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  1. GW who never do sales, who put out a twitch stream egging people to queue in a virtual queue and buy dominion immediately on release as it was limited & was going to sell out quickly even with all the copies they made, with characters models that would not be available anywhere else (possible for ever, possible for 6 months, who knows with them), with a brand new orc army with a strong WFB aesthetic and with enough FOMO advertising and hype to rival kill team, all with it coming off the release of the FOMO & panic over the botched cursed city release. And yet here we are. I'm sure some people will still try to defend this as them over estimating stock levels by a small amount or that not everyone wanted more stormcast in a big set or that some didn't want the full rule book and 2 new armies so have the smaller sets or perhaps people didn't want the big collections edition rulebook over the bog standard art (as if people don't try to collect every other limited edition book) But clearly AoS is not selling in the amounts that they wanted/expected it too. Its not a good sign for the life of the game, for those that want the game to remain supported.
  2. I've always been lore/narrative over anything else. I love making up new lore for myself (I never expect people to like it, but I don't need them too) But I was once told I was ruining 40k as I was playing Skaven as a chaos force, for Epic 40k, when epic hadn't been been sold by GW for almost 10 years. I was surprised I was doing so much damage to the entire hobby, but hey! Here we are! 😁 * Same guff from folk when I posted my slaanesh-cast, mostly because they are on squares (because we still play WFB & like oathmark) but also because people were so caught up with it being against 'lore'. (I never even tried to claim they were stormcast, fallen or otherwise. I just like the armour for them over the usual spikey & skull stuff of chaos) My chaosdin overlords have mostly been left alone, but then they are mostly just dwarves with big shoulder pads, as I never got too far into the painting (Painting the Ironclad destroyed my soul- far too many buttons and dials and readouts which had I know there were so many before starting to paint them, I'd have left them alone in the first place!) I gave up posting my timeline for my AoS campaign as there were complaints- some people thought it was too WFB and shouldn't be in AoS, and some people thought it was too AoS to be incorporating so much from WFB. * I did have the last laugh. A couple of my space skaven models were featured as part of another article in a very popular warhammer fan magazine. I take great pride in my accomplishment, I single handedly ruined the entire 40k hobby.
  3. I've been removing as much 'official' content from my social media and alert feeds that I can. Got sick to death of FOMO advertising. Not only that but people repost GW 'news' the second its out anyway. Getting rid of so many 'Hype' posts has really improved my hobby and my stress levels. I much preferred it when I could go online when I wanted at any day of the week, browse through GWs store and buy anything that caught my eye- new or old. I spent a lot more money then. All this FOMO stuff 'QUICK BUY IT NOW THIS SATURDAY ONLY' makes me save my money in case something better is coming a week or two later. One of many reasons I didn't bother buying into 3rd Ed. And I know I'm not the only one. GW were so busy trying to get everyone to spend their money recklessly on every new release, they have pushed people away from spending anything at all. I've spent a hell of a lot of money on other games and products simply because I had money burning a hole in my pocket that week and the batch of releases were so hyped up and I had no interest in sitting in a virtual queue* for an hour to buy some product that would be forgotten about the week after. *sidenote, the virtual queue was stupid. I figured out how to exploit it the first day it was up as did many others. I did inform GW and refused to use the system but I know that people that did exploit it to buy multiple copies of various item. The queue system did nothing but punish regular users, it didn't stop scalpers at all.
  4. Its still not reasonable to lock things behind the app. This isn't a digital hobby, even if digital products can be used within the hobby. If they lock things behind paywalls and apps, they will only encourage other means of getting rules for those that don't want to use apps. The game already appears to be declining in popularity. The old world will further divide peoples money/attention. Putting warscrolls behind paywalls or apps only is only going to further push people to play games without these hurdles.
  5. Well thats a terrible blow to the ease of introduction to the game or for people that are happy with older editions but might want to add newer models to their games (and don't want to write their own stats) Either GW are so sure that this is going to encourage more people to buy battletomes (Perhaps their profit margins on tomes are huge) or they know that they make so many errors and updates with rules that they can't be bothered with people complaining that the warscroll in the boxes are wrong every time something is updated.
  6. They've already confirmed that it won't be Epic scale or anything other than the standard. They don't really use a consistent scale so they can't really come out and say that it is 28 or 32mm but they've confirmed that it will around the scale we have now.
