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  1. full warscrolls available for the new units. aos_skaeths_wild_hunt_en.pdf aos_grashraks_despoilers_en.pdf
  2. would appear to be from here. looks like the box art for the FEC war band.
  3. ah interesting, often meant to look at that ruleset but never found the time, I figured there would be some solutions out there. nice.
  4. hey feel free to accuse me of that all you like, having been involved in this hobby for well over 3 decades I see absolutely no shame in wanting to occasionally nudge it in a smarter, more inclusive direction or, as I prefer to think of it, maintain the progressive values that have been an important part of its DNA since its inception. Ridiculous as I'm well aware that sounds when we're discussing the reproductive habits of magical snake women and trees. anyway I'm sure @Overread will have taken it for the mild (I mean hardly extreme?!) and very mildly tongue in cheek note of caution that should be kept in mind when dealing with such an outlier faction as DoK... Anyway I know that any discussion of political or social issues is like kryptonite here so I shall bow out and leave it at that.
  5. for me the most egregious and probably easiest to fix (though it still adds extra layers of complexity) is the whole 'half a model from a unit is peaking out from behind a wall, we can shoot the entire unit' aspect. that I'd love them to look at, but even there where it feels like there are easy fixes it will still be a pain to get right and keep the game moving fast, and of course also dealing with the knock on consequences for both shooting and melee that would come out of this. as for actual LoS with models it's clearly a nightmare in a game where modifying your models is not only permitted but encouraged and held up as one of the key pillars of the hobby. it's utterly ridiculous but almost the only thing I can think of that might just work would be for someone (well GW) to produce a set of 'domes' for each base size that represents the 3D zone, as it were, that something on a base of that size occupies (with the idea being that people/things aren't static so they don't just occupy the exact physical space their model takes up). then if you need to check you just quickly replace the model with the 'dome' and you have an easier template to go by. now obviously this is a ****** solution, and even in the few seconds it took me to think it up and type it out I've already thought of several objections, caveats and even specific models where this wouldn't work but hey I'm not being paid to come up with solutions so there you go. personally though I would love it if they did figure something out to make it both work better as (again complicating the game further so obviously a no-no) you could interest more elements that would make positioning, movement, use of terrain etc much more interesting and open up lots more tactical options (so the option for units to crouch for example, halving their 'dome' height' but also significantly reducing their movement for example).
  6. really not sure that taking one of the only ranges that puts female (if a tad tiresomely tropey) models front & centre and giving their leader a male counterpart to put her in her place and 'fix' them is the best way to go here...
  7. christ, is it me or has this website just become nothing but an interminable source of misery of late?
  8. New rumour engine pic, whilst some kind of piratical goblin airship would obviously be amazing it actually looks a little neat for a destruction model. Random thought, what if it's part of a kind of early modern semaphore system, like the balls & flags one the French army used in the late 1700s. It would be a great non-weird, non magical terrain piece for a Cities of Sigmar army. Exactly the kind of thing the Ironweld Arsenal would develop and an army that is supposed to be (or at least is a direct descendent of an army that is supposed to be) much more of a realistic rank & file army would use. To be honest I'd put the chance of that being right at around 0.01% but I'm going with that or a rickety windmill terrain piece that comes with a fat Ogor Knight astride a fat donko and a halfling Sancho Panza.
  9. I'm thinking... Gotrek / 520 Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger / 220 5 x Sequitors / 130 5 x Sequitors / 130 1000pts and as a bonus I actually get to do something with the Stormcast from my Soul Wars set.
  10. I'm tempted to build a ridiculously low model Meeting Engagements force around him.
  11. Waiting for someone to try and teleport him, first turn, into the middle of several 40 model horde units and claim Unstoppable Battle Fury allows them to keep going again and again and again until he solos the lot in one go.
  12. obviously this is clearly something that you feel strongly about, but on the plus side if GW are hiring people to go around to all their existing customers houses and monitor what models are used in their basements that's got to be good for the unemployment rate. think of the economy!
  13. I'm glad they've gone for something OTT and epic for the Mortarch, I think the Lady Olynder model is great for instance BUT when you actually see it in the plastic and alongside other models from the NH range she's actually a little underwhelming in terms of size/grandeur.
  14. oh no need, I've seen and touched plenty of medieval junk defenders. I seem to remember Henry VIII's one, currently stored in the Tower of London, is a particularly priapic triumph!
  15. Honestly though the really big question I'm left with is, in canon is this a Godpiece or a Codbeast?
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