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Found 131 results

  1. Hey! 1st ever Ironjawz list. I like the idea of a fairly low model count army that's all about the charge. Plus I love the Gore Gruntaz models. Allegiance: Ironjawz - Warclan: Bloodtoofs Leaders Orruk Megaboss (140) - General - Command Trait: Get Da Realmgate - Artefact: Quickduff Amulet Orruk Warchanter (110) - Warbeat: Killa Beat Orruk Warchanter (110) - Warbeat: Get 'em Beat Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) - Artefact: Great Green Visions - Lore of the Weird: Brain-busta Battleline 9 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (480) - Jagged Gore-hackas 9 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (480) - Jagged Gore-hackas 10 x Orruk Brutes (260) - Jagged Gore-hackas 5 x Orruk Brutes (130) - Pair of Brute Choppas Battalions Ironfist (160) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Wounds: 160 So here's my thinking - The big gruntas units get buffed by the Warchanters and head forth to lay waste. The Bloodtoofs artefact let's me teleport one for free too. The 10 brutes follow up to mop up and take on any bigger multi-wound units. The 5 brutes mainly hang back to hold home objectives and go where needed. The shaman tries to generate more CP and spits out some MWs. There is an alternative version that simply has 12 Gore-gruntas instead and a Megaboss on Mawcrusher. Idea remains the same except the Mawcrusher also lays waste. Any feedback welcome!
  2. The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy. The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. ⬹⦽⤔ Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw Loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones his tribe has found, Hogrog has set out into the Realms, leading the Badfangs to hunt down the wild magic of Endless Spells. He has been empowered by the revelation that they are made of the essence of Gorkamorka, and their power can be captured and harvested, just like the power contained within other monsters' bones and teeth. Wardokk Krogdak Krogdak is Hogrog's acolyte, attendant and advisor. He is as mad as an angry Maw-Krusha and leads one of Hogrog's Morboyz mobs. Krogdak is adept at the grimdokk dance, and able to reattach severed limbs and knit flesh-wounds back together. He has patched-up more mangled Orruks than he can count (which sounds a lot less impressive than it actually is). ⬹⦽⤔ I plan on a Skirmish warband of a Wurrgog Prophet, 2 Wardokks, 3 Savage Orruks with Chompa and Shield, 10 Savage Orruk Morboys with Chompa and Toof Shiv, 3 Savage Orruk Arrerboys with Stinga Bows and Chompa, and 2 Savage Orruks with a Big Stabber. I may add a few Forest Goblins I have in my bitz boxes, just for a bit of variety.
  3. I started this in the Destruction forum, but I have now started painting the war host. First, some fluff: From the depths of the Dracborough mountains, a new force was stirring in Hysh, the realm of light. These benighted orruks despised the light, having been forced from their home in Ulgu under the guidance of a trio of mysterious, deadly Fimir. In his travels, Balogog had gathered a ragtag band of followers, ogors, his savage kin, hulking orruks in heavy armour and heavier weapons, his own green-skinned tribe and even some grots, though they were wise enough to stay deep in the cave system or patrol the nearby mountains and passes for fear of being an ogors next meal. The Fimir had told Balogog of the fantastical Realm Gates, a way for him to return to Ulgu and exact his vengeance on those that drove them out. He was strong now, with a strong hoard of warriors eager for battle. Much did the Fimir say, twisting his mind with ideas of glory and vengeance. To reach the Realm Gate, he would have to cut a bloody swathe through Hysh, culminating in the taking of the Realm Gate far to the south. The time for action, had come... Ok, so I am not a great fluff writer, but hopefully as this project progresses it will be added to and refined and it will make more sense. I intend to make a combined Destruction force with elements from big factions (orruks, ogors, grots and maybe a gargant (do have one...)) and basically tell the story of Balogog. I plan to have a few versions of Balogog depending on the scenario. I have the Orruk Warboss on Boar, I would like to use the Ironjawz Megaboss sometimes and so on. As they are a ragtag force and on the move, I am also trying to convert them with weapons from each kit (so my Savage Orruks have normal Orruk or Ironjawz weapons here and there, things like that). The Fimir are also key to this story, so they will turn up in most battle reports as I build this force up. They are great models too, although I screwed up when I built them so may have to do some conversion work to make them actually go together properly... Anyway, here are some starter shots. First up is the test model, front and rear: Next are the first five savage orruks. I have recently completed the standard bearer and am on to number 7: If you got this far, thanks very much! In my collection so far I have: Savage Warboss - Edit: name Ughaag (Oog Harg), painted Wardokk (name undetermined) Edit: name Glurgob, painted 20 Savage Orruks - Edit: 20 painted, 10 more would help. Balogog on Boar: Edit: painted as well. Warboss standard bearer: Edit - got converted with the large axe version and to be an Ard Boy 10 Orruk Arrow Boyz - Edit: there are 20 now... Edit Edit (is that a thing???): 20 painted with warpaint to be counts as Savage Arrer Boyz 5 10 Orruk Boarboyz - Edit: all painted too... Warchanter - Edit: name Shagrbash, painted 10 Hard Boyz- Edit: 10 painted, 5 in undercoat. need 15 more to get the bonuses... Edit Edit: So there are now 30 all up, 10 Orruk Boyz with some kitbashing, and 5 Orruk Nobz from 40K with some useful swaps 5 Brutes - Edit: 5 painted, but someone added 5 more to the collection... 3 Gruntas - Edit: painted, need 6 more I think... 3 Fimir - Edit: painted 1 Gargant - painted decidedly chaotic at the moment, but I suppose that doesn't matter 1 Chariot - painted, can't ever be used but hey, looks cool. would be fun to convert it to carry a shaman and make it a Maniak Weirdnob... To add to the pile I think I want: 1 Ogor leader of some description 6 Leadbelchers 1 or 2 Ironlaunchers 10 Grot Wolf riders 1 Grot Shaman More Arrow Boyz More Savage Orruks Oh, and who doesn't love the Mawkrusha... - Edit: see later, the big boy is done...
