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Found 61 results

  1. The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy. The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. ⬹⦽⤔ Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw Loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones his tribe has found, Hogrog has set out into the Realms, leading the Badfangs to hunt down the wild magic of Endless Spells. He has been empowered by the revelation that they are made of the essence of Gorkamorka, and their power can be captured and harvested, just like the power contained within other monsters' bones and teeth. Wardokk Krogdak Krogdak is Hogrog's acolyte, attendant and advisor. He is as mad as an angry Maw-Krusha and leads one of Hogrog's Morboyz mobs. Krogdak is adept at the grimdokk dance, and able to reattach severed limbs and knit flesh-wounds back together. He has patched-up more mangled Orruks than he can count (which sounds a lot less impressive than it actually is). ⬹⦽⤔ I plan on a Skirmish warband of a Wurrgog Prophet, 2 Wardokks, 3 Savage Orruks with Chompa and Shield, 10 Savage Orruk Morboys with Chompa and Toof Shiv, 3 Savage Orruk Arrerboys with Stinga Bows and Chompa, and 2 Savage Orruks with a Big Stabber. I may add a few Forest Goblins I have in my bitz boxes, just for a bit of variety.
  2. I just started playing AOS about a year ago and I just finished up my first army Slaves to Darkness (2520pts fully painted). When I first started AOS I wanted to start with Maggotkin or Bonesplitterz. I chose Maggotkin but that quickly became STD because I LOVE the Warqueen model (a decisive factor for me starting AOS lol). I am looking forward to the big STD release but I just can’t get the Bonesplitterz love out of my system. The solution is simple just build and paint an army of them! There is a big tournament in my old home town that was partially set up my LGS and it is happening late July. The goal is to build, paint and practice in order to attend this tournament. I have very little experience playing in tournaments other than 2 small team events I went to with my buddy (we won one of them though!) So with my lack of experience and my more “thematic” choice of faction my real goal is just to win at least 1 tournament game. It just helps to motivate me to have a deadline to finish everything. I’m not a great painter but I really want to push myself for a personal best for this army. This way I put the hobby side first and winning comes last. I hope to update this thread with my building, painting, practice game battle reports and ultimately the day of the tournament itself. The start of my humble army. I have a few more sets I ordered from my LGS I will be picking up later. Here is the first 40 built! *EDIT* Got my first batch of boyz primed up. You also can't can't have a great WAAAAGGGGHHHH on a empty stomach so I made cake and apple crisp lol.
  3. Here is a still wip (but nearly finished ) conversion of my wurrgog prophet for my bonesplitterz army, I want to add a little more fur to the lion head to better integrate it with the rest of the pelt, have to sculpt finger to the foot, fill a little gap between the hands and the vambrace, and more or less this is all. Hope you will like
  4. Hey guys, I've been posting this all over the orc tga pages with zero luck. This seems like a great place to find out about economic building/converting. I'm wanting to build this out in an economic way. But having never worked with the sprues and only seeing photos it's hard to tell tbh. 30 savage orruks 30 arrowboyz 12 big stabbas 5 pigs 2 Wardokk 1 Maniak wierdnob Any tips, tricks, advice, or experience with a similar situation? Thanks in advance!
