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  1. Did you not know how it worked before hand?This strategy was a fail before any dice were rolled. Since the GKoTG has to either go at start of phase of activate normally, and feeding frenzy is immediate you have a few options. Charge with chaff, have your hammer unit positioned so that if he piles in for feeding frenzy he is within 3" of the hammer. Remove models from the chaff unit so that if he wants to fight again he must pile in. Ard'boyz are great for this by the way, cheapish, 20 wounds, decent defence 4+6++, a GKoTG can't for sure kill them all without feeding frenzy. If he doesn't feeding frenzy he is locked in combat in his turn, not letting him target your juicy units, if he does he pulls the whole hammer unit in. Both situations are a win for you.
  2. GW said to ignore those restrictions for the time being on their Facebook page.
  3. This is what I would define as using math to reach a pitifully low level of analysis, to trick yourself into think you did a deep dive. In Khorne Archaon can get, with no interactivity from your opponent +2 Attacks to each profile (one being a cmd ability) +1 to hit rr failed hits +3 to run and charge rolls rr wounds (not failed wounds so you can fish for 6s) +1 save Run and charge He also has the daemon keyword so he can use: Leave None Alive (to fight twice like a GKoTG), also as skullreapers a failed BS test results in 2+d3 models fleeing combat Rejoice in Slaughter (6" pile in, and activation) RR charge rolls RR hit rolls Blood tithe (which can be used in either players hero phase) out of phase movement (hugely flexible) fight in the hero phase That is a huge variety of buffs to his warscroll
  4. I agree that its a huge first step, but margins matter especially on whatever data point you want to put out there as the objective measure of quality. I think at one point they said they had got a calculation on a player skill multiplier I would like to see that number being taken into account as well. Lets move into some advanced stats, so we can properly nerd out over this stuff.
  5. He can take all the Khorne buffs no? That is an impressive variety of bonuses. Warscrolls are just the beginning. Even just double pile-in is pretty big deal. And, his output is reliable which nothing in the book really does as far as I can tell, and brings a lot that Khorne currently doesn't have. Warscroll battalion
  6. The appropriate reaction to the amount of killing power is some sort of MSU, and WSBs. But that requires you to have pieces that are actually singularly powerful. I don't know if BoK have those pieces. I think Archaon is probably a good start though.
  7. This is a fundamental problem I have with LLV's stats on the honest wargamer. If win percentage is the measure of a faction's quality how are we not measuring the quality of those wins. Because regardless of what you may say there is a difference between a faction that closely loses 55% of its games, and a faction that has no chance of victory in 55% of its games qualitatively. If for example we find out that FEC is winning most of its games by between 2-5 points. Regardless of how it might feel, small point increases might actually do the job AND the faction keeps all its interesting mechanisms.
  8. I think there are truths about high level competition that people don't want to accept. People who are good at things understand there are other people who are good at things. The best strategy in competition is to not let the opponent do the things they are good at. The underlying nature of competition is specifically a lack of interactivity. AoS actually tries to curb the excesses in this regard but by building lists to be competitive you almost instinctively max out in aspects that decrease interactivity. Low drops High movement Ranged damage Early activations Deathstars Out of unbind range magic MSU Fly Bracketing All these things are concepts or abilities lauded in competition, and all specifically because they decrease the opponent's ability to influence the game. We see it sports where you keep possession of the ball, the aggressive press, or persistent fouling, etc.
  9. Fair. But I think as a community we are bad about communicating and identifying reasonable consequences of behaviour. If you prefer to play the game as specific way that has consequences. The more specific the larger the consequences.
  10. @RuneBrush in that case you and your opponent are at cross purposes. If you both had were aiming for that goal a simple conversation would suffice in a way points would not.
  11. I play DoK so I understand these mechanics. They don't deep strike because then they lose out on the save increase. You mitigate run charge by slamming something 3.1" away limiting their movement even more. They only get 5 turns of movement, if you don't limit their extra 2d6 of movement from charging they can get at best maybe 18-20" from their dz, in the whole game. The only mission I can see as difficult would be take and hold or knife to the heart. At a tournament you just play for the minor, get your secondaries and accept you got a bad draw. The same way my local dealt with dwarf gunlines. Just deploy on your board edge and take the draw. Eventually people stopped bringing dwarf gunlines.
  12. I don't really understand the spirit of the game argument... The rules make characters targetable therefore it is within the spirit of the rules to target the characters. You don't have to build your army to do that, just take some shooting and an endless spell or two, it's 5 wound heroes with meh armour. Making HGB beserkers more expensive doesn't change the nature of the army. Even if you don't take the attack twice wsb the deathstar remains, it just doesn't kill as fast. You'll still charge it and die, and your issue will remain. I had assumed we had dealt with deathstar in the mist of time. You just don't fight them. But the question remains do you play the game to defeat the army or win the battleplan. Matched play isn't about killing the army, it's about getting more points on the board.
  13. It's a MV 4 deathstar... And some soft, targetable heroes. I really don't see why people are struggling. If your armies only ability to attack at range is an arcane bolt that is a construction issue that you created.
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