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  1. Tropical Ghost General

    What are your pet peeves at the gaming table?

    Lots has already been covered by the others already. But biggest peeves for me (from stuff not already listed) is people who count up with wound tracking. I don't know your army, I don't know what health all of your models have. By counting down, it shows what wounds remains, it is the only logical way to do it, if your 14 wound monster has lost 4 wounds have a 10 marker next to it, not a 4. I even had a tournament game where the players started by counting up and then halfway through decided to count down, I objected but they dismissed it and I swear that over the one turn when they decided to change how they were tracking their army's wounds, they magically gained about 450 wounds back.
  2. Tropical Ghost General

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    The trick with 25mm bases is to weigh them down with 1p pieces or something similar. Also movement trays are a necessary evil. I refused to use them for ages, then I bit the bullet and haven't looked back since. You can get horde packs from looks of retailers. I got mine from element games, simple MDF ones and have sprayed them black. As for the packing and unpacking, some people use magnetic trays in boxes. As for me I stick with the old fashioned foam cases and have learned to speed pack/unpack the minis.
  3. Tropical Ghost General

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    There is lots of fun to be have running hordes. It's more thematic having the endless hordes of the dead. At the end of the day you have to do you, so if you're not feeling Death as an army your not feeling it. But it's worth remembering that Death has many facets and ways of playing, not all are going to be top table army lists but it can be lots of fun ressing back dead things and casting magic and it doesn't have to revolve around our lord and saviour (praise be Nagash). Personally I love the combo of Mannfred and a zombie dragon with a scattering of skeles in a 1k list.
  4. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    lol. I really do hope that FW do another model for Death, we have one and it's currently floating somewhere between meh and garbage. FW models for Grand Alliances: Chaos - 35 (soon to be 36 with new mega dragon), Destruction - 13, Order - 7, Death - 1. 😢
  5. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    As stand alone heroes, No success, don't hit hard enough and too squishy. But as a novelty general and using the teleport ability to summon units, Yes, they are great, only trouble is is that is relies on having a mediocre model as a general. Before the BC came out I had a game with stuff proxied, and using the general to teleport over in front of a unit, then using a CP to teleport a BC, who needs a 9+ to get a double attack was awesome. I am working on a pure riding army at the moment, but it's going to be a long project, will have maybe 2 x BCs in the list, running two death riders battalions.
  6. Tropical Ghost General

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    That's the trouble, no one ever thinks to look at the skeles, and everytime they get away with it, damn pesky skeles
  7. Tropical Ghost General

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Regular skeles get +1 to hit if the unit is within 18" of any DEATH HERO. It's on their warscroll. So in a blob of 30+ they have +2 attacks and if in range of a hero get +1 to hit. Add a VL ability for another +1 attack, add a wight kings ability for another +1 attack. So they have 5 attacks and +1 to hit, cast vanhels and they'll attack twice in combat. I think there is other ways to get the numbers higher, I remember seeing a combo for 241 or something stupid like that.
  8. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    That's true. I might try and find me a new local meta as I've mentioned in other posts, unless I run them away for the whole battle, none of my named heroes make it past turn 3, and the plain heroes are usually dead by the end of the game. It would be nice if FW did a new ghost hero model, that was like 14 wounds and could survive a single hero phase of magic shenanigans
  9. Tropical Ghost General

