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  1. Well this absolute unit just turned up this morning... EDIT: just added some close up pics here:
  2. now we're only a week or 2 away from those Mega-Gargants finally being on sale I'm just going to leave this article here for @KingBrodd. the aftermath of victory can be bittersweet and I myself know what it can be like to cry salt tears when you realise there are no more worlds to conquer. https://theconversation.com/how-olympic-athletes-grapple-with-life-once-the-thrill-is-gone-92231
  3. I mean it's only 2 data points but the Sisters of Battle launch boxset came with their ltd ed. codex too, so I'm guessing it could be the new format for when armies get a standalone launch set.
  4. Personally I'd prefer them to be, mostly, new characters. They didn't get too much of the spotlight in the Soul Wars novel but in the brief time they had I liked how Josh characterised Crelis Arul as the Zombie/Deadwalker Queen and Grand Prince Yaros as a Deathrattle King, and both of those are factions that could be expanded one day with related Mortarchs.
  5. https://hasbropulse.com/products/heroquest-game-system Launch page for the revamped non-GW Heroquest, at the moment they're only selling it to people in the US 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 (I guess licensing reasons, but can't see this not being a global release after the crowdfunding campaign) also lots of FIND & REPLACE "CHAOS with DREAD" in the video & text
  6. looks like DEATH to me. though unlike the recent ones that feel very Soulblight this has much more of a Nighthaunt vibe to it, the slender arm and skinny, angry looking wrist/fist, the jagged, cruel looking metal hook. I doubt we're getting a Nighthaunt Underworlds unit again but I guess there could be either a Warcry warband or release for Broken Realms Though for BR I'd imagine they'd just get a hero and that doesn't look like a big flashy model's weapon, so I'm saying Nighthaunt for Warcry, and this is some kind of Soul Butcher.
  7. going by the number of mentions they get in the battletom I always assumed that at some point they'd do a dual kit Overtyrant / Frost King. then again also going by the way its was so prominently called out in the Mawtribes battletome I spent about 10 minutes on my first read trying to find the, as it turns out non-existent, mixed Ogor Mournfang/Orruk Gore-Grunta "Beast Hammer" battalion, so what do I know.
  8. Love the Brightspear Skyport, totally different to how I've imagined (& seen) them before. Really makes me think of Anish Kapoor's Orbit Tower in London.
  9. the lack of Maggotkin fedoras seems like a catastrophic failure of the free market.
  10. @shinros no personally I don't for a few reasons. firstly it's for an award, the people who give that award are entitled to create whatever criteria they want for films to be eligible for that award. every award show has rules to decide what can be included or not, they always have and always will. secondly it's for just one category within that awards show, best picture. every single other catergory remains the same. Also this doesn't come into affect until 2024. thirdly to be included in this one category you have to meet 2 out of the 4, what they're calling standards. the one you've posted is just 1 of the 4, that relates to on-screen activity (funny that's the one that gets posted around 🤔) the other 3 categories include representation amongst the crew (such onerous limitations such as must include 6 crew members from under represented groups), representation amongst people working at the studio (and again a fairly small %) and finally representation amongst. unpaid interns. If they can't meet these terrifyingly Orwellian requirements then yes they just have to be content with be up for every other award but the best picture category. I'm sure Fox or whomever will keep this in mind when they start up production of their next Transformers movie or whatever.
  11. but how do you judge what is "forced" and why do you get to be the judge? it's just that over the years I've heard this line from thousands of people, whether it's about actors/characters in tv shows, computer games, RPGs, models, music, you name it, even ****** Countryfile, Springwatch or Gardener's World presenters. It's always the same people clogging up comments section and social media with their same complaints that whilst they've nothing against x, y or z but this particular instance is obviously being forced and so is bad. they'll always point to something small minor thing from the past that they're so generously ok with and think is valid, but oh no not this new instance, this is definitely pandering and which ever group is it should go away until such time as they've decided that the inclusion of x, y and z (maybe in a minor background, non-speaking role, for a few years just to bed them and make it feel natural) is acceptable and not forced.
  12. Considering that one of the constant complaints over the many, many, many years has been how GW never moves the story forward, and even when big things happen some shenanigans occur to revert everything back to the status quo, it's hopefully collecting dust in some never to be discovered stormvault.