  4. Hi all This is going to be my painting log for my different armies in AOS. I have quite a few armies partly because I've been collecting along time and at the same time I like swishing between different armies to keep painting interesting.Though I do tend to favour order and chaos armies though I do like ogors and orruks.
  5. Im starting a new ogor kingdoms army and i wanted to do some piraty conversions. I found some good orruk pirate arms and legs online and was wondering if they would be a good match. Can anyone with ogor and orruk armies help me? Maybe post a pic with size comparisons for the arms? Thank you very much!!! 🙇
  6. Uploaded the cards for the two newest Battletomes. Errata already included. Have fun!
  7. Good morning all, I thought it was time I got a thread together to gather all my thoughts and progress on my Ironjawz army (perhaps branching into Destruction in a broader sense). I will be including modelling, painting, army lists, battle reports etc etc, I didn't want to do it as a separate blog or anything as I like the idea of keeping it within this Destruction sub forum (which for my money is the best part of the forum at the moment - some great chat, really enthusing me for this army). Hopefully @Ben and the Moderators are cool with this decision. As well as this thread, you will also be able to hear about my exploits on my podcast - The Black Sun. You can find all the most recent episode on this forum, or check out iTunes or www.theblacksun.co.uk - It's not family friendly like most of the other podcasts out there, but is entertaining I like to think. Also I am reasonably active on Twitter, and usually like to post photos of most my games etc. Follow me @the_black_sun I do actually have armies for all 4 of the Grand Alliances in AoS and whilst I am working on all of them simultaneously in various ways, I've definitely noticed my focus begin to increasingly shift towards Destruction. Disclaimer - when the Dark Aelves are released in whatever guise they may be, I am likely to abandon ship and spend all my time in the Order sub forum, being that they are my true Warhammer love, but for now, I'm all about the Ironjawz! I've always been a fan of Orks in Warhammer 40,000 but have never actually played Orcs & Goblins in WFB. So whilst the detractors and troggoths bemoaned the pseudo 40K look of the Ironjawz, I think for me this aesthetic really drew me in and got me going green. So I have already actually played a bunch of games with Ironjawz, having gone "all in", as they say, on the release, but these were all at 100 SCGT points and included a Magma Dragon just to make up the points (oh, and its pretty good!). I figured with the impending release of the General's Handbook, now was a perfect time to draw a line under what's gone so far and start afresh with the new system. We won't get into all the recent allegiance nonsense, you can read about that in other threads. Suffice to say, the Battleline "unlocks" for Ironjawz and the Destruction traits and artefacts make for a pretty nice combination. I'm not saying Ironjawz are going to be out there winning events (certainly not with me using them, if my abysmal results at Call to War are anything to go by!) but I am hoping and somewhat confident they can be competitive...and we have a pretty extensive thread on that right here in this forum! So this is pretty much just an introductory post for now. I have already painted some models (not as many as I would've liked); Megaboss Krunk, who can be found in the gallery and 5 Brutes. I will take some better photos and add them to this thread as soon as possible. I am reasonably happy with the level of the paint jobs and whilst not my best work, believe the army will look nice upon the table. I've intentionally kept the basing quite plain, though I am consider scraping off some areas and adding the flavour of the month; Agrellan Earth, just to add some interest. Using my 40K Ork bitz box I have been able to customise my models and this combined with some reposing has allowed me to make all 20 Brutes so far individual. Just a bit of a shame I got my Gore-gruntas after the Brutes as mixing in their Jagged-Hackas would've been super cool. Considering another 10 Brutes just for this purpose. This weekend (Thursday night to Sunday) I am attending Bossfest, a camping, drinking, gaming extravaganza. Whilst there will be various games being played, I am hopeful of getting in a good few games with Da Black Sunz, which will be the only AoS army I'll be taking. These will be my first games under the General's Handbook and will be played to 2,000 points using the Matched Played Battleplans. Many people in attendance will be practising for my 1 day event, Rain of Stars, which is removing the army restrictions and adding a sideboard (as the event is two weeks after the book drops), so we will also allow that over this weekend, therefore some of the armies I play may not be exactly true to the book. However, this should allow for some solid competition and really stress test the army. The list I use personally will be General's Handbook legal though. For now, my pool of Ironjawz models is; Maw-krusha (happy to use as Gordrakk or Megaboss), Megaboss, Warchanter, Shaman, 20 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz, 3 Gore-gruntas. I am not adverse to buying more though! 