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Found 106 results

  1. I like skirmish games. Kind of a pity that it is no longer supported. So like in previous cases, I put together a few rules to add new ways to play or further depth to AoS (similar to the "Warbands" supplement I made). Below is a page of rules that pick up many cool aspects of Skirmish from the old warhammer. It's super simple but should make the games pretty cool. Even the smallest of changes can have a big impact. Will try it out whenever possible! DOWNLOAD: Skirmish-Additional Rules.pdf
  2. The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy. The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. ⬹⦽⤔ Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw Loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones his tribe has found, Hogrog has set out into the Realms, leading the Badfangs to hunt down the wild magic of Endless Spells. He has been empowered by the revelation that they are made of the essence of Gorkamorka, and their power can be captured and harvested, just like the power contained within other monsters' bones and teeth. Wardokk Krogdak Krogdak is Hogrog's acolyte, attendant and advisor. He is as mad as an angry Maw-Krusha and leads one of Hogrog's Morboyz mobs. Krogdak is adept at the grimdokk dance, and able to reattach severed limbs and knit flesh-wounds back together. He has patched-up more mangled Orruks than he can count (which sounds a lot less impressive than it actually is). ⬹⦽⤔ I plan on a Skirmish warband of a Wurrgog Prophet, 2 Wardokks, 3 Savage Orruks with Chompa and Shield, 10 Savage Orruk Morboys with Chompa and Toof Shiv, 3 Savage Orruk Arrerboys with Stinga Bows and Chompa, and 2 Savage Orruks with a Big Stabber. I may add a few Forest Goblins I have in my bitz boxes, just for a bit of variety.
  3. Starting a progress log for my Hinterland Chaos war band for our upcoming campaign. My starting list is a pair of goblin brothers(one mutated) which counts as a Spoilpox Scrivner, a Black Orc who has turned to Chaos which counts as a chaos warrior, a pair of Skaven clanrats, a pair of Chaos Dwarf Fireglaives, and a Bray Shaman. First up is the first four models. Only one I've started to pain so far is the first of the Clanrats.
  4. Sup! I've decided to go with fancy AoS Skirmish points pages for all of you who want to play Skirmish using additional Warhammer AoS and Fantasy models. Hope this not breaks any rules. But if you don't like this content please let me know. THE PDF IS READY FIRST POST WILL ALWAYS CONTAIN THE NEWEST VERSION. Unofficial Points.pdf (3.50 MB) now with FW stuff THIS IS NOT OVER There is still some work to be done. 1. I need your help with first page, disclaimer, info on how to use it etc. (The one right now is kinda sketchy) 2. Report on bugs and mistakes, missed models etc. Suggest ideas. Please make this post Sticky.
  5. Just thought I'd set up a page for the Shardsfall Ruleset. So you can post up warbands, let me know what you think of the rules which were very inspired the Hinterlands rules by bottle, and the Mordheim rules of old. Im currently working on an expanded exploration chart, as well as warbands like the old Mordheim warbands (mainly due to the massive changes to Warhammer/AoS) though these may not neccessarily be needed. Hope you all enjoy the rules, let me know if you have any suggestions! Useful Links My thanks to bottle for the Shardsfall Banner
  6. Hi everyone, I am retiring Hinterlands for the time being now that we have not only the fantastic AoS Skirmish but also lots of exciting fan made content being made for it too. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project, helped it grow and gave feedback along the way. The AoS community is really one of the best things about this game and why I love this hobby so much . Who knows if Hinterlands will ever come back, but for the moment I am going to keep it on the down-low. Doesn't mean you won't still be seeing me around here though . Cheers, bottle.
