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  1. If that is response to me I don't think that is what I've said. But, the reality is at this point in AoS2 there are two types archetypes. Alpha dmg dealers, or grindy game state management. IDK have some of the tools for both, but Morrsarr let us put enough damage in the right places to pull of the first 60% of the time I would say. Sometimes we just get out dropped at the opposition gets their turn to set their buffs up and even Morrsarr don't work. We do have some decent objective management especially with allies. But too many parts of the book don't work harmoniously at the moment. Take the Leviadon, it doesn't affect, itself, or the apolex, it doesn't affect low tide. It doesn't affect chargers, which is basically the cavalry, and its even difficult to keep in range of chargers because of the nature or wholly within/charge/pile-in, unless you can pull off the double turn. It can try to provide an alternative play style, focus on infantry, eels as objective runners. But its so expensive you can't get the balance between numbers and benefits to balance out. It is best in a game where the speed is much slower, where games are decided in turns 4 or 5. When in reality games are often decided by key moments in turns 2 and 3. Its why the King build has faded in top table tournament play, its just too slow to implement its strengths. I think that the limited number of playstyles in the book, would ultimately have had IDK settle in to a comfortable upper middle tier over time even without any point changes. With just a small amount of familiarity IDK are so predictable.
  2. That isn't the same thing though. The ORGANISATION says what can be taken in the WSB, the text is abilities that it confers on the units in the WSB. Try doing a quick google for Idoneth Royal Council or DoK Cauldron Guard to see the difference.
  3. The WSB does not have it bolded in my digital edition. Do you have a pic in the hardcopy?
  4. I've seen that people have insisted on the KoSoES as being an option in the Shroud guard battalion what is there reasoning here? There are more clear examples against than for as far as I can see. And, the neither FAQ or commentary mentions it at all.
  5. It he one thing if we were taking different things before and the point changes shook out, and certain units were better then they were before. But even if let's say sharks get 20 points cheaper. That doesn't help me fill the whole that morrsarr leave in my list. Because they already can't provide what Morrsarr provide. Sharks have more in common with thralls than Morrsarr. And we definitely need more deep sea creatures if monsters are going to be a tool in the box. Because, the turtle doesn't provide anything ishlaens don't. 600 points for 9 morrsarr as a hammer just isn't acceptable when the rest of the army provides d3 or less mortal wounds. I'm deeply concerned about the viability of IDK at this point. Units are priced poorly, but the bigger unfixable issue is what these units actually do, relative to what the game demands. I'm going to rewatch heat one if it confirms my suspicions about the real affectiveness of morrsarr.
  6. The reality is that discussions like these will always end up confused because people think terms means certain things and they don't always mean that. Take even something like competitive meta. It can mean anything from the most destructive lists and factions, to high skill environment that emphasizes adapting lists to player packs and scenarios. But, it almost never means both. Seraphon have all the tools of the later and almost none of the former. It's why opinion gets so divided on what is OP in general, and why destructive builds don't dominate the GT scene a month after release. It is also why DoK are still such a dominate faction despite the destructive power that has been released since the summer. If you are trying to fight it out against against Voltunos IDK every weekend, then yeah morrsarr can seem over powered. But, the first time you beat them in knife to the heart because no matter how destructive they may be, zoning the eels, summoning the bodies you need to claim both objectives and ending the game is eye opening.
  7. Yeah I was thinking about this exact issue, and still it's almost always better to be Hagg Narr and ran into the enemy. I think shooting will probably kill of medeusa builds though. I played two gunlines, and a skaven ranged mortal wound faction. And tbh putting blessing on the right unit, bucklers and Hagg narr I shrugged off the dmg from almost all of the shooting. The only shooting I couldn't shrug of was 4 ballistas ordinator and hurricanum over a double turn. But -1 to hit doesn't do anything there. Morathi also helps significantly when it comes to navigating the opposition's shooting phase. I took Pit of Shades on Morathi to do exactly as you are suggesting and erase foot heroes. But, more often than not I transformed Morathi almost right away. So I should have stuck with shroud of despair like I intended. And, not taking mindrazor on the medusa is folly.
  8. Tidecaster Soulscryer Min namarti corps 18 morrsarr Of the top of my head.
  9. Finished 14 with a Hagg narr list myself, went with Morathi however.
  10. I think the "update old factions" block misunderstands the demographics of collecting. The average person only needs 1 bank really. But, the average is 2.3. Only a small portion of gamers collect only one game, and only a portion of those players collect only one faction. GW attempts to get players excited about everything, and this means that there is usually at least one thing every quarter that an individual will be excited about and invest in. GW doesn't want you owning 10k of IJ, you become stuck, frustrated and resentful. If the meta goes against the design philosophy of the faction, if you go 2 or more years without an bespoke update. If a similar design philosophy performs better. The risks are too large to encourage behaviour like that. They would much rather you own 1000 pts of 7 or 8 factions. It's why combo boxes and start collecting boxes are priced so aggressively, they make it very easy to start.
  11. No. If a command ability doesn't say when it can be used. It can only be used in your hero phase. As per the rulebook, under the hero phase rules.
  12. How did you find having only 1 cast and 2 unbinds? That is my primary reason for taking Morathi over the 20 sisters in a similar list. Morathi takes practice as to know when to transform but the casts and unbinds heavily biased me, considering Adepticon is using realm spells as well.
  13. Disappointed you weren't featured, do you have a quick copy paste of your list? Are you going to do a run down of your match against IDK last round?
  14. Both at first glance just look like better books if I'm honest. It's really shocking how poorly equipped the current elf factions are at magic. Imo idk won't compete in this model heavy meta.
  15. Looks like DoK took a hammering at LVO, anyone have some thoughts?
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