  5. Version 4.00.00


  6. Version 4.11.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  7. Hi everybody, I'll play a 1000 points tournament (meeting engagement) in october. I've two ideas: Clan: Drakkfoot Savage big boss 100 Burnin' Tattoo Wardokk 80 Breath of gorkamorka Wardokk 80 Brutal Beast spirit Maniak weirdnob 120 Mork's Boney Bitz 20 arrowboyz 240 20 arrowboyz 240 Kunnin' rukk 140 Tot 1000pt I want to use arrowboyz to stab* enemies from big distances**. I noticed that in ME Melee figths works well... I thought that maybe if i can't kill them in Melee i maybe kill them from distance.... * Orruks don't shoot: they stab from distance * For an orruk Or: Clan: Bonegrinz Savage big boss 100 Wardokk 80 Breath of gorkamorka Aeterquarz Brooch Maniak weirdnob 120 30 Savage orruks 300 8 Savage big stabbas 400 Tot 1000 This is the more resistent of the two and the stronger, becouse i can arrive in Melee at the first turn. I also need a help to split the units in Vanguard, main body and rearguard. Thanks
  8. After a long while I decided to start some kind of a blog on this forum as I come here quite often and it would be good to leave some trace of my Warclan. The idea of starting a Bonesplitterz army came to my mind after seeing the new Battletome which for me had the same vibe like the oldschool Orcs&Goblins Rulebooks from the 90's when I used to play. As a sentimental hobbyst I decided to use that occasion and bring back the whole range of boyz since the 80's till last plastics. Going through the book it gave me an idea that the oldest models would be perfect for regular boyz as they were much smaller than latest Savages (they are ****** in the game anyway) and the new plastics fit the best as Morboyz, Maniaks and Stabbas. Big and Brutish. So I started browsing on eBay... spent a lot of money and got me a lot of boyz to paint... for next couple of years. I'll add all pictures gathered through last year+ of creating the Warclan. Starting with my recent achievement - The Armies on Parade. I took part in Games Workshop Warsaw (Poland) and won as The Best Scenery and The Best Themed Army. Though the competition wasn't that big (only 4 people taking part in Age of Sigmar in the shop) creating the Warclan and the scenery was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the Wayang Topeng Warclan. Enjoy and get ready for the story to begin.
  9. Just a heads-up, nothing in this list had been statted out; it's more of a list of concepts. I want to do this with Spiderfang Grots, as I think they have untapped potential. I also wanted to make up a few Endless Spells for the Bonesplitterz, but I've remembered this a bit too late. Aim: Increase the Bonesplitterz’ overall magical potential and what they can do with it. New Units: Great Beast Skull: Some massive monster’s skull being held aloft by a troop of 6 boys wielding simple choppas. They attack with their choppas in melee. As a natural effect, they are a super-banner; battleshock tests rolled for units close to them get -3. In addition, during your hero phase, you can say that one of the Bonesplitterz’ unmounted heroes may climb aboard the Great Beast Skull (which is molded to have enough space to actually let you do this!). If the model is your general and has an innate command ability, they can use that command ability without paying a command point. If the model is a wizard, then you give him +1 to all casting and unbinding rolls as he soaks up the great beast’s power. As a trade-off, the model on-board gets this units’ move characteristic, and they count as the same unit for purposes of running and charging. Weirdhedz: Elite Troops: Big orruks crackling and shifting with too much Waagh energy; they’re actually former Warbosses who’ve survived long enough to become these things. They attack with slams and headbutts, which is just one weapon profile, with their leader, a Weirdboss, gaining one more attack. If a friendly Orruk wizard is close to them when that wizard attempts to cast a spell, the unit can take d3 mortal wounds to give +1 to the spell’s casting attempt. Avatar of Gork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Smashy One. Attacks with Mighy Slams and an echoing ‘Eadbutt. When the ‘Eadbutt hits, energy arcs to the closest enemy unit and deals d3 mortal wounds to them. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, while the other spell makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. Avatar of Mork: Behemoth Monster: A giant orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy, and is very chaotic. Da Cunnin’ One. Attacks with mighty slams and Waagh! Lightning. Waagh! Lightning has a better chance to hit against Heroes. Cannot begin the game on the field, and instead must be summoned by your wizards! Summoning an avatar counts as a spell, and the casting value is quite high. In addition, gives every wizard in the army access to two new spells while he’s out on the field. One spell heals the Avatar of Mork, while the other spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Avatar of GorkaMorka: Behemoth Monster: A giant two-headed orruky monster made out of concentrated Waagh! Energy that gets summoned if you blow past the Casting Roll while attempting to summon an Avatar of Gork or Mork. In addition to more Hitpoints, can Slam many times in melee and ‘Eadbutts like the Avatar of Gork AND shoots Waagh! Lightning like the Avatar of Mork. Can’t begin the game normally, like the weaker avatars. Either you can try and go really high, higher than possible on two dice, on the casting roll for the weaker avatars, which does not need for you to have the Avatar of GorkaMorka as points spent in your army, or you can try to summon him like the weaker avatars, albeit with a higher casting roll. This second option requires that you have spent points on the Avatar of Gorkamorka. In addition, he gives all Bonesplitterz Orruk Wizards in the battle access to 3 spells while he’s in the battle: One spell heals the Avatar of Gork, the second makes a friendly Bonesplitterz unit immediately pile in and attack in the Hero Phase, the third spell teleports a unit to somewhere at least 9 inches away from an enemy. Bonus Battle Trait: A new battle trait that you gain in addition to your old ones: Morpaint: At the start of battle, choose 1 unit for every wizard in your army to gain the effects of a type of Morpaint (More warpaint) below: Red: Da speedy paint: When this unit runs, it always counts as 6 inches, and when it charges, you only roll 1 die and add 6 to it. Blue: Da luckiest paint: Any unit with this warpaint gets to reroll any 1 die once per turn for any reason, but must accept the new roll. Yellow: Da richest paint: Any hero unit with this warpaint gets to choose an additional Artefacts of Power item from the list. Any non-hero unit with this warpaint gets +1 to hit from unusually high-quality weapons. Purple: Da sneakiest paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint can start the game off the board. During your first hero phase (an orruk can’t stay quiet for longer), you must set them up wholly more than 9 inches away from an enemy unit. Black: Da goffest paint: Any unit with this warpaint always passes their battleshock tests Green: Da best paint: Any unit equipped with this warpaint adds 1 to the attack characteristics of all their weapons.
  10. Long ago in the Age of Wonder the Bonespitterz that would become Da Big Blue Fist were just one clan among many that roamed the jungles of the Plane of Beasts in search of their monstrous prey. This all changed when a great blue star fell from the Heavens and crashed into the jungle. The prophet of the clan saw the star fall and thought it might be either a sign from the gods or a great celestial beast to slay and led his Bonesplitterz to the site where the star touched down. They arrived at a huge crater with a warhammer at its center, engulfed in magical blue flame. Fearful at first, the prophet eventually leap into the crater and claimed the hammer in his hands. When he did the magical flame washed over him filling him with a rush of magical energy and changing his hands to a deep azure blue. On the spot the prophet rechristened the clan, Da Big Blue Fist. The Fists began a rampage across the jungles of Ghur using the power of the hammer to defeat all who crossed their paths. However, as time passed the hammer began to exert a strange influence over the Bonesplitterz of the clan. Gradually the boyz began to loss the the call of Gorkamorka in their hearts. They slowly lost the driving need to chase their prey and test their worth against the beasts of Ghur. At the same time the intellectual curiosity of the boyz grew by leaps and bounds. No longer did they grunt at each other with crude rudiments of speech. Words came easily into their minds and soon the clan was filled with the constant chatter of intellectual discourse. This continued until one day the prophet stopped the roaming of the clan deep in the jungle and declared that Da Big Blue Fists were home. There in the deep jungle they built a magnificent city out of stone cut from the nearby hills and enshrined the magical hammer in temple in the heart of that city. As time progressed the Fists gave up their warlike ways and turned to intellectual pursuits. They made stone sculptures of exquisite beauty and learned to study the movements of the stars in search of the origins of the hammer that had so impacted their lives. They learned to cultivate the land around their city and create aqueducts to bring water from nearby lakes. In less than a decade they had seemingly created a complex society from nothing. So they existed for centuries hidden in the depths of the jungle left to their contemplation of the universe and themselves. Then almost 500 hundred years after they had found the mysterious hammer from the heavens, fate intervened again in the lives of the Fists. Gorkamorka finally noticed the the fate of his wayward Bonesplitterz. Looking down on the