  7. I was a little disappointed by the updated skirmish rules and I've been enjoying Warcry but wish I could use more models. So, I threw together this and was hoping to get some CaC on it to improve it later on. Also, which allegiances would you want me to work on first? Age of Sigmar_ Frontiers_V1.pdf
  8. "We're beset on all sides by the vile rat-people, the bellowing hordes of Chaos, and strange cold-blooded lizard creatures. Our once glorious city is facing its most challenging times yet, but we will endure these hardships because if we don't then who will? Hollenstahl may have fallen but the Great Watch has not!" -Watch Captain Hans von Greijen *** Private Rotschild, a son of a nobleman forced to join the Watch after the Great Invasion despite a life spent reading and studying, but showed surprising talent with a blade when push came to shove.
  9. Hi I'm playing with the idea of putting together a small dispossessed force for some 500pt skirmishing/ME. I would be interested in the following if anyone has some spare. Hammerers Ironbreakers Irondrakes Longbeards Preferably on sprue but would also be interested in unpainted and built.
  10. Would appreciate people's thoughts on this one - as the first batch of Warscrolls for the Warcy warbands don't sit very well rules-wise when selecting them for AoS Skirmish games. Basically the Iron Golem / Untamed Beasts / Cypher Lords (and presumably the rest when we get them) force you to take two/three "upgraded" models for every minimum of 8/9 models in the unit. You don't get a choice with this, so to me it doesn't fall within the "weapon options and upgrades" section of selecting a Skirmish force in WD January 2019. Since you also have to take these upgrades, would it still be fair to have to pay the additional 5 Renown each? The way I interpret it (and to use Iron Golem as an example), for the first 3 models taken from a Warscroll you would have to take the forced upgrades and pay the extra Renown for them (so Dominar, then Signifer, then the Ogor Breacher as listed on the Warscroll). If you take 4-8 from that Warscroll then those would be standard non-upgraded models. What do people think?
  11. Since his accident Kaptain Mogrum was changed. Where before he had been a brutal, but cunning, Warboss who led his crew from the front, he was always first over the gunwales into an enemy ship, and a vicious, merciless fighter. But he was now a cunning, but brutal, Weirdnob Shaman! Since his awakening the pirate orruks who followed him fully embraced his change (not least because he killed a lot less of them in fits of anger. Even if he did kill a lot more of them in accidental explosions of Waaagh! energy... on balance it seemed better to them) and from then on they all consider themselves experts in the fields of thaumatology, evocation and sorcery. The nodded sagely to one another as they described the magic around them in great technical detail (often using the wrong terms but they really didn't care). They pronounced judgements on the quality of the wizardry they witnessed and debated the relative merits of various spells. When they journeyed to the very edge of the realms in search of the wild magic of Endless Spells, their Kaptain issued each of them an ensorcelled black-powder pistol as a focus for binding the Endless Spells. Each orruk then took it upon themselves to add charms and trinkets to their pistol, in order to enhance its power. A selection of teeth, bones, coins, pebbles with holes, crow feathers, gold and silver rings, and polished fragments of glass - all tied on with string or jewellery chains - adorned their foci. ~ 🕱 ~ My group is about to start a new campaign! The last one is here. Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge is an AoS Skirmish campaign of bounty hunter wizards chasing down and capturing Endless Spells at the wilder edges of the Mortal Realms. It will span several Mortal Realms over the course of about six weeks. The Endless Spells I have made for the part set in the Harrowmark are here. Each player will follow the exploits of one wizard, who can be accompanied by local guides or persistant retainers, or a mix of both. We will each have 250 points to spend on our warbands, but we do not have to field the same models in every game - we are free to swap any or all of them between games. We will not be adding any points to the total but warbands might gain some extra abilities and equipment as the campaign progresses. We are likely to play Spell Hunters several times over the course of the campaign, as capturing Endless Spells should be the reason our warbands are at Realm's Edge. We will be injecting more variety to the Battleplan by adding one Open War twist card to each game. Some of them are fairly lethal in Skirmish, but we like the idea that Realm's Edge is not a safe place! ~ 🕱 ~ The campaign will have a fairly loose structure, as each player is free to choose their own warband's storyline, and we will attempt to weave them (or, more likely, mash them) together as we go along. Chance Encounters At Realm's