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  1. So quick question. I take it may be not the case but... in big waaagh do IJ get to benefit from bonesplitter spells like breath of gorkamorka?
  2. WarscrollBuilderList (1).pdf So thoughts on the linked list for a 1.5k event?
  3. So not really an issue, plus something i toyed with: Give shaman the plus one spell general trait and give the +1 to wound spell. I will have a relic wasted most likely. TO requires to stick to one set of relics and i want spell reliability Now, onto actual army building, could someone give advice? Something of actual substance.
  4. Gotta be frank with you. That is kinda how I won against slaanesh two months ago: let him get an incredibly rotten double turn (was out of reach and he couldn't land charges) and then overwhelmed him with more charges than he had units with locus (and therefore chained a tide of destruction). But that is beside the point. Wanted to ask which list you guys would take: LIST A: Megaboss on mawkrusha with riptooth fist and mean un. Has ironclad and scales of ignax. 460pts 2x warchanters. killa and get'em beat. KIlla beat chanter has termalrider cloak. 220pts 1x weirdnob with the teleport. 110pts 15 x ardboyz with +2 bravery banner and 2 -1 bravery ones. 270pts. 10 x ardboyz with +2 bravery banner and -1 bravery one. 180pts. 3 gruntas with spears. 160pts. Ironfist. 160pts Extra cp 50pts. 1500 on the dot. List B is: warchanter general with brutish kunin (free Mighty D) and daubing of mork 110pts weirdnob with great green hand of gork and great green visions. 110pts another 2 warchanters for 220pts with killa and get em beat respectively 2 x10 ardboyz for 360pts 6 gruntas with spears with 320pts 3 gruntas with spears for 160pts extra cp and ironfist for 210pts 1490pts Thoughts?
  5. If you run a great waaagh there still is no need to end up taking hackas. the swords will hit and wound on 2s (and will do so always) once you hit 20pts.
  6. But they can get a pretty damn useful ca, the choppas.
  7. Was the trait once per round or once per game? Honestly. I kinda need a write up of the thing, I still haven't absorbed all that content.
  8. Provided you have the CP. It looks neat, tbf. Also. Are you forced to take the sub-faction relics?
  9. I find your stance against ardboyz worrysome, such a hatred. And again, that math is because the inflation of ardboyz. Match the 2019 pricing and you find that the difference is nil. And they don't do better off because merits of their own unit, but because of an external factor of the other unit. The elite unit has a chance because the basic unit got pricier, rather than the other way around!
  10. Say it right. "Them being at 140 and ardboyz at 180". Had ardboyz kept the original point values, it wouldn't even be a contest. More wounds and bravery, bonuses to charge, etc, and better objective holding capabities. And this is the sad truth. They nerfed brutes while buffing other stuff and fiddled with points to mask the fact that brutes are just not very good on their current iteration.
  11. Frankly. the comparison of brutes vs ardboyz only holds water after the latters' brutal point inflation. Brutes are bad IMO, and they inflated the rest of the army's battlelines to mask that. And yeah. it is, sadly, once per battle (not battleround).
  12. That or maybe picking the +4 ignores trait.
  13. It may be hyperbole but the sensation is not one that fades easily. We got stuff but got taken a ton of it too, specially brutes.
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