2 more boxes of Gore-gruntas are definitely happening after assembling some this past weekend - amazing models. It's worth pointing out that aesthetics are definitely a consideration to me in this army. Here is the list(s) I am currently considering for the weekend; Da Black Sunz - 2,000 points Gordrakk - 700 Megaboss - 140 Warchanter - 80 Weirdnob Shaman - 120 10 Brutes with Jagged Hackas - 360 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 10 Ardboyz - 180 Ironfist - 60 Total - 2,000 points Nice to hit the 2,000 points dead on really! That seems a challenge in of itself under General's Handbook. The main change I am considering is dropping Gordrakk for a baby Cabbage. The 180 point difference is nice as it allows another battleline unit - in this case Gore-gruntas (mostly just to get all my models on the table). If I wanna keep the big man in there, I can also include the Gore-gruntas by dropping 5 Brutes. What do people think on this? Seems small to me! I'll leave it there for now. This afternoon I'll add my thoughts on Command Traits and Artefacts! Thanks for reading, Chris
  8. Hey all! At long last I finally have my Ironjaws nearly fully painted. Really anxious to drop Destruction undivided and finally get some games in with these bad boyz. I had a couple of questions before I start building my list.... and that's how in the nine circles of Hades do I build my list 😜 I've been reading the Ironjaw discussion forum and have seen a lot of talk about "alpha strike" & "deep strike". What are those things and how do I pull them off? I'm also wondering about spell and wizard choices. Before GH2019 everyone was spamming Fungoids, now everyone is going back to Weirdknobs. Is there any particular reason for that? Are Fungoids still a good choice? I'm also reading a lot about the hand of Gork "teleportation". Can someone explain how to use this effectively? Are Chronomantic Cogs still a good choice? Lastly, is the battalion consensus pretty much Ironfist and Bloodtoofs? Any help would be amazing. Thanks boyos
  9. I've been lurking awhile on this forum and have got plenty of good advice and inspirattion from everyone else, so I thought I'd post up my latest force, a new Ironjawz force that I'm doing as being from Ghur, Realm of Beasts. It started with the Underworld warband I got and enjoyed painting them, so ended up using them as the start for a small Ironjaws army. So starting with the Ironskull's Boyz that kicked it all off I then completed two units of Brutes, firstly with choppas The second unit with gore-hackas, led by a boss (big boss when running Ironfist) kitbashed from the warchanter. The idea being that i'll expand these to a unit of 10 in the future. The spare brute body was then used to make a standard bearer, which if I ever play with them may get used as an allied warboss with great Waaagh! banner Currently led by a Megaboss on foot And all of them together I've got some other bits that i'm working on, but only want to post up painted stuff to keep my motivation going.
  10. Hello all, After the drop of the latest General's Handbook it's nigh time I started looking towards the forces of destruction and alas, I have set my eyes of the various monsters of the Mortal Realms. Currently, I am aiming more for a fun list, with I guess the odd few competitive elements but the dilemma I have run into is whether or not I should aim for THREE Magma Dragons or just TWO and ONE Dread Maw. If I run the three Magma Dragons my battleline consists of 3x 10 man Orruk units at 80 points each and and Orruk Warboss for 140 points. With the Dread Maw instead of a third Magma Dragon I have the space for a Madcap Shaman at 80 points. I was just wondering what you guys & gals think would prove to have more impact on a game? Regards, Jack.
  11. Hey boyos! Got a game coming up on Sunday against some DISGUSTING Stormcast nonsense. Was wondering if you guys can help me out with a list. Don't have enough Ironjawz painted yet to make a full IJ list, so I thought I'd incorporate some in a Destruction alliance list. Let me know what you guys think: Heroes Frostlord On Stonehorn - General - Ethereal Amulet - Might Is Right Megaboss on Foot Warboss on Wyvern - Hand Weapon/Shield Arachnarok with Shaman - Chronomatic Cogs Core 40 Orruk Boyz - 2 Choppas - Full Command 10 Orruk Boyz - Whatever (objective fodder) 10 Savage Orruk Boyz - Whatever (objective fodder) Special 10 Brutes - Boss - 7 Gore Hackas - 2 Gore Choppas 2000 on the dot. I think the Frostlord's immutable 3+ save (from amulet) and half wounds is going to be a massive nuisance. The 40 orruks are quite the hitters for a bottom tier core unit. 4+/4+/-1 Rend and 2 attacks each until they're knocked down below 20 is pretty awesome. Addition of the Warboss on Wyvern's WAAAGH! makes it 3 attacks each. Not too shabby for 280 points. Double weapon makes them re-roll 1's to hit. I'd rather shield but I don't have them built that way unfortunately. My biggest challenge is going to be keeping everything alive until they charge. I haven't played the game in a while, anything I should be weary of regarding stormcast? Should I switch anything out? let me know. Thanks gents!
