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  1. I've painted an entire unit of Chainrasp using pure Nihilak Oxide on a base of Corax White. In some spots it happened that, once dried, the coat resulted a little bit chalky/grainy. Is this what you mean? Anyway, I used lahmian on a couple of heroes: it seemed better, but I'm not sure if merit goes to the medium or to a special attention on more important models
  2. Hi Verengard, I try to answer you, cos my NH army is mostly painted with nihilakh oxide. I think the key is absolutely avoid pooling, moving or taking out the excess with the brush (you can also use a dry brush, in order to absorb the color). Another solution could be mixing the nihilakh oxide with lahmian medium, instead of using it pure. Maybe pro painters have more illuminating advices
  3. Very nice scheme! The green on the robe is Hexwraith Flame? What kind of wash did you use?
  4. Hello everyone! Many years ago I played WFB with Tomb Kinks and Bretonnia... yeah, you know what I mean. After a big pause, I've returned to the hobby: I don't care to be ultra-competitive in game, but I really enjoy collecting, converting and painting stuff. At the moment I play Nighthaunt, but I'm slowly preparing an army for Cities of Sigmar (Greywater Fastness); I love the concept of a bunch of fragile humans in a world of high fantasy monsters and inexplicable magic (although sometimes I feel the lore not so solid yet...). This community seems to me very positive, helpful and polite. Regards
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