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  1. “Bring down the gates! Tear down the walls! Let the true children of Chaos roam free!” - Galathrax, Lord of the Underwood ______________________________________________________________________________________ Here are the three shamans of my beastherd: Fra’gor’anth, Tzaangor Shaman, Eater of Yarrik’s Tongue Kafkze Half-Horn, Underlord Krazk Skulldrinker, Warden of the Herdstone
  2. Hey, some BoC today: Knight-Incantor Galath strode through the forest of Aazsh. Worrying reports of strange sightings and... heretical practises were sent every day to the Orders of Azyr about Aazsh. Just as he approached a large, ominous stone building, a voice made him whip round in fear. A purple figure, atop a disk of Tzeentch, charged towards him, whipping its ritual dagger across his helmet in a treacherous swipe. Just as Galath regained his stature, the tzaangor cawed out in a voice like knives grinding against each other: “Pity to waste such a... tenacious spirit... I have a better use for you in mind.” With that he uttered an incantation, and Galath’s body began to swell. His face shifted to an avian visage, a third arm sprouted from his side and impure yet...comforting thoughts filled his twisted mind. “Arise, Galathrax, my champion, and seek out those who would wrong your people!” Galath facing off against Fra’gor’anth... ...And the result of the encounter.
  3. Deep in the misty strands of time, back in the Age of Myth, Nagash, Supreme Lord of Undeath, set about devouring underworlds and minor death gods with the aim to conquer Shyish as his own realm. He succeeded, but he did not devour all of those he aimed to. In the underworld of Hel’scrazar, one reserved for tortured souls, two death gods ruled supreme: the Grand Matriach Llegé, and the Almighty Patriach Scorczö, known collectively as the Deathly Wed. When the Undying King came to their kingdom, Llegé and Scorczö fought valiantly together, but, in the end, the Rattlebone Prince proved to strong. In one final battle, deep in the forest of Razzar in Hel’scrazar, Scorczö sacrificed himself in order for Llegé to live. Nagash destroyed Hel’scrazar, and devoured Scorczö, but Llegé survived. Pained and badly wounded, she fled to a forest in Ghur. She lives there to this day, drawing in souls from the nearby cities and slowly crafting an arming of spirits, in some hope of recreating the land in which she and her husband lived in. It is said that the servants of Mother Llegé are eternally crying for the loss of their mistress’s home, but that their tears manifest themselves not in drops of water, but of blood. The villagers say you can hear them wailing at night, if only you listen. It is a shrill sound, like the cawing of birds, and it can drive a mortal mad. It is said that the servants of Mother Llegé are eternally crying for the loss of their mistress’s home, but that their tears manifest themselves not in drops of water, but of blood. The villagers say you can hear them wailing at night, if only you listen. It is a shrill sound, like the cawing of birds, and it can drive a mortal mad.
  4. “What lives in that ghost-ridden forest is not bound by the orders and laws of man or aelf; it is held sway only by the powers of forgotten fell gods.” - Hiemlich Vestrass, Witch Hunter of the Order of Candles ___________________________________________________ Hey guys, this is going to be a blog, as the name suggests, about the creatures and spirits that live in the Ghurian forest Aazsh: a tribe of beastmen led by the Beastlord Gulthrax, and a nighthaunt procession led by the infamous death-goddess Mother Llegé. This is carrying on from a plog I started but never really connected with; hopefully this will do better! I will update with some pictures later today, as well as some lore. Thanks for looking!
  5. S133arcanite

    For Sale (UK). Nighthaunt from Starter plus extras

    i would love the dreadblades and glaivewraiths
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    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    You can have beasts in a god army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

  8. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Can someone give a summary of the lore video?
  9. S133arcanite

    AoS 2: Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Do we know what the Great Frays are yet?
  10. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    They mention sacrificing units to summon things... I bet a hero slays a model while within 3'' of the herdstone, you get a summoning point. 20 summoning points and you get a chimera
  11. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    Same here.
  12. S133arcanite

    The Rumour Thread

    The shadespire banshee is The Briar Queen.
  13. S133arcanite

    The Tale of Mother Llegé: My Nighthaunt

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Witch's finger, burned to the core, Flesh of a bark-worm, eaten raw, Put in a cauldron, when the sky is black, This shall keep the ghiests well back!" - Duraniahn ward against Nighthaunts So I've thought up of a name for the forest where Mother Llegé (Llegé pronounced like Yegay, by the way) lives (Aazsh), and some of the inhabitants of said forest (shadelings), but I'd like to flesh out how the villagers nearby survive and protect themselves from Aazsh's horrors. The shriekerghasts in the service of Mother Llegé are multiple and manifold, and it takes strong will and extreme precautions in order to live near them. The village of Duraniah, in the far east of Aazsh, near the Coast of Tusks and three days ride from Excelsis, has devised many hexes and loci to protect itself from the Undead; some potent, others... less so. From making the sign of the Hammer before sleep, to hanging dream-eaters from doorways, the matriarchs of the village have made certain that every precaution has been taken. Yet still, the phantoms relent. What few Duraniahns know is that the children of Llegé attack not from without, but from within. Using the lesser known Nighthaunts known as Whisperghiests, the spiteful phantasms terrorise the village with no aim in mind, only the pleasure of drinking in the fear. Unlike other processions, The Children of Mother Llegé do not wish to bring souls back to the underworld, thus giving Nagash more spiritual ammunition. On the rare occasions where they do march to war, it is under not the banner of Nagash, but of the Deathly Wed. Thanks for looking!
  14. S133arcanite

    The Tale of Mother Llegé: My Nighthaunt

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "It is a strange place, that forest. Filled with whisperghiests and rattle-bones. People who go in there don't come out in their right mind." - Ghazse-of-Eirkio @ManyBothans Thanks, I was thinking about doing them different anyway. As I'm on holiday, I don't have a full range of paints, but when I get home I will probably base them differently, a kind-of-forest theme, half-inspired by the Warhammer Community article about Tony's LoN. Some lore: The forest is dark, inside. Like its greater brethren Gorch, Aazsh's canopy is so thick, no light can penetrate it. Some people make their home in Aazsh; strange people, the neighbouring tribes say. People forgotten and forsaken by the gods. The people who live in Aazsh abide by strange rules, and isolate themselves from anyone else. They eat root-creatures of the trees, and they drink rainwater collected in great cups made from the leaves of grave-roses. It is said by some, but widely disregarded by sane folk, that these people trade with the skaven and other nefarious creatures, and it is whispered by old wise-men that they made peace with the spirits of the forest around them by selling their souls to the Deathly Wed long ago. What few people know, however, is that these... people... are forsaken by none other than Sigmar himself. He was disgusted by them, and cast them out from his golden halls in Azyr. They were once the God-King's silver-clad warriors; now they are the Shadelings: Those Forgotten by the Storm. And on that happy note, thanks for looking!