  12. Respecting the Redfists Full of lust for battle, the orruks raised their weapons, beating their armor and shields rhythmically with their choppaz, as they shouted challenging war calls. The Bloodtoofs were ready for another fight! In the midst of the raging sea of green bodies and red armor, the Redfists marched on, disciplined in rank and file, proud to be even better and harder than any other greenskin. They pushed their ironclad mob cheekily next to Uraugh's brutes. As soon as Uraugh noticed this, he turned around and screamed: "Back to the back rows! Gits do not belong to the front! " "Then you have to go first," retorted Gotmork Redfist, leader of the Redfists. Gotmork had proven himself in many battles and the rumor went that he was different than the other Ardboys. What that meant, no one could say for sure. But that did not matter, Uraugh thought to himself. An Ardboy was not a true Ironjaw and only Ironjawz had the right to choose the best fights, he thought. Especially since Uraugh could not tolerate that a small Ardboy acted stupid towards him. He stalked towards Gotmork, scraping his spiked club against his boss claw, creating sparks between them. "You want bashin’, huh?" he said with a sneering grin upon his face. Immediately, a circle formed around the two opponents, but to Uraugh's astonishment, the leader of the Arboys did not pinch his tail, but straightened himself up, teasingly clapping his ax and choppa with an evil smile. Uraugh did not hesitate. His club lurched down from above on Gotmork, which skillfully parried the slash with his cleaver, but the maneuver had been a feint. While Gotmork had warded off the blow, Uraugh grabbed with his bossclaw and tried to fix the other arm of Gotmork. However, as it turned out the Ardboy had expected this and the parade, with which he had staved off the attack, served to get some momentum at the same time. His left hand, armed with an ancient choppa, rushed down onto the Brute. A blink of an eye later, Uraugh's arm with the Bossclaw lay on the ground, cut clean on the joint. By turning around his own body, Gotmork also released his forearm from the claw's grip and the backhand swing sank his ax into Uraugh's head. As the Redfists lined up back in formation, Gotmork caught the glances of the other Ironjawz. An amused smirk spread across their faces, some even slightly nodding. Gotmork knew that he had earned the respect of the Bloodtoofs today, but he was no fool. He would not turn his back on any of these killing machines in the future ... ***** And with this little narrative intro, I`d like to relaunch my little army project here. I had it running once already, but due to new guidelines of photobucket the pictures simply didn`t show anymore. After finally overcoming this huge annoyance, I decided to give it another go and simply begin with a fresh start. As the Start Collecting Ironjawz box came out, one of them quickly became part of my collection. Instead of using all the models that were in the box, I chose to paint up some of the older models for the Ardboys which lay around my place for almost a decade already. Guilty feelings and curiousity being my drive, motivation caught up with me as I painted the first of them. Ugtur The newest member of the Redfists swings his axe with cunning but brutal precision. Although he is the new guy, being part of the Redfists does have value, as it means you`re at least harder than the other Ardboys. Being rather quite Ugtur longs to prove himself in battle and be part of the best WAAAGH! All of my painted Orruks have an own name, which is painted on the bottom of the base, and a little narrative going along. My intention was to start with a couple of skirmish games and giving the guys some background helped to make the feeling more immersive and strengthen the narrative a bit. Before I painted Ugtur I noticed, that he looked noticeably smaller than the newer Ardboys of plastic. Switching out the head helped to blend him in smoothly with the rest. Another interesting fact came to me as I went on painting the mini. The older models practically paint themselves, as all sections are clearly divided into "Skin", "Red armor", "Black armor", "Cloth" and "Metallics", and have much less additional details on them, like some fur or leatherstraps. Following the basic paintscheme of the Bloodtoofs also helped speeding up the paintjob a little (and trust me, if I say something like this it means a lot, as I am probably the slowest painter on the planet). Adding some flames on various spots gave the appearance a little extra, while the Bloodtoofs fluff of their Ardboys not using wood or normal skulls, kept the job simply on all the weaponry. So this is it for the beginning, as I slowly fill up the thread with what has been done already. There is five Ardboys in total and a halway finished Warchanter, which I kind of dare to continue at the moment. But I think I`ll go for that guy as soon as I`ve finished the next Ardboy. Can anyone guess what model I use for him by this little teaser?
  13. With Greenskinz most likely getting squatted (or somehow getting a hidden rebox....yea probably not likely) I just thought of some (probably) imbalanced ways to give them a proper orcy allegiance (well it's more like IJ revamp with normal greenskinz being the cheap chaff, but chaff that can pack a punch!). Basically boils down to massive point cuts, buffed bravery, revamped artefacts and traits, magic and prayers. It's not too well thought out, I basically replaced IRONJAW keywords with ORRUK for example. It is probably way more OP than I think it is but this was more of a thought experiment. In memorium of the OG Orcs, I mean come on how can you look at this art and not feel bad the old orcs are going the way of the old gobbos! The Orruk Waaagh’s of Gorkamorka (Faction Keyword: Orruk Waaagh) Made up of Greenskinz and Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities Command Traits Orruk Traits (so both greenskinz and ironjawz) Ironjaw Traits Orruk Artefacts Shaman Artefacts (Wizards only) Ironjaw Artefacts Lore of the Big Waaagh! Prayers of the Waaagh! (All Prayers last until the start of your next HERO Phase) Points Misc Rules Terrain Haven't really thought of endless spells yet. I guess the Foot of Gork can become a proper ES.
