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  1. Sentinels for sure need a rules adjustment ("no LoS shot" only once per game?) but Teclis is fine where he is. Anyways, as much as I would understand the frustration when (not if) Lumineth get another release, I *do* really want to see Tyrion...
  2. If that's the case then I (and most games / battle reports I've seen) have simply had very different experiences with the game.
  3. I don't think that's a particularly unpopular opinion, but I do think it is completely untrue - have you been to any tournaments, or watched competitive battle reports? The claim that "skilled players don't lose with a double turn and if they do, the game was largely already decided" just doesn't bear out in reality among skilled players. This is not to say that there aren't games decided by priority rolls, but this idea just goes back the Venn circle, in addition to some bias about what games we *do* remember. (As it happens, I had a competitive match just this past weekend that I won after getting doubled on turns 1 into 2 that was far from being decided beforehand) Maybe it's the morning caffeine not kicking in, but I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. That a skilled player always ought to win with a double turn, and the player on the receiving end effectively has no input into the outcome of the game? That seems patently untrue to me.
  4. Here's mine: The Venn diagram of people who hate double turns and people who are bad at the game is almost a circle. However, this doesn't mean that priority rolls are necessarily good, because most people who try to get into the game are understandably not very good, and getting crushed by an opponent's double turn in your first or second game isn't going to encourage you to come back for more. I would be fine with open play games having the option of "no priority rolls", or encouraging new players to play without them, but I think the game is better for having them outside of the new player experience.
  5. I hadn't heard about that...but I would welcome it. Just have Avalenor at the moment, would love some stongeguard, a stonemage, and another mountain spirit 😮
  6. Idoneth came out almost exactly a year AFTER kharadron, and were the last tome before Soul Wars and 2.0. Right after they came out was a large explosion of popularity with AoS. I remember it well, I started playing at that time with Idoneth as the army that got me into AoS!
  7. It ought to be more present than it is, though...an entire caste of Idoneth is dedicated to magic. Soulrenders and Soulscryers should be wizards as well, IMO. Idoneth endless spells have got to be the easiest for them to design though, there are TONS of options for spectral sea life. Urchins that slow movement, schools of tiny fish that obscure, a sharknado...the possibilities are endless (pun intended)
  8. I play both Lumineth and Soulblight, and Soulblight is in a great spot vs Lumineth. As stated above, Lumineth are great at throwing out high quality attacks, but don't have the quantity of attacks to be dealing with tons of bodies. Sevireth and Spirits of the Wind don't really put out that much damage for their points, and being able to fly around the board isn't as useful when each objective has 20+ bodies sitting on them. Zombies can also ignore unleash hell with their pile in shenanigans, gravesites allow huge board control vs Teclis based castle lists...the tools are there. As others have said (and really this advice goes for a LOT of folks who complain about a certain match-up) go hard on the objectives - I beat a Sylvaneth player the other week without wiping a single one of his units off the table. I'm by no means saying it's an easy win, but Soulblight is in a great spot to be beating Lumineth.
  9. Also, the Rivals format looks like what might actually get me to play more - I enjoy deckbuilding, but I don't want to buy warbands just for the cards.
  10. So we had Shadespire and Nightvault in Shyish (which was the main setting of AoS 2), Beastgrave and Direchasm in Ghur (AoS 3), with Harrowdeep and its likely follow-up in Ulgu it's safe to say either AoS 4 or GHB 2022 will be set in Ulgu.
  11. The preview event today appears to start at 8pm EDT, which I think makes it 1am across the pond...?
  12. Just wanna say thanks for bringing OnePageRules to my attention! Looks fantastic, gonna try to get a game in this weekend with Grimdark Future rules
  13. No, the old app had all the warscrolls for free. The new one will not for future books.
  14. It only has that for old rules - moving forward you will need to buy the physical versions of the new books to get a code to see the rules in the app. Just like 40k 🙄
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