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  1. I'd like to start a BoC project, soon or later. We could assume that Bullgors sculpts won't be refresh for AoS 3.0, since they are in the Broken Realms box? It would be frustrating to buy it and then watch them replaced with better ones... (Yes they're a bit goofy, especially the legs, but properly painted they'll be ok, I guess).
  2. I 100% agree and not only for my wallet. I want to have time to metabolise and enjoy new releases.
  3. Well, it's honestly unbelievable, I wasn't expecting that. I'm so happy for Seraphon players and I can't wait to know what this means for the lore!!!
  4. Great work on the pikemen's faces, stunning marble effect on the shields. The mask on Teclis... omg, it fits so much better!
  5. Yep, I know that article. It's pretty clear, though the third situation says "several friendly units that can do something" and units are indeed under my control. Actually, it would be more logical to think like @EMMachine suggest. Chalice sure is a player ability, but checking objective points seems a 'super partes' ability, a game mechanic, that occurs at the end of the player's stuff...
  6. As I implicitly said above, last weekend I fought Khorne in a vanguard match and I won without too much difficulty. Sure a bit of luck, slaining immediately his bloodthirster with my ghoul. I found crucial starting first and gaining objective with our excellent movement (even better with Blisterskin), controlling the board in the mid game with numbers.
  7. Last weekend a noble regiment of 20 ghoul, properly buffed and inspired by their saint king, charge and kill in one shot a bloodthirster. Pure delight.
  8. Just a curiosity, since I don't play Sylvaneth... why dryad models are so generally unappreciated? I actually think they're pretty ok 🙂 (But I also like oldhammer metal derpy-dryad, so...)
  9. I'm too preparing a FEC army and I want it visually coherent. I will paint my Abhorrents with the same skin colour but a bit lighter (but a bit darker also might work), and obviously more detailed. Ps: I like the contrast of your ghoul fur/skin!
  10. Welcome! Never been in 40k but probably Tau would be my choice.
  11. Beautiful scaly army! Curious to know what colour scheme you'll choose.
  12. I really like the concept of Cities of Sigmar, obviously with new models in the future... but I'd really appreciate an entire faction of Devoted.
  13. Of course this bond between him and soulblight is not a random background, sure we'll see some vampire jump out, I agree. But I think it's also possibile that this specific case – the winged saviour – could be linked to someone else, like Malerion or Be'lakor... and that the vampire-reference is put in the same book on purpose, to disorient.
  14. I would say the misterious saviour is Malerion (or a subordinate of him). It would fit better in the fluff. But then I remember that Van Brecht family is connected with Soulblight, and I ask myself why telling such a specific and unusual thing? It must have consequences, I expect a winged vampire jumping out at any moment. It could be one or the other. I think GW is playing on ambiguity on purpose. And that's the way you build an engaging narrative!
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