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  1. whilst it could (not necessarily would) certainly be interesting I can totally see why most examples of 'destruction' stories, where the Orruk, Grot, etc is the protagonist are short stories. writing 50,000 words with an IronJawz hero would frankly be utterly tiring for any writer, if you think it's painful to stand opposite a Orruk player who takes great delight in bellowing nonsense every time they roll a dice imagine having to get inside a character like that's head for MONTHS AT A TIME, writing endless, interminable, paragraphs of "Wot iz this bollox, WAAAAGH!!!!" style speech. horrific. no wonder that in their titular book Andy Clark only gave about 3 lines of speech in total to any of the Gloomspite characters and of all the 'destruction' races the Grots are the ones that you could imagine having the most interesting conversations. it's tricky you go too far from the template/stereotype/archetype and you run the risk of just creating green skinned humans, you stick to close and you have painfully 1 dimensional characters whose defining personality trait is their 'race', which of course is at best lazy and at worst incredibly #problematic. totally understandable for writers that rather than wade through that you just use them in short stories, or as foils to other characters. it's a shame of course as done well it could not only open up some really interesting themes but also just give more of a sense of purpose to those factions beyond eat ******, smash stuff up, repeat. I've been toying, on and off, for the best part of 6 months now with a couple of short stories* that try to centre Grots and Orruks respectively and present them in a slightly different way and honestly it's hard, and that's already factoring in my own skill level! I think I've managed to get a better handle on my Grot protagonists but with the Orruk whilst I've ended up keeping him at the centre of the story, he's now become more of an enigmatic force that others revolve around rather than the main character. * So just in case anyone's truly interested in a couple of ever evolving, unlikely to be finished, and if they were almost certainly rubbish stories, here's a synopsis... Just some funny ideas I've been playing with, trying to come up with something unlike most the AoS fiction I've read
  2. truly of all the mysteries of the reforging process the big one remains how much time did Sigmar devote to designing enhanced Stormcast genitalia.
  3. @Kirjava13 Well they are launching a Warhammer Crime imprint this year, so maybe Romance is lined up for 2021. I think a few bodice rippers in the Mortal Realms could be fun. Anyway in general BL terms i do feel for the authors a bit as they’re stuck between a rock and hard place really. Over the last year I’ve read a surprising, for me anyway, number of BL books and on the whole they’ve been a hell of a lot better than I expected going in but they’re still obviously often hamstrung in places by essentially writing books that have to shoehorn direct references in to what is basically a range of toys. I can imagine how frustrating it can be as for all their many inherent problems both 40K and AoS are, when you dig into them, remarkably interesting backdrops that should in theory allow you to tell some fascinating, nuanced stories that can contain both social, cultural and political themes incredibly relevant to today whether it’s about climate change, refugees, religious intolerance, political upheaval, disinformation, you name it the setting is made for all the above. Unfortunately, I suspect, a lot of the people who would enjoy those more nuanced stories just wouldn’t go near a Warhammer book with a ten foot pole, whilst at least a significant number of people who are more inclined to possibly fall into the ‘keep politics (I don’t agree with) out of my hobby (that is based upon political themes)’ reactionary mob. I’m still thinking about books like ‘Circe’ (by Madeleine Miller) & ‘Folk’ (by Zoe Gilbert) long after I finished them last year (& seriously read Circe it is an astonishing book that I’ve since bought for about 5 other people) whereas whilst most of the BL books are genuinely great page turners, it’s rare I don’t rattle through one in just a day or 2, they rarely linger in the mind much after the books put down. Now that in itself is no bad thing, a good fun read is no small thing in itself but I do find myself wanting to see these vast universes used to tell more involved stories that challenge us more and use these worlds to cloak important truths rather than just big battles and the like (then again I suspect most writers would hold those back for their own franchise-free work). Warhammer Horror does feel like a start, though I have my reservations. So far the two anthologies have felt a little just like ordinary WH stories but with the nihilism dialled up, essentially here’s a normal story but at the end EVERYONE DIES AND HAS THEIR SOUL EATEN. it’s novel at first but 15 or however many stories in a row like that becomes tiring. Saying that once I finish my current book (‘The Rise & Fall of D.O.D.O’ if you’re curious/nosey) I’ve got ‘Dark Harvest’ lined up, so hopefully the longer format should provide more interesting avenues to explore, plus Josh is of course one of their best writers at the moment anyway. hopefully as this line develops it will start to come into its own and give authors scope to take on smaller scale stories. Similarly WH Crime could be an interesting space to get away from the more obvious big battle books tied in to the models. on top of that as everyone else has pointed out the websites a bit (lot) of a mess, they could integrate the way the books are sold alongside relevant models/games better and whilst as someone who works in the creative industries myself I heartily applaud their tendency to not engage in a race to the bottom, price wise, the books could be priced a lot keener, or bundled better, there is certainly scope for them to be marketed to people outside the hobby better but maybe the people doing that job know much better than I how hard that really is. Also on a tangent just in terms of the current state of the market interestingly I’ve noticed quite a few BL authors (& indeed staff) start to appear at another Nottingham based fantasy publisher Aconyte Books, part of Asmodee Games and set up by former BL chief Marc Gascoigne, worth keeping an eye on what’s going on there if you’re not already.
  4. https://theguardian.com/business/2020/jan/14/warhammer-tv-series-games-workshop-sales Nothing particularly new in the article but always fun to see the hobby appearing in the real world and confusing people with its continued existence. also furthering my belief that post Brexit the UKs only hope of not totally collapsing into despotism, feudalism and families cannibalising each other to survive will be switching the economy 100% over to producing plastic toy soldiers.