society they had created he screamed in rage. Reaching forth his foot he brought it down upon the city of the Fists in a rain of destruction. Their buildings were laid low. Their fields were turned over. What was left of the clan was scattered into the jungle. Their sacred hammer itself was shattered in a storm of blue fire. In the years that followed the Fists returned to their old savage ways. They rededicated themselves to the hunt and the cunning and brutal ways of Gorkamorka. However, they never completely forgot their past. The prophets kept stories alive of the blue magic that fell from the sky and the power it brought. So in an attempt to invoke that power the clan uses the blue blood of squigs to adorn themselves with blue tatoos, particularly their hands. Also, no matter their wanderings in search of prey they always return to the ruins of their great jungle city somehow unable to totally give up the memory of what they were. This is the back story for my Bonesplitterz Clan. It covers the major modeling decisions I made while putting the army together. I went with blue war paint to compliment the green skin tone. With my basing I went with a ruined jungle city theme. I greenstuffed tiled floors and cut up various lizardmen bits to give it a lost world feel. With this blog I hope to chronicle my completion of their painting and the battles we shall get into. Right now I currently have painted: Savages x10 Arrowboyz x30 Maniac Boarboyz x10 Big Stabbas x8 Savage Big Boss x1 Maniac Weirdnob x1 I am currently working on the Prophet (along with his custom Balewind Vortex) and my Wardokk. I will throw some pics up of them as I finish them up. Thanks for looking all, I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my hobby journey.
  11. Daankop, has not been the leader of the Da Big Blue Fist clan for long. Always gifted in the shamanistic ways of the tribe, he had served the previous Prophet as a Wardokk for many years. A few years ago the simple nomadic existence of the tribe had been interrupted by the appearance of strange warriors from the heavens. Wrapped in gold and bathed in blue lightning these warriors descended from the sky and waged war across the plane of Ghur. Da Big Blue Fist met them on the field of battle and were impressed by their martial prowess and stoic resolve. When Daan first saw the warriors from the sky he immediately thought back to his clan’s myths about the hammer of power that fell from the sky in a storm of blue fire. During the battle Daankop struck down one of the heavenly warriors but as he died his form returned to the heavens in a stroke of blue lightning. The blue bolt struck Daankop as it surged skyward and threw him backward, unconscious and tumbling away from the battle. Daankop awoke hours later surrounded by his fellow Fists. They had won the battle but they were not celebrating as normal. Instead a group of Morboys were huddled around him starring in awe. As he looked down at his hands the reason for their fascination became apparent, a soft blue fire was emanating from the blue warpaint on his fists, wrapping him in a pale blue haze. Unsure what was happening Daankop stood there just as transfixed as the crowd grew around him. The stunned silence was broken by the approach of the the Prophet, Kurkuk. Waving his staff at Daankop, the Prophet screamed, “Dat one as been spoilt by da magik of da sky, git him.’ The assembled Fists hesitated. They had all heard tales of the past power of the clan that fell from the sky and they now looked puzzling from Daankop to the blue warpaint that covered their own bodies. Seeing their confusion and overcome by a burning fire inside him Daankop reached forth his hand and let out a great scream. From his hand a stream of blue flame surged forth enveloping Kurkuk. In a matter of seconds Kurkuk was reduced to a pile of ash and the Orruks of Da Big Blue Fist clan were kneeling at Daankop’s feet. They had accepted their new Prophet. In the days that followed Daankop has led the Fists on successful hunt after successful hunt, nothing able to stand against the power of his blue flame and the fervor it inspires in the Fists. In his dreams Daankop sees a vision of himself bathed in blue fire leading the Fists in a great battle against a massive army full of strange and grotesque monsters. Daankop can feel the fire inside him leading him toward this battle and he pushes the Fists ever forward, hunting this prophetic scene. DaanKop’s lead Wardokk is Furkup. An Orruk of unusual intelligence, Furkup had always been fascinated by the tales of the Fists' past glory. This obsession led him down the path of the Wardokk and made him one of Daankop’s first and fiercest followers. For his fervent devotion Daankop rewarded him with a warmask touched with Daan’s blue flame, capable of unleashing the blue fire from its carved eyes. Here are my finished Prophet, his Bale Wind Vortex and my Wardokk. Hope you guys enjoy the fluff, will get some battle reports up soon.
