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  1. Honestly, outside of being Mortis Praetorians to let Katakros hand out +1 saves, Petrifex Elite is probably still the best subfaction due to also having by FAR the best command ability in Bludgeon. No more Nagash with a 2+ though...
  2. Looks like they're starting to upload the FAQs, Cities of Sigmar and Disciples of Tzeentch are up right now!
  3. 2 units of 20 with swords would be the optimal configuration, but I did 20 with swords and 20 with spears because the spears look better IMO.
  4. Or, theres a new keyword for vampires that hints at a future release and they didnt want to reveal it here!
  5. People already didn't like facing Death factions because a large proportion of people play way too aggressively and don't play to the objectives, so when their armies fail to kill off units turn 2 before being ground down they call the army "unfun" or "OP". That said, Mortek Guard in Petrifex (or even Mortis Praetorians with Katakros) often do things that no unit at that price point should be able to do, especially when you throw a Harvester in the mix. On some battleplans and against some armies, before the game even starts there is often no real avenue to win short of absolute miracle dice rolling.
  6. That article really makes it seem like the rest of the army is more than a few weeks off... which would be incredibly lame.
  7. Though it's not an army I would run, i definitely see Stoneguard spam in Ymetrica with the Alarith Temple battalion being the most competitive choice by far. They just get too many stacking bonuses. Having played OBR for months (and I love the army) I don't see Lumineth being as obviously powerful, but their mortal wound output and the impact teclis has on the board is certainly unique
  8. I was hoping to see the page with Vanari / Alarith specific rules, like Shining Company, Enduring as Rock, and Tectonic Force, mostly to see if Enduring as Rock indeed has no downside or any reason not to use it every single turn...
  9. I mean, when they get the spell off, they're averaging 3 mortal wounds at 30 inches ignoring LOS, so they seem pretty solid to me.
  10. 4 Aetherquartz abilities: Add 1 to hit, add 1 to save, add 1 to or reroll a casting roll, or cast an additional spell. The Cathallar can make enemy units take the -1 bravery debuff from spending Aetherquartz instead of your dudes.
  11. Some quick google translations of Teclis abilities: Can cast 1, 2, or up to 4 spells - If 1, it is automatically cast and cannot be unbound. If 2, they are cast automatically with a CV of 12, if up to 4 they are cast automatically with a CV of 10. Additionally, he can automatically dispell one endless spell per turn, and attempt to unbind any number of enemy spells, one of which is automatically unbound. Celennar's aura also adds 1 to all casting, dispelling, and unbinding rolls for Lumineth units within his Aura (starts at 16" and degrades) Celennar's Aura also allows units within it to ignore the effects of spells on a 4+, and when they do so, they can pick a unit within 18" of that unit and deal D3 mortal wounds to it.
  12. Aetherquartz is just Hyshian realmstone that has unique properties IIRC, never heard it mentioned as being a gas (especially since quartz is a real-life rock crystal) Hmm...that is an odd distinction, and if it is the case that breaking the vessel gives them access to fresh Aetherquartz (rather than simply breaking one that already drained their emotions), it shouldn't carry with it a "heavy emotional cost". Unless they mean "cost" as in the Lumineth lose more emotion, but in that case I'm not sure how that correlates with -1 bravery.
  13. It actually says in the Aetherquartz Reserve flavor text from yesterday's article that "In extremis, the Realm-lord can break the vessel's seal, allowing them to temporarily increase their physical and arcane prowess, albeit at a heavy emotional cost".
  14. Correct, but when they use their Aetherquartz ability they break the aetherquartz so the emotions return to them, giving them a burst of power but making them less emotionally stable. At least thats my interpretation.
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