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  1. one suggestion, just for clarity would it not be better to create a 9" (or indeed 18") no man's land strip between the armies?
  2. @sandlemad yeah I think you’re basically correct there. If I recall correctly Dreadfane, Stormvault & Combat Arena were all announced/shown off at a more general toys & games trade fair rather than any kind of specific fantasy, war games or actual Warhammer event, so yeah the intended audience would have been other major retailers rather than us oiks, hence the much longer lead time. interesting then to try and guess how much of a lead time we’re talking. I mean It could even be for an autumn release to get them in the shops for Christmas, I’d guess it will be earlier but you never know.
  3. Wysiwyg - actually sounds like a lesser known chaos god, of pedantry perhaps, that GW tried to introduce around 3rd edition but never really took off, is now of dubious canonicity and just used by Josh Reynolds as an Easter egg for old fans in his stories.
  4. I didn’t expect scales, or indeed a tail, on the new IdK Endless Spell but I trust the designers to do us right.
  5. Few posts I've seen with people asking when x or y is arriving and just for my own wallet's benefit I wanted to figure it out too, no rumours just 100% confirmed to exist stuff here... (and yes before anyone starts hyperventilating and getting upset that I've included non AoS stuff let me say get over it chief, knowing what else is coming gives some insight into what production/schedule/retail space they have for our beloved game)... Anyway missing anything? Lots of 40k stuff announced but not scheduled yet, not so much AoS as it stands. MAY AoS (& related) Forbidden Power (25.5.19) Stormvault Scenery (25.5.19) --------------------------------------------------- JUNE AoS (& related) General's Handbook 2019 (15.6.19) General GW Contrast Paints Blood Bowl Halfling Team (1.6.19) 40K (& Related) Necromunda - Kal Jericho & Scabs models (1.6.19) FW White Scars Praetor & Dreadnought (1.6.19) --------------------------------------------------- JULY AoS (& related) Warcry starter box --------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCED BUT (I THINK) NO DATE YET AoS (& related) New store models - Leena Stormsire & Berek the Idomitable (might be available now) Sylvaneth Battletome, Scenery & Endless Spells 4 realm specific Warcry Warbands Stormvault (boardgame) Underworlds Dreadvane (basic, striped back version of Underworlds) Underworlds Season 3 Boxed Set (September, presumably followed by 6 more warbands through the rest of 2019/early 2020) Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team Treeman star player 40K (& Related) 40K Apocalypse Adeptus Titanicus - New scenery & upgrade packs Aeronautica Imperialis Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Command expansion Blackstone Fortress: Combat arena models expansion (if separate from CA) Combat Arena (boardgame) Chaos Knights Codex & Models Horus Heresy Book 9 FW Horus Heresy - Dark Angels FW Horus Heresy - Ruinstorm deamons FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Chapter Master Raldoron FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Dreadnought FW Horus Heresy - White Scars vehicles FW Horus Heresy - Dark Mechanicum Armigers FW Horus Heresy - Custodes Gunship Iron Hands - Iron Father, named character Primaris Repulser Executioner Tank Adeptus Mechanicus Transport/Tank Sisters of Battle - new army Space Marine Heroes - Season 3 - Death Guard Necromunda models - Enforcers, Dome runner, Ammojack, Headsman Middle Earth stuff Scouring of the Shire expansion Hobbit Holes scenery Hobbit Heroes & Ruffians models Déorwine, Chief of the King’s Knights model
  6. not sure how old the models are but it could be a hangover from Fantasy where they might have had different min unit sizes.
  7. entitled nerds always gonna be entitled nerds unfortunately. let's just offer up a prayer to the gods that GW launched Age of Sigmar in the blessed days before the world's worst people discovered that with just a couple of clicks they could create online petitions to register their outrage that whatever corner of popular culture they believe they own doesn't 100% conform to their basic, lifted from TV tropes, or whatever, views.
