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  1. Just to clarify, "in the coming weeks" we'll be looking at character creation. So soon
  2. Got a chance to talk to the folks from Beasts of War and discuss a bit more about our goals with Soulbound Link
  3. A new #MortalRealmsMonday piece gives some new information on the previously announce Witch Aelf archetype. Link
  4. I got to chat to the guys from Sprues and Brews at UKGE. You can check out the interview at the link here.
  5. Don't worry, we are releasing the standard editions too. These will be available for pre-order when the pdfs are complete, and will be more affordable. The collector's edition are created with collector's in mind and we know won't be for everyone. Both the standard and CE will have the same content so you won't be missing out on anything within the books themselves
  6. We work with translation partners on all of our lines now. We should have German, Italian, French, and Spanish versions and are looking at getting more.
  7. Hey folks! Sorry for my absence, lots of prep for Warhammer Fest. Speaking of, here's some news, including more art, the Starter Set, and a brand new name for the Age of Sigmar RPG! https://www.cubicle7games.com/age-of-sigmar-update/
  8. Sorry, not this week (or last week!). We're deep in preparations for Warhammer Fest so it has somewhat curtailed our news sharing. But if you make it to WH Fest come say hi!
  9. I'll see what we can do Yep, there are Slann embassies in most major cities. Usually run by Skink Starpriests and guarded by Saurus
  10. Hey all, We chatted to Geek & Sundry recently and you can read the interview here. We also revealed a new Archetype: the Branchwych
  11. Future products will expand character option to non-Order factions
  12. Beat me to it! Looking forward to sharing info with everyone on a more regular basis.
  13. Howdy, We released a big update on our site here: http://cubicle7.co.uk/age-of-sigmar-cover-reveal-update/ This includes confirmation of Sylvaneth characters. The corebook will focus on Aqshy, but we will have information on Ghyran too. And each realm will be expanded on in future products.
  14. I can confirm it is NOT Hammerhal The map will be highly detailed and will allow you to zoom in to see these kinds of elements yes
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