Edge, stumbling across other spellbreakers can only mean a fight. Whether simply for survival or to control faylines, it matters not. Choose from: Clash at Dawn (from White Dwarf, January 2019), Hold the Centre (White Dwarf), Sweeping Assault (White Dwarf) The Power of the Realms When magic coalesces into wyrdstorms or faypools, many are the brave and foolish that flock to channel their power. Play Vortex of Power (from the AoS Skirmish booklet) or The Well of Souls (from Malign Portents) The Monster If a great beast is normally a worthy prize, those that roam the Realms' Edges will bring even more glory. Play Trophy Kill from the Warhammer Community blog. Spellbreakers Capturing an endless spell will require cunning and brawn in equal measure. And at times, fighting through a throng of rivals. Play Spellhunters (from Malign Sorcery) or Dangerous Hunt (White Dwarf). Or play Dangerous Hunt first, then the winner can be challenged by another warband to play Spellhunters. The Great Quest After a long search, the resting place of an artefact needed for a terrible ritual has been found. Who will secure it and tap into its power? - Play Treasure Hunt (White Dwarf) or Seize the Relic (Skirmish). - The winner will then be the defender in Fragile Cargo (Skirmish), against either the same opponent or a new challenger. - The winner will then be the ritualist in The Ritual (White Dwarf), against either the same opponent or a new challenger Battle Grudges Many times, rival spellbreakers have solved their disputes in honourable duels. But assassination is an equally effective, and far more expedient, way to set a record straight. Play A Time for Heroes (White Dwarf) or Assassinate (Skirmish), but only between warbands that have already clashed a few times
  12. Hello everyone, I’ve bought the storm strike box for me and my girlfriend, so I’m trying to come up with a stormcast paint scheme that I like. I’m going for a relatively grim vibe, I see them as warrior monks worshipped and followed by various fanatics. I’m pretty happy with my basic color scheme but I’m open to honest criticism I’m thinking I need an additional spot color, for trinkets and such, and not sure I should keep the mask and pauldrons as bare metal or paint them white / cream or something else... what do you think?
  13. Hey guys, with the White Dwarf coming out with new articles about the Skirmish expansion. It nice to see GW updating the rules to 2.0. Now they didn’t cover everything, but they are open to house rules. So here’s one I think would be interesting. MAKING A CHAMPION A HERO You may select one of your CHAMPION and switch the keyword to HERO and give him +1 wounds for 15 extra points. If you select as your Warlord, add +1 Bravery also. Thoughts?
  14. Hey guys! For the past year, like many others I've been working intensely on bringing over the much beloved Mordheim game over to the Age of Sigmar system. Thanks to the release of the new AoS skirmish game in this month's White Dwarf, I've had to make a few adjustments on how how convert hire costs to the latest renown system. With that however, I finally decided to compile everything I have and start to make warscrolls of Mordheim units that can't be found in AoS. So far I'm posting two Amazonian units, I'd love to get a gut check on how I did in terms of the stats and conversion of mechanics. Normally warscrolls don't display point values so I'll put them here. The Champion is weighted at 80 points, while the Warriors are weighted at 130 points per unit of 10. Thanks for reading!
  15. So I'll be starting a Skirmish campaign that'll grow into full scale battles, and I saw there aren't any rules for Skirmish/PtG in our amazing Battletome (THANK YOU MENGEL). I'll be getting the ebook skirmish rules soon, but since I don't know what other factions get, I assume we're missing something. I'm just putting this here to ask about possible rules, advice on how to run a campaign, and if there are any plans to continue updating the Battletome with rules such as these, and to change with the future updates that will surely come to the game.
  16. Hello everyone, I’ve recently purchased the Storm Strike starter set to paint and play with my girlfriend. After reading the rules and trying out the tutorial scenarios, it seems clear that the base rules are intended for bigger units, heroes etc. So I want to try out the skirmish rules, especially with the campaign stuff that’s coming in the next white dwarf. Still it feels that the contents of the box are a little light. I also have a couple more easy to build minis but I’m guessing we would need a hero each at least. Here’s what we have : Nighthaunt : -7 glaivewraith stalkers -4 myrmourn banshees SCE: -3 sequitors -4 castigators -1 gryph hound I’m not looking for a perfect points match, just a rough balance to build a couple of fun and flexible warbands. My thinking is that I could pick up the cheap knight invocator, and for nighthaunt the tomb banshee or the cairn wraith, so we have a hero each. Also the low prices are nice what do you think? Any suggestions or tips?
