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  1. The Soulbound FAQ is live here. Let us know if there are any frequently asked questions we've missed, and we'll update the document periodically.
  2. Its just Grungni with a razor that won't fit in his giant hand. "Aye, ****** it, it'll dooo!"
  3. Hey! We'll have news soon and will be adding all of our translation partners to our website. Last few legal bits are being tidied up
  4. The free adventure Crash & Burn is now available to download! you can get it through our website here, or direct through Drivethru RPG here.
  5. Yes that's a typo. Silver Tongue did have requirements but they were removed. If you could use the form it would be great, but any help is a appreciated, so feel free to DM or email the sheet to me. Thanks
  6. No, + S is plus successes. So any successes you get are added to damage.
  7. Sorry yeah, that last line is an error. The Troggoth's armour was changed from 1 to 2 late in the game. I thought I had amended the example but I missed that last bit. The Troggoth's Toughness should be reduced by 2
  8. In the next few weeks. Shouldn't be too far off
  9. Yep. If you check the GM chapter there is literally a heading called "You Meet in a Tavern" 🤣
  10. Starter Set we're looking at July hopefully. It got a bit delayed with the shuffle of everyone moving to working from home. As for the pre-gens, we'll get them up next week!
  11. We've spotted a few. Unfortunately this was introduced in the last export when I corrected some last minute typos and it messed up the kerning. We'll have an updated PDF next week. We'll also have an errata form for any issues you spot. Thanks!
  12. Awesome, thanks! If your address changes just contact our customer support team at info@cubicle7games.com
  13. Website should be back up and running now!
  14. Yep, y'all crashed the site! We have folks working on it now, should be sorted soon hopefully
  15. We're delighted to announce that Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, the first ever tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Age of Sigmar, is now live! You can pre-order the standard edition or stunning collector's edition through our shop here. You can also purchase an A1 print of the Great Parch map, created by renowned cartographer Jared Blando. As well as that, we have some awesome All Rolled Up dice trays, and we're doing an advance pre-order on the Gamemaster Screen so you can bundle everything together and save on shipping. All the details can be found here. If you pre-order the standard edition or the collector's edition, you will receive the PDF straight away! If you want to buy the PDF by itself, you can purchase it directly through our website or on DrivethruRPG. Thanks folks. Excited to hear what everyone thinks and for all the adventure in the Mortal Realms!
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