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  1. Sournose Da Boss This nasty Git is the Stabba Boss of the Knights of Skrag. He is made from a classic (HUGE!) Night Goblin model, with a Boingrot Bounder head and right arm, a Mordheim Middenhiemer left arm and a mushroom from the Squig Herd kit. Dirge the Squigpiper Honking, droning and squeeking his way through the Dankwood forests, at the rear of a herd of viscous squigs, comes Dirge the Squigpiper! Warcry! I think I might try out this nasty bunch for my first few Warcry games. I won't be able to field most of them in each game, after all there is a 15 model maximum limit for a warband! But you can have 20 models on your Roster and pick the models you want to use for each game. Some of them will be "counts as" - for example there are no Loonboss cards (yet?) in warcry, so Skragbad will be a Stabba Boss for now. I have collected this set of Moonclan-themed dice for Warcry - Yellow for Initiative, Black for Actions and Red for WiId Dice. I have 6 of each (as I think that is all you'll ever need in a normal game of Warcry).
  2. Crashing through the trees of the Harrowmark forests, careless of the noise they make and who might hear them, a trio of troggoths hunt for Sylvaneth to uproot. - πŸ„ - Durg the Trogg I added mushrooms, from the Squig Hopper kit, to his shoulder and blended them in with superglue and baking soda. - πŸ„ - Thomm and Durg. Urr-Ree will join them later. Mollog, Thomm and Durg.
  3. The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. The tribe has an oral tradition, myths and legends that have long been told and retold, passed down through the years, of their time as travellers among the stars. They believe that in an age long ago they roamed the cosmos, they were not natives of Aqshy but they came from some other, unremembered Realm. They chased god-beasts across the void, riding in the belly of a creature they called the void-whale, but they crashed into the Great Parch by accident while the void-whale was battling another god-beast. In some versions of the stories the void-whale was killed by the other god-beast, in other versions the Bonesplitterz accidentally killed it from inside in an ill-considered attempt to get at the god-beast that was attacking it. Whichever version they believe, they all agree that in the crash they lost their ability to travel the cosmos and they were stranded. They are not trying to return to those days by any means, but they carry with them a sense of adventure that continues the tradition of travelling, exploring and finding new monsters to defeat. They have made their home, and found plenty of beasts to fight, in Aqshy and they usually return there after each foray into the wild. So, loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones his tribe has found, Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw has set out into the Realms, leading the Badfangs to hunt down the wild magic of Endless Spells. He has been empowered by the revelation that they are made of the essence of Gorkamorka, and their power can be captured and harvested, just like the power contained within other monsters' bones and teeth. β–›β–œβ–Ÿ β–™β–ƒβ–ƒβ–œ β–œβ–ƒβ–‰ Wardokk Urgog Urgog carries the skulls of former rivals. He always ignores their whispered advice but that doesn’t seem to shut them up, much to his annoyance. Savage Orruk Morboys: Klogtoof Zurgob Umclaw Murtoof and Durtoof - 2 Savage Orruks with a Big Stabber Thanks everyone! @snakeappletree yep, @kenshin620 is exactly right. They are all GW orruk models, only the Shaman was not a Bonesplitterz model originally. I have added masks to all of them with leftovers from other kits and greenstuff. There are loads more coming (as I want to use them for Warcry!) but it will be a while before I get to them though as I have other projects ahead of them in my painting queue.
  4. The Harrowmark in Shyish, has long been considered a cursed and backward region, it has gained an ill reputation for being both a refuge for sorcerers and necromancers, and where the dead do not rest long in their graves. But it is not only the dead who terrify the locals. Most of the Harrowmark is virtually impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless miles of dark, tangled, twisted and corrupted forest. Things live in these forests: malignant, spiteful things. It is a brave soul that ventures under the dark bowers, brave or foolish, as few who attempt to navigate the winding pathways ever emerge again. ~ πŸ™ ~ I have one Kurnoth Hunter to build and paint, and a handful of small Spites that I have individually based, and then everything I own for Sylvaneth in finished! ~ πŸ™ ~ This is just an idea of how I might use these models in AoS Skirmish games in the Harrowmark: Hemlock Bitterblade (100) Arch-Revenant - General - Trait: Impetuous Crusader - Artefact: Armourbane (Skirmish Artefact) 9 x Tree-Revenants (144) - 1 Champion or Upgrades - Waypiper (5) Total: 249 / 250 Wounds: 14
  5. My (little) group dropped 40k and Necromunda to just play Kill Team. We will do the same for AoS to Warcry if it is even half as good as Kill Team! We are VERY excited.