  17. Back in May we read this snippet in the Endless Spells Rules Preview on the Warhammer Community blog, and it caught our imagination immediately: So later this year we are headed to the wild hinterlands of Realm's Edge. With each of our warbands led by a bounty-hunting wizard, accompanied by their retinues plus a few local guides, we are going to hunt down and bind Endless Spells for coin and renown. It will be a Malign Sorcery AoS Skirmish campaign called Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge. But more on that later... (we have our Tor Megiddo campaign to play first!). In the meantime I have to build and paint my Endless Spells! ~ ⦽ ~ Inspired the Umbral Spell Portals made by theempyrean_ I realised I needed to make my Endless Spells specifically for The Harrowmark. Death-forest themed magicks of black voids and ghostly blue-white fires, with lots of roots and branches and mud - so basically the same colour palette as my scenery. So, here is the beginning of my first predatory spells. The Burning Head Malevolent Maelstrom I've started painting them already and I will post an update as soon as one is done!
  18. Hello alltogether, I am reading a lot in TGA forum, but I have not commented to much. I am a nearly 20 year Mordheim veteran and I really love the new AoS rules. So I am working to make the Skirmish rules work to give the players a little bit the Mordheim flavor. I really liked Hinterlands and AoS28 rules, I took what I liked from both sets, tested them in a lot of games and tweaked the rules. Finally I came to the outcome, that heroes and models with a lot of wounds are too dominant. So in my variant there are only models with 2 wounds and max 20 points cost ( exception 25 points for the leader) allowed. I took the levelup rules from Mordheim and tweaked those and of course I also used the injury tables. I also loved the Skirmish rules of the malign sorcery set and I introduced command skills for the new type of heroes. I took over the skill rules of AoS 28, because I liked them. The battle plans I took from AoS28 and Hinterlands, I also are working on taking over the Mordheim scenarios. I wrote those rules for the AoS campaign in our club. Dammstadt is a city in Ghur, which was destroyed during the necroquake. A new realmgate to shyish appeared and the ruins are searched by warbands to find realm stone I do not have a nice layout, but I like to share the rules with you and look forward to you input. If someone can share with me, how to generate a nice layout, I would be happy. I also attach the maps from the campaign and the Dammstadt ruins. The last one is a modified map of a Mordheim map I found in the net ( not the one from Mordheim skirmish game) https://c.web.de/@337566454176029657/bAJ-Y-JLRwmjvywXhtUkAQ
  19. Hey peoples ! ? I'm trying to work out some simple additional rules for skirmish, inspired by other GW publications and unofficial mods out there such as Hinterlands. Here's one for injuries (a la Kill Team but better imo) and another for gaining experience points and levels between games. Would this be the kind of stuff you guys would like to try out during your skirmish games/campaigns ? Hope to get some feedback and ideas of your own !
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This campaign book includes 5 battleplans, Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, and more to help bring your Warhammer Skirmish battles into the Dark Age of Sigmar. Explore a ruined city with Rewards of Battle tables that tell the story of warbands exploring a ruined city. Follow the Shepherds of Rot as they traverse the Ruins of Hammerstadt in Ghyran. Also, the book includes three Quests for your warband to pursue as they battle and explore.
