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  1. Personally I don't think they are that great. I think they are still over costed even with the recent points drops, also they lack any real punch. In the NH battalion deathriders, if taken at min unit size, they act as a great objective harassment unit, but otherwise I'm not sold on their current warscroll.
  2. Always pendant. With so much stuff in the game that can auto-unbind spells or get hefty bonuses to casting/unbinds, our standard GoS don't get any bonuses, so it's great if it goes off, but it's not only a case of if it goes off, it's a case of if it goes off and if my opponent doesn't unbind it and if my opponent doesn't use auot-unbind abilities to stop it as well. Pendant is a constant effect aura and is great, just remember to move all the units that you want to move with the pendants aura before moving the bearer. It's also worth noting that it stats at the start of their normal move. So if you have 2 units next to the bearer and one further away outside of the 12" bubble, you can move the first two units, then the bearer and if the bearer moves within range of the one unit that was originally out of range, they can now benefit, as it's the start of their normal move.
  3. until
    A one day event in Bristol, UK. Held at Bristol Independent Gaming, hosted by Bristol Age of Sigmar. 1500pt armies using pitched battle Battlehose formation (so 3 battleline). Places limited to just 20 players. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and wooden spoon. Plus award from 'Best Army'. No painting requirements, but any entries for 'Best Army' must be fully painted and based. Tournament Pack included for downloading. Link to more event details and how to purchase tickets below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1021111808080153/ BIG Autumnal Altercation.pdf
  4. Event Title: Autumnal Altercations - 1500pt AoS One Day Tournament Event Author: Tropical Ghost General Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 08/31/2019 09:30 AM to 08/31/2019 06:30 PM A one day event in Bristol, UK. Held at Bristol Independent Gaming, hosted by Bristol Age of Sigmar. 1500pt armies using pitched battle Battlehose formation (so 3 battleline). Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and wooden spoon. Plus award from 'Best Army'. No painting requirements, but any entries for 'Best Army' must be fully painted and based. Tournament Pack included for downloading. Link to more event details and how to purchase tickets below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1021111808080153/ BIG Autumnal Altercation.pdf Autumnal Altercations - 1500pt AoS One Day Tournament
  5. You will struggle to get the eels hit with soul cage. It's a 12" range in your hero phase and eels have a 14" move, so they will never need to be unnecessarily in threat range of Soul Cage. You can lure them out by using Lady O and a spirit torment surrounded by SHs, one unit in front, one unit behind. Keep Lady O and the torment just within 3" from both of the SHs. It will be too tempting a target not to attack, but they'll need to work through the SHs first. Aim to spread you SHs out in such a manner than when the eels pile in, they won't be able to pile in over the top. Should you be able to get this to work, the eels will more than likely slaughter the first row of SHs, but it will put them within 6" of Lady O at the start of your hero phase. You can then 'Lift the Veil' and do 'Wail of the Damned' as the eels are bravery 6, so bravery 5 due to NH allegiance ability to reduce bravery by 1, both attacks should do a fair amount of mortal wounds to them. Then cast Soul Cage and ,No Rest for the wicked' So after the mortals, charge the second unit of SHs into combat with the eels, but leave Lady O where she is if Soul Cage didn't go off and you don;t get a 10+ with the SH charge. She can hit in combat, but you'll need to keep her alive is possible to cause the eels issues with battleshock later on. Use a CP to re-roll the charge to fish for the 10+ with the 2nd unit of charging SHs. The torment will give re-rolls of 1s to both the 1st unit that get slaughtered and the 2nd unit that charges, so fish for those 6s for the mortals. The eels will hit back but be at -1 to hit. They maybe able to pile in to get into range of Lady O as well, but try to avoid it if possible. If all goes to plan you should do between 5-15 mortal wounds and remove a a good chunk of the unit. When it comes to battleshock, they will be bravery 5, so even 2 dead eels will mean that they lose models on a 4+. This is where Lady O staying alive helps, as she forces units to add another model to the total that flees with her Mortarch of Grief ability. The shark and the thralls you shouldn't need to worry about, but I'd be tempted to swap out 20 rasps for 10 grims, as they get the re-rolls against units of 5 or more, so will mince through the MSUs of thralls. I'm not sure if that advice will be of any use or not, but remember above all else, play for the objectives rather than wiping out your opponent, eels will be able to reach you wherever you are on the board and kill whatever they touch and avoid fighting on turn 3 wherever possible. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  6. @Warbossironteef you've pretty much hit the nail on the head there with hexwraiths. Even though they have dropped in points they still lack any punch. They have no natural re-roll ability, do single damage with attacks, get no bonuses when charging unlike a lot of other cavalry in the game. They are a great harassment unit, in fact that is what the entire deathriders battalion is, a superb harassment group, but even the BC doesn't hit hard enough for it's points. What hexwraiths need is either extra damage on the charge or natural re-roll ability. The BC is a great support piece and great at clearing chaff off objectives, but it's a 260pt model that is great at clearing 80pt units off objectives, but tbh honest anything is good at clearing chaff off objectives. As soon as you give it multi-wound models or units with decent saves/after saves, it fails to do any significant damage. It offers great support and imo it is in dire need of being given the hero keyword, but 🤷‍♀️. Overall the deathriders run at optimal size to make best use of the 9+ charge and the BC healing the hexwraiths you need - 2 dreadblades, 1 BC and 2 x 10 hexwraiths, which is a 1130pt investment in creating a purely harassment unit. And now that the anniversary GoS is no longer an option, it's temporal translocation spell (which was amazing with deathriders) can't be used to make the battalion work really well. Even if you run it with a single dreadblade you are putting over 50% of your army into unit that aren't going to be able to punch back very hard and you'll then need to fit in a suitable hammer unit, wizards, objective holders and potentially some other bits all into less than 1k. If you were to run deathriders in it's cheapest form it's 760pts, which isn't too bad, but it's still a fair chunk of your army devoted to clearing chaff from objectives, because that's all that it will be doing.
