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  1. to paint this month 1000p thench deamons 20horrors 12flammers
  2. Will the FAQs be released today? I hope so it has gone two weeks
  3. Way is teclis a trap? Genuine question
  4. You have the Order of the Fly which is Bretonia sprinkeld whit nurgel and despair.
  5. 2 weeks after release is my guess https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/01/29/warhammer-age-sigmar-faqs-new-model/
  6. Great game easy to get into and hard to master which is great
  7. Phil Kelly talks Lumineth relmlords
  8. faq usually drops two weeks after book reeles so my guess is the 19e i will not get high blood pressure before then i wish i could see when the old codexes wear faq:d whit nye ponts
  9. Wen a percent comes into a store with his 11 year old daughter to find some thing to paint for the first time and she wants to paint a girl. there has to be options she can choose from
  10. And in Ossiark bonerepers book they fight corupt dwarfs and Fyrsleyers talk of lost clans thah may hawe joind the darkside
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