  14. Hello! Im italian fan (sorry for bad english) of all gw universe and miniatures game in general... but mostly gw . Greenskin since the start of this passion more than ten years ago, with the release of orruks in aos my happines raises a lot and i felt like glorious old time, i were literally impatient for that release! So now here we are; im always been very slow to paint a personal army but little by little i hope to raise a modest orruks force to smash some heads in mortal realms! May i present you my orruks tribe: the Ice Klaw Klan. For now i painted 4 gruntas, one missing because i try to heavily convert it and now i need some bits to fix it, but we dont care. The next in processing are 3 gore gruntas and the megaboss that ill show you in next days, im converting it at the moment. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! EDIT: due to link error must repost all pics argh A little intruder:
  15. Hi Guys, I have only very recently dived into AOS both with the models and gaming which I enjoy very much so far picking up the Ironjawz as my main army focus. I am looking at building towards a sizeable WAAAGH! of 2750 points mainly to play with my small group of friends, I have so far played at a maximum of 1260 (winning every game I might add) but something feels off since I am using a mostly unpainted army. The paint scheme I have gone for is pretty much the Bloodtoofs as when I first saw the Ironjawz models I immediately decided on red armour and yellow details (A scheme I had used long ago on a few 40k Orks). Now I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to just follow the existing fluff to the letter and would rather my army have their own fluff so my current Idea is that several fists of the Bloodtoofs led by a particularly strong and impulsive Megaboss have broken off from the others to rampage in the Ashlands of Aqshy smashin' against the forces of Khorne for endless fun! (I may be slightly inspired by the story of Tuska Daemonkilla from 40K) Anyway! the point of this is to post painting / modelling progress for my army ( C&C very much appreciated) and to expand the fluff taking opinions into account. Now lets start with some pictures of my Footboss which is so far the only painted mini in my Ironjawz collection, I do feel as though I probably should have painted some brutes first for practice but I was so darn excited!
  16. Just a heads-up, nothing in this list had been statted out; it's more of a list of concepts. I want to do this with Spiderfang Grots, as I think they have untapped potential. I also wanted to make up a few Endless Spells for the Bonesplitterz, but I've remembered this a bit too late. Aim: Increase the Bonesplitterz’ overall magical potential and what they can do with it. New Units: Great Beast Skull: Some massive monster’s skull being held aloft by a troop of 6 boys wielding simple choppas. They attack with their choppas in melee. As a natural effect, they are a super-banner; battleshock tests rolled for units close to them get -3. In addition, during your hero phase, you can say that one of the Bonesplitterz’ unmounted heroes may climb aboard the Great Beast Skull (which is molded to have enough space to actually let you do this!). If the model is your general and has an innate command ability, they can use that command ability without paying a command point. If the model is a wizard, then you give him +1 to all casting and unbinding rolls as he soaks up the great beast’s power. As a trade-off, the model on-board gets this units’ move characteristic, and they count as the same unit for purposes of running and charging. Weirdhedz: Elite Troops: Big orruks crackling and shifting with too much Waagh energy; they’re actually former Warbosses who’ve survived long enough to become these things. They attack with slams and headbutts, which is just one weapon profile, with their leader, a Weirdboss, gaining one more attack. If a friendly Orruk wizard is close to them when that wizard attempts to cast a spell, the unit can take d3 mortal wounds to give +1 to the spell’s casting attempt. Avatar of Gork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Smashy One. Attacks with Mighy Slams and an echoing ‘Eadbutt. When the ‘Eadbutt hits, energy arcs to the closest enemy unit and deals d3 mortal wounds to them. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, while the other spell makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. Avatar of Mork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Cunnin’ One. Attacks with mighty slams and Waagh! Lightning. Waagh! Lightning has a better chance to hit against Heroes. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Mork, while the other spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Avatar of GorkaMorka: Behemoth Monster: A giant two-headed orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy that gets summoned if you blow past the Casting Roll while attempting to summon an Avatar of Gork or Mork. In addition to more Hitpoints, can Slam many times in melee and ‘Eadbutts like the Avatar of Gork AND shoots Waagh! Lightning like the Avatar of Mork. Can’t begin the game normally, like the weaker avatars. Either you can try and go really high, higher than possible on two dice, on the casting roll for the weaker avatars, which does not need for you to have the Avatar of GorkaMorka as points spent in your army, or you can try to summon him like the weaker avatars, albeit with a higher casting roll. This second option requires that you have spent points on the Avatar of Gorkamorka. In addition, he gives all Bonesplitterz Orruk Wizards in the battle access to 3 spells while he’s in the battle: One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, the second makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase, the third spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Bonus Battle Trait: A new battle trait that you gain in addition to your old ones: Morpaint: At the start of battle, choose 1 unit for every wizard in your army to gain the effects of a type of Morpaint (More warpaint) below: Red: Da speedy paint: When this unit runs, it always counts as 6 inches, and when it charges, you only roll 1 die and add 6 to it. Blue: Da luckiest paint: Any unit with this warpaint gets to reroll any 1 die once per turn for any reason, but must accept the new roll. Yellow: Da richest paint: Any hero unit with this warpaint gets to choose an additional Artefacts of Power item from the list. Any non-hero unit with this warpaint gets +1 to hit from unusually high-quality weapons. Purple: Da sneakiest paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint can start the game off the board. During your first hero phase (an orruk can’t stay quiet for longer), you must set them up wholly more than 9 inches away from an enemy unit. Black: Da goffest paint: Any unit with this warpaint always passes their battleshock tests Green: Da best paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint adds 1 to the attack characteristics of all their weapons.
