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  1. Also, has anyone any idea on whether or not the character bios in their submission window have any 'soft' limit? Because I see mine average a bit more than a hundred words per character, dunno if that is too wordy.
  2. One should play the game and mission, not build the brokennest build and instawipe the opponent and call it win.
  3. Are you a hundred millions' worth company distributing to a market of 46 millions of potential customers? Was there anything else substantially wrong? Did you make any takers pay 40 euros for each of those badly printed leaflets? As @VBS notes the quality of their translation is beyond the pale. There's around 250 cards that are just outright different from their meant intent. There's multiple bits where the rules are outright different from mistraslating (like only being able to play up to 3 power cards per round!). But this one takes the cake as it's literally the cover.
  4. Welcome to Warcry's basic ook Because what is quality control! Man, I am livid of seeing this.
  5. Move on? For sure Lighthearted? Not really. It's actually quite nastily phrased.
  6. This is making the rounds around the net And I can't help but feel ADB did quite a misstep. Sure, it's 'joking' but about half our group is going to jump using their pre-existing armies ( twp IJ , DoK, two SCE, and NH). Am I supposed to even think that half the playerbase is doing it wrong?
  7. So, what relics would you recommend? I'm kinda banking on smashing their lines from the get go, though I guess it's not 100% guaranteed.
  8. Been thinking for this list: Megaboss on mawkrusha with fist and choppa, choppa will be Metalrippa's Klaw for Rend -3. He will have prophet of gork for that sweet 30% chance of getting a 6. 420pts Weirdnob shaman with the 6+ ignores wounds and MW relic. 120pts. (he has the teleport spell.) Megaboss with +1 damage relic on the choppa. 140pts Allies: 2 fungoid cave shamans 180pts Battleline: 3x3 units of goregruntas. 420pts. 10 ardboyz. 140pts 20 ardboyz. 280pts Bloodtoofs+Ironfist battallion. 240pts Extra command point. 50pts. 1990pts and 3CP at game start, plus a potential extra 2 per round if dice help me. Thoughts? Also. Can you use the ironfist ability after the teleport spell?
  9. Aw pity. Well, here's for a possible revival in the slightly beyond foreseeable future. But, are you working on anything else?
  10. @JReynolds Looking on Amazon I saw "8 lamentations, the drifting city" listed there. Is it related to the 8L series? Did you get a second chance?
  11. It is. That was a proposal of playtesting from a dude on 4chan.
  12. So, when the PC version of WU was announced, a friend of mine commented I should do some series of posts/stuff to help newcomers because I played quite a lot (without desire to sound like a braggard, I began the community when the game launched, been trying to be as active as possible since then) And... things spiraled a bit out of control in terms of scale. I think audio is improvable but I want to share this video that will hopefully serve as anintroductory primer on the matter of objective deckbuilding. For the sake of decency, the core of the recommendations (devoid of the tirade of reasoning and examples and all that jazz) are as follows: 1) Seek inmediately scoring cards but 2) Strike a balance in objectives. 3) Minimize opponent intereaction or make his interaction serve you. 4) Seek cards that complement each other. 5) Avoid abusing late game cards. 6) Avoid trap cards. Hope it's useful to anyone here.
  13. ANOTHER DELAY!? Sigh... at least there's some neat images in there. Zero actual content, mind you...
  14. It's basically as the tin says, and I gotta say that it looks quite well polished for a pre-alpha product.
  15. So I basically went on and did a bit of a channel to do guides to warhammer underworlds (and its upcoming online version). With the first episode focusing on objectives And the second on ploys.
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