  12. So as the title say, what do u think about our new allegiance ability in firestorm? A new life into mixed destro list? I show up my own take on it: Allegiance: Stoneklaw's GutstompasLeadersOrruk Warboss On Wyvern (240)- General- Trait: Ravager- Artefact: RockeyeOrruk Warboss (140)- Great Waaagh Banner Moonclan Grot Shaman (80)Orruk Warchanter (80)Moonclan Grot Shaman (80)Moonclan Grot Shaman (80)Battleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- 2x Gore Choppas- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline10 x Savage Orruks (120)10 x Savage Orruks (120)10 x Savage Orruks (120)War MachinesGrot Rock Lobber (100)Grot Rock Lobber (100)Grot Rock Lobber (100)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400 and a second variant with more brute and less warmachine Allegiance: Stoneklaw's GutstompasLeadersOrruk Warboss On Wyvern (240)- General- Trait: Ravager- Artefact: RockeyeOrruk Warboss (140)- Great Waaagh Banner Orruk Warchanter (80)Moonclan Grot Shaman (80)Moonclan Grot Shaman (80)Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- 2x Gore Choppas- Ironjawz Battleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- 2x Gore Choppas- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline10 x Savage Orruks (120)10 x Savage Orruks (120)10 x Savage Orruks (120)War MachinesGrot Rock Lobber (100)Grot Rock Lobber (100)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400 Wich stratagem u think is the best? Considering u will have 1/3 chance of getting what u want wich will be ur first pick?
  13. So In my shop we are doing a tale of X gamers. We will be sharing our proggression together via our FB social group but I thought I'd share some of my progress as we go on. I have been drawn to Bonesplitterz for a while but a bit put off by potential model count. But having just finished the drama of painting Nagash an Infantry horde is quite welcome and if all goes well I may plan to add a stone Golem in at the end to take my list up to 2k at the end of the year. I really like the look of Arzog the pale orc from the Hobbit. So the paint scheme should be straight forward by glazing a thin layer of rakarth flash and then washing, rubbing at the extremities to 'cheat' a gradient highlight effect. I know this will work in theory but I'm worried that there won't be enough contrast against the light bone colour too. The stone parts (weapons etc), i'm not worried about because they will be painted black to make them look obsidian. I love the contrast of red blood against light white, this always looks quite striking and so wanted to lean heavily towards red in regards to their tattoos. Fluff wise I can justify this by doing the Drakkfoot clan; "The Drakkfoot Warclan hunt their prey among the sprawling Gorelkes of the Ashlands of Aqshy. The lakes are a relic of the Dark Gods dominion over the land, and each crimson pool bubbles and boils with slain souls. The Drakkfoot Orruks use the glowing red blood of the Gorelakes to paint beast tattoos on their bodies, its strange magic mixing with their ambient Waagh! power. We officially start on Monday so cant throw myself into it yet but here is my first test model which i'm fairly happy with. I want to change the basing slightly so it looks like actual blood inbetween the cracks of the Martian Ironearth. So that needs some work.
