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  1. This. They meed to stretch out those SCE releases cuz their army is rapidly becoming dangerously bloated with too many units that fill the same niche. Although 8th edition space marines got not one but TWO codexes (and about a billion splatbooks) in a single edition which was... weird.
  2. The fact that they have a sizable forgeworld range at the moment means they're probably doomed to stay there forever, until they get squatted because they don't sell enough.
  3. "Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, you can add 3 to the Damage characteristic of that weapon until the end of that phase." So the weapon has a damage characteristic of 5 for one phase. Or 6 with a Warchanter. Therefore, each unsaved attack will inflict that much damage. Since it is one weapon, it will not benefit the mount if it's on a maw krusha. Getting 30 damage off one unit in Orruk Warclans is pretty typical. Gore gruntas can easily do 50 with a good charge.
  4. Lol same reason I'm keen to find a pewter bolt thrower someday. Have at least one of all the others!
  5. @Artobans Ghost I have an old metal flame cannon that I inherited from my late father, it's a big chunk of metal and it looks great. If you can get your hands on one I'd certainly recommend!
  6. Definitely needs an FAQ, but I think this is as close as we'll get to a workable solution. Just comes down to if you want to treat the extra hammerer damage as sourced from an attack or from an ability, which is semantic because the way it's worded means its both. Either way the hammerers aren't generating their full damage potential which is probably for the best so you don't have to get into arguments about abilities that dodge Gotrek's rule.
  7. Honestly they haven't really even updated STD. The stuff you get in the new start collecting augments but notably does not actually replace the corresponding regular kits (and didn't even obsolete the halberd upgrade sprue). The entire range remains otherwise untouched as far as I know. AoS rarely gets new kits for old things, it's usually totally new stuff coming in and old WHFB stuff trickling out. As for army selection, all the ones you listed can do hordes and would work fine. LoN is probably the only one you listed that's likely to disappear since they're a 1.0 GA kludge army book and they kinda lost Nagash to OSB, so I don't think anyone knows what the plan is for them.
  8. Do we actually know for sure that Lumineth are on 25s? Because that to me would present a much bigger issue than the proxy accuracy factor, as it has a tangible game effect. Most "shields" don't do anything but adjust your save and PGs already have a 4+ which is in line with the vast majority of units with shields, and they have 2" weapons meaning they actually behave more like spears than halberds (most halberds are 1"). If you have no other spear-wielding proxies this isn't going to confuse anyone. Ultimately though any specific advice anyone here gives you about what's 'okay to proxy' is kind of rubbish anyway, because nobody on this forum is (I assume) playing with you, so any opinion you get here might not reflect the environment at your local tables. If there's any ambiguity you'll need to ask them, not us - where I play you could easily proxy just about any elfy unit with a polearm as a Phoenix Guard, but some clubs and local tourneys have strict WYSIWYG rules.
  9. Love me some proper dwarfy dwarfs. I'm envious of your classic pewters, I never got my hands on most of the characters. Or a bolt thrower, for that matter.
  10. Yeah, not having ASF/ASL hurts bad. Basically means you auto-lose a ton of critical matchups if you're relying on a melee hammer to pull through.
  11. @Rhetoric Have you played many games with Phoenix Guard in 10s as opposed to the common 30-guy block? I regularly play someone whose main list includes a 30 block of PG and it's hell to deal with. I would imagine 10 mans would be much less so since they don't take buffs so well and can't all hit at once at the start of the combat phase.
  12. Sorry if my comments rustled anyone. My opinions are mine, and my negative experiences with GW shouldn't reflect on your passions or their worth. 😘 Edit: but on topic my FLGS is taking orders again just in time so I ended up making a big order to flush out my dwarves so this hike DID motivate me to buy models!
  13. I laughed when I read this. You don't think they can take it? Is GW a person whose feelings I'm gonna hurt by stating I find their business practices to be among the more wretched in the industry? Ah no I gotcha - the crack about WHFB dwarf grudges, a little too on the nose, eh? Or squatting grandmothers. VERY serious stuff. Enough to make a GW shareholder's ears bleed. For real though - I get that TGA used to be a bit of a hug-box but come on, that was pretty tame as far as "I don't like GW" rants go. You get worse than that on Dakka Dakka on like every page even if it wasn't the subject of the thread.
  14. @Mark Williams Actually have a CoS tome on order at my local FLGS. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the first AoS lore I genuinely like because it's necessarily an opportunity for grounded worldbuilding!
  15. I have yet to read an Age of Sigmar product that I would recommend for lore reasons. To expand on that, the ones I have read thus fall pretty short of what we've seen in the past from both WHFB and 40k. They're overall better than they were, but still pretty mediocre. The setting just doesn't have the meat of its progenitor since it's about these endlessly vast wishy-washy spaces that exist solely as a backdrop for people to butt heads in.
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