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  1. It’s something I’m almost sure they’d never do but I’d love them to bring out almost like booster sets for certain units of just say 5 or so female minis or whatever’s missing to make them more interesting. like I really enjoyed painting the two Kairic Acolytes from the Eyes of the Nine warband, thought about buying a full unit, saw they were just all bros and lost some of that enthusiasm. If I could just buy a set of 5 female acolytes or whatever I’d jump at that. Anyway fair play to GW they’re at least trying and doing better but still a long way to go and there’s still a lot of ranges where you get the feeling it just wouldn’t even occur to them to produce female models and there gets a point where they’ll have used up the goodwill they may have engendered.
  2. Having written out in excruciating length all the unpainted models taken up space on my shelves last week and made myself feel suitably ashamed I made the most of a rare clear, dry autumnal day here in Belgium dug out a load of boxes gathering dust and have at least now primed my Azyrite Ruins, Shattered Dominion Objectives, Arcane Hazards, the last few bloody Malign Sorcery spells(!) and 2 more Stormvault bases. Good timing as The weather has reverted to the norm here and is pissing down again. odds I can get all these done this week and build up enough of a psychic head of steam that I can finally tackle the 50 or so Squigs that keep leering at me from the shelves... Meanwhile whilst I was feeling smug about having just undercoated some scenery your man who did that awesome Skaven warp drill has taken it up another level entirely...
  3. One for Skaven players to enjoy, great idea...
  4. Wolf riders next week as many suspected... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/10/battle-sisters-yes-really-and-more/
  5. Artillery has definitely been a notable absence in most factions so far. Which I could definitely understand if the goal has been to get every range up to a certain level before we start adding that kind of, potentially much more powerful, stuff in as that really could have skewed results against those who hadn't been shown any love yet. Would make sense to start adding those kind of kits in now when pretty much most armies are a bit more developed, ESPECIALLY if we were to get some kind of expansion in the next 12-18 months that focussed on sieges and larger scale fights. I have beautiful visions of some kind of giant siege weapon mounted on top of a giant crab for Idoneth for example, oh boy! @Overread in terms of aerial units I totally agree, I'd like (and indeed expect to see) a few more aerial units for not all but a decent amount of factions, and potentially in the medium term 1 or 2 factions more airborne focused factions (or sub-factions) to directly compete with Kharadron Overlords and maybe give room to expand and develop aerial battles. whilst it goes against the whole keep things simple ethos I agree and definitely think at some point they should draw a line between different types of flying units. I've long had an idea to create an 'aerial table', so a normal table board but everything painted on it in much smaller scale, then on top of that a few fluffy clouds and some mountain peaks, than laid over that about 6" up a perspex sheet covering the whole table that you then play the aerial combats on. would be weird having things like Squigs jumping around up there. on a slightly related tip at some point I'd rewrite the ethereal rule so you dont have to give every ghost the power of full flight to achieve the effect they're going for.
  6. With just a couple of battletomes left to be updated after this year’s mad sprint (Slaves to Darkness this Dec, presumably Disciples of Tzeentch, Star Hosts of the Seraphon and Kharadron Overlords early 2020, nothing else right?) there’s a good case to be made for focussing on filling out the existing factions with a few new units & heroes for each. obviously we’ll still get at least 1 or 2 totally new armies (light/dark Aelves I guess) & another SC chamber, but if they were to go back and fill in the gaps in each faction what are you expecting? I’ve been reading the Ogor Mawtribes book this weekend and it’s noticeable just how much they talk about the existence of both Over-Tyrants and Frost Kings as the pre-eminent chiefs of their respective Ogor-kind. Doesn’t exactly take much to imagine a dual kit of some super-massive Ogor riding some great beast. I’m trying to think what else has been suggested, hinted at or outright mentioned in battletomes or books that we might reasonably expect over the next year or so... Cogforts, or at least smaller versions, for instance or there’s been giant bat riding Skaven in a Josh Reynolds book which is maybe less of a direct hint of future plans than mention in a battletome but would clearly be awesome and fill a role no one else in that range does.
  7. I imagine it’ll be exactly like comics. For years I would have said I’d rather have pushed my arm into a wood chipper than give up physical copies, and then I tried comixology and didn’t look back. Now a few years later, in terms of weeklies anyway, I have thousands of digital comics and limit my physical floppy purchases to noteworthy issues and indie comics. pretty sure with battletomes and the like it will be the same hence I’m going to pigheadedly avoid crossing that particular rubicon as long as I possibly can. which in a way is particularly dumb in this game as You could easily make a case that the physical books are a massive stumbling block to updating/fixing armies in a more meaningful way than just buying-annual points changes. Saying that there will always be a place in my heart for nicely designed physical products and it’s interesting seeing publishers rise to that challenge. In the RPG world I have hundreds of cheap, shonky looking PDFs but I just gaze adoringly at the likes of ALIEN, Ultraviolet Grasslands or Mörk Borg, and you’ll have to prise the physical editions of these out of my cold, dead hands before I’d part with them. I would be gutted to not have physical BTs, I guess you could make a case maybe to split them in 2, a bit like the Generals handbook, big book with all the fluff/lore then a separate soft cover supplement with all the warscrolls, points, battalions, abilities etc. Would be easier to just update that section then (& of course carry to games) but then would the fluff bit be big enough to merit a nice hardback? And if people could just buy the rules section separately when it was updated would cannibalise sales? Questions, questions!
