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  1. @Lord Hightower to expand on Evantas answer, SCE are not an ally of CoS. Similarly KO cannot be allies of Tempest's Eye and Sylvaneth cannot be allies of Living City. I guess they thought it would be confusing to have units from one faction that might be either within your allegiance or not.
  2. Actually now that I think about it I almost like Marauders more than HGB. Even with the points nerf I'm pretty sure Marauders have to be one of the most underpriced units in the game, and have a bizarrely powerful warscroll for supposedly being the chaff option.
  3. Your 18 chariot army got a 360 point nerf. The 15 chariot one, a mere 300. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone running any list that got hammered more by the updates than that one. Since chariot spam wasn't grabbing all the podiums before the update, I'm very confident in saying it certainly won't after. I'm sticking with Hearthguard Berzerkers.
  4. It doesn't negate a wound. Read the rule straight: Stormcast model is slain (battleshock counts as slain) Instead of removing this model, you can (meaning, may) heal 1 wound allocated to it. As per how healing effects are treated across the board, a fully healed target is still eligible to receive healing effects, they just don't heal. In this case you would replace being slain with healing, and heal (presumably) no wounds unless the mini already had a wound allocated to it. It's a weird interaction but I can't see any other viable interpretation. The only thing that's ambiguous is how many wounds it should have - I would say it probably has as many as it had before being removed +1 because battleshock doesn't allocate fresh wounds, it just counts as slain.
  5. Maybe was true before but post nerf there's no way they're the best. They're still good but a 33% point increase definitely pushes them out of 'best thing in the game' land. And of course it's conditional on taking a fleetmaster as your general which is basically just a tax.
  6. Actually for Savage Boar Boys/Morboys it's Icebonez that really makes the unit tick. But im general by the numbers Savage Orruks miss a lot out of a Bonesplitterz army because of the lack of buff spells and wardokks. The base statline is pretty meh.
  7. @swarmofseals List making sure, but do you carry around a bunch of minis you never use just in case you have to play a game against someone with a bad army? Good for you if you do I guess, I don't think that's a reasonable expectation though. New players are eventually going to play regular pick-up games anyway so you can't spare them the reality forever, which is that their army is going to struggle in most match-ups. Being accommodating and helpful is one thing but you're doing them a disservice if you bait them into easy games without communicating that you're making a softer list. That's why I always determine ASAP if a new player is interested in comp or not, because it will absolutely inform the type of advice you give and the type of experience you cultivate. As to the other point, I think this is a completely ridiculous notion. Unless you're at a place that only has one offering, you can say you think a product is bad and you're not going to get kicked out. The staff won't even care. If you're harassing customers then yes, you might not be welcome to stay - because you're harassing customers not because you have a negative opinion of a product. I was a manager at a McDonalds' for years, you might be shocked what service employees are expected to put up with for potential clients! Had an older gentleman who complained about the coffee come in every morning for years to get his. He was absolutely welcome to stay, because he was a paying customer. I'll just add, I never said any of these players were venting AT newer players, just that they generally outlasted the new ones.
  8. My two cents, probably don't worry too much about allies unless you have a 2,000 point list of your chosen faction, as that's the point value most pick up games are played at. Battle traits are very strong, and allies are tricky to use a lot of the time because they don't get 'em. They also usually can't benefit from buffs or spells because those things tend to be faction locked. If you like Bonesplitterz they're a great army in a very solid book, and also run great in a Big Waaagh! Savage Orruks are quite strung and have a lot of good synergies.
  9. I think this is too hard on my FLGS owner and our players. Just because the old grumblers have the tenacity to stick it out for the long haul doesn't automatically make an environment unwelcoming. We have excellent ambassadors which is how we have grown our Sigmar community and 40k communities so large. People come from far and wide to play in events here, and both games have never stopped growing their populations since 2.0 and 8th edition. Our local TO has put in an enormous amount of effort trying to set up casual events where new players feel welcome while also catering to WAAC types who want to get that hardcore play to win experience. But you can only get flattened by Iron Hands air or dread spam so many times and still genuinely enjoy the game. 8th edition being a piece of ****** was a huge catalyst for me recruiting as many people as I could to AoS as an alternative, and bringing in new players and providing support and encouragement can only go so far to overcome the faults of the game you're pulling them into. The early Sigmar and 7th edition 40k devastated the local player-base, it was so punishing that if you weren't a WAAC player you were destined to have a bad time at any event. 40k, not Sigmar - there was just nobody playing Sigmar because of WHFB salt. I think it's very unfair to blame a gaming culture on a FLGS when GW has done so much to cultivate the game in that direction with tomes of fiddly complex rules and incredibly unforgiving meta-games that they do the bare minimum necessary to control. Sigmar 2.0 has some of this too (less than 40k natch) - every time a player gets into the scene from a Soul Wars box they have a very high chance of bouncing off, because let's be honest: it takes a LOT of effort to avoid mashing somebody running new-guy Stormcast or Nighthaunts with just about anything that isn't also Stormcast or Nighthaunts. It's an uphill slog to extract a fun matched points game when one of the sides is perpetually hamstrung by their terrible army book, and no matter how friendly and accommodating their opponents, new players are probably going to notice very quickly that their expensive minis just can't do work on the table. That said, I am personally somewhat ambivalent about deliberately downplaying the bad parts of the hobby to new potentials. It's rather expensive and people burn out on it for good reason, especially when it comes to dissatisfaction with the game side. These days I just opt not to talk about 40k at the store. We'll see if things change much with 9th, but I'm not holding my breath. Edit: this sorta turned into a defensive off-topic rant, so - TLDR I probably overstated how bad it is, but I also don't think there's anything wrong with having a good grumble (within reason)
  10. I honestly would prefer not to have a piece of mandatory terrain. They're just wallet taxes and rarely have a positive impact on the game - anytime they're too useful GW feels obligated to nerf them, but usually they're mostly useless but because they're free you feel obligated to shove it in just because... I mean it's free. Most of them are an eyesore too - the maw-pot is probably the only one that doesn't look wildly out of scale or out of place, and even it can be kind of a pain to play around with its little tent thing getting in the way of combat.
  11. Where I come from the regulars are almost exclusively made up of people who hate the game or GW in some dimension or other. The ones who burn out and leave are typically the newbies who start out all starry eyed and end up turned off the hobby thanks to punishing balance issues, extreme price of the newer ranges and frankly insane rules complexity. Seems like every week there's some new guy playing Primaris Space Marines who shows up a few times and then vanishes, while the salty grognards keep the tables hot, grumbling all the while but never really separating themselves from the hobby. I think Sigmar only changed this up from Fantasy because the End Times fiasco pushed out almost the entire ambient population all at once.
  12. Hmmm curious, what update could we have had since the errata? It's only been a few days. Edit: Dan is on twitter, could just ask him there if it's ambiguous.
  13. This isn't actually true. You get a normal move in the movement phase, but there are abilities that let you make normal moves in other phases. An example from the same book: Mighty Destroyers lets you make a normal move in the hero phase, which at your discretion may include a run roll.
  14. It's good, however, you cannot do this in a 2,000 point game since Gotrek already consumes your entire ally allowance and then some. I've done it in cities before though and it works okay. The big downside is that it's yet more points invested in an already expensive unit, denying you crucial access to bodies which can play the objectives or get the rest of your army online. This is now exacerbated as battle mages are friggin' 110 points for some god awful reason, and I don't even want to take them in Hallowheart let alone an army where they get only a single cast.
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