  8. Yeah personally I'd be fairly surprised if Tyrion or Teclis got models*, I've no doubt the design team could do something spectacular but I feel like they're edging away from those god-tier characters and with good reason, awesome as they are it does raise lots of problems fluff wise. Nagash was from the End Times wasn't he so it's only really Alarielle that has been released in AoS times right? Oh, maybe Archaon too, oh damn, I've forgot Morathi, ok so... this argument is falling to pieces but definitely feels like now the game is more established they don't need new factions to feature their big dogs/gods, or whatever, too. Personally I'd be very down for them subtly changing Nagash's warscroll to something like 'Avatar of the Undying King', otherwise as others have pointed out he really should be able to just one shot at least 90% of an entire army and then Night King the deceased to finish off those left. BUT!.. Even if models do get produced for them I certainly can't see them splitting the twins into separate factions either. Just how many Aelf armies do you want? I mean whilst probably unlikely I wouldn't even be that surprised is DoK got subsumed into a bigger Dark Aelf faction when that's eventually launched, with DoK being a sub-faction of it or at least incorporated somehow. At a push perhaps to go with the narrative leaning campaign they're about to run I could see them releasing some rules for something like a 'Teclis' Illuminated of Hysh' army in the GHB, kind of like the 'Legion of Grief' gets a couple of pages and rules in the Forbidden Power book. Or of course the alternative if a little bit more involved something like the Tome Celestial feature or Index Astartes features in White Dwarf, just some new rules and abilities that groups together a selection of extant models. The Ynnari one in the new issue does a pretty solid job, with a similar amalgamating disparate existing factions under one banner scenario, so something like that could work well. That could maybe just about tide people over until they've got this year's big Battletome push done, launched Warcry and they're ready to do a proper big release next year peut-etre (narratively tied to Slaanesh's release I assume). But who know, I'm probably very wrong about all of this. * Chances of GW announcing new Teclis & Tyrion models this very afternoon are probably astronomically high now if anyone does fancy a flutter.
  9. Regarding Bretonnia, can I check something... was the last time they were updated and had a new army book really 2004. I mean, not to diminish the pain and suffering that these people are obviously struggling to cope with but come on, take a hint guys. Maybe throw your energy into something more constructive and healthy... It makes the, what... 8 year Tomb King vigil seem positively sensible.
  10. Talking of the fine work of Mr @JReynolds, I just started reading Shadespire yesterday and I’d like to put my thanks on record for him making it canon that Stormcast all have ****** stupid names and that the ordinary people of the mortal realms know this.
  11. I think this... Answers this... I'd suggest you start by playing graciously & letting her steamroll you a few times... Maybe after a few savage beatings throw in some sad but not petulant comments along the lines of "Well done... again! If only I had a Chaos Lord on a Manticore and load of Chaos Warriors rather than this collection of bottle caps and pieces of lint that I'm using as proxies, I'd have more of a chance. Ah well thanks for the game mum, anything I can do around the house to help at the moment?"
  12. 1) yes, for all we know the majority in fact. Matched play is the most visible of the 3 versions, for sure but I’d say that in terms of overall numbers it’s not so clear cut. For a start the 3 aren’t so strictly demarcated as a large percentage of narrative players will still use points in some way and a lot of people that might consider what they do as ‘matched play’ might incorporate various extra rules from narrative games so there’s a lot of blurring between the different versions. But then narrative/open games by their nature are probably played amongst friends at people’s homes rather than in shops or at tournaments, so you just don’t see it in action as much, and it has less visibility online as it doesn’t revolve around tedious things like discussing lists. If GW relied on competitive tournament players to survive as a company they’d have gone under years ago. But matched play and tournaments do provide an easy to understand and easier to promote version of the game so from a marketing perspective it makes sense to use them to push the game to new people. 2) I myself prefer Skirmish sized games too. The original Skirmish rules were super light, the WD ones are a little more involved but not a huge amount, still they’re usable. I think you just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and be prepared to house rule a lot and come up with all kinds of home brew rules to get the most out of it at present. For me that’s a good thing not bad, as I generally look at all these rules as just tools to create the game I want. Hopefully that will be pretty close to the game as is but I love making up new rules and fiddling with mechanics so it’s all fun for me. I realise I may be in a minority here though. Anyway you know they’re releasing ‘Warcry’, a dedicated proper boxed AoS ‘skirmish’ sized game, in July though? Might be worth hanging on for that. If you can then I’d just buy a couple of the available Underworlds warbands and have some fun painting them up. ——————
  13. My god, actual stairs! I was genuinely worried that the knowledge and skill required to craft these technological wonders had been lost forever in the Age of Chaos. Seriously though Warcry is going to be a beast of a set, lets say two warbands of up to 10 unique models each, what appears to be 6 different chaos chickens and 6 daemons, plus the board and all the scenery. Damn... Can't wait, even if they somehow totally fluff the rules it's just going to be a great set for modelling.
