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  1. Thanks for the update. That's disappointing news for sure. It's one of the best things to have come out for AoS and to not have the books continue, or at least having been put on hold is a real let down. Another reason I feel that I should wind down my black Library collection. I'll finish off the trilogies that are already part the way through but I can't stand spending time reading books (or watching shows come to that) that have no ending or get cancelled part the way through. Thanks for the great stuff so far, it was a blast while it lasted.
  2. I'm exactly the same. As far as I care right now, it's a big box of terrain and some chaos models to add to my warbands (for skirmish) AT THE MOST. The shadow war fiasco annoyed me and I brought into kill team on their advertising hype and it was nothing like they originally made it out to be (Thankfully the stuff I brought for it was a good deal for terrain and models for my bits collection anyway and it's all usable in other rulesets) and the necromunda rules release put me off buying into it all. I currently don't hold much hope that warcry isn't going to be anything but Kill team with a fantasy skin slapped on top. It might have touch of necromunda rules in there, but other games already give me more than kill team with necromunda leftovers. The first big give away was the tacked on warbands. It's good that they have added them- means more people will be interested. But it does seem like they only intended it to be Chaos Vs Chaos, while that has it own interesting concepts it does also limit what/where they can go with the game. I *want* to be excited for the game. I only play skirmish now and only really want to continue to play skirmish level games at this scale (I prefer other scales & rules for my mass warhammer games now) but I can see warcry being released in the same kill team style or 'buy it now before its gone' and in small pieces. I'd rather stick with the skirmish rules and just pick up the individual releases of warcry models/terrain I want when they releases them separately. I also don't trust that warcry will be well supported and still be receiving new releases 2 years down the line (I stopped believing them when they say this since they promised the same with Epic 3rd edition, and look how that turned out). Kill team has appeared to become a bit of a mess already- too many books, rules spread out over sets, sets/rules going OOP way too quickly. I don't get enough hobby time as it is, let alone wanting to waste what I do chasing down limited releases or having to rush about on a Saturday morning trying to preorder an item that may or may not have already gone out of stock in the time it takes to mess about with their website inadequacies. So much easier just buying models than trying to mess about with GW rulesets now. I buy the models I like, print out a warscroll, (take 12 months- 2 years to) paint them(!), and can get them out on the table. So much less stress. One of them main reasons I've been 'happy' to chase down as much of the new AoS stuff as I have been this past year, as this will be the last edition I ever buy anyway, so I only have to chase all those limited releases this once.
  3. An undo button 😁 As far as I can also tell, you can add your own assets. Also its drm free and you own your own work you create on it, where as ink *technically* owns all your maps (though I don't see any time that this has been an issue yet.) I'm not sure if it would be worth swapping if you're comfortable with ink, and it does look like ink provides some very good aos stylised assets already. For me the worth is in that undo button and being able to dip in and out of using it with out having to cancel a sub everyone I've ended up not using it in ages. I've not picked it up yet as I'm swamped with real life but hoping to grab it as a summer holiday project and will see what its like then.
  4. The potato has been out and grabbed a shot of warcry. Taken from the book of faces. Love the spikey terrain and what looks to be a watch tower on the statue head. Still not convinced it will be the game for me, but if thats the terrain from the starter set, then my skirmish table is going to look ace.
  5. replace the swordmasters kit with a new duel kit and maybe do one new hero, even if it comes 6 months down the line in a blightwar/looncurse style set. They honestly only need a start collecting set to bundle in a bunch of old models and you have a premade, AoS ready army. Would probably even help bump sales with other older ranges when people see that not all WFB that haven't gotten a battletome yet are not going the way of the dodo. I know GW have said that they are aiming to get battletomes for everything left in the next two years, but until we see them I'd not trust that they were ditching the Empire models or dwarves. I've been fine with the direction choices of AoS but would still love to see more classic armies come back. The gloomspite shows how they can do both incredible well with just a little bit of narrative tweaking.
  6. Love these maps. Are you using Inkarnate? I tried it a couple of times (the free edition at least) and couldn't get on with it. Lack of an undo button and not a fan of subscription software. Been thinking about picking up Wonderdraft, as it seems to be an almost identical program but you only pay once and can add your own assets.
  7. Ouch. €70. Not wanting to moan about pricing but that seems steep for a couple of spells and some rules that will get played once in a while. I'd like that scenery piece, it's damn cool but I think I'll probably pick up another Celestial Hurricanum instead to build the terrain and skip this one.
  8. Same thought I had as soon as I saw that. Even stranger that both are very current armies with brand new tomes. Personally, I always thought it was odd that they got new tomes, being they feel like small forces of only a couple of units. I liked the idea of more battletomes with more unique but smaller forces, but from I've seen from the rest of the community, people prefer the more 'soup' like battletomes with a mix of everything. I do wonder if both these forces, having such a select model count have put people off buying so heavily into them. Even though I like the more unique battletomes, I didn't buy either. I have models from both ranges, but they are all for conversions and I could never see me wanting to paint more than a handful of the models from either range. I think the most interesting thing about the new book is their hint about the stuff to come. I think we all knew that we would see a return of high elves, but I suspect that they won't be the high elves a lot of people will want to see. But they still have a lot of models that are new enough to not be replaced, so we might still see classic high elven armies in some form. Wonder if the hint leads towards freeguild or devoted of sigmar. I don't see them bringing out a battletome for each, but think both ranges have large enough scope to get their own. We will see I guess. I suspect we will get a lot of new troops for the freeguild and only a handful of the newer old kits will remain.