  17. Da Black Jawz I should probably find a more Orruk version of Black for the name, just Blak perhaps? Anyway lets see if I can get some motivation together to actually see this project through to its completion? I have been very much a hobby butterfly since Age of Sigmar dropped. As I have almost no local players it has been tough to stick to one project and I have just been jumping from one unit or model to the next as I saw fit. For the year before Age of Sigmar dropped I had been collecting and painting a huge Destruction army. I am not yet brave enough to rebase it, especially as I would need three hundred bases. Who knows it may eventually happen. What I hadn't painted yet was my Black Orcs. Now that they are 'Ardboyz I took them out and just started painting. I am trying to keep it quick and simple so that I don't lose motivation. The models are great and so that has helped enormously when it comes to the painting. I haven't rebased these guys off of their square bases just yet as I don't know what way I want to do their bases. My order forces are all based on a ruined sigmarite temple theme but that doesn't fit here and I want something a little easier as the greenstuff bases takes ages to do. I have done forest bases to death at this point and while I like them I think I need something else. What I definitely won't do is snow. I hate snow bases, they invariably look poor and I also don't have any snow terrain.
  18. Ok so maybe I'm cherry picking a few opinions but lately I've seen a few posts around the forums where some people think Ogors/Gutbusters/Beastclaw Raiders should be in a combined book....with the orruks and grots (non ogor grots like gitmob). For example Now ok I get it, for some excuse ogors now follow gorkamorka (although the quoted idea bring back the Great Maw) and are under the destruction banner and how WFB is dead and faction compositions have radically changed. But I just don't know if it really makes sense to have a Battletome where Ogors and Orruks pal around. Ok yes on one hand making a big combined battletome will allow everyone to get updated at the same time which would be great (So it would be in essence a better made GA: Destruction 2.0.), but I fear this would dilute the differences between Ogors and Orruks especially since they already designed Beastclaw Raiders and the Everwinter. I mean it would almost be like Ogors are just bigger Orruks...and we already have that with Ironjawz! Plus the synergies between ogors and orruks are (currently) non existent. An Orruk Warboss waaagh only affects orruks, not even green grots. Ogors would be an even bigger stretch (imo, I mean I know the fluff has changed where ogors and orruks do work together more). Now I understand not every model should help every other model. A Bullgor's command ability doesn't do anything to Thunderscorne. But the 2 "big soup" books we have make sense with nostalgia and theme glasses. Legions of Nagash is Vampire Counts 2.0 (minus ghouls). Beasts of Chaos is literally the original book back in WFB (minus trolls and ogres). It's not like Beasts of Chaos absorbed Skaven or even combined with Slaves to Darkness. That said I do see the arguments for Order Free Cities since we already have the concepts and even loose rules for Free Cities. Yet the Firestorm Destruction allegiance is just orruks and grots, not Ogors. As I said maybe I'm seeing a vocal minority, do you see other people suggesting ogors and orruks be combined? Do you think it may be the better compromise to take the "neglected" aspects of destruction and update them in one big book so no one is left behind?
  19. Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw and the Ironfang Pirate Fleet don't all come from one Realm so they don't like to be tied down to any location and always have one eye on the horizon in search of the next drink/loot/fight. The fleet is often scattered around the oceans and seas of the Mortal Realms. They have used Blackrock, in Ghur, as a base of operations and meeting point for many years (and if you believe the old Adm'rul, he says he was Pirate Prince for a while). Before that they also used an uncharted island chain known as Hell's Teef, somewhere in the Sea of Serpents. Adm'rul Kurgan is a veteran of a hundred campaigns in every corner of the Realms: from the steaming jungles of Ghyran to the ruined cities of the Hysh; he has burned ports along the Rotwater Blight, raided the islands of Okkam’s Reach in Ulgu, besieged fortresses in the Endless Desert, endured the perpetual snowstorms and barren wastes of the Silverglades in Chamon, battled on the rivers in the heart of the Jade Kingdoms, looted the Baneskull Islands of Shyish and engaged all manner of foes on land and sea. All the while stealing anything that wasn't nailed down, and having a go with a claw-hammer at anything that was. He and Da Ironfangs are always ready to run away from whatever the world throws at them! Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw, Orruk Ironjawz Megaboss The Cleavermaws, Orruk Buccaneers of Ghur, led by Kap'n Mogrum Da Butcha, with his first mate Mr Sludga and Navigator-Shaman Lost Uzzog. The Rotmoons, Swashbuckling Orruk Privateers of Chamon, Led by Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva, with Explorer-Shaman El Doctoro. The Chimeras, Orruk Corsairs of Hysh, led by Kap'n Sinbag, with first mate Big Uluc and Mystic-Shaman Weird Khaaan. The Four Pounders, Ogor Leadbelchers Da Wreckers, Fellwater Troggoths led by Trollumbus. Grapeshot, the Rumguzzler Gargant.