  6. A new Awakened Wyldwood is 3 to 6 tree models. The box is 3 models, so a Wyldwood is one or two boxes. An old Citadel wood is also 3 tree models, so a Wyldwood using the old set is also one or two boxes. That's it. It doesn't seem like there is anything to argue about to me! πŸ€ͺ
  7. I have finished painting 2 more Tree-Revenants: Brochdras and Wythreal. This was my first tentative experiment with Contrast Paints, the blue parts and skulls of both and the wood parts of Wythreal were done with them. Brochdras' wooden parts were painted the same way I have done the other models in this warband (zenithal sprays, dry-brushing and washes). I couldn't quite bring myself to leave the contrast-only finish and added white highlights to the blue and Ushabti Bone to the skulls.
  8. The Shroomers "Oooh! Wat about dis 'un? Or dis 'un? Oh, dis 'un looks gud! Ohh...." Gank capered from one clump of mushrooms to the next, getting more and more excited as he went. "No. Not dose ones. No. Not dat one neither...." said Index, the boss, as he flicked back and forth through a very grubby and dogeared old book of woodland fungus of the Harrowmark. In the distance the sounds of Nibz laughing drifted through the trees. "Oh dis 'un?" said Gank. Flick, flick, flick. "Nope." said Index. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" said Gank. "I wish day'ed all shut their traps. Just for a minute." grumbled Stoga quietly. Raff, who was sat next to him a a rock, just nodded. The laughter echoing from somewhere beyond the tree line came a bit closer, then recided again. "Idiots, the lot of 'em." said Stoga with a scowl. "Dese?" said Gank, holding up a wide, red and white mushroom. Index flipped back a few pages and frowned at the book for a few moments. "Yes!" he said triumphantly. Gank squealed and started plucking red-capped mushrooms and throwing them into a bag. Index snapped his precious book shut and started herding the rest of his small mob into action. "Roight ya lazy zoggers. We've found 'em. Get 'em gathered up so we can go!" Reluctantly Stoga and Raff stood up and joined Gank. The three of them and Index harvested as many red-caps as they could carry. In the distance Nibz laughed and hooted through the forests. Stoga gritted his teeth. - πŸ„ - I painted five more Gloomspite Gitz last night. I actually think the simplicity of the conversions has made them my favourites so far. They are a mix of regular Moonclan Grots and Squig Hopper rider parts. I think Index's book is from an old High Elf model but I'm not sure. I got it in a batch of spares from a friend a few years ago! - πŸ„ - Nibz Raff Gank Stoga Index - the boss He stole a book about mushrooms from a house in Wortbad. He can't read it but Bolet has marked the drawings of the mushrooms he wants them to collect. - πŸ„ - The new Gitz. Detail of Index's book. I tried to reproduce a couple of pages I found on a google search for old mushroom reference books.
  9. Fog had rolled through the forests for days and enveloped the Harrowmark in muffled silence. But the silence was broken as the fog lifted by haunting, susurrating voices which hissed threats in an unknowable tongue. Something moved in the dark beneath the trees. Madness churned in their eyes and the very shadows twisted unnaturally. The things prowled forward slowly in staccato, jolting movements, without the graceful fluid motion of their kin. As they charged from the tree line they screamed a nerve-tearing cacophony of terror and hate. Graveroot Spite-Revenants were a dark reflection of the other tree-folk, from Soul-Pods that grew in tainted, corrupted soil, found in the wild place of the Harrowmark that had been twisted by death and malice and hate. They were rightly feared for the cruel delight they took in granting their prey slow, lingering deaths. A small band of Tree-Revenants looked on from the shadows beneath the leafless branches, and worried that their bitterness and hate was contagious. ~ πŸ™ ~ I have finished painting the 3 Spite-Revenants. I don't like them as much as the animal-skulled Tree-Revenants but I am still happy with them. I think they look suitably disturbing! ~ πŸ™ ~ Solanix (the Shadestalker) Feroxus Dulcamara ~ πŸ™ ~ I have also individually based a few of the spare Spites from the Kurnoth Hunters kit - I'm not sure what (if anything) I will do with them in rules terms, but I just liked the idea of having a few of them running around in the background, even if they have no in-game effect. I've painted one as well, just to see how it looks. ~ πŸ™ ~ The whole Graveroot Wargrove so far (with a couple of Endless Spells for atmosphere)... The Wargrove grows... I only have 5 Tree-Revenants and a Kurnoth Hunter left to build and my Sylvaneth Skirmish warband will be (for now at least) finished!
