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  1. check out nail polish organizers on amazon
  2. that 50 shelves of grey video is great!
  3. Congrats to Ben and all the winners! Thank you.
  4. not in Chicago but midwest, almost always a week or more after it hits stores for me.
  5. @Beliman the honest wargamer on twitch. Probably have to be a subscriber to watch past videos.
  6. It was super fun to watch! Congrats Krohn and KO players, top table game 6 at the worlds biggest AoS tourney, right down to the wire!
  7. Love it! Absolutely loved your last campaign, can't wait to see more! Great plan, narrative, photography, and models!
  8. hey and welcome! think of it as the starter set being representative of a specific battle and not all battles are perfectly even. BUT some models are tougher than others so an elite army may have 20 models and a horde army may have 100 and there is a power balance between the two.
  9. Welcome! 1. Look at GW's website and check out all the armies, see what you like. Most have a start collecting box. 2. Check on YouTube. I like 2+Tough for lore. 3. I have enjoyed them alot, can probably find a thread here about specific books others have liked. 4. There are third party sellers that offer discounts, but cheap is relative lol. Youtube has a ton of videos of paint comparisons, the usuals are Citadel, Vallejo, Reaper, Army Painter, and some others. 5. Picking the army that you think is the 'coolest' is usually going to give you the best experience. Watch lore videos on armies that you think look cool, watch some battle reports on youtube(I like Rerolling Ones). Maybe look into skirmish, it's a cheap book and some new rules in January's white dwarf sounds like. That way you can plan to build up a small warband first to not get overwhelmed right away. Depending on what army it could be like 5-20 models is all. I'm sure someone else will have some more and better advice for ya. *just enjoy yourself and don't worry about speeding towards having a huge army super fast. Watch painting tutorials on youtube. Go to your local store and talk to people.
  10. Great video! Love the art style, and the "moon" speaks... Super cool!
  11. Vallejo makes texture paint that is less expensive. I have heard positive things about it.
  12. That's the way to do it! Have fun. I bet they are a joy to paint. Congrats and welcome to the party!
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