  20. This blog by request, we'll be covering Stoneklaw's Gutstompas, an allegiance ability available in the Firestorm book. This isn't too undercover of a choice, it's popped up in the AOS 6 Nations tournament and it's gaining traction, so now would be the perfect time to hammer out a write up. Why Gutstompa's? So this allegiance's requirements are a lot less stringent than all the others. It basically allows all of the old warhammer fantasy Orks and Goblins, as well as the new Ironjawz and the Giant mixed in. So if you happened to build a Spiderfang army when the skirmish box came out, bought a lot of the Greenskinz Start Collecting or are jumping on the Moonclan HYPETRAIN and need something to transtition into once they nerf you into the floor, here is the place to be. Let's see what it offers. Confusion. What on earth are these strategems? What do they mean? Well think of these as two randomized allegiance abilities for your army (You had none beforehand and this costs nothing, so random is hardly a downside) that you roll for before each game. Here's a list of the stratagems. Some of these aren't amazing, and that's fair. Some of these are completely insane. ESPECIALLY considering the one that gives you a free unit back doesn't cost reinforcement points like it did when this was written. But how best to make a list that makes adequate use of these traits while not being directly tailored to them to compensate for randomosity? Let's take a swing. Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas Leaders Orruk Warboss (140) - Great Waaagh Banner Grot Warboss (100) - Git Cuttas Arachnarok Spider With Grot Shaman (280) - General - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant Battleline 40 x Orruks (280) - Pair of Choppas 40 x Orruks (280) - Pair of Choppas 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Stabbas & Moon Shields Units 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) War Machines Grot Spear Chukka (120) Grot Spear Chukka (120) Total: 1980 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 208 Ok so I definitely went in with the Moonclan combo where you double the damage of a Moonclan unit, because it's good and I'd be a fool not to. Backing that up are two max size units of Orruks to form a decent shield wall while the spider riders and their Arachnarok swarm objectives and push elite infantry off them with their mortal wound output. The three characters synergize well with the unit options taken, and the two artillery choices are great at taking out enemy heroes (great for Duality of Death). Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see next.
  21. Hello there traveller, This is slightly overdue but alas here we are - Da Bad Grinz - I won't lie, it took me a lot longer to come up with the name (In fact it came to me one particularly unpleasant night during some sort of fevered dream state) than I care to admit, I'm quite particular about naming things so I don't want to commit and decide to change in a months time! Similar to other topics of this sort I'll be posting progress as well as thoughts and questions to those of you who have more answers than myself. As such any feedback or help you are willing to offer - please do! I'll also make an effort to comment on certain things I struggled with and any solutions I found so that others may benefit. My Ironjawz consist of a start collecting box, a Weirdnob warband, a black orc big boss I recently acquired and another unit of brutes that is constructed of other models within the GW and FW range. Another thing I don't care to admit is how long it has taken me to assemble all of this, it seems I'm quite slow and overly thorough with mould lines, even going as far at times to scrape edges when I know they're there but can't see them. Anyway time to attach some bad pictures of grey plastic dappled with milliput as I'm currently in the process of filling every gap that I can see, probably making more of a mess in the process. This is Megaboss 'Daddy' Waaghbux - Not 100% on the name but it makes me chuckle. Apologies for the blutac, I haven't attached his hands as I want to magnetise them both for future ventures, and the skull parts too as I'm in the process of sorting any gaps first. Also different head on this guy which was fun and satisfying to do. Here we have my Weirdnob who has no name, probably because I like calling him a Weirdnob. And my Warchanter Garth whose chest pieces caused me an absolute nightmare as I decided it was a good idea to glue them together so sub-assembly purposes, in the end I've pinned both and drilled his nips ( managed to go straight through one chest piece with my drill which was rad cool) Brutes, they were all a dream as I was able to stick their chest pieces together separately for painting purposes, and still manage to wriggle them into place for when I do eventually glue them. All apart from peg leg there second from the right, he's the only one who won't do that and as such I've had to leave his chest pieces separate to get them in - which is why they look weird propped up in there. Okay so technically I've lied, I have only constructed five out of my fifteen 'Ardboys. I plan on having them all with two single handed weapons, and I'll probably get another Weirdnob Warband to round them out to 20 'Ardboys and for the other Brutes too. I've also decided not to bothwe with any Milliput goodness on these guys as I'm going slightly insane with it, and also the joints aren't bad at all, none of them are over flat pieces of armour so I'm chill. Very Excitingly I've done a minor addition to my drummer and added a spare axe to his