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  1. I would expect you aren't hearing anything about free people book because there aren't really going to be new models and the warscrolls are likely not going to be changed much at all. Its going to probably have some new abilities and spells, and cull a good part of the collection to legends. Unlike the new undead force which is all new models, so they will highlight that.
  2. I doubt it since Kings of War is based on older warhammer ruleset that GW abandoned (the author was one of older warhammer fantasy authors as well). I don't think they have any interest in systems such as that. Those type of systems really aren't casual friendly or something that younger children can really get into because they have a lot more rules and the game being less reliant on dice means that many players find that style not very fun because they have no way to recoup losses or get back into the game.
  3. I think AOS is not the game if you want everything to be competitively viable. GW will never get to that point. Enjoy it for what it is. If you are playing gitz then accept that you will never really be top tier on the podium with them, or sell them and buy an army that can get you to the podium.
  4. Honestly as much as I'd prefer more realistic rules, leave that for the other games. The AOS camp is strongly abstraction-based, and thats what sets AOS apart.
  5. The more super hero and cartoony the better IMO. Low fantasy or "realistic fantasy" I don't think sells well and GW also then has to deal with other companies making rip off models a lot easier. Crank the dial all the way up GW.
  6. You get around it by learning to play better. The tournament players get around it because we play many games a week for months or years. Also people love low model count armies, so I'd expect to see more super powered gotrek models in the future that cost a lot of points.
  7. We played with Gotrek last night in a handful of games. If you don't have a lot of ranged options, he's going to chaffe you pretty hard. Expect him to always be in the middle of the table gunning for your big dogs. I'd say that after a month or so of seeing him that it won't be that big a deal for those of us that play tournament level games. For casuals, its no different than having to face three keepers or FEC or tournament skaven so I wouldn't call that broken either, at least no more broken than AOS already is. Most of us aren't playing AOS for a deep balanced game anyway.
  8. They have already removed a lot of the tactical choices from the games because people did not enjoy those, and left the game as a streamlined affair. Though I do agree that CAs going back to free to use like they were before wouldn't bother me. It does remove a layer of book keeping that a lot of people find tedious.
  9. I think 520 points is actually pretty good for all of the things that he can do.
  10. Compare it to 40k, where the name of that game is to make sure that you have a never ending supply of command points. That just seems like a design decision and whats fun, whereas running out of command points is not as fun, so they give you the ability to never have to worry about that.
  11. I have encountered that. The group I play with are all pretty honest though. The aesthetics are nice but the real requirement we have to field models is how powerful are they on the table and are they optimal points efficient for the army roster.
  12. I hope the rules are as bad as the sculpts so that I am not tempted to field them on power alone.
  13. Its not a standard format, and as such it will be like any non-standard game setup - it will be niche. I wouldn't expect to hear much at all about it to be honest unless the majors start picking it up as a standard format to play.
  14. Thats why no one near me plays it. No one enjoys imbalance of that magnitude and we are heavily a no-houserule store.
  15. Right. Just like some people like models running away without fighting, and others do not. Have to assume that enough people like double turn for whatever reason that GW won't change it (or hasn't yet) and enough people don't like models running away without fighting, so GW keeps morale as a mainly useless section of the game.
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