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  1. I suspect that if they are returning that most, if not all the range will be redone from scratch. I'd have thought that some of the plastics would have been kept on sale otherwise and for the whole lot of go off sale, I'd be very surprised to see any of them return. I hope if it is a complete overhaul, that they keep the same aesthetic as before, as it pretty much is their main selling point. If it looses that Egyptian/desert style, I'm sure a lot of people will be really disappointed and the forums will be hell with complaints. I would love to see the old plastics return, even if it only in a start collection set for a handful of returning kits. They were one of the armies I've always kicked myself for not picking up, especially since the misses is hooked on anything with an Egyptian theme and being able to knock out a painted TK army for her would certainly ease my painting Q, even if it's not shortening it!
  2. Not really. We've already had a couple of books with both Freeguild and Elves that are on the cover. But neither have gotten new battletomes yet. It is of course possible they will come, GW have pretty much confirmed that they plan to get battletomes out for all forces that will remain in AoS. But nothing to say they won't remove any of the models before then. Gloomspite gave us a Grot battletome but we lost most of the gits, included a couple of newish models.
  3. About a year ago I caught myself painting the underneath/inside of a Epic scale Rhino which I was then about to glue to a base. I realised I had been painting like this for such a long time I wasn't even noticing that the bits were hidden. So I've been trying to stop myself doing it and will often dry fit pieces repeatedly whilst painting now to make sure I don't need to paint certain parts. I have caught myself out on my Ironclad though, as I started painted all the hidden dials and details before my realisation and have to finished it the same way or I'll notice, which is one of the reasons it still on my desk and not finished even though I brought it when it came out. There are so damn many dials and buttons on the thing! One day I'll power through the last of it!
  4. I'd suspect that would be the pre-order day and it would come out the last sat of the month then. Still in the time frame and what better way to get people to snap it up, by having everyone there share the low quality photos and talk about how OP the warband they happened to be playing on the day is! I'd not put it past GW, but having the release day the same day as people getting their first look at it seems a bit odd. If that's the release day, then we will have seen the pre-order the week before and anything else they put out on the game the week before, meaning that by the open day the news of the game would be 'old hat'. Still would be the first chance to play the game, but I think the buzz might have died off a bit if it's been on the community page all week.
  5. I'm still painting models I brought when I got into warhammer games, back in 1989! It doesn't help that I'm not much of a gamer and prefer the creative side of the hobby. I'm also the only painter, so I have to sometimes paint models for my opponent that I might otherwise not really want to get done or might otherwise have issues with. Which can slow the whole process down. But it's not that much of an issue. I don't play warhammer games because of the endgame, I play them as I enjoy the whole process. If you enjoy it, the time is takes isn't wasted or too long. It can help to have games or competitions planned. If you have deadlines to get things finished by, you'll have more incentive to get models finished quickly (at least in theory) People that play far more regularly than me are able to knock out a set of completed models in the time it takes me to build one or two models. But if you plan ahead or push yourself, you can find ways to make the process faster. If you enjoy glueing models together, it's not a waste if a game never happens. I build so many minis for Inq28 (inquisitor) which I can spend weeks on converting, but I am unlikely to ever finish painting 99% of them and I doubt any I do finish will even see a gaming table. But I find the whole process relaxing even if once in a while, I get a small panic attack when I see the tray full to the brim with no more room to add any more!
  6. There is a fourth G&F collection coming and after that a collected G&F endtimes collection.
  7. Yeah, but that was before the issue that is holding up the current Slyvaneth stuff. It's likely that it will have a knock on affect on the rest of the year. If they are stuck they will be unlikely to push forward to have another battletome done and also risk becoming stuck behind the current one. They will either have to squeeze the releases in to a short space of time, which risks being sold too close together to sell well or push them till the new year slots to make up for time.
  8. Wasn't there an announcement about the open day on the community page a few days ago? I just had a quick look and can't see it on there but there was definitely something up a couple of days ago talking about what was on, I remember reading about it as it said that tickets would sell out quick etc. Maybe it was a facebook post only. /shrug.
