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  1. I'm gutted. Some of our older players set up a WHFB 8th edition game day yesterday. The amount of interest really kicked me in the gut. There were so many people that showed up for it yesterday, I had no idea that that many people wanted WHFB back. I haven't even seen a lot of the guys that showed up before in my life. Its really going to tear my community apart and endanger our AOS group.
  2. It is my hope that if thety are going to do this that they do NOT (absolutely NOT) create a different ruleset and leave it the AOS ruleset and then just make background books for the old world. That way our communities aren't divided up, the whining cranky minority that GW is trying to appease can get their background back, but most of the competitive people like me don't really care about background anyway. If everyone has to use the same ruleset, there won't be any dividing up my community and making my player base smaller. Thats all I really care about. I know people have said lots will play both but thats just not true here in my reality. People will abandon AOS to play WHFB if they are given a WHFB ruleset, and that would leave things dead for me because my group would be halved in number and I'm playing BECAUSE of the GW community promising a large pool of players, not dividing us up into small little cells. Write all the campaign books you want and set them in the old world. Thats great. That has no impact on my group because none of us care about campaign books, but keep the ruleset the same please!!!
  3. I don't have anything against fantasy players nor have I seen anything from fantasy players that I don't see from, well, pretty much every games' players. Our fantasy players have said that fantasy didn't do well because no one wanted to paint a bunch of normal troops and the way AOS got rid of restrictions is why AOS is doing so well, being able to take basically whatever you want and not have to paint a bunch of models. But those fantasy players are wanting to go back to whfb now that they think its coming back and thats like half of my store.
  4. Yes but why do we need two fantasy systems? Why do we want to divide the community up like this? Why do we have to pull in people that hate AOS and just let them play kings of war or whatever is being played instead? My AOS group has people that are going to be leaving AOS for this and it sucks.
  5. I'm pretty disappointed by this. The entire reason I had for choosing AOS as a fantasy game to get into was the community. All this is doing right now is splitting my community up. Its great people are excited about it, but its not so great that my AOS community is going to be half the size soon. That doesn't make for a very fun competitive environment. They should have just left warhammer dead and let the players that like those type of games move on to the other alternatives, not try to create two different fan bases that are going to be competing against each other for players now.
  6. Me either. So I can't say I will miss them. I didn't even know they were part of the game legit.
  7. May be time to sell the slaanesh army while they are still hot so I can invest in this army now.
  8. Welp if they ever nerf my slaanesh army, this may be the army I go to next for tournament play.
  9. It seems to me the person that wrote this book is definitely the same person that had a hand in things like skaven, FEC, and slaanesh, while you can literally see the line in the power level with other books like the gitz or khorne or even the mawtribe book.
  10. Actually thats not true. I have a couple friends who played back then and the dwarf book was the third book released for 6th edition. Supposedly empire and dwarf gunlines were a thing in the tournament scene back then for a couple of years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_Army_Book You'll see dwarves had 2 books for 6th edition. The 2006 book and the January 2001 book (the third released book for that edition). Ravening Hordes was the general army list for all armies so was not a specific army book.
  11. The only people that are miffed are the people that want things to be more balanced. Which seems to be a pretty small minority. The rest of the community seems to be pretty strong and I think that would indicate things are going great and other fantasy game systems on the market are pretty much doomed to be crushed because you can't stop the gw juggernaut. So largely agree.
  12. I also don't really put a lot of stock in these statistics because it doesn't show you the full context of where the data comes from. I could have 10 bad players playing a really powerful faction and 10 great players playing an ok faction and the stats would show that the ok faction is OP because it has a 90-100% win ratio. Stats without context is meaningless.
  13. Thats very virtuous of you. But there are people that do care about the game as the game, not for its atmosphere or enjoying beer & pretzel, and so it will be discussed often if it is found to be deficient.
  14. I'm not sure how they would be useless. If they suffered attrition they are still essentially free points that are able to kill things and knock the enemy off of objectives.
  15. 9th Age happened because the game it supports went away. I don't know how viable a "9th age" for AOS would be because AOS is a living game backed by a company. Certainly an ITC could happen (and I know ITC is a thing for AOS its just not really caught on like it has for 40k) that could address some of the issues people seem to have. But casuals don't really pay attention to tournament packets either so I don't know how useful that would be?
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