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  1. anyone heard anything about what's happening with the Soul Wars exclusive models now those boxes are on the way out? You've got the mounted Lord Arcanum, Knight Incantor, mounted Knight of Shrouds and Guardian of Souls that never got solo releases. Those two nighthaunt models are on the same sprue I think, the mounted Lord Arcanum has a random Evocator on theirs I think. there aren't Sacrosanct or Nighthaunt Start Collecting boxes so could see those turn up at some point maybe
  2. Absolutely howling at Kroak being referred to as "the big frog lad"
  3. counterpoint, fantasy (& indeed sci-fi) are great place to examine and explore concepts and events from reality as they allow us to look at them from fresh perspectives, to approach them without some of the baggage that has accrued around them IRL, to encourage a re-examination of history and to introduce important ideas and historical stories back into popular culture and have them absorbed by people who would otherwise stand on a chair like the old woman from Tom & Jerry screaming 'urgh, there's a politics in my house!' without a connection to real world events, philosophies, belief and the like it's just strange shaped people shooting pew-pew lasers at each other, which can have it's place but it's a shallow pool to want to hang out in for long
  4. not sure if this had been already confirmed but as suspected, rumoured, leaked the new AoS3 launch set (or whatever they're going to call this) is called Dominion plus... this weekend, we’re showing you everything. Join us as we unveil the whole box – there may even be a few extra surprises too. Guessing at the very least Stormcast will finally get a terrain feature https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/05/24/whats-inside-the-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-dominion-boxed-set-find-out-on-saturday/?utm_source=TW&utm_medium=TW&utm_campaign=AOS, TV
  5. that new Aspiring Chaos model absolutely SLAPS and it is criminal that it's an event only model BOOOOOOOOO, I say, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. None of the reviews I've seen of it have mentioned PtG/Crusade, which I assume means it still the same otherwise you'd like to think that even the most matched play focused types would surely have had something to say about it Which is a shame if it means that we'll need to wait 2/3 years for SB to get that Also I've noticed whilst it's been said that the new BT has been designed with AoS3 in mind, I haven't actually seen anyone point anything out in the book that really gives us any clue what about it is that makes it so The only thing I've seen is the way certain models act as a general even if they aren't which maybe I'm mistaken but not sure I've seen before and could have some relevance to command traits and abilities going forward. Then again I've missed the speculation but are we all also assuming that this book wasn't actually supposed to come out a few weeks before the new addition but months ago?
  7. Just seen the alt sculpt for her and I love that there’s (probably) a nod to the fan she’s carrying in the original art with her transformed wing/claw/hand
  8. I'm sorry folks I just can't get over Kragnos' boat. The rest of the mini is great but I see that face and I just think brachycephalic dog, like some inbred pug that can't breathe properly and makes all kinds of stupid noises. "ahhh here comes Mr Kraggle-Waggles" apart from that some solid reveals, though again the more I look at the big vampire dragon things the more that body placement absolutely does my head in, will need to see it in person as right now they look like two really cool models kitbashed together in a really awkward way. rest of it great stuff. Also I realise yesterday the new broke quite close to them going live so fair enough but I really hoping at some point in this week of Warhammer Fest they find time to pay properly tribute to Richard Halliwell though, would be absolutely criminal if they don't
  9. getting big Varanguard price vibes off though vampire knights (also interesting in that article they linked to that insect-like Vampire lady they showed off a few weeks ago, I was thinking with whatever the hell has happened to Cursed City there was a chance that she & rat boy might have got quietly shelved)... Anyway just finished reading BR: Teclis, and can't believe what they did to my beautiful boney boys but as for Soulblight making some kind of play whilst Nagash lays up, they didn't whilst he was even more comprehensively rekt by Archaon so I imagine they'll just continue to try ****** each other over. Also now I've seen that banner pic of Kragnos brightened up I'm more convinced he's some kind of Kurnothi'esque centrepiece, whilst BoC would make a lot of sense and be cool to see them given a bit of love, he looks (to me at least) more like a more bestial, rage fuelled avatar of life. But mainly as having just read BR Teclis that would then obviously tie in to every single thing that came out of Alarielle's mouth in that book, I mean they didn't exactly go subtle mode there. Anyway we shall see...
