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  1. Time is a little fluid in the Realms, but I believe its been about a century since the Realmgate Wars. Other than that we'll leave most of the timeline loose to allow it to be malleable for GMs and players Exactly
  2. That won't be up to us, but I'd love to see it
  3. I did an interview recently with Tabletop Games UK, which you can catch here.
  4. Sorry forgot to tag you folks in my above reply. Soulbinding works for non-Order characters as mentioned above. Chaos is more tricky and interesting. You could have something like a Darkoath who hates Order but also doesn't want the world to end, so joins the Soulbound. You can be a Battlemage and choose Shyish as your Lore of Magic, so in that regard you can do "good" necromancers. Depends on how everyone else views you! Shades of grey are always more interesting than straight good and evil.
  5. Not necessarily. The "Pantheon of Order" during the Age of Myth contained both Gorkamorka and Nagash, so there is precedent for Destruciton and Death aligned Soulbound. That's something we are keen to explore in the future. The party being Soulbound is the default setup for the game but you can play your own way. There is a mechanic tied to being Soulbound (think Hero Points, Fate Points, or Inspiration) but that can easily be reskinned for your own non-Soulbound game. We'll give guidance on different frameworks in the GM chapter of the book
  6. Pretty much! It's definitely more Suicide Squad than Justice League/Avengers.
  7. SCE can't become Soulbound as their souls are already tied to Sigmar. Sylvaneth Soulbound are severed from the lamentiri, which makes it a huge deal for them.
  8. Oh there's permadeath! If a Soulbound dies their soul basically explodes. Nagash can't get it, but they also can't be brought back.
  9. Howdy folks! Its been a while but here's some news on Age of Sigmar Soulbound, and what it actually means to be Soulbound.
  10. Just to clarify, "in the coming weeks" we'll be looking at character creation. So soon
  11. Got a chance to talk to the folks from Beasts of War and discuss a bit more about our goals with Soulbound Link
  12. A new #MortalRealmsMonday piece gives some new information on the previously announce Witch Aelf archetype. Link
  13. I got to chat to the guys from Sprues and Brews at UKGE. You can check out the interview at the link here.
  14. Don't worry, we are releasing the standard editions too. These will be available for pre-order when the pdfs are complete, and will be more affordable. The collector's edition are created with collector's in mind and we know won't be for everyone. Both the standard and CE will have the same content so you won't be missing out on anything within the books themselves
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