  7. Yeah, I wasn't sure. I certainly didn't see anything but then I find the warhammer community page a mess to navigate and I've removed almost ever 'official' GW source from my feeds, I just didn't see the point in following them for news.(*) So fair enough, I did wonder if they were clear about it. I still don't like that they put out three books for a single army, even if you could pick and choose which two of them you needed. But if they were clear about it, at least it wasn't sneaky. Thanks for update. *As for not following them for news, this is totally off topic, but I removed their social media accounts as they don't have anything of value to add. They only have scripted answers to ANY question and any news is posted ad nauseam across hobby pages (Including non-warhammer/AoS groups) that there is just no need to actively follow both hobby groups and GW pages. I wanted to keep the hobby groups as there is good stuff posted there, so might as well condense getting my news from them too. So I do now miss the odd thing- like information on the books, but overall its helped remove some of the negativity from the hobby.
  8. I'm normally pretty sceptical about 'rumours' like this, but I believe the part about dominion not selling well at all. After all their 'FOMO QUICK BUY IT QUICK ON RELEASE DAY OR MISS OUT' stream hype and advertising, and its still available pretty much everywhere. I don't think a limited release set still being sold almost 6 months on can be seen anything but a failed release. The rest is stuff we pretty much know anyway or is the most credible guesses at what can be expected (warcry, nighthaunt)
  9. My issue with is it feels like GW has only just finally cottoned on to the fact that our models last forever and to keep selling the same kits over and over (especially to people that might already own enough models) the only other way to do it is to keep invalidating rules and releasing new books. (Though as I point out below, I'm aware that this issue with multiple books isn't new at all) I also don't think they made it very clear that if you had the first book, you only needed the 2nd if you didn't have the Broken Realm books. (I may be wrong about this though- maybe they announced it pretty clearly, but I had already removed a lot of the GW new feeds by then as I'd gotten sick of their behaviour. So maybe I missed it) I also don't think that it makes it alright because rules are on a app- free or behind the W+ paywall. I've zero interest in using apps for games, hardly anyone in my group uses them. The majority of us are all in IT and spend enough time behind a screen. Games are an escape from screens and quite honestly even if I wasn't in IT, I don't want to be checking my phone all the time when playing a board game. There's also the inconstancy with releases- GW will release multiple waves of minis and books for one army, but could go years without a single new model for others. It hasn't always bothered me- I buy and use what I like and don't care for what GW want to be selling at the time, but I can imagine its rough on players who's hobby does centre around them playing the most up to date rules. If GW keep this trend up there will have been more editions of Lumineth battletome than there has been of the game itself. (And yes this has happened before- armies have gotten 3 army books within a single edition of WFB, in very much the same way. I don't think people were that happy with it back then either (the books were a tad cheaper after taking inflation in to account but not by enough to argue that they were cheaper and could get away with it back then)) I do think GW need to have more goodwill when it comes with AoS and it wouldn't take much. How about a Necromunda style roadmap, instead of crappy rumour engine pics of bits of models. Let players have an informed choice on what armies to collect and play and allow them to plan their games and hobbies around an actual release schedule. All this FOMO sales and hiding releases in fear of delays (or whatever other excuse they want to hide behind) is actually just saying that the consumers are too dumb to make purchases without being scared into missing out. Instead, they could do a 12 month roadmap (divided in the quarters so they dont' have to give exact dates) and be like 'Hey you have 6 months to finish painting up your Orcs, cause then you can buy the new chaos dwarves'. Its still advertising but its a far more positive (and healthy) way of selling the hobby.
  10. C7 do amazing stuff. I have some of their Old worlds maps and the empire cities book. However, the problem i have is as amazing as their products are, I shouldn't have to go and buy RPG books to get decent lore for a game I actually like. I'm not a fan of RPGS in the slightest, never really played one and never intend to. I brought the cities book as I skimmed through a PDF version and it was chock full of lore and art and actually very few rules. But a lot of the other books they do are designed to be games books, with hundreds of pages of rules and character profiles. And as I have no use for those parts of the books, I'm paying a fair whack for a handful of pages. (That said, being in the same country as C7s office & warehouse I do get things cheaper than trying to buy anything from the UK now, so whilst its not a saving, its a saving in comparison!) I'd like to buy more C7 books, but I just feel they are expensive for the handful of pages that I'd actually enjoy.
