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  1. Sorry, not this week (or last week!). We're deep in preparations for Warhammer Fest so it has somewhat curtailed our news sharing. But if you make it to WH Fest come say hi!
  2. I'll see what we can do Yep, there are Slann embassies in most major cities. Usually run by Skink Starpriests and guarded by Saurus
  3. Hey all, We chatted to Geek & Sundry recently and you can read the interview here. We also revealed a new Archetype: the Branchwych
  4. Future products will expand character option to non-Order factions
  5. Beat me to it! Looking forward to sharing info with everyone on a more regular basis.
  6. Howdy, We released a big update on our site here: http://cubicle7.co.uk/age-of-sigmar-cover-reveal-update/ This includes confirmation of Sylvaneth characters. The corebook will focus on Aqshy, but we will have information on Ghyran too. And each realm will be expanded on in future products.
  7. I can confirm it is NOT Hammerhal The map will be highly detailed and will allow you to zoom in to see these kinds of elements yes
  8. We'll be talking about the starter set more soon, but for now it will follow a similar line to WFRP: an adventure book, a region/city guide, premade characters, handouts etc. We're hoping to launch it very soon after the release of the corebook Sorry, yes we'll have a nice big map of the Great Parch. The other realms will come in time
  9. Actually, the base assumption is that you are not using minis. The game is meant to be as accessible as possible so we assume our starting player has no knowledge of Age of Sigmar and also no minis. Of course we know a huge part of the player base will be using minis, so we have rules for playing like this. So to answer your question, it should be very easy to play remotely without any VTT software. In the corebook, no. We want to do the maps and the realms justice, so if we were to include maps of each that would be a double page spread for each Realm. This immediately takes up 16 pages of content that could be used for further information, adventure hooks, etc. We aim to map each Realm as they become centre stage in our adventures.
  10. That is actually a very good idea. I'm stealing that for a future post. For now, I'd safely say some nighthaunts wouldn't go amiss 😉
  11. Yep. The sea along the Charwind Coast near Anvilgard is quite an interesting spot. There's plenty of others too. The Mordacious Sound has a heap of Idoneth
  12. We'll be breaking it up into regions, such as the Flamescar Plateau, Aridian, Bataar, Aspiria, etc. and then detailed important locations within those areas. We'll have sections discussing daily life, how people live and trade, where they get crops and food etc. The Great Parch has, unsurprisingly, often been shown as an arid desert, but there is a wide array of environments there. Its been a lot of fun to explore how people survive in this climate and landscape and how things have changed since the Age of Chaos.
  13. I actually don't have the Realm of Sommerlund book handy, so I'll need to check when I get back to the office. We have "hard mode" options in the GM Toolkit that presents rules for playing as more low-level characters. Our WFRP book already does a brilliant job of these type of characters so it made no sense for Age of Sigmar to have the same focus.
  14. Hi all, Exciting news! The cover for the Age of Sigmar RPG will be revealed live on Warhammer TV on Twitch this Thursday the 21st at 4pm GMT. Following the reveal we'll be sharing some more details about the Age of Sigmar RPG on our website and social media channels, so keep your eyes peeled! After the reveal and the news, feel free to send any questions my way. I'm really excited to finally be able to share this with everyone! Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. All the best - Emmet
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