  14. @JackStreicher from the community site “And we’re back for another day of reveals, sneak peeks and awesomeness!” So there may be something but I suspect if anything it will be more focused on things like Black Library and ancillary games. Still might be something held back, so you never know. ANYWAY... just to add fuel to the rampant fire of unsubstantiated new Death faction rumours that will inevitably lead to nothing except claims of being slapped in the face or sone other hyperbolic statement of distress... I give you a sketch of what is clearly, 100% guaranteed, the new Mortarch, Zombie Queen Crelis Arul, the Lady of All Flesh.
  15. In terms of renaming/relaunching old factions I’ve also assumed it was probably less to do with creating some unassailable copyrighted concepts and more a kind of brand SEO. After all as many have said for all the talk of AoS being about getting away from old fantasy tropes there’s nothing that super new and unique there. But, for example, change Dwarves to Duardin, Firelayers, Kharadron etc and (a) it just gives the new game a bit more of its own identity & (b) probably more importantly makes it so when you search online for them you get Age of Sigmar products and then related info first. Rather than say lots of results for Tolkien, D&D, real folklore, other games etc etc etc or most importantly other companies models with the same generic name. It doesn’t stop companies making models for your game but it means people will need to actively hunt them out and search for something like ‘Raging Hormones Massive Boob Elves for Nerds that Don’t know how to search for ****** online’ rather than just have them show up.
  16. I can’t believe people aren’t more excited about getting a Thundercats warband. Who knows maybe they could face off against the new Death faction led by Mumm-SettRa the Ever Living.
  17. Walked down to my local store this lunchtime and grabbed a copy off the shelf, they had quite a few in it seemed. oh one thing I just noticed flicking through the booklet with the box, the Sylvaneth Arch-Revenant is actually female. I just mention it as I’m sure people were talking about how it was a male character in contrast to nearly all the other Sylvaneth heroes.
  18. So much saltiness here you’d think they’d unveiled new IDK Dead Sea Warscrolls...
  19. hmmmm.... slight tangent but above comments related to the woods blocking movement of lumbering giant models like GUOs got me thinking. Would you allow a model to move through a small gap, let's say 2", between 2 Azyrite ruin walls if its base is bigger than 2" (assuming the model has enough movement to completely clear the gap and walls and be set up on the other side)?
  20. My wild guess is that like with KT/40K they’ll roughly keep the profiles of units similar, so you can easily skip from Warcry to AoS with some expectation they will work in the same way BUT with some new mechanics like KT Flesh Wounds so 1W models hang around a bit longer, the initiative section from Blackstone Fortress, and some mechanic to make melee combat more involved, whether that’s special abilities or who knows maybe even cards that you can use to boost/counter attacks. Personally I’d love it if you could do special actions to deliver a coup de grace against prone/unconscious/wounded enemies. It would be very chaotic to get to declare a ‘DECAPITATION’, ‘THROAT BITE’ or ‘REACH INTO THEIR PULPY FLESH AND PULL THEIR STILL BEATING HEART OUT WITH YOUR MAILED FIST WHILST CHANTING KALI MA SHAKTI DE’ action against your opponent’s injured fighters. Just so over campaigns you can keep a tally of how many skulls you’ve taken, or whatever grisly finishing move you prefer, and build up that characters story (and perhaps advance their stats in a campaign). I also suspect HEROES & especially WIZARDS will be thin on the ground to start with. But we’ll see...
