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  1. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Keith my limited understanding on the probability is that getting a 10+ is a 6/36 chance (or 1 in 6 chance of happening). It means it's a 16.67% chance of happening. As the re-roll doesn't allow for re-rolling a single dice (unlike 40k), instead you have to re-roll the entire charge roll, so when you do re-roll it, it will still be a 1 in 6 chance of getting that 10+. I have a feeling that the percentage goes up a bit but not by much as 40%. My maths may be wrong here and I've worked it out in reverse. So it's 5/6 (83.33%) of not getting a 10+. Over 2 rolls it's 5/6 x 5/6 = 25/36 (69.4%). Then subtract that from 100 and getting a 10+ over 2 rolls in 30.6% chance. Now compare 16.67% to 30.6% and it's almost goes from 1 in 6 chance to a 1 in 3 chance. This is why I am currently going 200pts under in games at the moment for extra CP for charging re-rolls.
  2. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/probability/calcdice.htm Have a look over this for dice probabilities.
  3. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Only points you've missed are that the VL is a wizard, so while it doesn't know spooky spell lore, it can still cast the basic 2, cast any endless spells and also unbind. And you missed that his command ability lasts until your next hero phase, so generally spend 1CP for two rounds of combat compared to KoSos who spends 2CP for two rounds of combat.
  4. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    It's a great buff unit. Having the hero keyword gives it death saves and let's it give death saves to other units. It also gives it the option to take some of the more decent big monster relics, such as doppelganger cloak or relics that increases the rend or damage output, etc... I love it. It offers a lot of flexibility and it forces your opponent to split attacks. As I've previously mentioned, if you take a big horde and your healing spell fails, then those big hordes get whittled down very quickly, as your opponent has less targets to focus it's spells and shooting on before it even gets into combat. Our high bravery also means that smaller squads are generally immune to running from battleshock, which is super handy. At the moment I'm running this as a 2k list (see attached pic). It's working well. The extra CP is a must as it offers lots of options for moving shenanigans with the dreadblade general or charging re-rolls for WoT attempts. Having the 3 threats of myrmourns, grims and blades gives lots of options depending on what my opponent decides to bring. The only change I might make is swapping Lady O for Reik and pendulum endless spell.
  5. Tropical Ghost General

    Artefact oddity in warscroll builder OR can I take this artefact?

    As far as I'm aware it's a glitch with the warscroll builder. I've not heard of people taking relics from Grand Alliances when playing a more specialist faction. (Also welcome to the endless legions of the spooky bedsheets)
  6. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    So WoT allows you a free pile in as well as your charge. As we have the fly keyword we can pile in over models, as long as you remain closer to the model you are piling into (so basically hop over the enemy model and land on the other side). Rules for charging state that you have to finish within half an inch of your target, but in larger units only 1 model has to finish within 0.5". So when you roll your 10+ take into consideration that as it's a free attack, you don't have to make everyone be fully in range, if it means that when you pile in the 2nd time that what is essentially a 6" pile in let's you engage enemies that would have originally been out of reach. Mus Now rules state that every model that can pile in and attack must do so, which is why how you choose to pile in and attack on your free WoT attack is very important, because otherwise it can leave you stranded with no enemy to engage. It is often more beneficial to only have half your unit engage if it guarantees that they'll all get to attack in the main round of combat. Now rules also state that if a unit has charged a unit that they get to pile in 3" to the nearest enemy. If you kill the unit or kill enough that you are no longer in range, you still get to pile in. This is because WoT happens in the charging phase, whereas the standard pile in happens in the combat phase. So if you are out of range or have no enemy left to attack, you still get a 3" pile in move towards the nearest enemy unit because you made a successful charge. Other factors to consider with WoT is whether you think it's worth not going all out with the free attack, which other combats you have going on, etc... It's a gross and broken and OP army mechanic and waaaaay too spikey as well imo.
  7. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I ran a combo for a while of torment as General with RotSH and midnight tome and shackles. The torment casts shackles, the banshees eat it, take D3 mortal wounds, the torment uses RotSH to revive D3 models back. Then the torment follows the banshees and becomes a murder train. Trouble was my torment general was priority target. So recently I've gone for dreadblade general, lots of spare CP. VL to give extra attacks. Dreadblade teleports the buffed banshees, the torment babysitter then appears next to them from underworlds. Then the banshees and torment can reroll charges. I would be happier paying a higher unit cost for myrmourns, blades and harridans if they could have 2 wounds.