  21. Inspired by both all these talks about narrative gaming and 40k kill team, should GW take more steps to showcase the alternative ways to play AoS? I know there was that topic a while ago about new game system or tweaking the current systems within AoS, but this is purely from a marketing/packaging standpoint. Granted I do understand there is nothing stopping the Start Collecting or the smaller starter set boxes from being used for Path to Glory or Skirmish, but would it help those systems (as a bit flawed as they are from a balance standpoint) if GW specifically made a box with "Path To Glory/Skirmish" printed on them? I do realize the current smaller rules in AoS are nowhere near the Kill Team rules (they are far more Narrative in style), but maybe if more players saw specific items related to them then they would express more interest and in turn GW would flesh them out more. Especially since I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that the majority of players who buy battletomes...skip the PTG section of the book. Or is the main reason for the lack of official support due to GW not wanting to compete with themselves on Shadespire? Kill Team vs Necromunda are 2 very different themes (outside of chaos cults and genestealer cults), however Skirmish vs Shadespire are very similar in theme. So if they tried to promote the smaller AoS games, then Shadespire popularity might slip. I do apologize if this topic has been discussed to death. I tried searching topic titles with PTG and haven't really seen any recent discussions in the past few months.
  22. Hi guys, Thought I'd make a little painting blog about a Hinterlands Skirmish warband I'm putting together. The story behind this little warband, is at one point I was going to do an Ogor force for Age of Sigmar. I bought a bunch of second hand models, and was set to go. But I backed out on it, I'm already collecting Slaves to Darkness and Free Peoples. I decided I didn't need a third army that probably wasn't going to get any model or army book support in the future. However, from the ashes rises the Searing Maw seekers. I did paint up a test model for my army which I was pretty happy with. And in addition, in the bits I got from the Ogor army, there was a full Rhinox in there! Imagine that, a complete Rhinox. Quite odd since both the Ironblasters had complete Rhinoxes with them... But from the left over bits and a few Ogor bodies, I'm going to make this warband come together! So without further adieu, I present the Band of the Searing Maw. First up, we have Vroknor Scorchseeker on his rhinox Grunter. This is the guy that's the inspiration for the warband I guess. He's not quite done. I need to figure out what I want to do with the left side, since it's a bit empty at the moment (The right side has his Crossbow and an armour plate). Still, he's definitely come together in the last few days. Next up, is Xarg Brightblade This guy was the practice model for the army, and I'm quite happy with his look in the end. First time using cork on the bases, which turned out alright although I'm a bit worried there's a lot of flat surface without much going on. The original army had the idea that they'd be blessed by fire, and all their weapons would be burning hot. Not sure if I'll transition this to the other Ogors, or just leave it to Brightblade. Ogor clubs I don't think would look quite right like it, so we'll see how we go. Lastly, we've got the Grots. Beater Basher Stabber Luggage I mainly only have access to the Grots you get in the Ogor boxes and the Grots from the Scrap Launcher. So it's a little bit interesting trying to get poses. Basher and Beater are obviously just straight from the regular Ogor boxes, nothing done there. Stabber is a little interesting, he's actually two Grots from the Scrap Launcher chopped up in the middle, with some kind of spear arm (Which strangely had Kislev written on it, not sure what that was about). Lastly we've got Luggage. Poor miserable Luggage. While the original Grot was holding a huge bag of various things, Luggage isn't much better off carrying a large iron bound chest. And with everyone introduced, a shot of the entire warband And there you have it guys. These guys are about ready for basing and paint. Think to get it done best, I'm going to keep them separate and then glue them to their bases after both are painted.
  23. Hello all, I used to host LoTR events down here in Sussex, but have since moved onto AoS. I think the skirmish format is brilliant, and is a very appealing alternative to the typical 2000pt affair we see at most events. A skirmish event means that list building is simpler (and less restrictive), transporting your army is easier, and you can steer your ship in a different direction as the event goes on by recruiting different units between each round. I'm confident in my ability to find a venue, throw together a brilliant event pack, and get drunk with everyone after the event. My only hang up is that I have no clue as to whether or not people are as passionate as I am about the format, much less as to whether or not people would want to travel down to Brighton/Hove for a skirmish campaign. For those of you who never gave skirmish a go, it is a very different experience to typical AoS, and it has a funny meta in which you have a surprising amount of options. A few examples I've seen are; investing everything in one huge model, building a small horde to drown people out, or maximizing equipment options by taking lots of different models from different units. There are some balance issues (you can theoretically take as many night goblins with nets as you want for 1 point each), but we can hammer those out when the time for balancing the format comes. In the interest of creating a diverse meta, the event would support every single warscroll in the game. The way to calculate skirmish points is simply to double the matched play points value and then divide the result by 10. Starting with 35 points seems like a good idea, as it still makes hiring a bastiladon a far fetched dream, but also means that people can play ogors without being priced out of taking a hero. I am a strong supporter of event exclusive rules and out-of-game exercises that affect the campaign, so feel free to spitball ideas if you like to toy with those sort of concepts. If this event sounds like something you would theoretically want to attend, please respond with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your time!
