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  1. Buying or not buying is obviously a personal choice and if the release has lost interest for you that's totally reasonable. However, stuff is not going well in the UK... At all. It's much worse than people understand. I'm hearing things like 6 months to a year for shipping containers and up to 2 years to straighten out the industry. Given how much of GW's releases come from the UK (almost all of The EU) even if they have SCE product in NA for NA demand they aren't going to do a partial release. I feel your pain as I'm in the market for Brutes.
  2. The question is... Does absence make people spend real money 😂 If anyone was around for the re-release if Wood Elves during 8th edition after the better part of 2 editions in the cold. They didn't sell... At all. Despite the people online insisting that GW was missing out on a cash cow. And Wood Elf fans insisting they would buy it all on release day. I'm finding it hard to get excited for Old World as I find Total War kinda provides the perfect WHFB experience. But, I'm open to it and will definitely be picking up the first book within a few months of release.
  3. The China example isn't a particularly good one since the greenhouse gas production is literally the outcome of what he is talking about... The West's obsession with consumption. I don't think @RileyArlic argument is that flawed tbh. As basically your counter point amounts to: grassroots change or organization is doomed to failure anyway because consumers are seemingly incapable of personal responsibility... so the whole thread becomes moot regardless as the only logical conclusion is that consumers will continue to give views to whomever gets them out first. But we'll have a 12 page moan about some perfidious act or another, while continuing the behaviour the act seeks to benefit from. I Do believe social media and forums can provide push back on some stuff. Like FAQ's or other product related issues. But policy tends to boil right down to customer buying behaviour very quickly. I could however just be rounding into middle age and settling comfortably in my middle age curmudgeon role and be obviously wrong about everything. It's just my opinion at the end of the day.
  4. This doesnt work. The Wurgog Stare is at the start of here phase, so before spells are cast.
  5. There is no such thing as loyalty in a consumer relationship. Only people who are getting enough of what they want for the time being. What you perceive as loyalty is just humans with a different value calculation. I wish we would stop with the solipsisms in here for a week or so.
  6. OW is a superior book to LRL when it comes to playing the game. LRL have a lot more flashing lights and tricks. I play both and there are a lot of IJ and BS lists I would dread fighting with even optimized LRL. KB I think are probably worst faction in the book, especially against LRL. Because of how Nations work the OW factions are actually significantly more flexible in their builds and the strategic approaches available. The problem with OW and SCE is that the sign posting isn't as extreme as it is in writing of something like LRL or the last tome. But, the lists really unfold once you start making choices. With LRL you are really just reacting to the meta or what your opponent is bringing because you can't fit enough of your stuff to really dominate (short of 4 foxes). OW imo you set the tone of games and there is a lot of power in that, but also a lot of risk.
  7. Your analogy would hold weight if that game was called The Lord of the Rings, or something so similar it could only be interpreted as the Lord of the Rings. This is mostly about nouns and how those nouns are used to sell a product. It's not the content or the product itself that violates IP.
  8. Well I play LRL but I've also played AoS since launch so I've played like 10 or 11 factions, and I've never seen cogs as a good endless spell. Even when people were hammering it onto the table for the movement bonus. It might be alright in something with a lot of innate MV/charge bonuses and has wizards and those wizards don't have spells they would rather cast.
  9. Like I said before a lot of posters have been through this whole comp thing before. It's a lot of effort, and the results are dubious at best. It's mostly a feel good exercise. You buff beastmen maybe, which helps the players who own beastmen but no one is going to buy beastmen because a comp pack makes them playable. I understand the frustration: GW are seeming unable to take rules writing professionally for any extended period of time. I think we would probably be better off just punishing the sales of factions when they are playable. If something is bad we should be actively steering people away from it and let GW sit on as much stock as possible. But that means talking to grassroots hobbiest and running the risk of upsetting them. Or we do what we have been doing accept that in the cyclical release there will be moments of disappointment, confusion and outright ridiculousness.
  10. Let me put it this way. I play MSU Vanari and I dropped cogs for hyshian twinstones because it's better to get the spells you do want cast than just casting more spells. I can see a world where maybe you go light in heroes and take more Vanari but most of the LRL spells people talk about are 8+ to cast spells. Which is kind of my point about the rule of 1. If I could just try and cast the same key spells repeatedly sure it be great. But, imo to be OP something needs to disproportionately increase a player's ability to affect the game. The more games I play with LRL the less magic I invest in tbh it's just very unreliable and the control elements are either extremely short range or can be shrugged off by the opponent as an inconvenience. Why cogs is so good with DoT is because they get to cast a whole bunch of useless low casting value spells, not for the spell itself but for the fate dice the casting generates. Which is a DoT problem as they use cogs to create an entirely different economy, by definition an unintended consequence.
  11. Exactly this, the comp thing comes up every now and again, even in the WHFB days. But, I think the difficulty of coming to an equitable solution usually just ends up with "you have your thing I hate, and I have my thing you hate" because some of the things the community would want to comp are genuinely unique and interesting things.
  12. Tbf mate your list of factions doesn't really include any real AoS factions. There will always be functionally bad warscrolls. And because heroes can only do or be a limited assortment of things their utility will be inherently low. AoS3 has done a lot for ordinary command and control heroes by increasing CP, and the available abilities. In the other hand it would be incredibly difficult to build a world where both utility and combat power exist together in similar platforms. Increasing character protection just makes the utility guys more reliable and therefore valuable. Combat is also mostly about taking or defending objectives where Bing a single model worth maybe 2 models on an objective just isn't very high value. Which is why we are seeing more and more heroes get unique abilities and synergies beyound their combat profile. Vanari Lord Regents hits like they wield a legendary Wiffle bat. But they have a lot of command and control elements which means they are always worth considering. Narrative wise I think the game distinguishes Legendary heroes from HEROes pretty well. Heroes compared to almost any individual in their army are obviously superior combatants. But they don't hit like a whole unit, that would be inconsistent with the world imo.
  13. Given that people reasonably tend to look for evidence to support assertions. And, personally I think everyone has been fairly charitable in this thread. Could you give even anecdotal evidence to suggest that having the opportunity to cast more spells than ordinary is "OP", and not simply just a fun option available for less punishing play than tournament level but is unequally worthwhile across factions? In my opinion the rule of one mostly makes cogs a very niche. Really cogs in my mind has two possible "strong" effects. Turning Vanari units into full utility spell casters for LRL. And, super charging DoT summoning. After that I'd say it's actually pretty underwhelming as it requires a second caster to even enjoy the benefit of the endless spell right away.
  14. In the first 6-7 games zero times. But in my 8th match I realized it was better over all to try and deny my opponent his grand strategy then to chase an uncertain 2 point battle tactic. I failed by 2 wounds but the play was sound. Since that realization it's come up fairly regularly turns 4 and 5. With the caveat that I haven't played against SoB. I will add that I tend to play very mobile armies where people can't just back board a unit.
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