  9. I wonder if this release has been brought forward to fill the gap of the battletome being stuck in limbo. I know the terrain was due sometime this month, but I had felt that the new xpac spells were a while off, as they only just started to put out the new short stories this week. Wonder why they chose not to mention the release yesterday, considering the AoS reviews were already pretty light/lacklustre? Not 100% I will be picking this one up tbh. I like the bridge and the boatman, but the rest of the spells are rather lacking and almost identical to the terrain from the shadespire pack (which I've already used as nighthaunt scatter terrain). I'd had hoped for a very similar release to the original, which had a nice mixture of different spells but this feels like an afterthought. Tbf, I only want the spells for terrain or for interesting markers for wizard clashes for skirmish but I'm on the fence about this one. Wouldn't that be mostly useless as it would be the rules for spells that come in the box? That being said, always someone that is going to want more spells/models to chop up so probably find the book will end up cheaper on ebay in the next few weeks.
  10. They are there. Warcry was in the video for sure, but the GHB was on there too.
  11. I think the main problem is (at least for it is for me) is they over hype these reveals days. They get everyone buzzing about something new and exciting and we end up every time being shown stuff they have teased for months, with maybe a couple of new models. We have a date for warcry, but still nothing to go on what the game/box will contain. I know they do this too get people to buy it before anything negative comes out after release or after the buzz is gone. But after the awful shadow war, then necromunda and then kill team releases, I won't be buying warcry based one buzz (especially since the game still isn't grabbing me other than as a source of bits for skirmish). Today would have been a perfect day to show a demo game or run through some of the narrative/background. Even the cat model isn't that exciting on it's own, as there is no context for it. With the 40k models you know exactly what forces the new models are for instantly, even if they didn't tell you. They don't seem to want to have people getting excited for a new army/warband/whatever in advance, but this seems limited to AoS. 40k has the issue of being well established, so even if they didn't want people to know it tends to be pretty obvious. But as an adult, with finances and with so many other model companies out there, an out of context model doesn't grab me the way GW probably want it too. (and as a total personal opinion on this too: I hate guessing games/surprises. I get drawn into it here as it's all we are given to go one and I like being excited for the hobby. But even outside the hobby, I hate presents & surprises. I find them emotionally draining and unpleasant. I'd be more inclined to be excited if they didn't try to be so secretive over everything. Other wargames companies are straight forward and direct.)
  12. Well that is a little bit of a let down. The new models are great, but I'm still not feeling warcry as its own game. It looks to be a good source of minis for skirmish/converters though. I had hoped for a little less kill team and a little more necromunda. I want to like it, as I love narrative/skirmish/warband games over 'full' AoS, but it really does seem like its Chaos Vs Chaos, with them having chucked the other warbands into to please people who want to use other things. I'd also been hoping for a more 'adventurers on the road' feel for the miniatures, rather than the shadespire sort of looking warbands we seem to be getting. Oh well, that gives me more converting opportunities anyway. I really though we would get a sneak peak of a battletome for a summer release, even if it is only one of those annoying pre-trailer trailers that people are so fond of putting out now a days. I suspect there might have been if not for the hold up with the current release. Probably playing it careful.
  13. Well, Then I'm sold. I have hated painting flesh since I go in to this hobby. Which is why I've been stuck to my Grots for most of my time. I have a huge DoK army I brought on the grounds I might want to branch out from skirmish only to larger battles or at least have as a show case army but I've been dreading the thought of that much skin. Yeah, centralised content totally makes sense. I probably didn't express myself clearly- I'm multitasking a lot of things right now and caught up in the hype wave so rushing my posts both for speed and in excitement! haha! I'm sure even some of the tournament players don't want multiple books either. I've seen complaints that they are having to carry around too many books once again, which is only going to get worse this year with a 2nd book of endless spells and mercenaries & now points/GHB split.
  14. Oh I want to buy their books. I just don't want to buy two+ books with content spread between them. Say if the GHB has the battleplans for sieges but find out the pitched book has the rules needed to use the battleplans. One GHB book a year is ok, it's not too pricey and I've skipped it when there wasn't anything in there that I really wanted. In a perfect world, they would put out a GHB for matched/tournaments players and we could get one GHB sized, chunky narrative/campaign book each year. They'd never please anyone though. Someone that likes both narrative & tournaments would then be put out that they had to buy two books! I just don't want to see them start splitting the GHB content into two books just for that touch more cash. (Though could be that both these come bundled together for the same price as the GHB alone. But it allows them to put out a 2nd pitched battle book or more every year to update things. That I would be ok with)
  15. Yeah, this was my guess. It's a good idea but not for me. I'm still happily using my original GHB. Got tired of the never ending chase for balance in their games a long time ago. I just want to roll a few dice and have fun. I Just hope they realised this and don't put a bunch narrative/fun stuff, spread out over two or more books. I don't want to have to feel like I want to buy another two books for a couple of pages worth of content.
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