  24. Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons The Rotmoons were a band of swashbuckling orruk sky-pirates. They called themselves Privateers, and acted more like pirates, but they spent more of their time acting like explorers than either. They searched the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considered himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounced, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He was occasionally correct but only occasionally. Their skyship, The Rotmoon, was recently wrecked (again!) in the forests of The Harrowmark. They made a deal with another orruk pirate crew, the Ogresuns; under Kaptain Salty Ogbad, to recover their cargo. But Ogbad fled with a small portion of the treasure after losing most of it to the Gilded Hand and the Ordeshal Host. The Rotmoons were reduced to looking for a ship to steal as a replacement. They hoped to cut-out one of the merchants that often call at the Wortbad skydock. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss A dashing and swashbuckling Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick-witted. He was popular with his crew as he got them out of many scrapes over the years but he was unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who saw him as an “upstart young pup”. He was unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than someone with his actual skill should be. El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman Surgeon, explorer, collector, drug addict (well, Magic Mushroom addict): El Doctoro was all of these to an extent. He often dropped hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wanted the crew of the Rotmoon to think he was mysterious and complex. Hammerhead (AKA Tiburón Martillo) - Ogor Maneater Dressed in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wore a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carried a handgun that he used like a pistol and he liked to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs. Dragante - Orruk Boss A hulking brute of an orruk with a hook for a hand and a bad attitude. He made sure the Boyz did exactly what they were told and bashed heads together when the crews' arguments (inevitably) turned into fights. The crew... Juan Dee Alchemist, seer, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and advisor to The Rotmoons.
  25. until
    Warning! All young Age of Sigmar adepts! For the first time ever Age of Sigmar tournament: Skirmish, which will take place on 26/05/2018 in Pruszków at the Merfolk store. What we play: We play Age of Sigmar according to the rules described in the textbook Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish. We prepare army using official applications for 55 points. After the consultation, we decided that the armies will not develop with subsequent games. All games have the same limit of 55p. Do not worry, all you have to do is have the right models and explain the rest on the spot. We play 4 random scenarios from the textbook. Scenarios will not be repeated. Each round lasts for about one hour. Punctation: Major victory - 17 points Minor victory - 12 points Draw - 7 points Minor loss - 5 points Major loss - 0 points By-pass - 12: 0 (no opponent's appearance in the battle) In each scenario, you can get one additional point for special tasks: Kingslayer: killing the enemy general. Linebreaker: if at the end of the game you have your unit in enemy territory. First Blood: for the player who first kills the entire enemy unit. For the purpose of resolving the draws in the final scoring, we also count points for the killed enemy units. With what we play: We do not play with potatoes! Realizing that this is only a hobby and we do not require a full WYSIWYG. Forge World models and converted models are allowed. We DO require however, that all models will be painted with at least the base color and the shadow. Day schedule: Preparation and registration 09.30-10.00 The first battle: 10.00 - 11.00 Second battle: 11.15 - 12.15 Third battle: 13.00 - 14.00 The fourth battle: 14: 15-15: 15 15: 30-16: 00 Handing the prizes and closing the tournament. Enrollment: We sign up by submitting an application with the name and surname of the army and the following clause by completing the registration form at: APPLICATION FORM Entry fee is obligatory: PLN 20
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