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  1. Yes, I agree. I really hope for seraphon players! And probably you're right, guys: it's a sudden increase of interest before the battletome update.
  2. Strange! Besides, it says "temporary"... Also we've already seen the old Slann in the terrain preview and saurus in warcry. It's repackaging a possibility?
  3. My compliments, I really enjoy the strips. I like, as you said, the fact they're definitely warhammer, but enjoyable for everyone, not only who know the deep lore. Hope for new ones!
  4. What's strage, to me, it's that it has a huge "vintage vibe". ... but what if it's a mask worn by some big character? Look at the eyes.
  5. I'm here to say that I like your hoplites more than new lumineth ones. Also stunning work on metal! 👌
  6. We just got the Bonereapers/Ogors box... But yeah, I'd love a Waaaagh vs CoS box, with an hero for both sides!
  7. I would go with Incubi, because Chosens are an elite infantry, and Namarthi have too light armour.
  8. Of course it's a personal choice, but OP asked for personal opinions :) Anyway I understand your point so, in this case, I think grey it would fit better, because imho that light brown clash with the model scheme.
  9. They're beautiful, very clean and precise touch. White is a very difficult colour to handle, nice job! Only thing I dislike: the light brown on the bases edges... It doesn't fit. I suggest to go black, it will add contrast and help the model to stand out.
  10. African flesh eater army?? That's brilliant! Nice conversion, simple and effective, I like it.
  11. Love your palette and the smooth hand! Don't know why precisely, but comes to mind the old Confrontation stuff.
  12. Beautiful model and very nice skin tone. Can't wait to see it completed!
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