  21. Couple of things jump out at me, firstly maybe, just maybe, this explains the ridiculous scarcity of Loon Curse sets and they limited the amount of stock they released this week so they have more to push it again when the BT does come out? Not that I don’t expect it to be reasonably limited, or necessarily have an issue with that, but to be completely gone almost a day after it went on pre-order is a little odd. Especially as it’s gone in what appears all language versions, even a couple of weeks after release and the English edition had been marked ‘no longer available’ I could still pick up the French version of Carrion Empire. Secondly, I had to chuckle at the Kurnoth warscrolls. Was it really necessary to split into 3? I mean the baseline stats & abilities are all the same still, just give the different weapon profiles. Reminds me of when I was at school and trying to pad out a project to make it look like I’d done more work than I had or fill up space.
  22. I know it hasn't been out long but wondered if anyone had had a crack at the Forbidden Powers tie-in battleplan yet, it looks fun. I especially like the inclusion of Wild Troggoths, takes me back to playing old games of WHFB with a GM who controlled a few creatures. Kind of thing I'd love to see a lot more of going forward really. I made up a battleplan a while ago to act as a minor side battle that could slot midway into a bigger campaign, two smaller forces trying to find a magic weapon in a cave that was inhabited by some kind of unruly beast. I was unsure how best to 'operate' the neutral creature without a GM but should be easy enough to rejig these rules.
  23. holy ******, calm down people! I mean we have 1, literally 1 whole paragraph to go, that you would have to stretch beyond belief to come even close to some of the conclusions that people are reaching for here... "We’ve looked at this expansion in previous seminars, but we’ve got even more to share with you today! First up, we’re excited to unveil the all-new mercenaries system. With Forbidden Power, you’ll be able to recruit renowned sell-swords to your cause regardless of Grand Alliance. So, for example, you could have a Chaos army and enlist some of the notoriously ur-gold hungry warriors of the Greyfyrd lodge…" How people can read this and think this means you'll randomly be bringing Greater Daemons into Daughters of Khaine lists staggers me. If you're really desperate to parse the text for hidden meanings (assuming it's not just some bloke writing what they think of as colourful copy rather the Voynich manuscript for toy soldiers) then things like "renowned sell-swords" should give some pause. That, to me, suggest specific named units, or at most it's like a battalion where maybe there's a command unit and then you get to pick from a few options. Maybe instead of being affected by allegiance abilities they might have their own special abilities that can be used by the 'leader' of the mercenaries. Who know but I very much doubt it's just going to be some big free-for-all. I'd say the example they give is also fairly useful as a guide, so you have an 'Order' race joining up with a 'Chaos' faction, narrative/fluff/lore is at the absolute core of this game, so they've picked what on the one hand is an extreme example but also one which is 'lore' friendly and has a basis in the existing fiction. That should at least give some indication that they're trying to do this in a way that makes sense, and again for that to work there will need to be some hard limits on what can be included and what goes with what. Hey maybe I'm completely wrong and we can look forward to Morathi, Nagash and Archaon all appearing on the same side but I would be amazed. I mean seeing as it's part of an expansion that features some kind of campaign it could also just be directly tied to that and be more narrative focused. Lets just wait and see.
  24. Admittedly they’re one of the more obscure factions, but when you get a chance you really should check out Stormcast Eternals.
  25. My guess is that rather than the existing battalions the new BT will give all the models 1 of 3/4 keywords (using a couple of the old battalion names, Oakenbrow etc) with different key models ‘leading’ each of these sub-factions (like how all the new BTs operate, so Gloomspite has Moonclan, Spiderfang, Troggoths, FEC have different courts, Skaven have different clans etc etc). So I could imagine say spite-revenants getting, for example, the Dreadwood keyword. And then if someone like Drycha or a Branchwych is general they’re battle-line with certain allegiance abilities. Maybe a Treelord Ancient as an Oxenbrow (or whatever) general who allows you to take Tree-Revenants as battleline again with certain allegiance abilities. Durthu as a Free Spirits, again or whatever, general that gets you Kurnoth Hunters as battleline etc etc etc etc. (Though this is where I’d like to see an actual Kurnoth model to lead them but let’s see). Then Alarielle kind of floats atop the whole structure. I mean this is all just speculation, going on my own guesses and what seems like the most obvious answer anyway (so probably wrong!)
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