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  1. "Skaventide Clan Skyre Effluvium Orb-Bombadiers!™️" - Markus Kruber, Vermintide 3: Enter The Mortal Realms
  2. @Koradrel of Chrace just something like this I imagine - https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Lancuszek-mosiezny-30cm-3-8x2-8mm.html but I imagine you'd probably want much bigger chunkier ones. could be a really interesting* modelling project, especially if you were to spray some kind of fixing agent to the chains so they are rigid reaching up and you try to 'model' Slaanesh via negative space. * difficult.
  3. Also Games Workshop just isn't employing them to sit around smoking pipes coming up with perfectly thought out, entirely new languages. I mean Tolkien started working on the various Elvish languages before WW1 and was still refining them in the 1970s when he died. I'd love to see the reaction if they announced today that the Seraphon battletome was going to be delayed for at least another 24 months because they've run into some tricky issues around conjugating dinosaur-men verbs and need to hire several new philologists to really crack this nut before they can start working out whether the big dinosaur-men should have -1 rend or not.
  4. Now seeing the actual rule my view, for what little it's worth, is that it (clearly though not clearly) means the ability is activated if there are no enemy units within 9". That makes sense not just from my interpretation of the rule but, and this is obviously much much much much murkier, what 'in universe event' the rules are trying to represent, that is big angry Orruks getting pissed off that they're being attacked from afar and can't hit back. Also if we take it to mean there just has to be ANY enemy unit more than 9" away from the Ironjawz unit taking damage then it might as well just be a permanently on ability as on a 6' x 4' table that's basically always going to be the case. For clarification here I have added a really fancy ultra-technical diagram (my father would be so proud). Here we have a situation where an Orruk unit is surrounded by enemy units but there's also, let's say, a single enemy Grot hiding away on the complete other side of the table hoping no one notices him. Are we really trying to claim that because that Grot is over there, a good 4 or 5 ft away, picking his nose the Orruk's 'Mad As Hell' ability is always on? 🤔 Personally, for again what little it's worth and in this case scientists would probably need to invent a new unit of measurement to accurately quantify just how little my opinion here is worth, I'd have worded it as... At the end of any phase, if any wounds or mortal wounds have been inflicted in that phase on an IRONJAWZ unit that is not within 9" of any enemy units, that IRONJAWZ unit can move D6". Also, and I realise I'm muddying the waters further here by adding stuff no one wants or needs, because I'm a sucker for rules like this, that have a basis in a unit's background/lore, I'd add a further clause... something like "that IRONJAWZ unit can move D6", but must end this move closer to an enemy unit."
  5. Post pic of awesome, colourful, paint job. Go for a walk. Return 4 hours later to find discussion of the genetic makeup of 'females'... Insert Homer-Simpson-Disappearing-Into-Hedge.GIF
  6. Yeah, totally agree. If you're not already you should also check out Dana Howl's models, her use of colour is great too. Really makes me want to try airbrushing.
  7. @RuneBrush yeah, pretty much everything she makes has me giddy with joy, it’s such a clearly defined aesthetic that just looks incredible. I’d love to see an entire Tzeentch army by her, it’d be a riot. much as I love the gritty Blanchitsu kind of stuff everytime I see her models I want to completely change everything I do to mine.
  8. Louise Sugden should paint every model and be put in charge of all official colour schemes. Really should be no question about it. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/18/peer-into-the-mindstealer-of-the-expertsgw-homepage-post-4/ cant wait to get this model myself (& then leave it unbuilt on a shelf for 6 months before making it look like an ill looking animal that has been left Unloved and unclaimed in a rescue shelter for 5+ years)
  9. yeah, not to get too "inside baseball" but the fangs rather than tusks does indeed suggest you're right.
  10. Seriously though, what it does really remind me of is the big embossed face on the old classic WHFB 3rd edition Man-Mangler. Now if we do get a Siege of Excelsis style supplement, a couple of war machines will be needed for the boys in green, so you never know...
  11. France - from Latin Francia, land of the Franks Bordeaux - assumed to come from Burdigalia, Gaulish, Proto-Celtic for City of the Gaels/Celts Paris - Latin again this time for City of the (indigenous tribe) Parisii Montpellier - combination of the Latin from mountain and pastellus, a particular dye/woad that the locals were noted for.
  12. The new Necromunda models have great AoS conversion potential, especially for Warcry/StD
  13. oh god... they don't help themselves do they...
  14. The question I have here for people is if you think Horrors ‘slain’ via battleshock should split, would you be happy taking x amount of mortal wounds in the same situation from, say, a Nurgle unit that can deal out mortal wounds when models are ‘slain’, or any of the other units that have similar shenanigans. Theres been rules like that around for a while, so what’s been the standard till now?
  15. Slaves to Darkness units can be given a 'mark' of one of the 4 gods and then used in their respective armies too. So yes effectively you can use them in 5 different armies, the new models in the SC box are great too.
  16. it's a classic split tailed mermaid, which is also the city's symbol so... the other one looks like a classical foliate head design too, again works fine.
  17. Please let’s not do anything to encourage self identified PC gamers or indeed people with YouTube channels from getting involved with AoS...
  18. New to the internet? I’d say this still has a good day or so of going nowhere circular arguments left in it before someone says something really really terrible and the mods lock it.
  19. I’m not the biggest fan of the range as it’s quite limited at the moment but if you want to stay with Death and do it cheaply via SC boxes then Flesh Eater Courts would make sense to me. otherwise Ogors (beastclaw) is the other obvious big model, SC box driven army.
  20. Bit random but it could then be set Roughly in the early 2400s, Marienburg/the Wasteland becomes an independent city state, Wilhelm III (the Wise) becomes emperor and Waagh! Grom invaded the Empire...
  21. Some more THE OLD WORLD teasers... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/06/cartography-in-the-old-worldgw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/ and it’s a map of the old world with a few heraldic designs. The four names they give don’t offer too much help in pinning down the when of the game as you can find characters from just a few hundred years into the empire up to the 2000s that could fit. The fact they’re working on this kind of stuff now does suggest a more narrative/campaign approach. and also is making me pine for Mighty Empires again.
  22. @Nizrah Josh Reynolds mentioned in his newsletter last week that he has an AoS novel out this year called ‘Steel Soul’ so I presume it’s something to do with that... EDIT: oh wait sorry he’s a Hallowed Knight isn’t he not from the Hammers of Sigmar. Ignore me (it’s easy to do).
  23. Obviously combat mechanics are one of the main things you need to test and get right for a game like this, and the swarm mechanic does sound interesting, but I am getting curious now as to how combat heavy the game will be and how it handles all other kinds of interactions. Not long to go to find out though, can't wait!
  24. Learn how to make scenery. Big, massive, beautiful line of sight blocking scenery, mountains, giant rock formations, writhing tentacled flesh forests, ancient monoliths and towering ruins. Not only will it potentially help you out with your shooting problem but you get the added bonus that it's fun to do, makes your games look a hell of a lot better and means you'll be playing the game as intended.
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