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  1. I think you hit a very important point there. Warhammer fans are emotionally invested in it, and that can make obvious marketing ploys feel like a friend or relative is using you. More and more I’ve come to accept the idea that I don’t love games workshop - I love John Blanche and Karl Kopinski, Andy Chambers and Jervis Johnson, Jes Goodwin and so on. I love skulls and big guys in rusty armor, tiny toy soldiers and miniature landscapes. While I read some warhammer community articles, I don’t really resent the tone. They are spending a lot of money to deliver free content to people interested in their products. I actually have more of a problem when the same kind of ethos finds its way in rule books and other things I pay for. Yeah the article OP quoted kind of sucks, and it was probably written in a few hours by someone with a tight deadline and 100 unread emails. I wish they had more interesting articles. But when I want better content I just go check out Garden of Hecate, Tabletop minions, 28 mag and a thousand other stuff from passionate people who don’t feel the need to suggest I buy the GW Official Piece of Paper to wipe my brush (19.99, preorders next saturday). So while I agree about the overall quality of the article, I don’t feel like it’s very dishonest or underhanded. It’s just a sales pitch, from a sales website.
  2. So I feel that flying can be annoying, as it renders the terrain mostly meaningless. I don’t know if it is overpowered or not, but it is a bit flavorless; especially for armies like nighthaunt where everyone flies. I’ve been thinking about making it an ability, something like this : [DOUBLE] : for the rest of its activation, this model can move any distance vertically. This makes it a tactical move rather than a blanket « ignore terrain », but maybe it’s too costly? To me it represents the ability of a model to leap / fly, but they still have to be close to the ground to fight, grab objectives and such. What do you think?
  3. Yeah definitely. I wonder if they will introduce an alternative set of universal abilities to play in the catacombs. Stuff like pushing your enemy into lava, kicking a door open etc.
  4. Yeah I’m not sure I’m interested in the warbands, they look cool but I already have several. Why can’t you buy opponents haha That said I think I’ll try to split the box with other people. I at least want the new rules and wouldn’t mind finding a pretext to get some more terrain... mostly I’m just glad they keep supporting the game, I hope they’ll keep it going a long time.
  5. Haha, now that you mention it, this does sound like your typical rpg shenanigans 😁
  6. Cheers mate, I knew some people in here would relate to this one hehe! It’s always more fun to try and make the humor about the characters and not only the setting, so it’s more than just a lore joke
  7. Regarding the economic impact on the pandemic, I don’t know if it’s one of the reasons for the price increase but I could see it making sense. they may be expecting the volume of sales going down, with less people willing to start a costly hobby. So they’d rise prices to compensate, speculating that the people who will keep buying can stomach an increase, and the ones that won’t were either on their way out already or would have stopped buying to save money regardless of an increase.
  8. I mean considering the company is based in england and has a very solid foothold there it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most of their manufacturing is done in the UK. They are not charging more just for the lolz but because they have shipping costs, market development and so on. In the end I’ll say that yes I get annoyed by the price increases. Yes I feel that sometimes they’re pushing it a bit. So I’m not buying what seems too expensive to me. But for comparable quality they seem relatively on par with the rest of the market.
  9. I agree with you, although I understand @NauticalSoup ‘s point. I am saddened by some of their design directions that seem in part influenced by business; stuff like the disappearance of homemade terrain in photographs, the lack of characters that aren’t models you can buy in illustrations, the loss of some uniqueness in their aesthetic. All this affects me more than the price of the minis itself. On the other hand this does seem to be the tough law of business. There aren’t many wargaming companies that survived half as long as GW, and it is probably due in part to having some ruthless business execs running their commercial strategy. I wish they were a little less ruthless, but when you see the business practices and design decisions made in a lot of other entertainment franchises in comics, movies, videogames and such, they appear to still have a decent ethos. An uncomfortable balance between the need to provide fun, creativity and excitement, and the need to feed the hungry capitalist hippos. But maybe I drank the kool-aid 😅
  10. I find myself often thinking about something I heard, I think from Vince Venturella : people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in three. This kind of thinking really applies to the hobby. My latest return to it was around one and a half year ago, and most of my projects are still unfinished. It used to cause me a lot of frustration but now I give it time and try to take it one step at a time rather than restarting. It also means than rather than getting excited and biting off more than I can chew, I think « I don’t really need this new model, I’ll get it when I’ve finished painting this and that... if I still want it ». This helps really reduce the spending. That said, I’m in it mostly for the skirmish and hobby. Playing larger games and especially tournaments seems to require a rather large investment upfront, in time as well as money. If I ever did that I would definitely contemplate buying secondhand for the bulk of the army.