  8. Tropical Ghost General

    Hex Wraith tactics

    The issue with hexwraiths is the base size and range combined with damage output and points costs makes them not as brutal as they should be for 160pts. They have extra use in death riders but they still aren't amazing. 😢
  9. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Don't take my advice as gospel, not by a long shot. Play some games with your original list that you posted, and see where the weak spots are before making changes. It maybe that it works perfectly for your meta or it maybe that it doesn't work at all. Recently I took my Black Coach out on it's first proper outing and it whiffed badly. It has some potential and some uses but not in one of my gaming groups, as it's too competitive as a group and I'm already taking 200pts in extra CP, so taking 280pts on a model that isn't pulling it's weight doesn't make it a viable choice. In one of my less competitive gaming groups it will work well. The main trick is to test and tweak and test and tweak. Recently I've been running really large drops armies (12-15+ drops) with lots of multi small units of 10-12 to a unit. It let's me see how well they perform in tiny groups and during games it also let's me see where they're weaknesses and strengths are, such as unit longevity, how many are required in a squad to help them survive into the next round, without needing to waste CP on inspiring presence, while at the same time not be too large a unit to be considered a priority threat target. In my meta through my own testing I've found that max unit size isn't the best option, even though it's the cheapest, because how units perform when in buff auras from heroes compared with how units perform when running solo is like day and night. So in order to keep my units performing at peak level throughout the entire game I don't take 30 grims I take 20, I don't take 20 blades I take 10-15, because the flexibility it offers during gameplay while still keeping within buff bubbles incredibly easily. I'd much rather have 10 blades attacking with re-rolls that are all in range to attack, than having 20 blades that don't get re-rolls and only 10-15 are in range to attack. TL:DR : Don't buy more stuff or copy lists without doing your own tests.
  10. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Binkbinkplx it's fully possible to get it to go off twice but it does require a fair bit of set up and also you have to leave the target unit well alone, no engaging with other magic or with combat as they can remove bodies or pile in to get out of range. They can also remove the necessary bodies to be out of range when removing the initial casualties from the first round of mortal wounds. I love the pendulum, I used to have it as an auto include against my Khorne friend, as he couldn't dispel it,bit felt a fair swap for not being able to unbind his prays 😂.
  11. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Getting the pendulum to go off twice on a target unit is incredibly difficult in practice, but it is great at potentially taking a big nasty down a few level on it's degrading chart. Also to get it going off twice you have to sacrifice getting a double turn which more often than not is super strong and often game winning. I am a massive fan of Gildanbane on the Lord Ex as he's the tankiest of all our heroes and gives additional -1 to hit against heroes (and I've mentioned that point on nearly every post recently 😂). The issue is that it ties you to Chamon realm and none of the other relics really suit us very well. But we only really have 1 model that can deal a good amount of damage on it's own in combat and that's Kurdoss. So being able to multi-charge a doppelganger cloaked monster with 2 decent units is one ways of over coming the effects of the cloak, trouble is we need large squads to deal decent damage, but getting 2 x 30 grims into combat with a single big based monster is not possible. I've tried a lot of different combos and different ways to deal with doppelganger cloaked monsters and annoyingly Gildanbane is the only surefire way of over coming it. And as so many people are using either doppelganger or ethereal amulet we need to have an effective counter and Gildanbane does that. The other issue with Gildanbane is if you face an opponent who doesn't really have any broken relic combos, as Gildanbane becomes a wasted relic slot at that point but for me I'd rather take that risk than have a VLoZD that my big swarm of grims can't touch without taking some serious casualties before even getting a chance to strike back.
  12. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Binkbinkplx it looks decent but only thing I see it might have trouble with is the big monster/relic combo. What is the plan for facing that sort of thing with the list?
  13. I originally thought that spirit torments could heal is 3 models died, so for around 4 or 5 games they were healing all the time when not only my opponent lost 3 models but also when 3 models in general were lost. Oops.