  11. I've said it before here and repetitively elsewhere. If we follow GW logic as true, then we didn't start seeing anything 'new' for AoS until either just before the soul wars stuff or until the year after. GW have always stood firm that it takes 3 years + to design a range and have it made and released. Its been rumoured for years that 9th Ed was being worked on/ready to replace 8th when they were told to scrap WFB for AoS. Stormcast were being rumoured as being the clockwork soldiers of the empire that were meant to have come out with 9th- Harry the rumourmonger was posting about them long before AoS rumours back on warseers days. We know forgeworld were about to release 'battle for blackfire pass', the follow up to Tamurkhan, which would have featured Dwarves Vs Orcs which is likely too have included things like Airships and other models that matched the 8th Ed dwarf releases. KO were released, a year and a smidge after 1st Ed AoS (so not long enough to have been part of the three year + life cycle of release) I still suspect that the models from that campaign would have been repurposed for KOs. They even fit in perfectly with the 8th Ed dwarf kits in scale and design. The Idoneth were in WFB lore from years back- even if it was a tiny little text box that only hinted at them. The idea that most of the stuff done for AoS is 'ridiculous' and 'wouldn't have fit in with WFB' is a ridiculous argument from those that dislike AoS. Releases do not match the timeline GW give at all- which they made a huge deal about with the SoB release for 40k. They would have repurposed everything they could to have gotten AoS its rushed and out the door release. Sure, they made the AoS lore & style more bombastic, but there is no chance that a lot of what we see now wouldn't have been the direction 9th Ed would have taken. Just look at the range of End Times models to see how they were going with the overall design. 'down to earth gritty Euro Fantasy' would have been replaced either way. Yeap, the hobby is so much bigger than just the people that post online. Even my own small gaming group, I am the only one posting about the hobby online. I've a mate that doesn't even follow GW and only knows about things coming out that he is interested in because I either mention it to him at work or he sees what I post in our friends (unrelated to wargaming) group chat. He's a huge 40k fan but hasn't a clue about warhammer outside of the Horus Heresy books and models. Its so utterly bizarre to me, but there are people that do just treat the hobby as someone might treat a TV shows they only watch sometimes or those that only watch the big team sports events etc. We are the most likely to be the folk glued to news and rumours, always checking for updates and pouring over old books and model collections and can remember the price of every model off by heart.
  12. Those that have left that created a lot of the older lore and settings were also history buffs, architects and had degrees in history and stuff like that. They stuff they crafted WFB from is often real history (or older legends/tales), which I have always assumed why some of the older books and settings seem more realistic and well crafted. A lot of AoS & 40k (and even a lot of wider wargaming hobby) reads like it was created by people that grew up with warhammer, but not the things like the real history that warhammer was built around. I don't dislike AoS lore- I'm often found crying foul at loosing the eight lamentations sequels. But I can see why people can be put off by it. Its almost like a parody of a parody at this point. Edit: Ninjad by @EccentricCircle by mere moments who worded it far more elegantly! 🙂
  13. I've zero desire to actively get 'better' at painting or gaming. I actually put some posts up a few years back on a huge painting forum about learning to paint 'worse', as I was totally sick of being bogged down with this idea that you have to paint to improve, painting anything less than the GW box art is wrong, or start throwing a gaming studio logo on everything you post online as if you were trying to outdo actual commission painters. This isn't a job or something I'm competing in. I actually watch an awful lot more of the RPG crafting videos than I do warhammer videos now. I'm not into RPGs in the slightest but they have a far more laid back approach to the painting & building side of the hobby. Improving does come as a by-product of just the act of painting itself, but there is no desire there for me any more. Also after two years stuck at home due to lockdowns has pushed the desire away even more- I've hurt my eye badly from being home so much and can't paint without getting terrible migraines most weeks, so I've even less desire to paint to the level I am capable of. I'm happy out just getting something finished and placed alongside the rest of its unit. I spend so much of my time 'improving' in other fields, I'm quite happy being mediocre at my hobby.
  14. Exactly all of this. Narrative is a more personal 'adventure' that doesn't promote as much discussion, even if people do enjoy reading/looking at narrative threads. There is very little traffic to the narrative, and even the painting threads don't get a huge amount of comments (Not just here, even big facebook groups and other forums have the same issue) It takes time and effort to create narrative posts but it takes more work to read through them and leave some discussion underneath. (There's blogs I follow but I either have time to read them, or to skim through & leave a comment!) It can also only take one bad comment or bad take on a narrative thread to dissuade someone from spending the extra time and effort of creating narrative posts. There is also a good percentage of the community see anything outside of the 'official' lore as made up and not worth the time to invest in.
  15. Thanks! I've completely lost all conception of time and couldn't place them. I could have sworn remembering trying to order them in November, but must have been December! Thanks! So does look like another month away! I doubt we will see another Ogor box this year, we had one last year and we tend to only see repeats for things like Marines & Stormcast.