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    Death has some awesome debuffs, so get your wizards and use them. Arkhan isn't great for the points but he pretty much guarantees spells to go off and to guarantee unbinds as well. Death is a horde army, it's the whole theme of the army, until GW decide to give vamps a re-vamp (pun fully intended) you don't have the smaller elite units that other armies have. You don't need Nagash and grims, but taking stuff like Black Knights as a suicide unit to charge in, they die, cool, just resurrect and charge again. As others have suggested try using GHoN, as it benefits everything and gives yet another D3 heal. I've had 2 blobs of 40 skeles get 9 x D3 heals in a turn from gravesites, heroes and the extra heal from GHoN, it demoralises your opponent when everything they killed comes back again in the same way as the Slaanesh -53 to hit demoralises you. Also as mentioned GHoN makes Morghasts viable and they can do some serious hurt. Slaanesh is a pain. I had my first game against them with my ghosts in a 1k tournament, they moved 240972" across the board and everything was -47 to hit, it was horrible. It took all of my prepared battleplans went straight out of the window. But it wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I even started to win any games with the 2.0 ghosts, as it's a new army and things take time to figure out. Stick at it and keep asking for help from fellows followers of our lord and saviour (praise be Nagash), because everyone will always help when they can. What I like to do when trying to figure stuff out is make smaller 1k lists and find a friend who has a day off at the same time I do and run 5-6 1k games. I have 3-4 different 1k lists and I use the smaller games to experiment with what works in the bigger games. And remember that even if Slaanesh is -87 to hit, casting Vanhels Danse on 40 spear skeles who are all in range, while buffed by a wight king, and a VL gives 201 attacks, with a +1 to hit from your heroes, going twice, so the sheer amount of dice will basically take a unit off the board.
  10. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Neck-Romantic I've also found that our 'big' heroes don't tend to have much impact on the game, I've been leaning more and more to not bothering with the named characters and spending the points on lesser heroes and more 'foot' soldiers. I've also been trying to work on a 'no battalion' super variety mix and it's proving lots of fun but I'm not sure on how viable it will be. 😂
  11. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @dmorley21 might have asked this already but where are you based? I might be able to pick up an extra one and ship it out. It is great that we did well in the GT. I was shocked at the list tbh. In my local meta it's pretty competitive. I found always going second left me with a much smaller force, as lots of my opponents can easily close that 24" no man's land (and some extra if need be). Not having the first hero phase for us as an army isn't too bad, as we can't really buff or debuffs anything, yet denying your opponent the chance to plant their standards/banners, denying them a chance to get prayers off is a huge advantage. Personally I don't think that our battalions are great, none of them let us get all our battleline units down in a single drop except the execution horde (which is not good battalion as it only benefits a mediocre hero 😢) but a few are worth it to help to negate a unit's natural weakness, such as death stalkers for grims or glaives as they can death mark a large creature and get the +1 to hit and wound against a unit where they aren't getting their natural re-rolls. Chainguard works well for rasps as it can make them almost indestructible (as long as the GoS doesn't become a priority target 😁). The only other one that is worth it is the death riders one, getting a 9+ charge bonus instead of 10+ is huge for hexwraiths who aren't a great unit, but in that battalions the hexwraiths become gross. All of the others are a bit of a trap or give benefits that don't suit the current meta (sorry to say it but shrieker host falls into the latter category). When the new book came out I experimented with running what I wanted and using a high drop count, but not having access to extra relics hurts when your opponent is running a big monster with doppelganger cloak or ethereal save. Granted none of our heroes are big enough to properly benefit from relics but running a single relic in an army makes it really difficult to choose how to best benefit your army. The other issue I had was keeping too much stuff off the board without a guaranteed 2nd turn lead to me losing a few games by turn 2, as so many armies can cross the gap easily that attacking completely unbuffed units with their super buffed units meant a lot died. And if the opponent wins priority as well on the second turn, it made the game very short as there wouldn't be any heroes left on the board or that many units left on the board, as a unit of 40 rasps can't be given inspiring presence if you aren't taking any battalions until your hero phase has happened and you've got your first command point. Seeing a 40 unit of rasps or 30 unit of grims get wiped out in a turn due to wounds and then auto failing a battleshock test is hard to bear. I think that GT List went under on points to bank a CP for that reason. In summary I think it's very positive and hopeful that such a varied list did so well at the GT, but there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind, such as what special rules were in place for the GT as they can negativity or positively effect all factions, making factions that normally smash face into little kittens. Also the list he took (and same for Ben's list at Blackout) are not easy list to play well. It works for really good, high skilled players, but how does the common ghost fair running these sorts of lists and do they achieve the same or similar results. (This is true of all factions and the lists that do well at tournaments) *Edit: Having just read through the GW GT rules pack and it seems that realms and realmscape features were in effect. No 'non GW sanctioned conversions' were allowed with armies. There was also something about summoned units not counting towards kill points but looking at the score sheets it looks like that might be true, which is quite a big thing, as you could summon units and not worry about giving away points for doing so. * I'd like to see some of the battle reports if any exist to see how he played the army, as it's not how I personally would run a ghost horde yet it did so well and the more I can learn from those better than me the less I'll have to rely on spamming grims to stand a chance in my local meta.
  12. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Neck-Romantic sounds awesome. Look at custom gravesite markers that LoN players have made for inspiration. Some have done awesome work.
  13. Tropical Ghost General

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Neck-Romantic I am with you on that. I'm still getting 3 😂. As for objectives I'm planning on using the nightvault pyramids as @Vasshpit suggested. Got 2 sets ordered, going to try and turn them upside down, so models can stand on them, so it doesn't effect getting in close to objectives during games. @Gwendar nice report. I had a similar conclusion with mourngul, I've tried to get it to work in so many games but it's just too many points for not enough damage. Unfortunately in my local meta everyone is clued up to the mortal wound carnage of Lady O. In fact most players in my meta know to target our heroes first before targeting the unit, as without hero support our army tends to crumble pretty quickly. If you run blades take a torment over chainghasts, gives you a death save on the unit and re-rolls and brings models back. @Espy85 I think if they get nerfed most will move onto blades and harridans. But I feel a bit optimistic after the 2nd place ghosts got in the GW GT, as the list was nice and varied, not spamming units and including a good mix of heroes as well.
  14. Tropical Ghost General

    All hail the GT Champion - GT Final Rundown thread

    Is this any breakdown of what the other factions were that took part? I have only seen something that lists the general grand alliance.
  15. Tropical Ghost General

    Night haunt 1k list for random doubles

    Yeah, you can run 6 SHs, they will act as a great tarpit unit and definitely benefit from the reviving better as well. You'll need 50pts for a CP, so the 40pts might be better off spent on endless spells, pendulum is 40pts and great at taking off a chuck of mortal wounds in one fell swoop. Geminids is also good at 40pts. Or you can take both shackles and quicksilver swords. The shackles you can cast on near your myrmourn in your hero phase, they can eat it in the same hero phase, then heal them up and they'll be on +1 attack then. The swords is great against anything with the Chaos keyword as it's 5+ rather than 6+ for mortal wounds, it's also lots of fun rolling 12 dice.