  14. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    OK spooky team. I ran my Black Coach is a three 2k games the other day and while it was OK, it whiffed in combat and I was having good dice rolls, it's just that it's damage potential is so meh. And I know that it's more of a support unit but nearly all of it's levels of power relate to it's own combat prowess, which is really lack luster. At 280pts I feel it's too expensive and not the behemoth that the army needs, especially without the hero keyword (which won't happen anytime soon). Now the mourngul is also currently a bad choice due to it's overall damage potential and points cost and super multi-nerfed warscroll. So what options do we have for big monsters that can go toe to toe with other big monsters, unfortunately none, but what we can do is create 'fake behemoths'. Now by 'fake behemoth' this is using a super small unit, that is buffed up to make it a viable big monster, for the similar points costs of a big monster. So I want to see some suggestions for potential 'fake behemoths' from the rest of you and while I wait here is my first suggestion.... 12 x Myrmourn Banshees 1 x Spirit Torment (330pts total for the 'fake behemoth') plus 1 x Vampire Lord (ally) in your army plus 1 x Lord Ex with Gildanbane relic. (+220pts of extra heroes that can benefit the rest of the army as well) So here is how the combo works. You take the VL as an ally and use his command ability on the banshees. It lasts until your next hero phase, so potentially 2 rounds of combat with +1 attack. The banshees then have 12 wounds, 24 attacks (at -2 rend with D3 damage). That's a gross amount of damage potential, with an average of 10-11 attacks getting through with the torments re-rolls. The unit is small enough that everyone will be able to get into combat and to keep in range of the torments buffing auras for re-rolls and death saves. The torment can heal the banshees up (as long as 3 models are killed somewhere on the board in that turn) as well as provide additional damage, taking the total amount of average damage up to 11-12 attacks getting all the way through, at -2 rend D3 damage. and bringing the average wound count for the 'fake behemoth' to 17 wounds. So for 330pts, you can have a 17 wound 'fake monster' that does an average of 22-24 damage in a turn of combat, that also has a 6+ death save and can partly heal itself. Now to add extra flavour into the mix, if you use my favour combo of Lord Ex and Gildanbane, you can have him accompany the behemoth and charge into any big monster first, he will negate any relic such as doppelganger or ethereal amulet, which then allows your 'fake behemoth' to be able to do some serious damage if it gets the 10+ charge. The only downside is the torments 6" move compared to the banshees 8" move. It makes this 'fake behemoth' fairly slow but it can be worked around to not be too much of an issue. So that's my first 'fake behemoth' combo. It's 330pts and requires a further 220pts of support heroes to turn it into a super, horrendously gross machine of death. If you take a few extra CP for charge re-rolls with cogs up, you'll be able to mince through anything (as long as the dice gods don't abandon you).
  15. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Personally speaking blades are not as good without spirit torments. I used to advocate 20 in a unit, but they are impossible to keep in range of death saves and re-roll buffs in that size a unit and not all can attack. The 5+ death save will get lost completely when your hero dies. At 5-7 wounds this is easily done with mortal wounds or shooting unfortunately. It's still a 6 drop list, which is good but it's not low enough to guarantee 1st turn against a lot of opponents. If it was me I would first of all play that list with a few games, against a few different opponents and see where the weaknesses are. But in the interest of giving advice, I would drop the 2nd blade battalion and 30 blades. We are a super quick hammer army, so you need to be able to focus down on your opponent's big threat and kill it dead in turn 1 or 2. That leaves you with 670pts left. I would then take the following: Cogs (endless spell) 2 x spirit torment 1 x 10 rasps, then merge the 40 rasps into 2 x 20 1 x 20 grims (660pts total) This will give you the re-rolls and healing from the torments, the extra move and charges needed from the cogs and makes your rasps more of a tarpit to get through. Plus 20 grims is the ideal size for to be able to get the whole unit into combat, to not be guaranteed running from battleshock when your opponent focuses on them (because they will). It also give you an extra 2 heroes to scatter about and give death saves to units. Last bit of advice, if you make the KoSos the general and head of the shroudguard he will be a super priority target, so if you do decide after a few games to downgrade to running a single shroudguard, then make sure that you don't make him the general and the head of the battalion.