  14. Megaboss @Chris Tomlin started a great thread about how exciting the incipient changes to IJ are and how the changes as a whole influence the meta and the place of the well armored orc in that world. Well I say, armor is heavy. I bought the Bonesplitterz book today, my first box of Boyz will be here next week, and I'm looking to get pumped. Once I have some minis I'll start producing some fluff (expect to see orruks and certain duardin fighting side by side in a shared love for battle, intoxicants, and the feeling of a breeze on exposed flesh); but for now let's talk lists, allies, battalions, and strategy. Stay green, The Notebook GM
  15. Hey all, I'm looking at playing a 1k tourney and using the following list. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Maniak Weirdnob Spell: Squigly Curse Savage Big Boss Artefact: Glowin Tattooz Wurrgog Prophet General Artefact: Da great Zappa squig Trait: Squirmy Warpaint spell: brutal beast spirits + roll on table. 10 Savage Orruks Upgrade: Bone Totems x1 Upgrade: Savage Boss x1 Upgrade: Skull Thumper x1 Weapon: Chompas 20 Savage Orruks Upgrade: Bone Totems x1 Upgrade: Savage Boss x1 Upgrade: Skull Thumper x1 Weapon: Chompas Warscroll Battalions Kunnin' Ruck 30 Savage Orruk Arrowboys Total 1000points I'm trying to keep the potential for defense up for the leaders and maximize manouverability with the spell. We will be playing 2 south GT battleplans (domination and silver tower) and border war. I could go a lot more cheesy but hoping its not too cheesy also! I am very new to the bonesplitterz and love the fluff. Trying to keep them pure instead of mixing. I will be using Bonesplitterz allegiance also instead of destruction. Hoping to use brutal beast spirits for the +1 to hit. Thoughts please.
  16. Hey all, I'm looking for a Wurrgog Prophet if anyone has a spare they are willing to let go. They have not been available through GW forever and I'm getting desperate. Many thanks
  17. Check out a list I am playing with and give me some feed back. I'm going full Bonesplitterz and not using the Kunnin' Rukk. I feel that the Anti-magic and magic abilities are bing severely underused. let me hear your constructive feedback. Allegiance: DestructionHeroesWurrgog Prophet (140)- General- Trait: Waaagh Monger - Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Mystic Waaagh! Paint Wardokk (80)Maniak Weirdnob (100)Battleline5 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (160)- Bonesplitterz Battleline5 x Savage Boarboyz (120)- Bonesplitterz Battleline10 x Savage Orruks (100)Units30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (300)20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)4 x Savage Big Stabbas (200)BattalionsDrakkfoot Warclan (60)Kop Rukk (100)Total: 2000/2000
  18. What is going on? This is @MilesTheHammer and I finally joined TGA officially. Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are my AoS armies and anything Green skinned I got love for it. I will be putting my 2 cents on some threads and feel free to follow me on twitter @MilesTheHammer. WAAAGH!
  19. Lazyfimfim

    The beginning

    Hi guys, long lurker here but pretty new in AoS in general. My first real army was Ironjawz, but after quite some games and 2 tournaments, i see that actually, a full IJ isn't really effective in tournament (an expensive and quite useless shaman, no ranged, and melee sucks in general). So after some readings and as i like greenskins, i decided to build a full Bonesplitterz army for some reasons. First, no one plays them in Paris (oh yeah, i lie, a guy is playing them, but he doesn't do well) so they can create some surprises. Second and third, i love greenskins, so naked screaming orcs do have something, y'know And finally, i really enjoyed their fluff. Great waaghs roaming, looking for great beasts to free GorkaMorka's spirit (sorry for maniacs, i have to sum up a bit) After some brainstorming, i ended with this list in 2000 points. Allegiance: BonesplitterzHeroesManiak Weirdnob (100)Savage Big Boss (100) Ki'Zune- General- Granite Choppas - Artefact: Dokk Juice Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask Wardokk (80)- Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask Wurrgog Prophet (140) Fo'XizBattleline10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Savage Orruks (100)10 x Savage Orruks (100)Units2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)2 x Savage Big Stabbas (100)40 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (400)20 x Savage Orruk Morboys (240)10 x Savage Orruk Morboys (120)BattalionsBonegrinz Warclan (40)Kunnin' Rukk (60)Teef Rukk (40)Kop Rukk (100)Total: 2000/2000 So you can see some holes in artefacts and general traits, that's because i have the french book, and i am lazy enough to not search the english names right now Basically, 5 spells per turn, a kunnin'Rukk, 200+ HP on the table, one place on deployment. On the paper, it sounds good, we'll see where this is going. I started to buy, i have for now 2 shamans, and 40 guys glued. 60 more to buy and the last heroes. And i have to paint it all (and test it for sure) BEFORE the end of August, as we have a big tournament here in Paris. And i really believe in it. Or maybe i may paint it all before testing it, so i'll have to stuck myself to play it Stay tuned for next entry, test of color scheme, and a bit of a fluff (because fluff does matter) !