  11. I might write something but I think I’ll mostly do illustrations, it’s good practice for me! I think it would be cool to make it a challenge with a specific format, like for instance write a 3000 words short story in the setting, something achievable.
  12. I decided to take a stab at sketching a view of the city, inspired by everyone’s ideas and @JPjr ´s first map. It’s quite rough and the scale is off but maybe it’ll help inspire some more stuff
  13. @JPjr great stuff man, I like most of your lore, I think we could twist it a bit to fit everyone else’s ideas. I really liked the visual of a city built inside a colossal skeleton; doesn’t mean the godbeast is not being reborn deep below it’s previous remains...
  14. Good points - could have several realmgates and be a hub of commerce, with major connections to shyish and chamon (moving realmgate controlled by an allied kharadron skyport). Due to it’s independant nature, it might also be a neutral ground for various diplomatic and commercial negociations, where information is sold and treaties are signed. Might be a source of strange and powerful realmstone and other minerals too, between the magical radiations of the godbeast’s bones and the combined influence of shyish, chamon and ulgu... Probably a great place for mercenary companies, forges, spies, exiles, traders, etc
  15. I like this! Agents of nagash plotting to gain influence on the council through cults and espionage, the spheres of chamon bringing tzeentch’s whispers to ambitious wizards ears... and of course ulgu is a land of intrigue and scheming, perfect for shadow wars. could the catacombs be composed of the fossilized remains of the Godbeasts’ guts?
  16. I’m liking how this thread is progressing. It’s a great way to write collectively we each add just one or two details to what was previously stated. Building off of those amazing ideas, I suggest the main realmgate is situated inside the mouth of the godbeast’s skull. It is big enough for 30 men to go through side by side, and a hard point of entry to take as most rib-towers have direct line of sight over the skull.
  17. @Sttufe I think your idea is cool but a bit impractical for the realm of chaos bit. I’d rather have it in a more « normal » region so it gives people room to explore the areas around, write about neighbour cities etc. I do like the idea of a sleeping godbeast, that has to be kept frome waking by a covent of wizards. Maybe that’s how you get political power? The more wizards your faction provides, the more influence you gain...
  18. I agree, and I vote that this city is a huge city dating back from the age of myth. It used to pay heavy tributes to chaos but is now on the side of order, although the inhabitants are fiercely independant, with a large number of religions and peoples having their seats on the council. And obviously it was built over the corpse of a gigantic godbeast!
  19. Fantastic work mick! Your beastmen look great, real Realms of Chaos vibes here. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next. Are you planning on some terrain too? They are screaming for some scenery!
  20. Well damn, looks like I’ll have to resort to making self portraits 😂
  21. I agree with @Beastmaster , personnally I already spend a lot of time on various social media and whatsapp family groups and such. I know I won’t be able to be too active in voting and collaborative worldbuilding, but I’d love to write something in a framework that’s already decided, either by headmaster @JPjr or those of us who want to vote and flesh it out. I’ll keep an eye on this thread anyways!
  22. Personnally I’d love to be involved in a small capacity. I’m talking something like the malign portent stories, very short-form stuff. I know some of the writers here like to build very large settings and complex relationships though, so to each his own. I’d be happy to write something based on a setting that’s created by the community, or based on the neon project. Creative constraints are a good thing. I think setting a realistic scope in terms of the kind of pieces we’d write could be a good way to keep this project going. If I’m honest I rarely read homebrewed stories that are longer than 2-3 pages, so I may be biased here hehe. But count me in
  23. For today’s comic I wanted to bring in giants, since they’re all the rage these days. Who said Destruction can’t be slick?
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