back for cool factor and also so he legitimately has two weapons. I've used two small lengths of wire and twisted them tightly using an electric drill to get this rope effect, and after a bit of manipulation I'm happy with the results. Gore-Gruntas are super super cool models, the number of gaps in their faces and undersides annoy me, as well as the backs of the riders themselves having lots of joints to fill, also on the two normal pigs the ears were fairly frustrating. In fact the one on the right didn't go in properly before the glue set so I've had to fill a couple of mm here and there around the ears but it makes no difference now. Also the boss has a second choppa, because he's the boss and gets an extra attack so it's fluffy or something. The weapon was an unused one from my Brutes and fit perfectly. And finally my rag-tag band of Brutes from across the realms. Featured as the Brute boss with claw and smasha we have Grumlok and Gazbag in the centre, the friendly Moonclan Grot offering emotional support in the bromance. Either side of Grumlok we have Badruk on the left and Grimgor on the right (Jagged Gore-Hackas), both direct descendants from their name-sakes (or so they tell everyone). And finally the two resin models from Forgeworld have yet to be named, for the one with the big axe (Gore-choppa) I'm thinking Ludwig 'Eadhunter, and for the one with the wyvern wing standard (Jagged Gore-Hacka) I'm thinking 'Blahblah Wyvernsmasha' or something along those lines. And that's it for now! I'm putting them all on Shattered Dominion bases, I'm looking to use a colour scheme that compliments their skin and armour. But this post is probably illegally long or something like that now so I'll stop here. I'm away for the weekend so progress will be slow for a while. I'm super stoked to get them on the table but that won't be for a long time yet as I don't want to put them on their bases until everything is basically painted. I've pinned all their feet for painting access and drilled some pieces of wood for them to sit on. Okay seriously I'll stop now, if you've read this far then thank you for feigning interest. Thanks team Will x
  22. This seems a nice place to start up a blog after deserting warseer! I will start it off with a recently finished Maw-Krusher. I have had a lot of fun painting this guy and it surprisingly didn't take too long to paint. I pretty happy with most of my it although I really need a lot more on the glory effect. I am happy to call him done though and move on to the next one.
  23. Hi all, Looking to have a clear out of my non-death AoS stuff, the list is as follows: - 20x moonclan grots (square bases) with bows including flag waver, musician and grot boss - 19x orruks (square bases) 6 armed with cleavers etc. whilst the rest are armed with spears and shields - includes one boss, standard bearer and drummer - Orruk shaman on boar (metal) - Grot wolf chariot (metal grots but same as current model) - 20x grots on sprues - not a complete box but enough to make 20 grots with either spears and shields or bows and includes enough for flag waver, horn blower and grot boss - only 19 bases (square) - 1x base of snotlings - 1x grot shaman - 1x moonclan grot shaman - spare sprues including wolf rider legs, bow arms etc. and lots of shield sprues All are painted to varying degrees, some are very minimally painted (i.e. arms only) whilst others are fully painted to a slightly below average standard. To save time on this post I haven't included pictures but am happy to take any and all pictures requested. Open to reasonable offers as the title states. Thanks!
  24. @aosbatrep

    Shadespire Orruks

    Finally managed to get my first orruk finished for Shadespire. It won’t win me any prizes but i’m Happy with how it turned out.
  25. So In my shop we are doing a tale of X gamers. We will be sharing our proggression together via our FB social group but I thought I'd share some of my progress as we go on. I have been drawn to Bonesplitterz for a while but a bit put off by potential model count. But having just finished the drama of painting Nagash an Infantry horde is quite welcome and if all goes well I may plan to add a stone Golem in at the end to take my list up to 2k at the end of the year. I really like the look of Arzog the pale orc from the Hobbit. So the paint scheme should be straight forward by glazing a thin layer of rakarth flash and then washing, rubbing at the extremities to 'cheat' a gradient highlight effect. I know this will work in theory but I'm worried that there won't be enough contrast against the light bone colour too. The stone parts (weapons etc), i'm not worried about because they will be painted black to make them look obsidian. I love the contrast of red blood against light white, this always looks quite striking and so wanted to lean heavily towards red in regards to their tattoos. Fluff wise I can justify this by doing the Drakkfoot clan; "The Drakkfoot Warclan hunt their prey among the sprawling Gorelkes of the Ashlands of Aqshy. The lakes are a relic of the Dark Gods dominion over the land, and each crimson pool bubbles and boils with slain souls. The Drakkfoot Orruks use the glowing red blood of the Gorelakes to paint beast tattoos on their bodies, its strange magic mixing with their ambient Waagh! power. We officially start on Monday so cant throw myself into it yet but here is my first test model which i'm fairly happy with. I want to change the basing slightly so it looks like actual blood inbetween the cracks of the Martian Ironearth. So that needs some work.
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