  8. 🚨👮‍♂️✋ not good enough citizen, we’ll have no community building or frivolous chit-chat here, report to your local rumour control centre immediately for re-education 🚨
  9. there's a siege section in the core rulebook, 4 pages of rules and 2 battleplans (p292-296). it's fairly basic stuff but a start to build from if you wanted to put in the effort.
  10. hey don’t be sorry, it’s always helpful when people reveal exactly what kind of person they really are.
  11. some great ideas, thanks all. hopefully some of you may join me on this ridiculous journey... so obviously subject to change but my current hit list is... ORDER Stormcast - Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger (because I already own this model and it's pretty cool) Daughters of Khaine - a box of Melusai (unless I win the lottery and then Morathi) Kharadron Overlords - Got to be a big ****** flying gunship hasn't it? But I'll park this till later on (I do have Thundrik's Profiteers to get on with too). Cities of Sigmar - For me it has to be a Steam Tank I reckon Sylvaneth - Like DoK if I suddenly come into money I'd go for Alarielle but I do have some Kurnoth Hunters here from Loon Curse. Seraphon - Much as I love the big dinos I'm going for the Skink Starpriest Idoneth Deepkin - Eidolon if feeling flush but probably Tidecaster Fyreslayers - thank you to those who have suggested Gotrek, I know he's not really a FS but I'm not a fan of Magmadoths or many of the others but do like this model! CHAOS Hedonites of Slaanesh - Keeper of Secrets is just too hard to look past (kinda fittingly)... Blades of Khorne - I think the Skulltaker is about the Khorniest of Khorne. Disciples of Tzeentch - Torn between the Ogroid an the Gaunt Summoner Maggotkin of Nurgle - Beast of Nurgle, love those filthy puppies. Slaves to Darkness - Will wait and see as what's been revealed so far is cool and I'll grab the SC box anyway. Skaven - DOOMWHEEL! Beasts of Chaos - Tempted to cheat a little bit and say a Chaos Gargant but I might pick up Beastgrave soon anyway and I like the shaman there. DEATH Nighthaunt - Kurdoss or the Black Coach are my favourites in this range, but I do already have Olynder & the mounted Knight of Shrouds waiting to be painted... Ossiarch Bonereapers - Katakross I guess at some point, stunning model, though oddly not the most representative of the whole range I'd say... Flesh Eater Courts - not really into the Zombie Dragons, so still no idea here at all, the Arch Regent is ok if its ever made generally available Legions of Nagash - I do have Arkhan here needing painting so... DESTRUCTION Orruk Warclans - The Weirdnob Shaman, for many reasons I love this lad. Gloomspite Gitz - I have The Mangler Squigs and I think sum up these crazy ****** though I'd love to paint the Gobbapalooza. Ogor Mawtribes - Going to say the new Tyrant model, because my feats of Bones box just arrived but super super tempted now to grab a start collecting Beastclaw box as I'd love one of the big BCR monsters. Around 1 a month, should keep me going for 2 years or so... 🤑🤔
  12. my hunch/dream could be it's possibly for the 2020 Black Library Celebration, we already have the Red Gobbo taking this year's novelty Christmas model slot and the BL weekend was in Feb this year so assuming it's the same next it would make sense that a boxed version would already have been produced and doing the rounds. the Severina Raine model they released for this year's was in resin too, for what that's worth. I say above my dream as the obvious reason for its release on that weekend would be an accompanying book of John Blanche's art from the past few decades released that weekend too.
  13. oh no I'm not suggesting they're overpowered at all, I'm just saying that the universal consensus seems to be that Nighthaunt are in fact pretty underpowered and I'm saying that it's possibly because people aren't playing on tables like the ones it sounds like you are, where attributes like Ethereal and Fly are a huge benefit and mitigate the factions perceived weaknesses.
  14. FYI people, tangentially related to GW there's under two hours left on this Kickstarter for a new range of Fighting Fantasy minis... Those of us of, let's say, a certain age might not want to miss out on grabbing a Blood Beast, Shapechanger, Lizard King or the like...
  15. @sandlemad ah weird/wow! I was just looking at that picture in an old White Dwarf and the original 1986 (I think) sculpt last week. There's a few standout illustrations from that era I've always wanted as minis and this was always one. nice to have an update. looks like resin though which is a shame but still cool! now if someone at Citadel reads this please re-do the Chaos Warrior from the old Fighting Fantasy miniatures line who appeared on Chris Achilleos' cover of issue 64! I've always wanted a decent version of this bad boy.
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