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  1. Hey peeps, here is a special episode of Mortel Realms! For this one I had the honor to have my joke illustrated by the great Roberto Cuevas Guerrero, a.k.a lanadaminiatures. I have set up an instagram account specifically for these comics and already have some other guest artists lined up. I’m pretty chuffed!
  2. Thanks, given your username I have to assure you that it’s not a personal attack
  3. Hey to anyone still following this thread, today I give you my take on a recent controversy that’s been tearing up our community 😁
  4. Great idea and execution, can’t wait to see them painted!
  5. My little backwater planet and its quarantined inhabitants are starting to take shape! Craft paints are not too bad, once properly diluted.
  6. I will not be able to attack my pile of shame as I am stuck at my girlfriend’s place in the countryside! I was able to get some models of off ebay at the start of the confinement. I went for some cheap pokwalkers. I only have artist’s acrylics so this won’t be fine painting but it will let me experiment. I don’t have a lot of time for hobby since I am doing a lot of comics these days! But I have already started bulding a bit of terrain from trash. The goal is to make a small set of terrain and two warbands of mutants, and coerce my girl into a campaign of skirmishes on a run-down quarantine planet... we’ll see what comes of it!
  7. Thanks! To be clear these are not for GW, it’s just the same style since it’s gonna be a while until they publish a 2nd season of Neverchosen, I have started my own comic to keep making nerdy jokes hehe.
  8. Here we go for episode 5, a case of mistaken divinity! Stay healthy folks, another one next week 🙂
  9. Thanks man, for now I’ve kind of been coasting on stuff I’d already made, but starting next week I have to come up with something new... thankfully I have more than a couple of ideas! I have to admit that I’m scared of having to draw stormcast though... those pauldrons...
  10. As often on the internet, I think it’s mostly that people have very different definitions of the same term. Obviously an oldhammer fan will picture something different than a total war fan when they read « we’re bringing the old world back ». People then get agravated because the most incendiary opinions are the most noticeable. And then it devolves into « us vs them ». I have no skin in the game personally, just observing that people’s expectations will shape their reactions. when I said « fantasy fans » I just meant people that want a return to the old school game, I didn’t mean to imply « true fans » or anything like that.
  11. I wonder if this project is not as much « bring warhammer fantasy back » as it is « bring total war warhammer to the tabletop ». A subtle distinction that could really orient the design in a different way than what fantasy fans might want 🤔
  12. I’m not a big fan of scenic bases, but I think a little touch of color that calls back to the paintjob (like a sickly green or bony off white) can really add to the model. I respect your point of view though, especially if you’re going to play them on different styles of terrain.
  13. Nice paintjob, that’s a good looking bunch of ghouls! are you planning on adding something on the bases? I feel that a couple of grass tufts could really finish it off nicely.
  14. I am spending confinement in the countryside here in france, at my girlfriends place. Sadly I don’t have any miniatures or paints here. BUT I have ordered some cheap poxwalkers on ebay, and I have some art acrylics. So the plan is to paint my minis with those (thoroughly thinned) and build some cool terrain with mossy stones and branches. While I am pretty worried about my older relatives, I’m excited to start this quarantine project to take my mind off of things.
  15. Yeah it’s just sad how many people abandon their eyes after holiday season
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