  10. Where other sylvaneth were graceful and suffused with life magic, the Spite-Revenants were shrieking terrors from the depths of a nightmare. Light and shadow flickered weirdly around these ghastly creatures as they tore and bit at their victims, rending to bloody tatters any who do not simply fling down their weapons and flee. Outcasts were terrifying Sylvaneth who could only perceive the war aspect of the Spirit Song of Alarielle. When the sylvaneth were mustered to war, the Spite-Revenants also answered the call and would fling themselves into battle with wanton abandon, madness churning in their eyes and their very shadows twisted unnaturally. As they went to war, Dryads sang their war songs, but the Spite-Revenants screamed a nerve tearing cacophony of terror and hate. They may have been a dark reflection of the other tree-folk or even tainted from Soul-Pods that grew in corrupted soil. They were found in any wild place that had been twisted by malice and hate, not a few tree-folk worried that the bitterness and hate was contagious. They are surrounded by haunting, susurrating voices which hiss threats in an unknowable tongue, and they are rightly feared for the cruel delight they take in granting their prey slow, lingering deaths. ~ πŸ™ ~ I have built 3 Spite-Revenants - more Harrowmark Sylvaneth. I wanted to make them darker, more twisted and disturbing than the Tree-Revenants. So I built them with several human skulls each, all from Citadel Skulls box as well but I chose the damaged and cracked skulls to match the Spite-Revenants' broken and tormented nature. Solanix (the Shadestalker), Feroxus and Dulcamara:
  11. I finished three more models for the Graveroot over the weekend. Hemlock Bitterblade, Arch-Revenant, and two Tree-Revenants: Hemlock Bitterblade will be the leader of the Graveroot Wargrove Githago, Tree-Revenant Waypiper Nemorosa, Tree-Revenant I will add the two new Tree-Revenants to the Underworlds Revenants (I will ignore that one of them has a bow as currently the only way to play that is with the Underworlds warband Warscroll, which causes other problems in Skirmish games...) I will probably use the Thornwych as a Branchwych in Skirmish games as well: The Graveroot Wargrove so far, along with a couple of the Harrowmark Endless Spells (that are the origin of their colour scheme!). More than enough to start using them in 250 point AoS Skirmish games! But I intend to continue building and painting the rest of the Looncurse Sylvaneth over the next few weeks, a few models at a time.
  12. Hemlock Bitterblade, watched silently from the shadows beneath the dead trees. She studied her prey as they stumbled and crashed through the forests. The foolish orruks sky-pirates were oblivious to the danger they were walking into. The forest spirits would destroy them utterly in just a few minutes. Bitterblade stepped into the Spirit Paths and disappeared, a shadow flickered through the trees and passed the orruks unseen. The trees around the invaders moved subtly, rearranging the pathways through the forest, redirecting the orruks and forcing them down a different route. She emerged ahead of their altered path, alongside a small band of Tree-Revenants who had been waiting for her. They silently nodded to one-another, acknowledging their readiness. Sinews flexed and tensed as the took their positions. As the orruks arrived at a clearing where the pathway diverged they stopped walking and looked around in confusion. They were not exactly lost, but they were not where they expected to be. The leader took out a rolled-up map and started to examine it, his gnarled green face contorted with concentration. The tree-line exploded into movement as the Revenants burst forth, blue-green witchfire flared along their enchanted blades... ~ πŸ™ ~ I converted my Looncurse Arch-Revenant, using Tree-Revenant arms (and used an animal skull from the Citadel Skulls box). I started with wanting to make her right-handed and everything else was just "I'll see what this looks like" from there. It's a very nice kit and matches the style and details for the other Revenants really well. Since I took these photos I have added another lock of flowing Revenant hair on her right, undercoated her and started painting. I hope to finish her by the start of next week.
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