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  1. Not alone there. I'll get some pics of my conversion when I get back home.
  2. @Obeisance I think you might have commented in the wrong group page 😛 On another note, potential rules supplement for us NH in the next WD?
  3. @Neffelo nah, it's people selling bundles of stuff like the OBR side of FoB along with warscroll cards and the battletome. If it was just the general release bits only then it wouldn't have lead to me asking the question.
  4. So lots of OBR stuff going up for sale on eBay and FB selling pages. Am I missing something or has the OBR bubble already popped before it really began?
  5. @tripchimeras yeah, I'm referring to the turns after the 1st, so turn 2 onwards. I agree that there are situations that can be more beneficial to go 2nd, but more and more the game is introducing units that auto-delete stuff, so choosing to go 2nd is basically accepting that any units currently in combat (or sometimes just elsewhere on the board) are going to be eliminated before you get your 2nd turn. One of the lizard players in my local play group can dish out 26 mortals a hero phase (on average), sometimes more, sometime less, but when you are facing more and more armies that can easily auto-delete your units, the tactical decision of going 2nd for a play later on in the game often isn't a choice, as your units will be dead by the time you get your turn. I've asked this question across a view groups and platforms and I'm regularly met with the answer that what I'm facing is solely a localised thing and having your army auto-deleted by your opponent, especially if they do double turn, is not a common experience, yet all the tournaments I've been to, it's been a very similar case of having your toys being taken off by opponent's choosing to take the 1st turn after winning priority rolls. So it maybe that my local meta is just very strong or it could be that my personal experiences are just that and the issues of their being no reward incentive to going 2nd is just something that has only ever occurred to me 🤷‍♀️.
  6. @mikethefish I'm not critical of the double turn mechanic. It's part of the game and something that I really like about AoS. I'm only asking if there should be as much reward for taking the 2nd turn as there is for going 1st. You think not, which is fine.
  7. So to all of those who don't want to see a change to the current system, I follow up by asking, what could be added to the game to make the decision to always take the first turn, when rolling for priority, a less attractive option and less of an auto-decision? GW tried to use endless spells but it hasn't worked, especially now OBR and other factions have endless spells that can't damage their own models. The tactical element of choosing which turn to take (after the initial choosing at the start of the game) rarely ever happens in games, it's more often than not take the first turn and smash your opponent. So what could be added to the game to make this core mechanic of the game be more of a tactical decision, rather than a no-brainer decision?
  8. So considering that you couldn't double turn someone and guarantee scoring objectives how would the tactics and results be the same?
  9. Would the game be improved if objectives were scored at the end of the battle round rather than the end of the player turn? And would making a change of this nature make the choice of taking first or second turn be more of a tactical decision to the game?
  10. @XReN ok, so for example if he was in crematorians he wouldn't be dealing a mortal wound on 5+(4+) when he was slain?
  11. So the battalion might be useful as it doesn't state how many models need to be in the units, unlike a lot of other 'special boxset' battalions. But isn't Volkmortian locked into the 'Mortis Praetorian' legion, so can't be used outside of that legion?
  12. Apologies if this has already been asked, lots of comments to have to read through on this thread. So the harvesters ability to resurrect models. Can it only bring back single wound models in most cases? The ability triggers on a 4+ when a model dies. 1-4 wounds is a single wound. So is it useless for bringing back Stalkers? Also, is there any way to bring back slain Stalkers?
  13. It could work, but they need the re-rolls to hit, 4+ with no re-rolls. Again, I think Mannfred might be the key here, as his ability affects all units within 15", not wholly within either. The only other downside is how to get enough of the models.
  14. I run a small narrative night. It's super simple rules. Up to 1k if models, no build restrictions to army. And most importantly, leave the cheesey stuff at home. It's worked really well. We've been playing customised mission and setting an additional overriding rule each time to act as the narrative. For example one time a heavy rain had fallen turning all the lands into swampy quagmires. So at the start of each movement phase you had to roll to see if you can move as normal or if you are stuck in the mud. I'm also running a relaxed campaign system, where each player who wins scores 3 points for the grand alliance of the faction they are using, or they can reduce it to 2 points to represent their warband acting as mercs for another grand alliance. At the end of the night, the grand alliance with the most points wins and gets a very soft bonus that gets applied to all models of that grand alliance for the rest of the campaign. For example, Order won the fight in the marshy swamps, so gained +1 to move, representing their ability to overcome the sticky mud. Then when the next night happens, everyone battles it out again. It means if people can't make a session or two, they aren't penalised in the campaign. Overall the main aim has been to get models used that aren't normally used. I've been using ogors (until the new book obs) and StDs/mixed chaos. We've had troggoth lists, pure skaven war machine lists, even had someone use pure heroes using all the heroes from Silver Tower. The main thing about it being narrative is that it's been lots of fun. Players are making decisions based more on what their models would do rather than what is the better tactical decision. And at 1k size, most players are getting in 2-3 games each in an evening.
  15. It's super elite not many bodies 😂 *edit: so it's 113 wounds, which isn't too bad for ghosts at 2k. It's not like my idea for 6 x 40 rasp list, plus heroes, that's closer to 260 wounds 😂. *
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