  5. Top one here is the new Tau Shadowsun model coming our with the Greater Good book, bottom one is the Warcry Sphinx cat creature. oh and the flame one is from the Scions of Flame Warcry warband.
  6. it's from a dual kit Ogor Frost King / OverTyrant. FACT
  7. Because this was a throwaway jokey comment on a toy soldiers website and not a peer reviewed doctoral thesis. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Totally. There’s loads of factions for the kind of people that use words like ‘tSports’ with a straight face to put together their mathematically optimised lists with. Let’s have some out and out craziness. The kind of army that gets its ****** handed to it on a regular basis and then tables a Slaanesh 3 keeper build whose player is 4-0 up in a tournament. My main issue with both Gloomspite & the Skaven battletomes is that there just wasn’t enough of that random wild card factor with them. They’re good books but a little safe. I feel like Skaven warmachines should never be more than a roll or two away from either routing the enemy, wiping out half their own army or ideally both. Grot airships should Be utterly ridiculous contraptions that defy all logic, reasoning and warscroll calculators. Just engines of total mayhem, after all who cares if a few dozen gobbos get accidentally wiped out by their own side.
  9. I know it's not AoS, but can your complaints... Goblin Gaming have randomly just got in another 150 copies of the Sisters of Battle box set https://www.goblingaming.co.uk/products/adepta-sororitas-sisters-of-battle-en?utm_source=Goblin+Gaming+-+Newsletter+%26+Deals&utm_campaign=80f20d5796-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_04_20_08_56_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3a05b8a766-80f20d5796-233764049&mc_cid=80f20d5796&mc_eid=1e6fd094e3 I'm guessing other stores might have as well, but damn this is going to be a tense 5-10 minutes as I try to justify buying this to myself and then figure out where I'll hide it in the house (since the usual hiding place already contains Feast of Bones and needs to accommodate Aether War too at the weekend...). EDIT: SOD IT, BOUGHT IT! and because I'm actually a grown up I told my wife first, well, ok I asked her permission first. I mean come on... despite all appearances to the contrary I'm not actually a total idiot.
  10. I suspect the ultimate solution to this is to eliminate models entirely then. Tournament players can just turn up, feed their lists into the Computron Mathammer 3000 mainframe and after bit of whirring and clanking it will spit out all the results, perfectly and scientifically correct to 12 decimal places. Would save a lot of unnecessary fuss it seems.
  11. I love the new push by GW to get more terrain in use, there are long periods where I will happily do little else than build and paint the stuff. my only concern with it is that whilst the kits they’ve been producing are fantastic we end up in a situation where the worrying large percentage of people who need every single thing to be 100% official and GW approved will push out the space for interesting home made stuff. not only Is building terrain one of the easier and yet more satisfying ways of getting into and developing confidence in modelling but it allows the creation of much more interesting and larger terrain. proper line of sight blocking hills, Rocky outcrops etc, valleys, rivers, lakes and all the kind of things that make the game more interesting and block line of sight, make movement & deployment more tactical etc etc. Wouldn’t be that hard to create warscrolls/rules that aren’t too intrusive for non-fantastical terrain pieces like rivers and hills, in fact most narrative players have probably got their own versions already I know I have, but sadly as I can’t see a market for GW to create these more ‘mundane’ terrain pieces it’ll probably never happen.
  12. @Raviv it’s not wrong, the physical version of the starter set, much like the WFRP, one will contain dice, counters etc the PDF version will just contain all the books, character sheets, handouts etc. with the GM screen lots of companies produce PDF versions of these now, you can print them out and stick them to blank customisable screens, onto binders, or even get them printed up. Again exactly the same as with WFRP where we’re still waiting for the physical screen (& accompanying booklets) to be released but you can grab the PDF versions now on DriveThruRPG.
  13. Ok, so apparently one of the greatest books GW has ever produced has been reprinted for its 30th anniversary, but only appears to be available at Warhammer World. so 3 questions... did they reprint the first Realm of Chaos book when they did the box set? On past form anyone know if it might be available more generally in stores at some point? if not, anyone going to WHW soon and want to get me a copy? You would be hashtag blessed (& compensated obviously). EDIT: ... and there’s already multiple copies on eBay for £70+. Scumbag flippers.
  14. nice fat Soulbound update here: https://www.cubicle7games.com/age-of-sigmar-soulbound:-what's-coming-in-2020/ big takeaways... PDF version of core rules released Q1 2020 PDF version of the starter set release Q2 2020, featuring an adventure set in 'the newly reclaimed city of Brightspear in Aqshy'. Gamemasters screen & accompanying book (PDF) in Q2 as well, feat. and I quote: A 32 page booklet of adventures set in some of the major cities in Aqshy: Anvilgard, Brightspear, Hallowheart, Hammerhal, and Tempest’s Eye. Includes a short introduction to each city as well as five one-page adventures per city, for a total of 25 adventures! No word of physical releases of any of the above yet, there was quite a wait for the WFRP books in the end so I wouldn't expect them that soon but you never know. Still will be good to get a grip on the system and start playing some games this Spring!
  15. I'm fully expecting one of these new fancy diorama models, Teclis & Tyrion together stood on some kind of imposing ruin in the centre whilst looking all godly and whatnot with some other 'stuff'surrounding them.
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