  10. what is, slightly, odd is that these giant new Slanneshi daemons will be coming out as part of the BR: Kragnos book. and at the same time as the new big Kroak model would they actually release a 3rd huge (Kragnos) model in the same release?
  11. not hanging around with the BR books now are they, I wonder if they'll take a pause or we'll have Kragnos in a couple of weeks too. guess they need to get it all out before AOS3 drops in, what June? July?
  12. slightly on a tangent here but trees & forests in 28mm (or thereabouts) games always crack me up, these little bonsai thing that are often, at best, maybe 3 times the size of a model. has anyone ever done vaguely realistic mature "forest" trees that are around 15-20 times a normal models height with each tree spaced out around 15" apart. I wonder if that would just look really ridiculous to us.
  13. FYI if you're bored right now Emmet's on Twitch talking about the upcoming supplements for Soulbound the new bestiary sounds, aptly, like a beast. massive book https://www.twitch.tv/tabletopgamingmag
  14. every range needs something big and ridiculous so I'm hoping for some kind of massive flesh golem, loads of zombies fused together into some kind of twisted gargant sized abomination along with a Zombie Queen
  15. I think the key part for me of the new BR story was that Mannfred didn't really summon the daemon to have a look at the situation in Ghyran, though obviously that was part of it, but to deliver a message (of sorts) or at least ensure certain information got back to Papa Nurgle Wheels within wheels, feints, subterfuges, misdirection and betrayals, good old Fred also let me just join in the chorus of CORPSE CART! CORPSE CART! CORPSE CART!
  16. and now that no one is guarding this specifically named and referenced Vampire Emperor's tomb... DUN-DUN-DURRRRRRRRR! "I'll take Soulblight Gravelords vampiric Tzar centrepiece model for 500 please Alexi..."
  17. I honestly can't explain about 90% of these choices but ah well not gonna win so doesn't really matter
  18. it's one of the objective markers Enhance 34 to 36. Pan right or-and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34 to 46.
  19. just inject every Cursed City model right into my eyeballs
  20. Pretty sure it's Belakor, the description fits, the repeated use of the words dark & master, having Skaven work for him etc. But they know what they're doing, they left enough in there that people would start losing their ****** about it possibly being Malerion As for the impossible maybe it's a plan to kill off comments under Warhammer instagram posts and destroy the endless, eternal moaning "herp, derp bring back fanta-" *poisoned shuriken to the throat*
  21. Personally I'd ignore Path to Glory for now, hopefully they'll be updating that (or something like it) soon, maybe very soon... Underworlds is very much a board/card game. it's the cheapest game, great fun but mechanically very different (still the models can be used in most other games). I do really like it and would suggest eventually everyone try it but it's not a wargame in the usual sense of the term Warcry is probably my favourite right now, the core system's good, different to the main game but all the models can move from one to the other, it has a nice campaign system, you can start small, build up a couple of little forces and see how you feel. Skirmish is in a weird place, it got some better rules in a White Dwarf but still gets treated like a rented mule Standard AoS - whilst most people will just say play at 2000 its they have done some good stuff in making smaller pts value games work, it's not always totally balanced (some match up very not so) but it's totally playable at smaller levels as you build up. Personally I'd go for Warcry, split a starter set with your mate and you've got not just 2 war bands but importantly a board to play on with some scenery etc, which will stand you in very good stead. There's lots of new releases coming up so it's going to be strongly supported (well as much as any non core game is) for a while yet and everything you get can be used in the main game. And if you fancy trying out a few different factions before you settle, you can dip your toes in to different ones for £30-40. If you end up wanting to run a chaos army then you're really laughing as there's loads of cool Warcry stuff that you can build a Chaos army around (though maybe not the most competitive builds) Anyway that's just my dumb thoughts, others here will probably suggest very different things but welcome to the hobby anyway.
  22. So new Wardokk/Shaman/Prophet in the war band too I guess Nice model anyway, will look good on the untainted pile
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