  16. Has there been no rumours on the christmas battleforces this year yet? Seems late, though perhaps I'm misremembering last year as being stuck at home since last march now and for me, time is not what it once was.
  17. I zero interest in anything but narrative games for AoS and we don't allow any kind of meta chasing within my group. I get that people do enjoy playing with random people, but personally never understood it and don't see why after playing with someone once or twice, you'd continue to rely on GW to deliver balanced rules that let you play pick up games without some form of communication with the other party. Especially when GW have a poor record of ever managing to release complete or balanced rules. So personally I find the match play rules a waste of resources in the games development, more so since spending so much time and money developing match play rules only to keep releasing new models and books that creep in power and scale anyway. Tin foil hat maybe, but I honestly don't think GW care about match play past it being the money cow to milk to keep the suits happy. Every edition of Warhammer I've ever picked up in the past had a creed of playing for fun and talking to your opponent to solve rules or balance issues and leant towards being narrative driven. I do dislike the notion that narrative & open play are just there to be abused by players wanted to own all other players by whacking down 12 bloodthirsters and 6 nagash models. This logic is dumb, because what is then stopping the opponent doing the same +1. This is the same kind of silly logic that tournament players must get when people say that all tournament play is toxic. This is all just my own personal opinion though, I don't begrudge anyone for wanting match play or for being a player that finds match play/tournaments fun. Its just not for me.
  18. Hilariously, I've both been ripped apart on facebook group for being a fan of both. I've been told to ****** off back to AoS groups for having stuff thats too AoS-y in my homebrew fantasy lore & models on WFB groups and been told to sod off back to old world groups for having based AoS models for dual use in my fantasy/oathmark armies. This is why I've dropped any notion of being a 'warhammer fan' and now only view myself as a wargaming fan, that just happens to like a lot of warhammer based games. It does mean I'm more careful about models I post now and where I post them, which does take a little more mental effort than there is reward, but it does avoid a lot of the unpleasantness that comes from daring to bridge the gap.
  19. I've not read a AoS book since they cancelled the eight lamentations. I've picked some of the others up since, but honestly just lost interest when the sequels were cancelled and they went with the cash grab Gotrek stories instead. I brought the gloomspite book, coven of Blood & lady of sorrows partly because they were cheap and partly in case I regretted not getting them later on. But had no inkling to even try them. I get that they likely want AoS to be their 'big gods and even bigger models' game, where as the eight lamentations was more about regular mortals in the realms. This is probably so they can continue to push big god models against the more gritty old world stuff that will be incoming, but AoS was once unimaginable in size and had room to cater to the mortals and the gods. They massively shrunk the setting in the 2nd Ed retcon and to me, that took away what was unique about the setting that wasn't just 'old world heroes on steroids'. I really hope that they bring things like Josh Reynolds back to writing for AoS in the future. I'll happily go back to buying AoS books again then.
  20. Similar stuff happens here as well TBH. As for unpopular opinions on AoS: I prefer first edition along with Skirmish. It was an easy way to build up an army and was a far more entertaining and experimental era of wargaming. Almost every change or release the game has seen since has catered more towards making money from the flighty aspects of the community who meta chase. AoS was better as more sandbox, creative hobby game- even if it wasn't as valuable as an IP. Bringing Gotrek back was nothing but a cash grab and has actually hurt the narrative of both AoS & the old world. From the minute the Old world was announced, AoS started a countdown to it's death, even if it did cause a huge increase in people trying the game in the meantime. (GW have proved time and again they can't cope with as many games as they will be juggling soon- which all previously led to huge amounts of games being cancelled) GWs release schedule/FOMO is terrible for the community for so many reasons and people need to stop defending it. Cancelling the Eight Lamentations was a trash move on GWs part. Not telling anyone, releasing a short story for it and having the 2nd book up for preorder on amazon for up to almost a year after cancellation was just pure spiteful. GWs lack of ACTUAL communication is probably the worst in the industry. Its so bad that they pay a social media team to disguise how bad they are at communication with their customer base. Almost everything that came out in the first 2-3 years for AoS would have seen life in WFB had it continued on, even if some fans deny that some of these concepts would not fit in the old world.