  20. Heya, I szarted recently a Bonesplitter army. I wonder what would be a good division of my Riders into Boarboys and Boarboy Maniaks. I have 1 Box of Boar Riders (=10 Riders), and I am planning to get at least another Box of 10. To the experienced Bonesplitterz players, how did yo build your boar guys? 10 Boarboys, 10 Maniaks? Which weapons did you put on the Boarboys, Spears or Chompas? I think the spears are looking cooler and you got a little bit distinction to the Maniaks. But are they worth it? Orks Orks Orks! S.
  21. if i want to take a full bonesplitterz army with destruction allegiance to get a sweet extra move ability in the hero phase. does that stop me from taking spells from lore of savage waaggh on my shamans?
  22. Hey all! So I'm a new Bonesplitterz player and I've been trying to build some lists for various upcoming events. I'll get into list specifics in a bit, but given that I'm still new to Bonesplitterz, hell, DESTRUCTION as a whole, I wanted to make sure I'm coming from the right "philosophical" standpoint first if that makes sense. (I'm sure some of you are already like "Philosophical? Well you've already failed at Destruction" :P) SO! The questions; Given that we have trash saves even at our most durable, do we need to rely solely on numbers, or is there some hidden gem I'm missing? How do we balance quantity with quality? Or do we even bother? Is this just statistics spam the faction? If it's worth any context, I've played Tyranids in the past in Warhammer 40k, so I understand the whole "quantity is a quality all it's own", but I'm used to having some linchpin units in my army to ensure that my opponent doesn't just have to focus down, say, one or two arrow boy squads. Also, having units that can go toe to toe with higher save armies like Stormcast seem like an important thing to have. It feels like Bonesplitterz are lacking in the mortal wounds and rend department. (barring Big Stabbaz) Do we borrow from other Destruction factions? Am I just overthinking things, and in practice we don't need them? TL;DR Got my Kunnin' Rukks, whats next?
  23. Hello everyone I have a tournament coming up in about a month. I have been playing my ironjawz and bonesplitterz a lot since the year has started. I have taken bonesplitterz to the last one with some success(win 2, loss 1). I have two list: Allegiance: Destruction Leaders Orruk Megaboss (140) - Artefact: Battle Brew Orruk Megaboss (140) Orruk Megaboss (140) Orruk Warchanter (80) - Artefact: Talisman of Protection Orruk Warchanter (80) Orruk Warchanter (80) Battleline 15 x Orruk Brutes (540) - General - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant - 3x Gore Choppas 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - 10x Big Choppas 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - 10x Big Choppas 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - 10x Pair of Choppas or Smashas 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - 10x Pair of Choppas or Smashas Battalions Ironfist (60) Total: 1980/2000 OR Allegiance: Destruction Maniak Weirdnob (100) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Savage Big Boss (100) - General - Granite Choppas Savage Big Boss (100) - Granite Choppas Wardokk (80) 20 x Savage Orruks (200) 20 x Savage Orruks (200) 20 x Savage Orruks (200) 40 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (400) 40 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (400) Kunnin' Rukk (60) Kunnin' Rukk (60) Total: 2000/2000 issue: With the bonesplitterz it takes 25-30 mins per turn(I have done so much streamlining with the process) with 480 shoots per turn. They are also not painted, so no awards. On the other hands my ironjawz are painted excellently, but weaker. Thoughts? I probably have 20 games with each.
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