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  1. S133arcanite

    What is your sweet spot for AoS Game size?

    I play 85% narrative thanks to my clubs resident NEO, so 500 for me
  2. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    That’s politics for you😉
  3. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    Nighthaunt, FEC, Skaven, Khorne, now Slaanesh. Every new army since AoS 2 except BoC
  4. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    Slaanesh incoming: Ben Johnson always collects the newest army, and this is his beautiful slaanesh:
  5. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

  6. Want to Trade: Tabletop standard painted, some better than others Tzaangor Shaman Curseling Great Bray Shaman Converted Beastlord Converted Chariot 30 Tzaangor 3 Enlightened 6 Skyfires ~ 10-15 Kairic Acolytes Converted Magister 10 Pink Horrors 10 Blue Horrors 10 Brimstone Horrors Converted Spawn Herdstone Riderless Manticore A few Gors Looking to Trade for any relatively new AoS armies: anything with a 2e battletome but open to negotiation Sell for any appropriate price. I will post pictures if requested. Thanks!
  7. S133arcanite

    Grimhast vs Morghast

    Grimghast is the competitive way to go, but Morghasts look cool and you wouldn't be following the meta
  8. Are you interested in swapping for a Beasts of Chaos/Tzeench army?
  9. S133arcanite

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Pleased that my ghost boys will be getting some love
  10. S133arcanite

    My grand plan

    I love this! You could legit make a small business selling these to skaven players.😉
  11. S133arcanite

    Any tips on dealing with Orruk Brutes?

    @TheAntsAreBack Just use Vhordrai as a VLoZD, give him the ethereal amulet and send him into the brutes. Also, play LoB
  12. I went to the last one, it was great and I really enjoyed it! Thanks again @hughwyeth
  13. @Lucifer I had an event yesterday where I used warriors of the dead as chainrasp. No one comlpained or even mentioned it.
  14. S133arcanite

    The New Skaven Battletome, Terrain, Model & eSpells!

    I for one love the gnawholes and will probably get some to convert into nighthaunt stuff😉
  15. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    Must not make nighthaunt spirit well out of gnawholes, Must not make nighthaunt spirit well out of gnawholes, Must not make nighthaunt spirit well out of gnawholes,