  9. Ok, so if we ignore Nagash, Sigmar, archaon, Gorkamorka, Alarielle and grungni (as the game itself was built around them becoming gods) and I'm ignoring things like the named chaos deamons (like the Glottkin). Off the top of my head we have: -Gotrek -Vali -Mannfred -simulacra of the rest of the Von Carsteins - Arkhan -Neferata -Naaima -Morathi -Tyrion -Teclis -Grimnir -Thanquol -Boneripper - Balthasar Gelt -Lord Kroak I've discounted the 'Settra is a stormcast' as that was only ever hinted at as a passing comment and probably just one of those things they threw in there as a joke or to see everyone go nuts over it online. I've ignored one character who pops up in one story as a ghost as it's a spoiler and it's not *really* them, just a dead them. Skarsnik is an odd one, but I do find that his 'return' is a far more fitting reward for him, rather than his Padme Amidala ending in the end times. Again, it was only really hinted at. While I hold my hands up and agree that it's not exactly a HUGE list, it is a largely noticeable list, even more so when we are getting a 2nd set of Gotrek audios and new book and more short stories, where there are AoS stories waiting to be told or finished. I'm also not dead against bringing old characters back or making the realms a more 'old world' friendly place. I just want to see AoS be able to bring new things which can stand on their own, otherwise they might as well just say, you know what it was a mistake to blow the old world up and go back to the WFB setting. Because that's what is currently feels like. I'd like to see what they do with the Von Carstein stuff, that would make a for a brilliant joint reintroduction for the freeguild battletome for instance, and I have the Neferata books to read (and will be buying the new one). The biggest problem is the future. As more characters are brought back, I've noticed more and more people demand other characters to be brought back. GW will go where the money is of course, but people could just play WFB if they wanted too, or even play AoS rules but set in the old world. I think its one of those things were both opinions are both right and both wrong, so I'm going to leave this here and get back to painting lol *Though if we are just bringing back as much WFB as we can to the realms, I'd take a new AoS designed Darkblade model in a heartbeat! *
  10. Those things are completely different though. I'm all for bringing back Tomb kings or Bretonnians. Hell, I'd love to see Firmir return. I'm still hoping wood elves finally come back as a battletome. What I dislike is the rehashing of all the old characters, many of which were mortal and most of which had endings to their story during the end times. I can understand that they brought Thanquol & Nagash back, as both had huge new models during the endtimes and they wouldn't want to ditch new kits like that so easily. They are very distinct kits as well, would have been harder to pull off introducing them as new characters, espcailly so close to the end times stuff being released. Nagash being a god made is doubly easy to bring him into the realms. (Lore wise Nagash is a silly model to have though tbh, but that's a different rant lol) But we are a few years into AoS now and they would have had to go through a whole lot of effort and conscious design to bring Gotrek back now, both with the novels and with a new model. They are playing on the sense of nostalgia, trying to bring back some of that WFB cash they drove off by 'destroying the old world' (as the people that hate AoS would say). It might make good business sense right now, a nice easy injection of cash. But there was a reason that after 30 years of WFB standing still and not moving forward, it became stale and unprofitable . AoS is heading in that same direction the more of the old world they bring back into it. The end times showed that GW were finally willing to move the timeline on and that put characters in mortal danger. I have never seen a point in reading or watching stories were there is so much 'sales armour' (like plot armour, where GW won't want to loose model/book sales for a 'dead' character, so they stagnate the story line to protect them) that no one is really in any danger. It removes all tension when a hero is about to be beaten in the big show down, but you already know that he's in no danger because he'll be back next week. (YMMV of course, this isn't true for everyone, otherwise people would have stopped reading Marvel comics decades ago) We have realms of infinite possibility and while many of the old armies should/could be brought back with battletomes (why exclude people from using models they already own or having new models for old lines) bringing back named character after named character is taking away what was special about AoS in the first place. Plus it leads to disappointment from people who didn't see characters brought back- why did Gotrek & Thanquol make the cut to be brought back, but Skarsnik wasn't? Why should any Grot fan care about the plans of the Loonking when we know if we bug GW enough, We can have skarsnik back and the loonking can be forgotten about. (model wise: I don't care what models you want to play, I'm happy to see cool models used from the old world in AoS. They don't have to be the named character they once were. The Gotrek model is stunning. I'll probably pick one up to paint as is and one to add to my chaos Kharadrons. I don't see me being thrilled to seeing him my AoS games as Gotrek though. I still have tons of named Goblin characters being used for things as grots)
  11. That's weird, considering that Reynolds himself posted here only a while ago saying that the 8L trilogy had been put on hold and he didn't know when it would return, if ever. His comment even suggests that he's not written the 2nd book yet. Unless things have changed in two weeks, but they put this together very quickly if the plans did change.