  21. I'm not a tournament player in the slightest and there are many reasons for that, but prices are in those reasons for sure. A small cheap €5 ticket doesn't seem worth it- what can a tournament provide at this cost that I can't already provide myself in my own home. An expensive €100 ticket doesn't seem worth it- Sure now they can probably afford nice terrain and there might be a spot of lunch but for a €100 I can buy or build a new bit of terrain, have lunch at home and still have some cash left over. I'm not even sure that there is a sweet spot, where a tournament would be cost effective enough to be both worth the time and money to go to and still feel like its good value. (another good reason I'd not pay to go to a tournament is things like that tournament a few years back in London where the terrain was a bunch some old unpainted packaging. I felt sorry for anyone paying for that)
  22. Whilst this is totally true, sadly it does come with the addition of *always hobby for yourself but be prepared to (possibly) be ostracised within the the wider warhammer community for going against what they deem as normality within the hobby. I think most people will just paint for themselves- but it must be nice to be able to enjoy the social aspect of the hobby without feeling put out for not painting to the imagined standard that exists. I do think that a sizeable chunk of the community harbours these imagery standards and overly detailed models are partially to blame.
  23. I've gone mad for older models or alternatives and really only buy GW stuff now for the more unique items that you just can't get anywhere else. I've fallen in love with painting stuff from northstar & Victrix. GW models are great fun to build but don't suit painting large armies for me any more. I've been spending an obscene amount on older GW models and they are a breeze to paint up compare the their modern counterparts. (And often I pay less for the old metal sculpts than I have for the new plastics ones that are part of a current range!) I really noticed it when I was painting my undead army for a WFB Albion project. I could knock a batch of Warlord games skeletons out in a weekend. Took me over a week to do the same amount amount of models for a nighthaunt chainrasp unit, and their colour scheme uses a lot less colours! All their chains go up inside their ghost sheet. They are hard to get too when assembled and you can't really paint them in sub-assemblies as then you end up with that ghastly gap going down their head/back. The details are often very fragile (like the little keys) and a lot of the models have a ton of details that they just don't need in the first place- like the vines and flowers they have all over their bases (or over the models themselves, like in case of the not current but last set of GW skeletons & knights) The new Slaanesh models look lovely, but there is no way I'm painting them for a Slaanesh mortal army. I'm actually planning on using more victrix historical kits for most of my chaos mortal units, with some parts from things like frostgrave and oathmark kits to jazz them up a bit. Not only will be faster, it will look unique on the table top and has saved me a ton of money by only using one or two of the new models as the champions. It doesn't help that I'm the main painter for my group- I do all the terrain and a good deal of all the models as well (I do tend to paint some loaner armies for things that I'd love to paint but can't really justify collecting fully for myself!). And as I'm currently building us a HUGE necromunda table, which is taking a lot of my time, and I'm suffering with an eye injury (due in part to almost two years in lockdown and not helped by having gotten older) I've had to admit to needing any shortcut I can take on mass army painting for AoS/WFB/Oathmark. I dread to think how overly designed new old world minis will be. It worked for a time with AoS as originally they were not pushing it as a mass battle game (in my opinion anyway) in the same way that it is now or that WFB is know for. Its easier to afford more time for a skirmish mini when you only have 8 to paint, but less so when you need 20-40 models to run a unit. (As a side note- I'm aware that its entirely possible to ignore details that you want to or just drybrush stuff to get it done fast. But some of us find that harder to do- if its there we feel it needs to be painted. If you want to know what its like for those that do feel things need to be painted to feel complete- paint yourself a super detailed model up, but ignore everything but the most basic areas and then post it online- the amount of people that will call out the 'unfinished' parts can be be a battle in and of itself. GW have condition a lot of its audience to feel like they need to paint like the box and it can be very difficult to push past that in this hobby.)
  24. I stopped using the forum as much as I once did before. I found myself getting drawn into some of the more negative conversations, as I've not been keen on how AoS has been sold in the past two years and also happy to have continued to play an earlier edition which stirs up less than pleasant opinions at times, so stepped back as I'd rather enjoy the good bits of the hobby and not add to the negativity as I was finding myself doing. But having decided to dip back in and take a look at what people are doing with third edition and find out if I'd mellowed on it, but in just a couple of visits here I've already seen the thread where someone is advocating bullying people for being socially inept and now this gem of a thread. 🤦‍♂️
  25. Thats a nice bit of art, though it still has that hazy/fog look about it they seem to do so often now. I'd love to see them do some more stuff like this (not cluttered) but go for some really sharp and detailed art styles. This looks like it could be really interesting as a show and I'd love to watch it but I still have zero interest in paying for W+ or subscription services. Would rather just buy the episodes to keep. Seems unlikely they will do that anytime soon though.
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