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  1. Aw pity. Well, here's for a possible revival in the slightly beyond foreseeable future. But, are you working on anything else?
  2. @JReynolds Looking on Amazon I saw "8 lamentations, the drifting city" listed there. Is it related to the 8L series? Did you get a second chance?
  3. It is. That was a proposal of playtesting from a dude on 4chan.
  4. So, when the PC version of WU was announced, a friend of mine commented I should do some series of posts/stuff to help newcomers because I played quite a lot (without desire to sound like a braggard, I began the community when the game launched, been trying to be as active as possible since then) And... things spiraled a bit out of control in terms of scale. I think audio is improvable but I want to share this video that will hopefully serve as anintroductory primer on the matter of objective deckbuilding. For the sake of decency, the core of the recommendations (devoid of the tirade of reasoning and examples and all that jazz) are as follows: 1) Seek inmediately scoring cards but 2) Strike a balance in objectives. 3) Minimize opponent intereaction or make his interaction serve you. 4) Seek cards that complement each other. 5) Avoid abusing late game cards. 6) Avoid trap cards. Hope it's useful to anyone here.
  5. ANOTHER DELAY!? Sigh... at least there's some neat images in there. Zero actual content, mind you...
  6. It's basically as the tin says, and I gotta say that it looks quite well polished for a pre-alpha product.
  7. So I basically went on and did a bit of a channel to do guides to warhammer underworlds (and its upcoming online version). With the first episode focusing on objectives And the second on ploys.
  8. No they are not. They are regurgitating another individual that brought data's rumour.
  9. On that front. We had another match him and I. Also part of the campaign. Only with 1300 vs 2000 in his favour. I did not win. I *wiped him*. Major victory by holding the key objective. 710 points lost vs 2000 destroyed. Today was a good day to be a greenskin.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/gasketgames/ By the way, this is their facebook page if anyone wants to chime in!
  11. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/37406/focus-home-interactive-reveals-12-new-partnerships-at-what-s-next-2019?fbclid=IwAR18aykesYoal3vrnMVsNJXqjHCn4ipgxcW42irOP80tGm1jvZ1FjXdYamU RISE, INVADE, CONQUER!
  12. Let's assume a unit has 2 weapons. It charges and resolves weapon 1. The opponent removes models and says: "i am out of range for weapon 2, weapon 2 cannot attack." Is this correct?
  13. Yeah, bringing a gavriel bomb to a narrative campaign is truly laudable.
  14. So would you consider the following stunt that happened on me to be legal or not? Imagine a wall of 10'' of height., perfectly straight Two units of ardboyz close to it. One next to the wall's edge, blocking an evocator unit's path. Opponent says he climps 5'' of the wall and then starts going down the vertical surface to finish the move within contact of my two ardboy units. Yes, no?
  15. So a bit of an AAR. Today I did a match in an ongoing local league. Killagore's Ironjawz fought against the daughters of khaine. This was a special scenario where the victory dependend on the control of 3 objectives at the end of turn 5, positioned in a vertical line in the middle of the battlefield. Deployment was three triangles, one big triangle that would go from the middle of the board to a side's edges and another two triangles that would start on the opposite side's edges and would end at the middle of each quadrant (so a bit like a salient). The mission had two twists: Units would have +1 attack in CQC and they'd also gain +2'' of movement and +1 to their run and charge rolls. A scenario that favours meelee, to put it shortly. My list was as follows. Killagore Faceslasha (megaboss on mawkrusha). 440pts 2x warchangers, one with da goldentoof (+1 bravery for IJ, -1 for enemies within 18'') and and another with big boss pole (no battleshock within 12''). 160pts Gazzgor Skurrymarshal. Fungoidcaveshaman. 90pts. 3x10 units of ardboys with big choppas. 160ptsx3= 480pts. One unit of goregruntas for 140pts. An ironfist battallion. 180pts 1490pts. 1 additional CP and relic for the campaign. My opponent fielded the following. Bloodwrack medusa. 140pts. 2x slaughter queens. 200pts. Bloodwrack shrine general. 220pts. 20 witch aelfs. 200pts. 2x10 blood sisters. 560pts. 2x5 khinerai 160pts. 2x5 blood stalkers. 320pts. 1 avatar of khaine. 180pts. For 1980pts. 3 additional CPs for the campaign. You'll notice a bit of disparity in points. Rolls haven't been that kind to me and the match was 1500pts of ironjaws vs 2000pts of Daughters of Khaine. A bit of an uphill battle but I had a plan. I end up deployment first and do the reasonable thing. I go first. And this way you'll think I've gone insane, that I am giving up a game deciding factor. But both armies are pretty far away, as I've deployed pretty back within my lines and I do go even further back, forming a defensive ring with my ardboy units to protect the general and gruntas. Why I am doing this? Because his forces are split on two sides on the board. And one turn of movement will place them within the chokepoints of the middle board, where there's more scenery. Also my shaman plays a key role? This little ****** here? He gives a command point a turn on a 4+. He's worth 90pts, while CPs are priced at 50 each. And he farmed me 3 of them, one each round. Truly a godsend. Only two units manage to get within charge range. A bit more than a third of my army perishes in the meelee, though I swing back a few casualties and wounds against the witches and the avatar. Now it's my moment. Mass charges all over the board, my entire army is in CQC. I activate my command ability. Six times. Thanks to prophet of the WAAAGH! I rolled 3 sixes and 3 successes with 7 units. I got +9 attacks. I slaughter the avatar of khaine with tree ardboyz, triggering the ironjawz' special ability of skipping activation order a la 40k. A goregrunta fights and slaughters a medusa. At this point, it... it didn't feel right to just go and remove the enemy's army without interaction. And my opponent is a fairly neat guy. So I felt bad and backtracked a bit, striking a compromise. I had not spent 6 CP, but rather 3. I would keep the attacks made from the one unit and model that had already fought, but the remainder would count with only +2 attacks instead of +9. The fight keeps on, my Mawkrusha boss, even without those extra 7 attacks, wipes out the block of 10 blood sisters. My boss takes a pounding from bloodsisters and queen. The third turn begins with me getting the double turn. I organise another mass charge but only waaagh! once to keep things reasonable, despite having 4 CP. I commit the fatal mistake of splitting attacks. I fail to kill the queen with a single wound left. And she finishes my Megaboss. The fighting continues, casualties fly across the third turn. The khinerai descend and the two units combined finish of my wounded shaman, whom's taken 2 rounds of shooting from the two stalker units (seriously, that guy was amazeballs). I regroup and organize countercharges, I wipe the two khinerai units in combat and the stalkers (previous round mainly) save for a unit leader. At this point we are down in the single digits of models. But he still has the cauldron. Long story short? He wipes out my force as he's left with a single queen at 2 wounds and the cauldron with a single suffered wound. Having had the extra attacks would have cemented my victory, as both the other block of blood sisters and witches would have been wiped out in that round without any retaliation, but I still think I would have won otherwise had I concentrated attacks on the queen, rolled a bit better, or piled in differently back in the 2nd turn. Alas, I am too much of a softy.
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