 2 people Couple of vintage arcade cabinets Projector and screen dumb waiter going direct from the kitchen lots of plants some kind of industrial strength smoke extractor Absolutely no posters of dragons on the like on the walls.
  14. JPjr

    Azyrite Townscape

    I would imagine where it’s something like this that’s clearly not a one off and is a problem with a whole batch and word is obviously out that they have to be a little more careful. the odd kid trying their luck is one thing (& hats off to the tyranid kids’ hapless it inventive gambit!) but if everyone with access to the internet knows there’s a potential free bit of scenery going they’re going to get slammed
  15. @Luke82 sounds amazing. I’d have been a total ******, waited a few games then next time they tried a similar spell have a chaos corrupted mutated ogre emerge from a portal, seeking revenge and savage the lot of them (former ogre player first).