  12. It got too much ages ago. AoS should have remained its own thing and they should have continued to create new characters. Having put the eight lamentations trilogy on the backburner (which pretty much feels like they have killed that series off) was a bad enough mistake, but to replace it with more old world rehashes, at this point they should say, look the old world is coming back and stop having people buy into AoS as a setting, before people are as invested into it as people were the old world when WFB was replaced. They didn't even need to change much with the current Gotrek books to still have them work. Could have been any new dwarven hero, that had the familiarity of the Gotrek stories and left a few hints in the books here and there that he is 'Gotrek reborn' or whatever. But rehashing old world heroes every time there is a release has ruin a big part of what made AoS more open and exciting than WFB in the first place. What makes me laugh even more is the people that get so annoyed when hobbyists use models/characters/ideas from the old world that don't belong or no longer exist in the realms. At this point, it's only a matter of time before said item has found it's way back into the realms anyway. Might as well let people get in on it a bit early.
  13. Ah nice, the article wasn't up when the pictures appeared from the open day with the new books! The new model is great. I'm still leaning to the opinion that the Gotrek audio, whilst great in production value, was the wrong move for AoS but that model is so damn nice. I'm hoping its cheap enough/not limited edition so I can buy a couple. That base is amazing and I want to use it for my own dwarven lord.
  14. New Gotrek audio drama and new book, Ghoulslayer on the way. Warcry is getting an anthology release of the different chaos warbands New neferata book as well and what appears to be a deepkin novel.
  15. Trouble is, I'm not interested in this game but I WANT to be, but between poor past experiences with their 'universe' games and them having not shown anything of the game that really grabs my attention (chaos models are nice and all, but there is a limit to how many chaos warbands I will want to buy, not to mention I expect the warbands themselves to be pricey- though the kill team sets are nice and good value, their price point makes in impractical to buy all the releases and I suspect we wil see a similar warband/terrain sets for these chaos chaps as they sold so well for kill team) Juts over a month or so till the games release and we've had nothing of real substance. While GW have gotten better at showing things off, there was a time were we got to see a game designed before it was released. Watching mordheim grow from some rules in white dwarf to become a full game is what they should have done with warcry. The 'get me by' skirmish rules in white dwarf should have been a warcry test rules, allowing for people to play with what they had and GW to make changes to the game as needed (such as adding in the additional non chaos warbands) Yeah, I have never understood there logic in this. I know people do buy each release and flog the last one to pay for the next new thing, which I'm sure GW count on this tactic working on those folks, but for everyone else, most people seem to know what battletomes they are likely to buy long before they are even announced, its only the odd new release that might catch people. I guess they still think that if we knew High elves were due in late summer, we are less likely to buy sylvaneth on release as a 'this will do until my real favourite elven army comes out'. Silly thing is, I'm sure people would still buy it as a get-me-by even if they knew someone else was coming. People know that sisters are battle are coming (and have done for a while) yet they are still selling space marines well enough. At this point of AoS they really should have put a list out of battletomes they are at least working on. I know that this could be risky for them- if they say they are doing a freeguild one, due in 12 months but its canned before release (for what ever reason) they would have to deal with the people shouting online about having spent money on freeguild models during the wait. I'm currently happy to buy 75% of the battletomes they are putting out (the other 25% I'm likely to buy once they become old edition/2nd hand) I made the decision a while back that this would be the last version of warhammer I'd ever buy and therefore happy to spend the additional money buying everything I like for this edition . I've never been a fan of the edition overhalls GW do. I would have been happy to stick with AoS1, but sticking with AoS2 made more sense due to the battletome quality being so good, as well as GW mentioning that they aim to give all factions that will remain in the game a battletome in the next two years or so. I don't think we have ever had an edition where so many battletomes/rules will have lined up to the same edition. I'd mostly like to know when/what is coming out over the next two years so I can plan which order I'm going to paint everything in. I'd also be less likely to spend money with other companies, as I'd need to 'save' for up for the upcoming battletomes.
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