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  1. Bad pictur but easter was kind to me and a got them done
  2. Game 2 in the leauge win vs winter bight mawtribe gave him first turn he screend the midle my turn1 smasht his screens turn 2 dubbel turn smacht into his main line and backline he was forst to push forward due to focul points vin and a great fun and bloody game
  3. Failur this month one is done skin on the rest done
  4. Loss vs my frinds snakes but it was a grete tight game
  5. Draw vs a Squig arme great game I played Krakeneter intimidating + sandels Gatebraker 1x3 mankrushers 3x1 mankrushers
  6. Has someone played a "Grim and Perilous" campain (p296) and how did it work?
  7. 2 more done the big one left to do and then paint them
  8. A Female sage / prest / mage of behmat megagargant in the size between mancrushcer and megagargent
  9. Wath is the rune/brand on ther shoulder? He has it on his chest
  10. 1250p game vs saurus heavy serfons buffed up saurs hurts! i pushed up the right and left a singel back to the left. Killed the screens and some knights, saurs counter charge and bastalidon killed my littel ones. Krakeneater retrets over saurs and capture the back objectiv ended in a draw my list krakeneater intimidating + sandels 2x1 mankruchers 1x2 mancruchers
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