  7. So an interesting chat on Facehammer podcast about bedsheets and LoG. Skip to:- 1hr 23mins 45secs http://facehammer.co.uk/2019/07/13/episode-75-aos-6-nations-2019-and-round-table/ For those not aware, Facehammer is a UK based AoS podcast which tends to cover most aspects of the hobby, but also does some really in-depth battletome reviews. They often contradict themselves in episodes, where they moan about how broken something is in a certain faction and then boast about how much fun it was using an equally broken list from another faction. But generally it's worth a listen, but it's not as good as Justsayin podcast imo for giving a decent coverage of the competitive meta.
  8. I am on average running a 14-15 drops list. I find that the battalions are great at getting a lower drop count, but with the ability to deploy lots off the board and then appear basically anywhere, the need to get first turn isn't that huge a thing to aim for. Also none of our battalions are particularly good at offering decent advantages (certainly not the ones that are worth taking anyway), as they all have a serious flaw to them, such as shroudguard not giving the hero a 5+ shrug save as well as the blades, or deathriders relying on weak units to function. If spirit hosts were cheaper (100pts) then the execution horde would be the must take battalion, as it gets all your battleline in a single drop, while being super cheap. The main issue that I see currently with taking battalions in NH is that we don't have any decent/reliable way to interact with fight first/fight last elements of the activation wars. Yes we have Soul Cage, but we need a decent caster to be within 12" at the start of the hero phase in order to get it to go off. A lot of NH spells could really do with being increased to 18" to make them usable. So having no way to take part in the activation wars means that you can easily spend 200-300 points on battalion costs, which could just be more bodies to put on the board. And being MSUs means your opponent has to split focus/attacks in order to take you on. Having played against Slaanesh recently, and suffering the effects of Locusts every time was not a nice experience. And yet there is nothing that we can really do about it at the moment. Death in general has no way to interact with the activation wars (minus gristlegore in FEC). It's one of those situations that you have to just grin and bear it, until GW decide to let everyone join in on the activation wars, rather than just the newer battletomes. The other thing that is good with running MSU lists is the changes to the missions in GHB19 have made getting 1st turn not as essential as before, so going 2nd in the first battle round is no longer an cause of auto losing certain scenarios. The downside of not taking battalions is the lack of artefacts, we have good artefacts that make our mediocre heroes become relatively decent heroes, the issue is that we have to rely on artefacts in the first place for our heroes to be able to find any worth in the current meta, but that's an issue with the book rather than the state of the game.
  9. Thought I'd add my WIP of my bonegrinder gargant conversion. The plan is to go full furs and Eskimo to fit with my current winter themed mixed destruction army.
  10. Tbh I'm looking at having to spend £40 just to get the part at the moment, so overseas shipping is probably going to be cheaper than that 😂. I'll dm you in a bit to arrange details.
  11. This is possibly a bit off topic but figured that this group chat is my best hope at sourcing some bitz for a build project, as the rest of the Internet has been unable to help. I'm looking for the corpse from the Pusgoyle Blightlords kit (see pic). It's for a Bonegrinder Gargant conversion I'm doing. I've searched various bitz sites, eBay, put various requests on FB, but had no luck. So does anyone have this part spare, or is it one of those bitz that is essential for building the model, so that I'll never find a spare one and am better off buying the box, getting the part I need and then flogging the rest of unwanted models? I'm UK based, but might be open to overseas shipping.
  12. So I'm after some advice with gutbusters. I am expanding on my meagre BCR force with various destruction stuff (such as bonegrinder gargant and some green menaces) and want to add in some gutbusters for extra flavour, maybe even go towards a full on mixed destruction army. So what are the go to choices for gutbusters? What are the preferred leader and units, what are the best load outs and what are the optimum unit sizes for the various gutbuster options? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Worst choice possible. It's a single d6 that needs to equal or beat opponent's bravery. It also only activates in yiur hero phase, meaning your general must already be in combat from the previous turn for it to take place. Any units bravery 8 will be auto immune to it (and that includes the -1 ti bravery from the army allegiance ability). Otherwise it looks like a fun list. The only changes I'd personally make (to suit my style of play) is swap Terrifying Entity for Ruler of the Spirit Hosts, and swap Jaws & Gravetide for Purple Sun, as Reik can get +3 to cast it and it's loads of fun to have on the table.
  14. But neither of them are as cheap or give a 50/50 chance of extra CP each turn or have a 4+ shrug save against everything. Granted that the warscroll spell isn't great but it's still a super cheap caster option for a casterless faction
  15. @EMMachine so is the fungoid an option then? I'm a bit confused, I know that it lacks any keyword required other than 'Destruction' and that it's warscroll has been updated to be in the new gloomspite gitz, which is when I thought it had no longer become an option to take, but is that not the case then? Can this mushroom wizard be taken in any Destruction army then?
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