  13. It's just so weird then that whether its games, comics, models or novels when designers, authors* etc do create whatever they want that also happens to increase visibility of otherwise underrepresented people in some way, they get pushback from the same people and are scolded for only doing it because they're being forced to, or they're pandering to SJWs, or they're just ticking x, y, or z box or some other nonsense. You'd almost be forgiven for thinking it was a hilarious bad faith argument. *who going by their social media presences at least (and the general trend for most young successful, creatives) are overwhelmingly fairly liberal, equality for all, types on some level
  14. oh, just 15 hours left to get the WFRP 1edition bundle of holding deal (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1E, Middenheim: City of Chaos, Marienburg: Sold Down the River, Shadows Over Bögenhafen, Death on the Reik, Power Behind the Throne, Something Rotten in Kislev, Empire in Flames). Assuming you don't already own it all or have swiped it off the net this so worth picking up, just as a piece of RPG history it's essential but that main rulebook is such a wonderful thing to just spend an hour or two with every now and then. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/2020WFRP1E
  15. so what you're saying is that the single most important element, the one thing that literally defines the 30+ years of games, stories, and all the many terabytes of badly worded wikipedia-like entries about Warhammer 40K is that women can't be Space Marines. change that one thing in this entirely fictional universe created by countless people to satisfy the marketing department of a toy company and you invalidate everything, and reduce the entire franchise to smouldering radioactive rubble from which no good will ever come again. I mean I'm not even that fussed about female marines but if that's true then I'd suggest it's a franchise that doesn't deserve to live.
  16. Yeah dude in my GW shop yesterday seemed to think new Blood Bowl box would be v late November, or wk 1 of December. the undead team is, supposed to be, part of the current editions release so yeah probably late Oct or Halloween itself as that’s a Sat this year I think. Underworlds in Dec after BB. Behemat Oct 10 new Warcry box November... with new shattered lands box(Ed) or whatever they’re called. I’m hoping for more underground maps and scenery. I want to join them boards together to create underground maps for small AoS games. but we shall see, everything’s all over the place innit. And the news coming out of the UK ain’t great right now & let’s be honest things aren’t going to get any less complicated over Christmas... or indeed the new year when going by their current antics the British government finally manages to become the first state in the world to sanction itself back into being some kind of subsistence economy.
  17. this thread is starting to give off some big Ben Shapiro energy. 😬
  18. Well, having seen the individual unit prices I finally caved & grabbed a Lumineth box set before they were all gone. Now whilst the ltd edition battletome is a lovely piece of work I really don’t know why I thought my brain would find this even vaguely tolerable...
  19. oh wow, so you telling me that you guys haven't seen the leaked concept art for Tyrion's model?
  20. An elegant weapon...for a more civilized age looks dare I say it positively human'esque, and of a non death, non chaotic, non golden armoured variety... though I'd be having words about that grip if I was their instructor...
  21. That's probably just a reference to the Aelf in the Splintered Fang Warcry set
  22. Random thought just had in my ongoing quest to make WHU models better in AoS without too much reworking... what if they had Keyword: <unit name> WARBAND with a general rule then that if a hero with <unit name> WARBAND & a unit with <unit name> WARBAND are within unit coherency of each other they count as one unit for the purpose of deployment, movement and resolving combat. so you can keep them close together & to kill the hero you have to take out the minions first, kind of an enhanced Look Out Sir to represent how these small warbands have fought together for years and are tight AF Might be a bit too strong for some or thematically work for all but could make some more interesting especially as quite a few of them currently have almost no benefits to keeping the hero & unit anywhere near each other, which feels odd. Anyway probably ****** but I’m sat in a dentists waiting room about to get drilled so humour me...
  23. well so far we've had or know for sure that we have coming up... Order Daughters of Khaine (1) Fyreslayers (1) Kharadron Overlords (1) Lumineth Realm Lords (1) Seraphs (1) Stromcast (3 if inc. Dreadfane) Sylvaneth (2 if inc. Kurnothi) Chaos Beasts of Chaos (1) Blades of Khorne (2) Disciples of Tzeentch (1) Hedonites of Slaanesh (1) Maggotkin of Nurgle (1) Skaven (1) Slaves to Darkness (1) Death Flesh Eater Courts (1) Legions of Nagash (1 - kind of) Nighthaunt (2 if inc. Dreadfane) Destruction Gloomspite Gitz (3 if inc. Rippa's Snarlfangs) Ogor Mawtribes (1) Orruk Warclans (2) So with 5 spots left this season I'd say that Idoneth Deepkin & Ossiarch Bonereapers are probably dead certs. Cities of Sigmar would then be the only extant faction without one, so I guess whilst not as definite a shot as the others you can chuck them in there too, today's Rumour Engine definitely has that vibe too. So 2 left... Malerion/Ulgu Aelves as a late season entrant has to be worth considering. In a normal season they're normally still pumping out the war bands deep into spring/early summer and we'll have been due a new army by then. So let's say them then, though that also would be a lot of Aelves in one season, so not a sure shot by any means. Final one... hmmm Stormcast would feel on brand, especially if there's a new chamber launched though that might be a Season 5 thing post summer 21. non Beastclaw Ogors could also be worth a shot, like wise Bonesplitter Orruks, though I thought they'd have had their go with Beastgrave. But I'm going to go with Legions of Nagash or Soulblight depending on whether they get a relaunch/new book. Or outside option just occurred to me, couple of non-aligned Chaos Warriors & a Chaos Sorcerer, can see that coming if not this season next.
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