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  1. So, I listened to the details on the LRL tournament winning list. It's a one drop list designed to maximise Sentinel shooting (see attached). Cast twinstones, cast spell portal, then cast lambent light through portal (for rerolls to hit with missile weapons against target you want dead), then power of hysh on the 4 units of sentinels, then go fishing for 5's & 6's. Ouch! Not sure on all the artefact choices. WarscrollBuilderList.pdf
  2. Not had chance to listen to this yet so don't know all the details, but thought it might be of interest here. Reports of Lumineth winning a tourney!
  3. Anyone foreseeing any issues with Shining Company and the use of movement trays? There can be a few mm between bases with a lot of mdf style trays. Mini mag trays are probably the best option for actual base to base contact. Anyone think this will be a problem?
  4. I'm interested in playing some meeting engagements. I didn't pick up GHB 2019. Does anyone know if just buying the GHB 2020 will be enough? Are the rules for meeting engagements fully repeated in GHB 2020 or will I need GHB 2019 as well?
  5. Think it’s been confirmed on a social media post (Facebook?) that it is a mistake. So unofficially official, he is not a wizard.
  6. As long as they don’t take away access to all the warscrolls! It’s one of the things I love about AoS, being able to look up any unit in the game! Fair enough, pay for the extras, allegiance abilities, artefacts, points etc.
  7. One exception I can think of would be an awakened wyldwood, where units with fly can see/be seen over the terrain.
  8. That’s great news. I really hope they rebox them soon with rounds. It sucks that they’re only available from GW direct. Tho I’d settle for them being included in a start collecting box.
  9. How do you think it will work when Tyrion is later released? Will there be a new Lumineth battletome? And all new units rolled in one. Meaning we’re probably looking at 2-3 years away for a tome to be replaced. Or could Tyrion lead his own faction? New units, new separate tome? Not that likely IMO. Or perhaps Tyrion & co could be part of a Psychic Awakening style release? Where new units/models are outside of the main tome release/update cycle.
  10. I picked up the box, partly because I love the models, partly because of FOMO, I love all the gaming extras that won’t be available later. What really made the decision for me was the price. I was expecting it to be higher (around £150) and nearly passed on the box altogether due to finances, but when I saw £82.50 from online retailer (Dark Sphere) I had to get it. Do we know how many boxes were made compared to the SoB box? I know it’s not an exact comparison as Sisters have needed plastic minis for a LOT longer so I’m sure the hype was greater. GW may have just made more Lumineth boxes than they did sisters? I looked just now and Dark Sphere don’t have any available, they don’t even have a listing anymore. On preorder day IIRC it said they 250-300 available, so they’ve shifted quite a few and that’s just one independent retailer, let alone GW direct sales.
  11. Shouldn’t be a problem for me, I’m such a slow painter I probably won’t have gotten round to painting my Lumineth box till Tyrion drops anyway 😂
  12. Thanks, yeah could do. I was hoping to sell it sealed. Maybe I’ll try to sit on it and not open it as long as I can hold out. If anyone was interested in buying it in UK could pm me, if it’s gone I won’t be tempted to open it😂
  13. I’m really mixed! My box should be delivered tomorrow, which is great, but I’d much rather have the electronic version of the battletome. At first I thought I’d sell the Ltd Ed tome but I also really want to read it, and I have no idea when the e-version will be released. Really not sure what to do now.
  14. I wondered if the crab claw was an just extra part of the Kraken eater gargant kit?
  15. I would love more to be added to the range. Personally I think some Akhelian elite infantry and king on foot would be very cool. Or more undersea beasties. But the cynic in me just thinks that other armies need attention way more than idoneth. I hope I’m wrong tho.
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