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  1. Bound Chrono cogs is worded slightly differently to standard cogs. It says “the caster” can manipulate the cogs rather than “a wizard”. RAW the Khemist is the caster so is able to manipulate bound cogs.
  2. GrimDork

    Black Coach

    From a rules point of view, the Stone mage's Gravitic Redirection does stop the target from flying. Another rules based option for preventing fly could be Idoneth Deepkin, Isharann Ritual of the Tempest. Would need a Soulscryer, Soulrender, Tidecaster or Lotann. I'm sure there are other models which can prevent fly, but generally speaking for a diorama the only rule that matters is rule of cool so go for it!
  3. Ah, ok thanks for the info. I’ve not really read much of the lore up to now (just snippets). Just from the way those passages are written, Morathi doesn’t want to kill any Stormcast so orders the use of toxins to paralyse so they don’t die and get help? From what you’ve described seems like it wouldn’t be much of an issue.
  4. Sorry for the thread necro. So, I’m a bit late to the party but I downloaded the Broken Realms book to read over the Xmas period. Got to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, really can’t wait for the second book. Had a few thoughts/ questions? Firstly, what are people’s thoughts on the newborn? With the recent Sigvald reveal do you now think he is likely to be the newborn?Reading the WarCom Sigvald origin article didn’t seem to link but could be somehow? One thing that bugged me, why did the stormcast not just kill one of their own to send message back to Azyr? Or one of them kill themself? Or would that be a no no in Stormcast lore? I think/hope Ven Brecht’s rescuer is a vampiric relative.
  5. Whilst not WYSIWYG, I doubt most opponents would have any issue with proxying one for the other, as long as it's clearly explained to them before the game. You may have trouble doing this at a tournament tho.
  6. Thanks! That’s what I must’ve remembered reading.
  7. I had felt pretty sure it’s just the dice rolled, not +2, but now not so much. I thought I’d read it somewhere but can’t seem to find it now? Looking at RAW it could be argued that you do add the +2. I’m curious to know the correct answer now too.
  8. I just noticed Teclis is on a Black Friday offer. £69.99 seems pretty reasonable so I just ordered one. Not sure how long offer will last?
  9. There’s also the Lumineth spell that makes command abilities cost 2 CP instead of 1. Could be used to shut down inspiring presence.
  10. Ah ok, don’t have the FS tome. Kinda related general Q, do faction specific endless spells come under allegiance ability or could you ally in for example a stormcast wizard and use the everblaze comet in a non stormcast allegiance army? If you can, I’d argue there is no difference in using a priest and purchasing a magmic invocation. Not arguing the point, happy to accept it if it’s not possible, just wondered?
  11. Not positive on this, but I’d think they could use the prayer printed on their warscroll but not any available as part of allegiance ability. I’d argue they could use a magmic invocation as it’s purchased in same way as an endless spell? Not 100% certain (tho I’d be happy playing against it).
  12. Similar question to already asked, I have the Tzeentch half of Aether War. Would the new battleforce box be a good buy to expand what I already have? Thanks
  13. Skywardens could be useful when part of the Escort wing, especially when played with Zilfin, as they could hitch in hero phase then still move into range for their pistols in the movement phase. Generally I prefer Endrinriggers but Skywardens can have a place. @GanigumoI would probably go for 6 wardens, and 2 x 6 riggers instead, tho maybe running 12 would be sensible for the gold.
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