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  1. LoG battleline will be the same battleline as LoN, so dire wolves, skelebobs, rasps and zombies. Tbh it all sounds great but it's not NH and it's going to be the death of NH competitively.
  2. Tbh the fact that it just looks like a LoN buff rather than a NH buff and zero preview info on the new LoG is making me hold off on FP. I've no interest in running a LoN army using ghosts otherwise I'd already be doing it. I'm more interested in whether or not they'll put a cap/limit on the free army scenery/terrain, as currently my FEC can take their throne and the new penumdralnydhinch engine thingymabob, which seems a bit much. Also so far pretty much all of the FP stuff has been hinting at just narrative stuff, there's been no matched play info, so is the new LoG even going to be an option for tournaments?
  3. In the wise words of Grandmaster Melle Mel - "There's no justice, instead there's just us, just us sitting here feeling sore, just us wondering what is Garkorr even there for? Just us wondering in disbelief, if geedubs is even bothered by our beef, when all of a sudden they just go and create the Legion of Grief. which at first sounds great and it all seems sunny, but it's just another way for them to make money, while leaving us ghosts coughing, and spluttering as another nail in hammered in the coffin, while still being stuck with a terrible book and being forced to have to go and look, at the greener grass and the all the gravesites, and all the new spells and other delights, all of which can be ours quick as a flash, so long as we only play ghosts in Legions of Nagash."
  4. 100% this. But I'll keep on playing pure spooks because I don't like winning games 😋.
  5. @Neck-Romantic I'd be very surprised if the NH spell lore was kept for LoG, so I doubt that soul cage would be an option. I imagine a new spell lore for NH wizards, similar to how the current LoN has one table for deathmages and one table for vampires. As currently the GoS which can be taken in the current LoN has no spells it can cast.
  6. No rumour, was announced at the preview Q&A, all grand alliances are getting another book. For Death it's either going to be a whole new faction (unlikely), Soulblight, Deadwalkers or an updated LoN, with the newer LoG included and warscrolls and abilities updated for 2.0, now that the dust has settled a bit since it's launch.
  7. @Neck-Romantic no Nagash in LoG, but it might open up the possibility to running all the NH stuff in regular LoN, so taking GHoN would basically lead to Nagash and ghosts together.
  8. @Garxia I plan on still going pure ghosts, but I'm also not kidding myself that LoG is going to be the much more viable choice competitively 😢. We'll have to wait and see what happens with GHB19 and the new mercs system and other stuff, but I maybe wrong in saying that LoG is pretty much GW doing a NH 2.0.
  9. I think it's a pure update to LoN. So all ghost models now an option in LoN, with a new spell lore for ghost wizards, access to gravesites, etc... Expect nothing decent from NH book, such as WoT or underworlds to carry over, otherwise that would a) be broken AF, b) make the NH book completely redundant.
  10. As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a boost for ghosts. The post specifically mentions it's a new stuff for LoN. I think that it means that we can finally include the new BC and the mourngul in a LoN army though, as it's the full Nighthaunt roster being included. Also as already mentioned I do think that it will make LoG competitive but I doubt very much that it will still be ghosts with the ghost allegiance abilities, plus all the LoN abilities, that would just be broken AF. Whether it works like other legions, (where it's led by a mortarch, though you don't have to use that mortarch to led it, but if any mortarchs are included then Lady O must be one of them and must be the general.) I've no idea. Could it led to LoN getting an updated battletome, similar to how Chaos Space Marines got their codex 2.0, so no major changes, just includes all the new units and updated information, I don't know. All I can really speculate on for now is that it's a boost for LoN and not NH.
  11. @grimgold try looking over these if you want mathhammer stats. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qsRIDZncUkBLomLpZ34Qc6Ajv8EXE6ojo7wXWNhCmyc/htmlview Not my work, taken from someone posting on a fb group.
  12. Nah, huge news for Legions of Nagash, another Legion added to the other 4. For NH it's basically GW admitting that without a rewrite (which won't happen any time soon) they are better off in LoN than in NH. Will it make ghosts competitive yes, but it won't be as NH though 😢.
  13. @Neck-Romantic it might be the one that is more upright and not swooping around like a plastic bag in the wind
  14. @Neck-Romantic well the myrmourns have been revealed as a new warband for Underworlds. They're releasing a special version (dreadfane) in between season 2 and season 3 featuring some of the SCE originally revealed at warhammer fest last year (sequitors) and the myrmourns. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/15/15th-feb-new-models-games-and-funko-pop-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-3/ But fully agree that the whole army feels part baked.
  15. Hello All I am a big fan of Death in AoS (have a bit of all the factions, a lot of all the factions actually 😂). I also have an issue in gaming where I like to play the lesser played factions (even they are though they are normally awful in comparison to others), as I find mirror matches really boring. My local meta is great, with some very talented and highly skilled competitive players who are also open to having more fun and fluffy games if you request it. I was playing pure ghosts for ages until lots of other players locally started to pick them up, so I went to FEC but then they got the new book and they became flavour of the month, so have gone back to pure ghosts as they are now struggling to find a place in the competitive meta and no one is really bothering with them and that suits me down to a tee. I have been working on how to make a unique looking Soulblight army, as I like my stuff to look odd and different, and have finally figured out what I am going to do to achieve this unique look, but it will be a bit of a slow burner as I get hobby ADHD (as well as regular ADHD 😂) and so flutter all over the place with projects, never finishing anything. Now it seems glaring obvious that Legion of Blood is the more competitive choice over Soulblight, but what are the alternative things that Soulblight can do that LoB can't do? Is there something that helps to make it a more interesting choice over it's LoB counterpart? What are the must have elements to include in a Soulblight army? Currently I have 2 x VLoZD (one can be Vhordari if needed), multi-purpose mortarch (can be Arkhan, Mannfred or Neffy), 1 x Vamp Lord on Horse, 10 x Blood Knights (converted from dark one knights, dragon knights and spite-revenants). So what other bits should I be looking to add to help round the army off? Thanks in advance
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